How to calculate the area of ​​a room

How to calculate the area of ​​the walls of the room (calculator)

EIf you want to count only the area of ​​the room, then you here.

For automatic calculation of the area of ​​the walls, you can use a calculator, which is located below. For the calculation to be measured in meters length, width and height of the ceiling of the room.

Fractional values ​​are entered with a semicolon!

Slightly Below is a practical example of the calculation of the area of ​​the walls of the room.

Please note that measurements should be made in meters. Those. if you get a room length of 425 centimeters, the field requires a value of 4.25. Please note that fractional the number must be entered with a comma, but not to the point! Those. 5.2 - correctly , 5.2 - wrong !

Now, an example of the calculation of the area of ​​the walls of the room. The length of our room 3.82 m, width - 3.44 meters and a ceiling height of 2.71 meters. Substituting these values ​​into the appropriate fields, we obtain the value 39.349199999999996 square meter, so the walls of our area will be nearly 40 meters.

The value obtained by the calculation is not correct, because the calculated value of the area will include window and door area. These areas must be subtracted from the value obtained.

We recommend to use the following calculators:

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when we asked how to find the square of the house walls calculation?

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Nurikk, hello! Knowing the square of the house (probably refers to the area), you will not be able to find the parameters of walls. It is necessary to know exactly the length and width. For example you have a 4x4 or 8x2 walls. The length and width are different, and the area is the same.

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People can live in the house for years and did not know their home elementary things. Therefore, it becomes necessary to periodically determine how to calculate the area of ​​the room in square meters. Without knowledge of this parameter or the repair can not do, no rent will not hand over the premises.

Methods for calculating the square footage of real estate

In engineering geodesy practice different methods for calculating the size of land, buildings or individual rooms. Among them:

  1. Analytical method. According to the obtained result of field research data drawn accurate circuit portion or premises. If it has a regular geometric shape, the calculation is made according to the rules of trigonometry or geometry. If the projection portion forming a complex shape, then build the coordinate axes and define closed-loop area, knowing the coordinates of the vertices.
  2. graphical method. Measurements are made without the work on the ground - according to the map or plan. The disadvantage of this method is highly dependent on the accuracy of the map. For a rough estimate of the area is suitable reticulation - transparent sheet of lined into the cell. By correlating the length of each cell and the scale is determined by the plan area of ​​each cell. Reticulation then superimposed on the figure and counts the complete and incomplete squares.
  3. Mechanical way. Uses special instruments to determine the size of premises and areas, mechanical and laser roulette.

In the age of high technology it would be unwise to waste their time and energy on simple and repetitive mathematical operations. Therefore, a special device called a planimeter were created for the area. Among them:

  • Devices suitable for measuring large areas or fields. They are equipped with a satellite positioning service, and to measure the area of ​​the site to circumvent enough along its borders;
  • Compact device for determining the size of apartments, private houses or individual rooms. These include, for example, ultrasonic tape. With its help you can calculate not only the dimensions of the room without difficulty, but also the perimeter, volume and other indicators. "Ruletka9raquo; It does not have any resemblance to a conventional flexible metal strip chart recorder. In fact it is a simple PDA.
  • Instruments for measuring the area of ​​the figure on a plan or map. This mechanism has planimeter roller to which the lens is fastened to determine trajectory. It is possible to set the scale.

For amateurs can go and custom applications for smartphones that can turn an ordinary Android device in a few thousand rubles a real planimeter. Functionality, however, will be quite reduced.

How to calculate the area of ​​a room: Calculator

Of course, do not need tools that are on the GLONASS arms or ultrasonic sensors in the domestic environment. The usual measuring tape (well, if it is equipped with a lock) will be sufficient.

room size should be measured using the following simple algorithm:

  1. Remove furniture or other objects that may interfere with the measurements.
  2. Using a tape measure, measure the length and width of the room.
  3. Find the area of ​​the figure by multiplying the resulting figure at each other.

The above sequence of steps for those cases where the floor is to form a rectangle. Since, however, it does not always happen. If the room has an irregular shape, it makes sense to break it up into several parts, so that it was possible to calculate their area according to the formulas in the table below to easily:

0.5 * (length * height base)

Length of base x height

0.5 * height * sum of the lengths of the two bases

3.14 * radius squared

If you have any protruding parts of the walls, it is possible to begin to count the size of the entire room, and then subtract it from the footage of these extra elements.

Often for repair purposes (wallpapering, plastering works, sound and so on.) Is required to determine the yardage walls of the room.

Total area of ​​the walls can be obtained by the following formula:

Area = height * (width of the 1st wall width + 2nd + wall ...)

When calculating the need to make allowances for:

  • size openings for windows;
  • size doorways.

Most often there is no need to do all these mathematical exercise: all the information on the size of the house, the area, the perimeter as the building as a whole and its separate premises must be in the data sheet of real estate.

Goals, which may require knowledge of the area of ​​the apartment can be varied:

  • for drawing up the estimates for the repair or conversion;
  • rental;
  • for sale or, alternatively, the acquisition of real estate;
  • to determine the taxable base;
  • to carry out evaluation work;
  • for the purpose of calculating the amount of compensation the alienation of immovable property rights;
  • in the preparation of the contract of insurance;
  • the division of property;
  • the determination of the rent.

When calculating the area of ​​inventory engineers do not include:

  • fireplaces;
  • loggias and balconies;
  • terraces;
  • narrow rapids;
  • small holes in the walls;
  • decorative arches.

So, now you know how to calculate the area of ​​the room in square meters. You can also use special devices, and conventional roulette. For the calculation of average enough knowledge in school geometry course.

Video: view living room area

In this clip Master Artem it tells you how to calculate the area of ​​any room with an application for Android-smartphone:

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    How to calculate the square the room, the walls, ceiling and floor

    From time to time we need to know the area and volume of the room. These data may be needed in the design of heating and ventilation, the procurement of materials and even in many other situations. Also need to know the wall surface periodically. All these data are easy to calculate, but first have to work with a tape measure - measuring all the required dimensions. To learn how to calculate the area of ​​a room and the walls, the amount of space and will be discussed further.

    Often it needs to calculate the cubic capacity of the room, its volume

    Room area in square meters

    Calculate simple, you only need to remember a simple formula as well as to carry out measurements. It will need:

    • Roulette. Better - with lock, but the fit and normal.
    • Paper and pencil or pen.
    • Calculator (or read in a column, or in the mind).

    A set of simple tools, there is in every household. Simply measurements carried out with an assistant, but it is possible to cope on their own.

    First you need to measure the length of the walls. Doing this, it is desirable along the walls, but if they are made to heavy furniture, it is possible to measure and in the middle. Only in this case to follow the roulette tape lying along the walls, rather than obliquely - the measurement error will be less.

    If the room is the correct form, with no protruding parts, calculate the area of ​​the room is simple. Measuring the length and width, recording on paper. Write numbers in meters, centimeters after the comma. For example, 4.35 m length (430 cm), width of 3.25 m (325 cm).

    How to calculate the area of ​​a room

    Point numbers multiply, we get the area of ​​the room in square meters. If we turn to our example, we get the following: 4.35 m * 3.25 m = 14.1375 sq. m. In this magnitude usually leave two digits after the decimal point, then rounded. Total calculated by squaring the room 14.14 square meters.

    If you need to calculate the area of ​​a room of irregular shape, it is divided into simple shapes - squares, rectangles, triangles. Then measure all the necessary dimensions, calculations on known formulas (there is little in the table below).

    Before you calculate the area of ​​a room, is also making changes. Only in this case, the numbers will not two, but four: Add more length and width of the protrusion. Dimensions of both pieces are considered separately.

    One example - in the photo. So like that, and another - a rectangle, the area is considered to be on the same formula: multiply the length by the width. Figure should be found to take away or add to the size of the room - depending on the configuration.

    The area of ​​the complex shape of the room

    We show in this example how to calculate a projection area of ​​the room (shown pictured above):

    1. We believe without quadrature protrusion: 3.6 m * 8.5 m = 30.6 sq. m.
    2. We consider the size of the protruding portion: 3.25 m * 0.8 m = 2.6 sq. m.
    3. Add together two quantities: 30.6 sq. m. + 2.6 kb. m. = 33.2 sq. m.

    Still there are rooms with sloping walls. In this case, we break it so as to obtain rectangles and triangles (as shown below). As you can see, in this case it is required to have five sizes. Break could be in another way, by placing a vertical rather than a horizontal line. It does not matter. Just requires a set of simple shapes, and the way to separate them is arbitrary.

    How to calculate the irregular-shaped area of ​​the room

    In this case, the order of evaluation is:

    1. We consider a large rectangular portion: 6.4 m * 1.4 m = 8.96 sq. m. If the round, we get 9, 0 sq.m.
    2. We calculate the small rectangle: 2.7 m * 1.9 m = 5.13 sq. m. Rounding it, we get 5.1 square meters. m.
    3. We consider the triangle area. Since it is a right angle, that is equal to half the area of ​​a rectangle with the same dimensions. (1.3 m * 1.9 m) / 2 = 1,235 sq. m. After rounding obtain 1.2 kb. m.
    4. Now all add up to find the total area of ​​the room: 9.0 + 5.1 + 1.2 = 15.3 sq. m.

    Layout of the premises can be very varied, but the general principle you understood: divide by simple shapes, measure all the required dimensions, calculate the quadrature of each piece, then all add up.

    The formula for calculating the area and perimeter of simple geometric shapes

    One important note: area of ​​the room, the floor and ceiling - it's all the same size. Differences can be if there is some kind of semi-columns, not reaching to the ceiling. Then, out of the total of squaring squaring the subtracted these elements. The result is a floor area.

    How to calculate the square the walls

    Determination of the area of ​​the walls is often required in the purchase of finishing materials - wallpaper, plaster, etc. For this calculation, additional measurements are necessary. To the already existing width and length of the room will be needed:

    • ceiling height;
    • the height and width of doorways;
    • width and height of window openings.

    All measurements - meters, as squaring the walls, too, usually measured in square meters.

    The preferred size applied to the plan

    Since the walls are rectangular, and the area is considered as a rectangle: multiply the length by the width. In the same way we calculate the size of windows and doorways, their dimensions subtract. For example, calculate the area of ​​the walls depicted in the diagram above.

    1. Wall with door:
      • 2.5 m * 5.6 m = 14 sq. m. - the total area of ​​the long wall
      • how long it takes the doorway: 2.1 m * 0.9 m = 1.89 sq.m.
      • Wall excluding doorway - 14 m - 1.89 sq. = 12.11 sq m. m
    2. Wall with window:
      1. squaring small wall: 2.5 m * 3.2 m = 8 sq.m.
      2. how long it takes the window: 1.3 m * 1.42 m = 1,846 sq. m, rounded obtain 1.75 sq.m.
      3. without the wall of the window opening 8 sq. m - 1.75 m = 6.25 sq.m.

    Find the total area of ​​the walls is not difficult. Fold all four digits: 14 sqm + 12.11 sqm + 8 sqm + 6.25 sqm = 40.36 sq. m.

    The formula for calculating the volume of the room

    For some calculations required room volume. In this case, the three values ​​are multiplied by width, length and height of the room. This value is measured in cubic meters (cubic meters), also called the cubic capacity. For example, using data from the previous paragraph:

    If all multiply, we obtain: 5.6 m * 3.2 m * 2.5 m = 44.8 m 3. Thus, the volume of the room 44.8 cube.

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