How to build a shed with their hands cheap video

How to build a shed: a detailed step by step instructions with photos

Whatever the area of ​​the house without a barn on the site can not do. Not everything can and should bring to the house, even if the place is, and if already present, so even more so - Combining needed. This, incidentally, may be the first experience in an independent building: build a shed with their hands can do without the skills. The main thing that the hands grow from the right place.

If desired, the barn can be like a small house

If the barn is located near the house, and you care about its appearance, it makes sense to use the same material as the material when building a house. If you do not want to spend a large sum on households building, you can pick up the finish, so that from a distance and did not tell the difference. In most cases, it is not very difficult: many technologies and many materials very accurately reproduce the look of expensive finishing materials. A striking example of this - the siding. He is under a log, lumber, brick, stone, with different textures. So it is not necessary to use expensive materials to build a shed. Practical to use a low-cost construction technology, and then sheathing material with a texture similar to the finish of the main structure.

How to quickly and cheaply build a shed

The quickest and most inexpensive option at a time of construction of the shed - on frame technology. The frame can be wood or metal, it furnish sheathe the outside, the roof and put everything ready shed. If you plan to shed wooden, it is collected from the timber and planks. Metal shed can be made more convenient from a profiled pipe: square section and cook and join easier at times. There is also a special metal frame. He's going on the screws, and the whole structure is ordered and manufactured at the factory. These homes are considered the most cheap, hardly sheds are expensive. Assembly and metal and wooden barn takes a few days: tested more than once.

Half-built barn: sex and the two long walls are, it remains to establish short and make a truss system

Frame construction is obtained easily because the foundation for the shed needed light. In most cases, the bars, concrete blocks, sometimes set screw piles or bored do. In more complex soils and for those who like to reliability, one can construct a monolithic or prefabricated (of foundation blocks) belt shallow foundation.

On reinforced strip foundations can be placed even shed of building blocks or bricks. In this case, even puchnistyh ground construction will be fine. If it will move, together with the foundation, so that the risk of cracking is minimal.

Frame barn can be constructed without foundations. Then the rack (from rotting process) will need to be sunk to 60-80 cm, set in concrete, and then for them to fix the sill, but which will build the floor joists. But in this way a large structure can not be built. Maximum - a small closet and woodsheds nearby.

Another option. It is suitable for the soil, from which goes well water and groundwater are deep. Then mark out the land, which is greater than the planned shed 50 cm on each side, remove the turf and make sand-gravel podsypku. Macadam laid on the compacted timber and piping attached thereto floor joists (treated antiseplitkom timber for direct contact with the ground). That's all. Any difficulties.

Shed no foundation

This is not the best option: even at low levels of groundwater and careful processing of wood barn stand for long. If it suits you, you can do so.

The foundation for the frame of the shed

All types of piling or pier foundation intended location of individual poles along the perimeter: obligatory under the building corners and at the junction of jumpers (partitions), if these are provided. Step installation of support depends on the size of the shed, and what kind of logs are going to use. The larger the span, the larger cross-section required logs.

For example, the width of the shed 2 meters can be put only two series of columns and thus will lag 150 * 50 mm (in the extreme case of 150 * 40 mm). If the width of the shed 3 meters, or to put the intermediate supports (poles, piles) or take the board 150 * 70 mm. Do the math, that comes out cheaper, and choose your region.

Dug pits for poles

With a width of 100 mm floor boards underfoot significantly flex. So you have to log installation step to make about 30 cm. Then there is no deflection at all, or it is a minor (by weight dependent).

The fastest way to make a foundation for the finished blocks: they can buy or make yourself. Under them they excavate a little larger in size than the blocks. At the bottom is poured sand, ram, then gravel, tamp it too. The thickness of the bedding in compacted form -. 20-30 cm on her set blocks and blocks already installed waistrail.

Once lined with blocks, they are attached waistrail

If it about melkozaglublenny strip foundation, then ditch digging deep by 40-60 cm over ground level, belt width of about 25 cm, and the trench itself must be wider than at least half a meter or more: it is installed shuttering. The bottom of the dub, ram. At the bottom is poured gravel and tamp again.

For formwork boards used 150 * 50 mm to be able to use them in the future, their obbili glassine. After dismantling the formwork (clutched as concrete) they dismantled and set as the floor joists

From bar 12-14 mm knit frame. Four longitudinal ribbed bar link using frames made from a smooth bar 6-8 mm. Dimensions frames should be such that all fittings from the tape edges was at least 5 cm. For example, if the base will be 40 * 25 cm, tie rods in the structure with a rectangular cross section 30 * 15 cm.

In a related set shuttering framework, which is then filled with concrete, grade N-200

Timber frame barn with their hands: step by step with photos

frame barn measuring 6 * 3 meters was built. Pent roof, covered with Onduline. The height of the front wall of 3 meters, the rear - 2.4 m. Operation showed that many do not accumulate at such snow drop heights (Len region.).

As the foundation for building blocks used barn PBS 600 * 300 * 200. They are laid on the sand and gravel podsypku 25 cm thick blocks stacked on top shut-off waterproofing -. A layer of roofing felt, bitumen mastic. Top still adhered to the same layer of mastic "Hydrotex". Such a cake is made because the groundwater level is high, it had to be guaranteed to protect the building from moisture.

Start of construction of the shed. On the foundation laid waterproofing on it - and harness ,, attached to the harness bar

On waterproofing fit bar section 150 * 150 mm (all processed timber). Connecting in a half-tree, hitting his nails - 100 * 4 mm. For those unfamiliar with the carpentry, the boards can be connected end to end, at the junction to nail reinforced corners inside, outside - the mounting plate.

In this embodiment, the frame-alignment does not fastened. In regions with high wind loads is unjustified. Attach is possible by means of studs: under them through, through beam, in a block drilled hole of the same diameter (12-14 mm). It is exhausted pin, bolt and then pulled the key. To cap hid under it can ream the hole.

The next step - fixing floor lag. Mounted on the edge of the board 150 * 60 mm. Mounted to the trim special cramps appropriate size. Fastened on the nails 100 * 4 mm.

floor joists are attached to the piping such staples

Laghi is aligned with the upper edge of the timber strapping. Everything should be smooth, otherwise the floor will be laid heavily. You may need to dub a plane or remodel.

The frame was going on technology "Platform": first, floored, and he mounted the wall. Frame wall or part of it going on the floor. In some cases the sheathed directly with the outside, if the slab is selected for the cladding material. And in this form (with or without cladding) are raised vertically and fixed exhibited.

There is a second technology "ballun". It is mounted on the frame gradually: to harness, or even directly on the corner blocks mounted frame rack. They are exposed to levels in all planes. Among them pull the rope on which then put the rest of the rack. They are also one beat, bonding between a mowing and temporary crossmembers.

In this case, the technology of "platform" has been selected on the joists and SIR lay 18 mm thickness. Generally, the floor boards can be made from plywood (waterproof), SIR, etc. Board required 20 veneer - 13-15 mm, but need moisture resistant (moisture-resistant OSB by default).

Paved floor in the barn

Next he began assembling the walls. Fully strays frame: the bottom rail, rack, the upper rail. In this form it is set exactly along the edge binding timber, exposed, reinforced belay struts abutments, cut. He nailed completely through the flooring to the beam strapping. Nails took 200 * 4 mm.

Assembled wall. Outer piping will immediately and a support for trusses

To assemble the frame boards used 100 * 50 mm, the distance between the uprights 600 mm rafters are mounted in the same step. Rafter system going from 150 * 40 mm.

Window and door openings reinforced - nailed two boards that are nailed between staggered by 20 cm Load more here because you want to gain.. At one end are provided gate - for loading / unloading of bulky items. Because in this wall (the photo shows), only the corner posts and reinforced - for fastening the flaps.

A view of the end, which will be wide double doors

Since pent roof, truss system is simple: lie on the edge of the board, which are selected under the rafters. Their length is greater as necessary overhang of the roof. It is usually 30-50 cm on each side. In this embodiment, when the width of the shed 3 meters, the length of rafter (given slope) was 3840 mm.

Nailing nails at an angle - two on each side. You can enhance the installation of corners: so will withstand even major wind and snow loads.

Crate under ondulin

Further - mounted on the roof battens (100 * 25 mm). Step its installation - the recommendations "Ondulina" producer -. 40 cm and paved roofing material (nails bought together with the coating).

OSB outside wall stitched 9.5 mm thick.

Process cladding barn

Install the door, made a small step.

Doors set old, listed in order of

The final touch was installed wind board. Then the barn was lined with clapboard and painted painted to match the rest of the buildings on the site. Barn with his hands on the finished basement is built for two days. Sheathing lining and painting were much later-almost one month.

The final version of the barn is beautiful ...

Unattractive foundation sewn cut to size sheet of asbestos. Beautiful barn turned.

A barn with a gable roof made of metal

This barn was built alone. The construction of the skeleton too: the cheapest way. In this case, the assembly method - "ballun" - gradual exposure racks. All also begins: first made columns for the foundation. This time only the brick.

The foundation under a shed of brick columns

As you can see, in the corner posts are mounted studs. The strapping tool bar drilled hole and he put on the studs. They can be done not only at the corners, but also on intermediate pillars, too: will hold tighter.

This barn has a small porch, veranda, because the required distance is set the cross beam. And it will build wall. Under his pre-made and bars.

Laghi is also fastened on the plate

Lags are attached even notching. Then strapping tool bar notch cut in the form lags. In depth should not exceed 30% of the thickness of the timber, because the lag is cut so that it fits flush with the strapping. This method is more time-consuming.

Further going Frame: corner posts 100 * 100 mm, the intermediate - 50 * 100 mm, the upper rail and truss system was assembled in the same board. Triangles upward force superimposed metal plates. The plates were fixed and smaller locations in the upper timber docking strapping and racks. They were joined end to end without notching, top and nailed diagonally nails. The plates reduce the probability of folding under lateral loads.

Further going truss system - board 150 * 50 mm, on it - under the metal lath. It was chosen as the same material indoor hut.

The assembled truss system with crate

Skeleton is sheathed OSB sheets - the most convenient size for the construction. Subsequently, the wall will be finished with wood siding.

It is almost ready to shed with a gable roof. There was wall decoration

Paneling, incidentally, need not necessarily be made of plywood or OSB. Battens or board can be fixed immediately and the rack. But then when the frame assembly is necessary to put the mowing: the construction is flimsy, without the rigidity of plate material. If mowing is not set, you can shake hands.

Such braces will give sufficient rigidity to the walls of the frame of the shed

After installing the struts can fill the board, wall paneling, block-house, an imitation lumber, siding - the choice is yours.

Frame barn clapboard

Similar skeleton sheds can be made of shaped tube. Strapping and corner posts sufficiently cross section 60 * 60 * 60 mm or 40 mm, for intermediate and even less - 20 * 40 will be normal. Only for fixing the outer skin will need to gather and strengthen the crate. Read more about the construction of the shed from pipes and metal sheets read here.

For those concerned with the external appearance of the structure, a few ideas on how to make a beautiful barn in a video format.

Video about the construction of sheds made of wood

Shed get a nice, but not cheap. But a decent size, and strong in appearance no different from home - fits into the composition. All shows / painted in detail, there is one violation: waterproofing under the metal stacked vertically. Even with good bonding strips, sooner or later the water will make yourself a path. The rest - everything correctly.

In this case, a barn built with his own hands on the cheapest is probably the foundation: in old tires filled with concrete. On these "columns" and standing frame. Naturally, you need to put them on a flat solid surface and they shall be in the same level. By Tacon base strength will not give the best concrete blocks, and may even exceed them. Protruding from under the tire structure, can be closed by making step, and subsequently spread to her flowers or use for other purposes. Another more practical work.

Another video with step by step illustration of the construction of timber frame barn.

Several drawings that will help you navigate to the size of the building. If necessary, adjust for your site or needs.

Shed with pent roof - drawing from the racks circuit arrangement

Barn into three branches under the shed roof. The dashed lines indicate the place of installation of racks (and supports under them)

Construction shed indicating all required elements

Gable roof on a shed of metal sheets

How to build a shed with their hands cheap

Each master on their own plot needed barn, but do not always want to bear the high cost of its construction. It is easier and cheaper to construction hozbloka after the construction of a residential home, as always remain extra materials. But what if a person does not have any hands, and a utility room is still necessary? we now consider, from which we can build a shed with their hands cheaply and quickly.

Determine the purpose of the shed

Before you build a cheap shed, you need to determine a number of important issues. On this will depend hozbloka design, and what will it build:

  • Raising even the most inexpensive design, ask yourself the question, why do you need this barn. The answer according to the principle: "In the future will come in handy," or "To keep up with the neighbors" - does not pass. We need to know the purpose of the shed. Suppose, if a woodshed, it would be cheaper to assemble frame hozblok of planks and beams. For animal needs a strong and warm the building. From cheap material is better to prefer foam concrete.
  • The amount of expenditure depends on the size hozbloka. If you built the barn will be used for the maintenance of a bird or animal, you need approximately calculate how much stock will be in the room to live.
  • Build a shed cheaply obtained only on their own. If you intend to use the services of hired builders, some of the allocated budget will take about half of the money to pay for work. Still need to buy stuff right. Often hozblok erecting of b / a brick or cinder block. Even used old lumber, which sometimes sell farms after dismantling buildings. Cheap new materials for the walls can be distinguished foam block or arbolit.

Determined with all these questions, you can already start to count the budget of the future buildings.

Now we look at a few options for how to build a shed with their hands, so that it cost less master.

Frame barn - cheaply and quickly

The first place among the cheapest sheds on the right should give the carcass structure. Faster such hozbloka not be able to build anything, and all the work is able to perform on their own, even a person with no construction experience.

We get to know how about the construction of the sequence looks hozbloka:

  • Prior to the start of construction to do a drawing of a barn. Guided diagram, mark portion. The pad is cleaned of debris and vegetation, and then make a mound thickness of about 15 cm of gravel, crushed stone or dropout.
  • Prefab barns are usually put on the pier foundation, but we have a goal - to build cheaply and quickly. So, the base will serve themselves supporting frame rack. To do this, take the bar section 100x100 mm and one end of the pillars smeared with bitumen. Process necessary portion length of about 70 cm. The top of the hot bitumen is wound, two layers of roofing material.
  • Adhering marking the perimeter of the future construction dig wells depth of 80 cm. Is inserted into each hole on the bottom layer was poured crushed stone or gravel 15 cm thick. The posts are aligned vertically on the level, after which the solution is poured concrete. To get to the carcass lean-to barn roof pillars make up to 60 cm above. Optimally set with the front side pillars hozbloka 3 m in height, and the rear - 2.4 m.
  • Further, the top and bottom horizontal strapping nailed from a bar. For stiffening the frame to do a couple of intermediate studs.
  • To produce a pent roof to the beam upper frame fastened strapping joist spacing 60 cm. For this purpose, the board section of 50x100 mm. According to the length of the beam should uphold the frame border on both sides of at least 50 cm. The resulting roof overhang protects the wall from rain.
  • Trim frame sheds normally operate the board or wooden paneling. Moreover, they can be nailed vertically or horizontally. Method of attachment plating is shown in the photo. Nailed board overlap to avoid the formation scheley.Pri the cheapest embodiment shed frame for wall slabs are allowed.

  • Now we have to hide hozblok ready. The cheapest roofing material - a slate or roofing material. First on the floor beams nailed crate. For roofing material it is made of solid plywood or OSB. Under slate nailed board 25 mm thick step 40-50 cm. As used roofing waterproofing.

    The video shows the production of crates for the roof:

    Serve to frame a shed at least 10 years. During this time, maybe the owner will be able to save money for the more serious construction.

    In the video, an example of the construction of the frame of the barn:

    Build not only cheap, but also get a beautiful hozblok of corrugated board. The material is very light and inexpensive addition will last for many years. The only drawback is its corrugated weak rigidity. Before plating the walls of the frame of the shed will have to strengthen the additional struts and bridges.

    In fact hozblok of corrugated board is a conventional brick barn. It differs only cladding material. The frame is collected from the timber, but it is better to give preference to the profile tube. The costs will not be much longer, but once built a metal structure, its owner enough for a lifetime. Profiled frame collected by welding. Sometimes craftsmen securing member by bolting.

    Secure the profiled galvanized screws with rubber washer. When the casing wall becomes necessary to trim the sheet. Do it better Electroscissors metal. If not, you can use the hand tool. But such scissors is easy to cut corrugated board across the waves. Along it makes it difficult, because the ribs do not allow to bend the sheet.

    Cutting sheets you can use the grinder, grinding wheel but burns a protective coating of profiled sheet. Over time, this site will start to corrode. If there is no alternative, it is possible to cut the sheet grinder, and then burned the edge will be easier to cut with scissors. Alternatively the cut can be hidden under another leaf, after laying still is overlapped. At the corners of the barn around windows and doorways cut edges of corrugated board can be hidden under the additional elements.

    Reliable and inexpensive barn for livestock and poultry

    If you need a cheap and quick to build a shed for poultry or animals, it is better not to find a foam block material. Of course, hozblok more expensive than frame construction, but will last for many decades. And the barn of the foam block is great for winter use.

    The building of the shed is performed in the following sequence:

    • Shed of the foam blocks is considered a capital construction. Here you need to get serious about drafting and design drawings. This will help as much as possible to calculate precisely the required amount of material.
    • Construction begins with the markup site under strip footing. Further steps involve digging a trench depth of 80 cm. The width of the concrete ribbon makes 5-10 cm large wall thickness.
    • Mounted around the trench shuttering. The bottom is filled 20 cm layer of expanded clay or gravel with sand. Now the cushion and the walls of the trench are covered with roofing felt to the liquid solution was not absorbed into the ground.

  • Inside the trench of steel rods knit reinforcing frame in the shape of a box. Optimally use of the armature 12 mm thick. When the frame is ready, the trench is filled with concrete solution with the addition of gravel. Height tape must protrude from the ground at least 10 cm.
  • About a month later the concrete ribbon pick your strength, after which you can begin to build walls. First, the foundation is covered with two layers of roofing material. Masonry foam blocks start with the corners, gradually moving to the side. As a better solution is to use a special adhesive blend. It is sold in any building shop. Worst case is suitable and concrete solution.

  • When all the walls are built, fits all, up to the roof. On this barn can install one or gable roof. The first option is easier and cheaper, and the second roof design allows to organize the attic space for storage.
  • Foam block is considered a soft material. To properly distribute the load on any roof structure, the walls of the timber stack mauerlat. Beat top floor joists, then put the truss system pent or gabled roofs.
  • Roof covering for a barn of foam blocks is desirable to select quality. From inexpensive materials suitable slate or corrugated board. What do the floor inside the barn depends on who it will live. Goats better send down the board. Poultry suitable clay floor with sawdust or straw. Pigs have to pour the concrete floor, but underneath it is desirable to lay the waterproofing and insulation. And in the pen where pigs are sleeping, it is necessary to lay the board.

    To truly build a cheap shed, we must first look at what kind of material is at hand. After that we can make a start with the choice of construction type.

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    Construction hozbloka own hands step by step

    Xtroitelstvo barn with their hands steps

    Economic barn must be on any site to maintain order in the holiday inventory and other instruments. Compact construction you can build your own hands from timber, metal, brick or other materials that are left after the construction or repair of houses. Offer to find out, how to build a shed with their hands cheap, especially the construction of the barn in the country, useful tips with photos and video of the work.

    Where to begin construction of cheap barn?

    Before proceeding to the construction of farm barn, be sure to determine the place of its construction. You can build a shed as an independent structure separately on site or near the house. It is important that a building was a convenient approach at any time of the year, as inventory can be useful even in winter.

    See step by step Video: How to build a shed for OSB own hands

    It is necessary to make the project affordable for the construction of the shed and make an accurate drawing. In this case, you can calculate the amount of building materials and save on construction.

    How to build a cheap shed of edged board

    Building a shed from edging boards can be called one of the budget. For the maintenance of cattle such construction is not appropriate, but it can be successfully used as an economic unit.

    The advantages of the barn edged boards include:

    1. Lower material costs
    2. Simplicity and high speed of installation.

    Inexpensive shed can be erected without a foundation, the main thing to build a wooden pallet, not to rot through the bottom constructions. Their own hands to build a shed from cheap edged boards you can for 2-3 days. Try to select optimal size to shed served for a long time. Width - 3 m, height - 2.4 m, length - 2 m of the shed roof must be pent, wherein it is desirable to cover the top roofing felt or other material that protects against leakage.

    How to build a shed made of brick

    Brick shed can be called one of the most durable and long-lasting structures. If you have a house built of brick, try to keep the style of landscape design by building a hozblok. Such a construction of the shed can not be called the budget, as required, before starting to make a strip foundation.

    Interesting video: Garden house Barn own hands

    Barn brick necessarily need to insulate, to protect stored by the equipment from dampness and mold. The use of brick barn can be different:

    • For storing garden tools
    • For carrying out joinery work or other
    • For the maintenance of cattle.

    Step by step instructions of building a cheap shed from blocks

    1. Prepare the site for construction. To do this, remove from it all the garbage and remove about 40 cm of the upper layer of the earth.
    2. Fill the tape base and leave it to dry for a few days.
    3. Now lay the waterproofing, for example roofing material.
    4. Prepare a solution according to the instructions from the manufacturer to connect the blocks.
    5. Begin construction of walls with angles, it does not forget to leave openings for windows and doors.
    6. Will remain to hold the construction of the roof.
    7. Spend insulation inside the shed and start the finishing work.

    Watch the video: How to build a shed, hozblok

    Build a barn in the country with their own hands cheap you can from the edged board or foam blocks. Construction progress hozbloka same as other buildings. Choose a material for building, taking into account personal budget, but do not forget to sensibly assess the amount of work that you can carry them on their own, without the help of qualified professionals.

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