How to fix the microwave

Repair of microwave ovens with their own hands

We can not say that the repair microwave oven is too easy. If you do the repairs yourself, you will need certain skills to do so. In the event of a serious and complex fault is better to turn to a professional. But there are some common breakdowns that you can fix your own hands.

Often the microwave just stops heating, but the light at that time in the chamber is, the turntable revolves, and the main thing you hear an ordinary fan noise, then, most likely, blown fuse, which protects the high-voltage circuit from overvoltage magnetron.

Make sure that the new fuse is fully consistent with the previous denomination. In no case do not do self-made jumper.

The insulating capsule made of plastic, is a fuse that is connected to the high voltage terminal of the transformer winding. After seeing it, you will understand at once, in which he is able to.

If, however, a fuse is OK, then check the transformer and the circuit itself, that guide its work.

Sometimes it may be necessary to replace the magnetron.

In a microwave oven 2 may be a fuse. The first - a high voltage, and the second guard, he is on the board line filter. Some models are equipped with a microwave oven only general protection fuse. If the microwave electronic control, it is likely that the fuse is on the board of the electronic module.

Before you carry out the replacement of high-voltage fuse, you must first look at the state of the high-voltage diode and a capacitor and a magnetron. Check to see if they try.

On our site you can also read about the installation of siding with their own hands.

Those who have the inverter furnace heating function may not be available due to a breakdown of the power module. There are IGBT transistors that fail.

Before making the replacement of the transistor circuit, check well that govern it. It is necessary to make sure that they are correct, otherwise the transistors will fail in the future again.

If your microwave oven is equipped with a microprocessor control, and electronic module displays nothing, then perhaps there was a power surge in the mains. Sometimes we need only replace the fuse, if he is on the board of the control module, and sometimes you need to change or repair the module.

When stop working buttons on the touch panel control microwave oven, it is often necessary to change it simply because the repairs carried out only buttons do not always work. But you can try. To do this, take a magnifying glass and a conductive lacquer. In such cases, the electronic module replacement is sometimes required.

When the turntable rotation termination need to see the state of the motor windings and whether it supply voltage. You will likely have to buy a new engine in such cases.

When the microwave oven there are sparks on the plate on the right side has a charred hole, then you should buy a new plate. But also check and cap magnetron if it is damaged, and replace it, too.

Video Repair microwave

If repairs do not forget to follow all safety precautions. If you follow all the precautions and you follow the above guidelines, the repair of the microwave oven will not make you much trouble, everything will be quite easy and fast.

The most important thing - it is do not try to take over the repair of complex fault, who better to fix a specialist (except if you have the appropriate knowledge and experience).

Repair of microwave ovens with their own hands, photo circuits

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Simple repair of microwave ovens with their hands: 5 solutions to the major problems

Rarely what the kitchen can be presented without a microwave. Recently, she etc. If you do not have experience in repairing the microwave, it is best to seek professional help internally positioned in the everyday life of housewives. So when it breaks it's akin to a small disaster. Someone immediately carries it to the service center, and someone is trying to repair their own hands. Make it quite possible, if there is basic knowledge of electronics and appliance devices.

Repairing a microwave oven with his own hands: the basic elements of the device

When you break the microwave, you can immediately take it to a service center, but you can try to repair by yourself, thus saving money.

But before you start to repair the microwave - oven, it should be understood that the microwave can qualitatively repaired a person who has at least some knowledge in electronics and electrical engineering.

Before you begin to repair a microwave oven, you should examine its components

Also at work all safety rules must be followed.

To repair a microwave oven need to know the following main elements:

  • Converting energy transformer;
  • Magnetron;
  • Rectifier;
  • Fuse;
  • Fan;
  • Capacitor;
  • Control block.

Understand where and that is quite simple. Right in the middle of the chamber is a magnetron, and underneath the transformer. Fuse, the capacitor and the rectifier should be placed to the right of it. With regard to the control unit, it is often found near the input panel.

Before you start the repair, it is necessary to disconnect the device from the mains!

If the failure is a failure of one of the main elements, the easiest way would be to replace him. The fact that many parts of the furnace can not be repaired, but only buy new. This applies particularly to capacitors, fuses and diodes.

If the replacement is real, it is necessary to perform these steps:

  • Turn off the oven from the mains;
  • Discharge transformer (it will take about 5 minutes);
  • Disconnect the right part of the terminal and get it;
  • Put in place a working part.

When replacing the need to pay attention to compliance with the scheme and the new part. If the new element and the circuit will be incompatible, then this could lead to further failure.

In case of failure of the electronics it is better to seek help from professionals who hold high-quality repair of microwave ovens.

Frequent breakdowns microwave: repair their own hands, in detail

The fact that the furnace has broken or is not working, as a rule, indicate some signs. On them and determined the cause of failure.

Very often, microwaves break down due to unstable voltage

So, what is it can be, in more detail:

  1. Microwave not included - in this case a power cord is not fully closed door or blown fuse can be damaged. If the problem is in the cord or overloaded socket - then the problem is solved by replacing the elementary elements. An open door can not give to start the microwave, as it is dangerous, so you should check the latch and door operation. If the fuse is burnt (which prevents breakage of the device due to voltage surges) or thermal - that they are also easily changed.
  2. Oven works without disconnecting relay which is responsible for supplying electricity to the device - this can be due to sticking contacts. The relay is necessary to get and check his work ohmmeter, and if it does not work - replace it.
  3. Microwave oven operates, but off a few seconds - a problem in Thermal. Unfortunately, the repair it will not work - have to buy a new one.
  4. Not turning a plate of food - in this case, check the connection plates and the engine itself. It is necessary to remove the tray and look at the integrity of the wires, if it is disconnected or clogged, you need to clean it and connect again.
  5. Oven strongly buzzing - the problem is likely to fan or transformer. The last fix is ​​unlikely - it is easier to replace him. The problem with the fan can occur due to the processing, if the device is operated for a long time actively. In this case, you need to clean the blade cooling element.

So look the most common faults that you can do yourself. When working with electricity, and check the furnace elements should not forget about the compliance with safety regulations.

Self Repair touchpad microwave oven with his own hands

Microwave oven can have a touch or a conventional control panel, the operation of which can be broken due to the exposure to high temperatures.

As a rule, this part you have a problem after 3-4 years of intensive use, and are expressed in the refusal buttons "to obey the command." At the same time on the scoreboard can display any error. The stove itself can be disabled or turned off. The main cause of these phenomena - the closure panel contacts.

Materials for the repair of the microwave sensor panels are sold in hardware store

Try to repair the touch panel includes the following stages:

  1. First, you need to disconnect the oven from the mains and disassemble the panel - the latter consists of a film painted on her buttons and two pads from the membrane contacts.
  2. Next, a thin sharp knife you need to hook the sensor film, while being careful not to damage the membrane. It is best to start from the bottom or the top corner on the left.
  3. Removing the membrane, it is necessary to check the operation panel using a contact closure. a container of water can be supplied into the furnace. If it works - you can start to repair the panel.
  4. Again, you need to disconnect from the network and to wipe all contacts with alcohol. To increase the intervals between them and eliminate the possibility of fault - you need to glue these places pieces of tape or adhesive tape.
  5. Further, the upper membrane is put into place, and then there is a check of operation microwave. If again something is not working or is hard to respond to pressing - again, disconnect the stove, stratify and remove the membrane film insulating tape or something to add (depending on what is not working). So you need to do, while the buttons will not work as it should.

Renovated thus sensor socket can run for about six months, but may continue to sag further, after which it will again have to "align" or buy a new one.

Function and repair of the microwave magnetron with their hands

If the microwave sparks ceased to reheat food, or became too long to do it - the problem is most likely in the magnetron, which is the main element of the microwave heating device.

By the way, change the magnetron in a microwave oven, which is already more than 5 years, from the point of view of the economy is not profitable.

Before you begin to repair microwave magnetron, it is necessary to see video tutorial, and become familiar with the recommendations of the experts

Typically, this device is "planted" on the terminals and screws that secure it to the base of the stove. However, the magnetron replacement is required in rare cases. Basically the problem in his work starts from the combustion of the protective cap element.

In this case, there are several solutions to the problem:

  • The cap is manually trimmed from scale and rotated 180 degrees;
  • New cap is made from a suitable size of the capacitor case;
  • Also not be superfluous replace mica plate that is exposed to harmful rays.

In fact, in the renovation of the magnetron is no big deal, but if the problem is not in the burned cap, and a little more serious, it is better to entrust such a repair specialist.

Repair of microwave ovens with their own hands (video)

Repair the microwave oven can be yourself if you have some knowledge of the electrical appliances. However, nothing complicated in such a procedure does not. The main thing to remember about the security measures and proceed with caution. Knowing the main elements of the device the device can cause breakage to calculate and correct it.

Repair of microwave ovens with their own hands at home

To perform a repair microwave, you must have a basic understanding of how it works. Repair microwave oven starts with removing the upper cover. Prior to this, care should be taken fully disconnect the unit from the mains, and only then proceed to eliminate breakdowns with their hands.

When these steps are successfully accomplished, access to open transformer with two fuses: one located directly on the details, it is a low-melting, the second is located on the body of the microwave oven is made of ceramic. Also located next to the transformer unit doubler consisting of capacitor and diode thick. The whole set of these elements is a power supply circuit of the magnetron of the microwave oven.

Caution! Do not immediately touch the capacitor immediately after removal of the top cover plate. This element is able to hold the tension for a long time, which can easily lead to electric shock. When repairing a microwave oven with his own hands to consider this factor.

Device microwave ovens

Feature microwave ovens is that all the parts are connected in series. Please note the above-mentioned magnetron and its power supply circuit. After removal of the shield body becomes accessible transformer located near large capacitor. Just here it will be located a ceramic, a low melting fuses, diode. By this arrangement a high voltage operates the magnetron. Under no circumstances should you meddle to your hands, tools. After a blackout capacitor loses the residual stress, the likelihood of electric shock will decrease.

The operating principle of the circuit:

  1. Primary winding micro-transformer assumes 220v. As a rule, its location is at the bottom. Learn it can be on coils of copper wire, which is meant to be naked. However, it is not. It covers the transparent insulation film. The location of this coil is a secondary winding.
  2. Microwave has two secondary windings. On one of them usually are not accurate as that the coils wound around a few simple wires. This heated cathode. Here only a AC voltage 6,2V that electrons can break away from the surface. But where there is good insulation, is winding with a high voltage. About two-kV directed toward the exit.
  3. Capacitor is shunted by a diode at the output of the circuit. The action of the negative half falls on the cathode of the positive half-wave charging capacity. Then the electrode is subjected to twice the voltage that is removed from the condenser and the micro-transformer. As a result, it created about 3,5-4kV. Such power is sufficient to begin the process of generation.

It should be very careful, output winding always paralleled by a magnetron having two output options. But anode grounding runs a separate way.

So here's what happens:

  • heating coil has 6,3V;
  • at the cathode remains to 4,2kV, grounded anode.

All microwave ovens present the electrical connection of the cathode of the heating coil. Each of the microwave oven is equipped with a timer that controls the power of the magnetron. Using the starter relay is used for the purpose to avoid the occurrence of a spark. Further attention should be paid to the front panel.

The most likely failure occur in the mica plate. The rod from the waveguide to the magnetron is energized. The latter has a high sensitivity to the presence of various food residues. All these contaminants are beginning to catch fire, to give a spark, thereby disrupt the stable operation of microwave ovens. In order to avoid unforeseen situations, developers have decided to close the waveguide mica plate. It has a soft, flexible properties, relatively affordable pricing. To fix a malfunction with their hands not be easy. Buy material can be any size, cut out the appropriate segment. Feature mica plate in that it transmits wheelchair 2,45Ggts frequency level. It operates at this frequency microwave.

Also mica plates are not wet. This is a very important factor in the case in microwave ovens heated liquid. After all, the water is very quickly absorbs the radiating 2,45Ggts frequency, there is a risk of serious damage. If the water reaches to the waveguide to create a big accident, to repair that will not just with their hands. High-voltage fuse blows immediately. If things get worse, burned himself magnetron, other electronics, which is filled with the microwave oven.

What factors influence the destruction of the mica plate? Most heated by the food contains a lot of fat, oil, and other such ingredients. They are characterized by the fact that instead of the usual boiling, they shoot fatty droplets. Once such a drop fell on a mica plate, created a small wire bridge. Electrical arcing occurs from the waveguide to the mica plate, then away from the housing of the microwave oven. As soon as there are uncharacteristic for claps furnaces and sparks - this is a sure sign that soon the oven will require repair.

Features high-voltage fuse

Anyone who has tried to repair a microwave oven with his own hands, to ask questions about the high-voltage fuse. The mechanism of microwave ovens of this type starts at least two fuses:

  1. If you look at the electronic board microwave oven, this piece appears as a white or transparent cylinder small size. Its task is to protect the integrated, add-on components of microwave ovens. Just this small cylinder is part of the supply chain. His burnout occurs in the event of a breakdown of the capacitor, resistor circuits.
  2. Circuit forming power of the magnetron includes a diode, transformer, capacitor. Through them, the cathode is suitable for about two or three kilovolts. I find these items difficult. Appearance of the capacitor is difficult to confuse with anything. It's a huge part in the form of cans up to one hundred grams. To it is attached one leg diode, and the other fixed to the body. Nearby is also a small keg, often ceramic, painted brown. It is this keg contains within itself a high-voltage fuse. Its task is to prevent overheating of the magnetron. When breaks mica plate or in a microwave oven will be put steel spoon, takes place immediately blown fuse high.

It is better not to try to assemble a high-voltage fuse with his own hands or to take it out of the electronic board. This practice is extremely dangerous to humans. Microwave can stop working, there is a high risk of fire and electric shock.

The principle of operation of the safety relay

Before you start talking about the fan repairs, cooling the magnetron, grills or illuminating lamp in the chamber of the microwave oven should still pay attention to the safety relay. Their task is to disable all operating system at a time when the cabinet door is in an open position. Two relays typically break the power supply circuit. A single switch will be controlled by the functional capacity of the latter. Operation is as follows:

  1. In that case, if the oven door is opened, the trigger is pressed the relay.
  2. With this operation the power supply circuit has two break locations.
  3. The second relay closes ground on phase.
  4. When the first switch is activated, there will be nothing wrong with that, as the supply chain is in the position torn.
  5. When the first relay sticks, knocked out the fuse. This is due to the fact that the ground shorted phase.

By fused is meant not the one that is located on top of the magnetron or within the housing, and which is on board. To repair a microwave oven with his own hands, check the function of the protective relay. Without this functionality available power to the magnetron is virtually impossible. The task of the power guard to take into account the current traffic in the magnetron. In case of a dangerous situation occurs burnout security element generator breakage is excluded. This situation occurs when the microwave oven is in idle or is what or metal thing in her chamber.

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