How to choose a refrigerator for home

Fridge choose: what to look for?

Refrigerators have long been indispensable in the home appliances. They help to keep the food fresh and fit for use. But it happens that it is time to update the technique is so valuable.

What navigate the modern equipment and how to choose a refrigerator, fully meets your needs and desires? This will help tips from professionals from the world of technological advances.

Refrigerator - equipment is designed to maintain a low temperature in a special chamber, having thermal insulation from the outside world. As standard, these devices are used in the home and for commercial purposes, to shed the term "life and fresh" food. Also refrigerators are suitable for storage of medicines and other products requiring specific temperature characteristics.

This equipment operates on the principle of heat removal, with subsequent dispersion into the environment. This avoids raising the temperature in the isolation chamber.

Classification of refrigerators is not too complicated.

So, depending on the scope of use, release 2 large groups of devices:

  1. Industrial. The devices have a high capacity and a solid volume of the refrigerating chamber. They are used in warehouses, meat processing plants and to other factories, as well as in stores.
  2. Household. This standard device is compact and efficient. That's advice about their selection of regular Internet users are looking for.

All refrigerators are also divided further into 2 groups, depending on the temperature in the chamber:

  • for medium - standard device without the frozen products;
  • or low temperature freezer (at a constant temperature of about -18 ° C).

However, leading manufacturers and brands of the world allow users to use the equipment 2 in 1 - two-chamber units having as a standard unit of light freshness and cooling, and a full freezer.

Also, there is a technical classification of refrigeration equipment based on the principle of its operation.

Experts identify 4 types of refrigerators:

As the name implies, it is used to cool the air in the compression chamber principle. The equipment has an evaporator which converts the refrigerant (cooling part) to the vapor state. Then, using a compressor, the evaporation is compressed, which leads to an increase in their temperature and routed to the condenser. There expulsion of accumulated heat is carried into the environment, the refrigerant conversion back to the fluid and its flow in the capillary. Then, the substance produces cooling, and the cycle repeats. Such models of refrigerators efficiency and durability, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

  • Absorption.

    The cooling process chamber is performed by evaporating refrigerant. However, circulation of the substance is effected by dissolving it in water or absorption. Since 1 unit volume of the liquid coolant falls to 1000 units (usually ammonia is used).

  • Thermoelectric.

    The basis of the operation - the Peltier effect. In fact, heat transfer is carried out through one of the conductors of various kinds, the element 1 is cooled and the other to be heated. The process is carried out the temperature increase due to heat the first and recoil due to the heating by the current. This principle is rarely used in today's non-mobile devices, however, he is in demand in the production of such creature comforts as cooler bag, cooler liquid, compact cars-refrigerators.

  • Having vortex coolers.

    As they say opinions of specialists, this method is the most secure, since it is not involved chemicals and electricity. After temperature lowering process is carried out by expanding compressed air compressor. This phenomenon is carried out in special blocks specific vortex type coolers. However, they do not produce because of high noise level, high consumption and low efficiency.

  • Leading brands produce only the first 2 types of equipment, as well as the third and fourth are complex and extremely costly to implement, respectively, these products will be a complete failure in the consumer market.

    As you can see, the variety is impressive refrigerators. Knowing the principle of operation and types of devices, you will be much easier to make the right choice to stay at the most appropriate and safe type of unit.

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    Having come into the store, many consumers are faced with a huge choice of devices, but a refrigerator is better to choose? After all, it is important not only the cost and design, and the presence of certain functions and comfort during use of the equipment.

    Experienced in the field of home appliances and expert professionals provide advice on the selection criteria.

    Therefore it is necessary to focus on these factors:

    • size of the device in a slice different parameters;
    • volume of the refrigerator;
    • defrosting type;
    • energy efficiency class;
    • climate class;
    • particularly device management;
    • the presence of additional functions;
    • manufacturer (brand name and model).

    Every important selection criterion may include various parameters and characteristics, so they require more detailed attention.

    purchase planning should start at home. And no impulse purchases. This is due to the fact that there is a high risk that the equipment just will not fit and you have to put it in the middle of the kitchen or on the aisle. Therefore, before going to the store make a choice of the space under the refrigerator and perform the measurements.

    Now is the time to think about opening the refrigerator door. It is important that a number was not sticking out or too closely spaced objects. In order to assess comfort after the installation of the refrigerator, add a tape with another 1 width of the device in the direction of the alleged discovery of the door. Nothing is stopping you? Hence, the installation can be carried out.

    This term implies the usable space of the unit, net shelves and containers. Also, the amount is often divided into several planes cameras.

    Experts identify such varieties of refrigerators:

    This is a relatively small refrigerators in which the freezer compartment is located directly in the chamber to cool the food. Typically active separated localized in the upper portion of the refrigerator. Such units have small dimensions, and perfect people for whom every available centimeter counts. But it is worth remembering that the storage of large quantities of food in them is impossible.

  • Two compartments.

    This is the most popular mobile devices as well as a combination of usable space and cost them the most optimal. In addition, they offer almost all well-known brands and manufacturers. Each camera has a separate door, so the freezer compartment is completely isolated from the refrigeration. Location dennogo element may be below or above. If you are interested in frozen reserves on a large scale, it is better to choose a more voluminous products with bottom location of the freezer.

  • Three-compartment.

    The two main compartments new camera with zero temperature - freshness separated. In the third chamber the temperature is maintained at 0 - +2 degrees, which is optimal for short storage without freezing perishable.

  • Side-by-Side system.

    This two-sided products, freezer in which the hidden side. They have a high resolution and enhanced functionality. Such units - excellent solution for a large family or conducting restaurant business. They have a sleek design and, as stated in the reviews, a lot of additional functions.

  • When choosing a device guided by their own needs. For example, if you often freeze fruits and berries for the winter, it is important to a large freezer. If you have a family, you should be guided by the daily number of pots with food residues and whether they will fit in the fridge?

    The optimal solution is two-compartment model, but for large volumes is to choose bilateral counterparts.

    Features defrost refrigerators

    Given the need for continuous operation of the freezer, in many applications there is a probability of occurrence of frost or snow. This is a real problem that many manufacturers are struggling in their own way.

    Allocate these types of defrosting freezer:

    As they say the reviews - it's a real insight into the past. When this is done deenergize the refrigerator, the extraction of melting ice and timely removal of fluid from it. Then the unit should be thoroughly cleaned and running again after drying. As you can see, the process is time-consuming and complex.

  • NoFrost.

    This is a more sophisticated device, wherein beskhlopotnoy operation. Cooling the freezer compartment is performed by circulation of cold air, the droplets which are deposited in the evaporator of the rear wall of the chamber. Accordingly, there is frost, but we can not see it. At regular intervals occurs fan opening and closing of the evaporator, and therefore the namoroz wash its hands.

  • For the refrigerator compartment are relevant only automatic solution - drip or defrosting NoFrost system. The first type is the most easy to use. During operation of the compressor and the cooling unit, there is a small formation of ice on its backside. To remove it, the compressor is stopped periodically, after which the frost melts and drains into a special sink. the system is restarted then.

    When choosing a refrigerator, and it is important to take into account the electricity consumption. After all, these units consume a tremendous amount of energy, so the energy efficiency of their worth thinking about.

    Allocate 7 classes of devices:

    Also relatively recently emerged classes A + and A ++, the most economical consumption of current. Find energy efficiency indicator can be on a special label from the manufacturer, is located on the device itself.

    Class climate refrigerator system

    Modern refrigerators are designed for operation at a certain temperature indicators. Therefore, if the summer is too hot, there is a risk of overheating.

    Allocate these classes:

    • Normal (N) - a working ambient temperature in the range 16 - 32 degrees with the value "+";
    • subnormal (SN) - working range within 10 - 32 ° C;
    • subtropical (ST) - functions well at 18 - 38 ° C;
    • tropic (T) - withstands values ​​within 18 - 43 ° C.

    As you can see, the choice is to do the refrigerator and taking into account the temperature characteristics, which is particularly important for the southern regions. However, given the season, many manufacturers produce multiclass device that extends the range of the temperature difference.

    machine control and the presence of additional functions

    Before you choose a refrigerator for home, should clearly define your needs and expectations.

    Thus, the standard household devices, can be supplemented with these features:

    • bar - glass door to retrieve refrigerated beverage from the vessel;
    • the liquid reservoir the water inlet connection - the device operates as a machine with bulk water (juice, etc...) into a glass or cup;
    • generator to create ice (crushed or cubes);
    • Repositioning the door and the possibility of the wheels - for easy transport and installation.

    Of course, with these options units are more expensive, but at the same time and comfort is greatly increased. However, you should understand that if your goal - the most economical consumption of resources, it would be reasonable to refuse from such options.

    There are also two types of temperature control indicators in the refrigerator:

    Here you can only select 1 of 5 different modes with no clear indication of temperature.

  • Electronic.

    The main advantage of such a regime - the ability to set the temperature readings with an accuracy of one degree.

  • The cost of the device mechanically controlled lower. The efficiency of work and quality of cooling, of course, more comfortable with electronic regulation, which is confirmed by many responses from the network.

    Experts recommend choosing only proven firm. Among them is to provide such brands: Candy, Atlanta, Samsung, Electrolux, etc. Renowned brands have proved their best, offering customers only the high-end appliances...

    The final factor that is worth paying attention is the price of equipment. Typically it can vary depending on the availability of additional functions, design and quality indicators. Therefore, first of all it is necessary to focus on their own needs, and after the difference in cost.

    Which is better to buy a refrigerator for home: selection criteria and ranking brands

    I came, I fell in love and bought - it is not about refrigerators. Any appliances have to choose carefully, and even more so expensive. Good refrigerator worth it to spend the time to search for him. If you find the right model, it will facilitate the hostess kitchen care and will last for many years. Which refrigerator to choose? Who of household appliances manufacturers to entrust your comfort? We deal with the most important parameters and make a list of the best brands.

    Choosing a refrigerator: the 5 most important parameters ↑

    On the choice of the best refrigerators written many articles. In them a lot of useful information, but it is not always possible to meet the regulations describing the algorithm selecting the right model. Due to the lack of a clear structure on the boards easy to get confused.

    Types of refrigeration equipment for the home

    So what better to buy a refrigerator for home? Consider the 5 main parameters that you need to pay priority attention to:

    1. Dimensions of the model and its volume.
    2. The location, quantity, volume freezers.
    3. The number and type compressors.
    4. Features defrost.
    5. The presence / absence of additional functions.

    Below, we will discuss each of the characteristics, types of constructions, their advantages and disadvantages. Let us examine what refrigerators better quality offer trusted brands.

    Compact model in a small kitchen

    What causes errors when selecting ↑

    Modern man does not have to deal with daily hunting, gathering or animal husbandry. All the products we have in the prepared form. Comfort price - the need to store food properly, especially protein, which upon decomposition releases extremely hazardous substances. It is therefore important to choose a refrigerator that provide freshness for a long period.

    The model should be large enough to fit all the stocks on the family. Each type of product is kept at a certain temperature, and more space between the packages must be sufficient to allow air circulation. It is desirable that in this technique takes as little space as possible and beautifully looked. Demands a lot, and each of them is important.

    Four Door volume model

    If the model is properly matched in size, it will always have to limit the family's needs and buying fewer products than necessary. Too much - too bad. The cameras will be empty and electricity bills have to be paid in full. It is not profitable. Improper design will be awkward to use, but bad design will spoil the appearance of the kitchen.

    Bar in the refrigerator - an option not to be far from everything

    It is important to pay attention to the brand of refrigerators. Savings on an always turns hassle, additional costs for repairs. Do not rely on dubious manufacturers, because real life is far more prosaic advertising promises. If in doubt, a refrigerator to buy, the professional master board will be very useful.

    When choosing which firm refrigerators are the best, you need to focus not only on the quality of the product itself, but also on the service. Availability of the service center within reach - it's a nice bonus for a good brand of refrigerator. Otherwise, the first is a minor failure will be a real disaster.

    Model with a cooler in the interior of the kitchen

    How to choose the right equipment size and scope of the ↑

    Before you start looking for a reliable refrigerator for home, should decide on its size. Too large appliances in the kitchen creates a sense of tightness, and a small model may be insufficient. It is necessary to combine the two main parameters - the desired volume and dimensions.

    Compact model Whirlpool ARC 103 AP without freezer

    Dimensions: from compact to the largest ↑

    • Small refrigerator. This model height of 1-1.5 m and a width of 59 cm. They are suitable for installation in cottages, in offices. Often this technique put in hotel rooms or apartments intended for renting out to tourists. There are models with limited functionality, for example, mini-bars, where you can store drinks.

    The little one-model

    • Standard models. The standard is considered the height of 1.7-1.85 m and a width of 60 cm. It is a convenient home appliances, designed for the average small kitchen. Suitable for a family of 2-4 people.

    • European Standard. These models can be up to 2 m in height and 80 cm in width. Good choice for large kitchens.

    • Side-by-Side. You decide how to choose the refrigeration equipment for a large family? Mnogodvernye model Side-by-Side are ideal for storing all the necessary supplies. They are very easy to use, because divided into compartments for different types of products.

    How to calculate the necessary amount of ↑

    There is such a thing as "useful volume of the refrigerating compartment," and this index may be different from the total volume in liters tens since partitions consuming place. When calculating averages oriented to - 120 l 1. And on each subsequent family member is added is not 120, and 60 liters.

    Let us examine as an example how to calculate the volume. If a person lives alone, he is modest enough model, because the maximum amount that will be required, - 120 liters. For two people need 180 liters of usable volume, for three - 240 liters, and for four - 300 l. If you frequently have guests or family decided to buy in store products, then add another 60 L "in reserve".

    Hilton RF 6901 to 380 liters with the mini-bar

    Features of models of different sizes:

    • 50 l. This small model (80-90 cm in height), which is very noisy when operating. They often need to be thawed.
    • 380 l. Typically, this dual-chamber model. Capacity of Freezer - 50-160 liters.
    • 400 l. This design of three-chamber profiles, sometimes with the drawers at the bottom. Specifications may vary greatly depending on the manufacturer.
    • 500-800 l. This overall two-door refrigeration cabinets, which often provides additional functions. The cost of this technique depends on the number of functions volume trademark.

    The volume model of the South Korean brand

    Location and capacity freezers ↑

    The large size of the equipment does not imply that the volume of the freezer enough for a family. In many ways, it also depends on their location. Displacement of the upper chambers - a maximum of 200 l and lower - to 300 liters. This means that the model of the same size can vary in spaciousness.

    Options Icebox

    The cameras can be equipped with several drawers. This is useful if you need to freeze different types products. For example, meat and vegetables better to put separately. Boxes are usually placed in the bottom freezer.

    The advantage of models of Side-by-Side is a large scale and offset to one side of the freezer. To get food, do not need to bend down or reach up. Useful volume freezers type equipment Side-by-Side can reach 500 liters.

    Refrigerator for a large family

    As work equipment depends on the number of compressors ↑

    There are two basic types of compressors - line and an inverter, and both have been successfully used in the production of refrigeration. Often there is doubt, better to buy a refrigerator - a one- or two-compressor. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    If a compressor, it turns on, if in at least one chamber temperature rises. The temperature in the second it does not matter: the equipment still works. If two compressor, the cameras are cooled separately, but the technique itself consumes 20-30% more electricity.

    So what kind of refrigerator to buy? It is believed that the two compressor models are a great resource and can last longer. In theory, such a statement sounds right, but in practice is not confirmed.

    Real benefits bi- equipment are as greater productivity and the possibility to disable the camera separately. Most often, buyers of such nuances are not fundamental.

    Note! It is believed that high-quality coolers for homes should be a little noisy. Manufacturers tout the reduced noise level as a huge advantage. This technique is more expensive. However, the noise level of all current models is relatively low. Overpay for questionable benefits are not worth it.

    defrost system domestic refrigeration ↑

    Skilled craftsmen, giving tips on choosing a refrigerator, focus on defrosting systems. Three of them:

    • Drip. This type of defrosting is arranged so that the frost settles on the rear wall of the freezer. When the compressor is off coating melts ice, and the water flows down to a special container where it evaporates.
    • No Frost. Mode of thought, so that on the walls of the construction is not settled particles of ice. The cool air is distributed uniformly throughout the volume. Some models have a cool zone, where the products lose moisture slowly and retain freshness for a long time.
    • Full no Frost. This kind of system No Frost with separate defrost the evaporator.

    Driving No Frost system

    Important nuances: additional features and capabilities ↑

    How to choose a good fridge and pay for only what is really useful? Pay attention to additional features technology. At first it seems that they are not needed, but some of them actually make it easier life:

    • Super cooling. This function will appreciate the hostess, which can suddenly descend guests. Warm and Beverages can be cooled to a temperature of 2 degrees in minutes. In the summer the opportunity is priceless.
    • Super freezing. Fresh vegetables, fruits, cooked his own semi-finished products can be frozen without losing flavor. This mode is ideal for the future use of blanks. The temperature in the freezer is lowered to -24 degrees.
    • "Leave." Which fridge safer and more profitable? One that can take care of the contents of the freezer in the absence of the owners and not spend unnecessary resources. In the "Holiday" freezer running in standard mode, and the refrigerating chamber is cooled to a minimum. This system allows you to save on electricity bills.
    • Electronic control. In modern technology, conventional thermostats or electronic control systems may be installed. Models of the second type is much easier, because temperature can be programmed to within a degree.
    • Antibacterial protection. This can be either a special coating on the interior chambers or silver ion generator. These systems prevent the growth of bacteria, longer-lasting products. Expensive, but very practical. If you are thinking about how to buy a refrigerator, and the budget bear the additional load, take a model with silver ion generator.

    Mode Control superzamorozki

    Refrigerator which company is better to buy - rating ↑

    What brand to buy a refrigerator that was reliable? The unequivocal answer to this question can not be. Some buyers are looking for the highest quality models with a variety of additional functions, and the other in search of inexpensive but good refrigerator. To begin with a closer look at the most popular brands, and then give a list of companies that produce decent quality model.

    Popular brands of refrigerators

    TOP 5 best producers of refrigerators ↑

    • Liebherr. If you ask for advice from a specialist, which company is better to buy a refrigerator, you first hear the name of this particular brand. Manufacturer takes into account everything - from fashion design trends to the wishes of customers. Liebherr equipment is expensive - but the trademark is considered as a reference, so the costs are justified.

    Liebherr ECN 6156

    • Bosch. Advanced technology, perfect design, customer care - the characteristic features of the brand Bosch. An important advantage - a wide range. You can find an affordable high-quality model, if desired. If in doubt, a refrigerator is better to choose - LG or the Bosch, stop for a second option.

    • Samsung. Choosing between Samsung refrigerator of the brand Bosch or really complex. Samsung has applied Twin Cooling (dual cooling), Space Max Technology (an increase in volume of the chamber) and other technologies that make consumers' lives better. Innovation, high quality, reasonable prices and excellent service - is undeniable advantages brand.

    • LG. LG has many years of competing with Samsung. Manufacturer provides 10 years warranty on its equipment, provides service and comprehensive customer support. All models look great. Good quality and reasonable prices - the perfect combination for the buyer.

    Design LG models

    • Atlant. The rating of 2016 entered trademark Atlant. In previous years, this place was occupied by other brands such as Electrolux. Which company is best refrigerators? Both manufacturers are worthy of attention, but Electrolux occasionally falls in the ratings because of the problem of frequent repairs. By Atlant fewer claims. The final choice of the buyer.

    List of trusted brands of refrigerators ↑

    Below is a list of all brands of refrigerators, trusted buyers. These brands are not included in the top five, but their products meet quality standards:

    1. Gorenje (Slovenia);
    2. Hotpoint-Ariston (Italy);
    3. Indesit (Italy);
    4. Whirpool (Italy);
    5. Candy (Italy);
    6. Electrolux (Sweden);
    7. Zanussi (Italy);
    8. Beko (Turkey);
    9. Shivaki (Japan);
    10. Sharp (Japan).

    Earlier, the list consisted of the top two more brands - "Nord" and "Stinol", but in recent years their popularity drops significantly due to the large number of repairs. Experts advise well-informed decisions about the purchase of this product. On the one hand, technology is available for the price and there are no problems with spare parts search. On the other, - reliability questionable.

    Step by step video instructions on choosing a refrigerator ↑

    We offer video instructions that will help sort out the priorities:

    Only the buyer can decide which company to choose a refrigerator for the home. This is largely a matter of personal preference. The main thing is that the selected model is consistent with the quality criteria and has energy efficient (ideally - Super Class A). Asks sellers, read the description of models and reviews about them on the web. Makes the final decision based on common sense, not on advertising. If in doubt - ask questions repairman technology.

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    Choosing a high-quality refrigerator for home - what to look for?

    To begin with a brief look at the most important selection criteria for the refrigerator at home. So, the first thing you need to decide before you buy it:

    1. Dimensions of equipment. There are one-, two-, three-, four-, five- and even six-chamber model. Typically, each manufacturer of its size products, but they are all close to the standards and may differ by no more than 5-10 cm. In order to choose the right size refrigerator must first decide where it will be installed, and then measure tape and place it on the basis of the received measurements to find a suitable embodiment of height, width and depth. The most popular are two-chamber units, freezer and refrigerator compartment similar to them. Behind them already are Side-by-Side, single-chamber, and then the multi-chambered.
    2. Location cameras. All accustomed to freezer was the bottom, but there are models with the top location of the freezer. There are even without it, so that the choice of pay attention to this point. Another advised to take into account the ratio of the cameras, is that the freezer is almost the same as the refrigerator. This is great for those who want to pick up the device with a large freezer.
    3. Useful volume. To select the refrigerator displacement need to know one simple thing - for two people is enough for 180 liters devices. For a family of 3 people can buy 250-liter model, and if you have a large family (5-6 people), be sure to opt for the technique with a useful volume of 350 liters. Do not forget about the size, the volume of the chamber has a direct impact on body size.
    4. Type of defrosting and freezing. We will not go into details, but only select the most important information for you. Freezing is the thermoelectric (silent), absorption (more noisy), and with the help of compressors (highest noise). In turn defrosting can be manual (as before disconnecting equipment from the network, waiting until the camera unfrozen, and then washed out wall and wipe dry), addition (moisture drains into the sump on a back wall) and No Frost (know frost) - defrost . All clients often find it difficult to decide which one is better to choose a refrigerator for home - with dropping defrosting or know frost. If you are not part of the defrosting device, be sure to choose a more modern and reliable No Frost system. In turn, the drip system refers to economy class, so the equipment will cost less.
    5. climate class. The choice depends on the operating conditions of the unit, as well as the temperature in the region in which you are. Most popular climatic classes are presented in the table below. You need to select the appropriate temperature range for their own conditions.
    6. energy class. If you want to pick up the cost for the fridge at home, pay attention to its power class. The lowest class (ie cost) is the A +++ in 2017. Further down the alphabet and the number of pros are units with higher power consumption (A ++, A +, A, B, etc.).
    7. functions. You must understand that the more multifunctional refrigerator you want to choose the correspondingly longer have to pay. Recommended for questioning choose the least "advanced" device. But in an apartment or house you can already invest in a model that has in addition to the standard functions (eg temperature settings), indicator open door, superzamorozku, icemaker, long-term storage products, rapid cooling and freezing products, antibacterial protection, etc.
    8. compressor type. In 2017 already is better to choose a refrigerator with inverter compressor, because it is more economical, quiet and also durable. The only inverter fears surge, so further need to protect equipment, installing voltage regulator in the house.
    9. Number of compressors. At best one compressor refrigerators is provided, better models have 2 compressor, which is better in that it is cheaper in terms of maintenance, economical and moreover allow to disconnect one camera (for washing or something), the second will work.
    10. control method. Electromechanical control more reliable and also cheaper. E-mail allows you to more accurately adjust the temperature, so it is better in terms of comfort of use of technology. Most modern models are equipped with electronic control.
    11. Noise level. One of the most important parameters, as almost everyone wants to choose a silent fridge and at the same time that it was inexpensive, but quality. In this regard, our recommendation as experts - opt for the technique with a noise level below 40 dB. When such indicator device will operate in a quiet mode.

    Also, be sure to check with the main cooler selection rules:

    It's all advice on the proper selection of the technical characteristics of refrigerators. Below we look at the little things that are worth to pay attention before buying.

    So, to choose a really good unit for the house, be sure to consider the following nuances:

    1. Shelves must necessarily be made of glass. Clear glass allows to quickly find the right products in the refrigerator.
    2. Seals around the perimeter of the door must be flexible, a good fit when closed. Before you choose a favorite option, make sure there is no damage, otherwise encounter such a problem, as the refrigerator works continuously and is not disabled.
    3. Of new refrigerators and freezers should not smell like cheap plastic. Unpleasant smell indicates poor quality plastic, and thus the questionable reliability of the manufacturer.
    4. Recessed door handles allow to save a little space. This is especially true if you want to install the refrigerator in a small kitchen.
    5. In many models, especially from the company Liebherr, there is a possibility Repositioning the door on the other side. It is very convenient, especially when transposition in the house.
    6. Make sure the legs on wheels (must be at least 2). This variant design allows more convenient to transport equipment from place to place, just tilt your body.
    7. Built-in models are well suited in the case if you do not want to spoil the interior of the kitchen.
    8. There are many colors of refrigerators. You can always choose a suitable design of the kitchen tone. In addition, there are design patterns that will become interior zest.

    If you do not know what brand of refrigerator is the most reliable and durable, we are sure to reflect on the purchase of products from one of the following firms:

    Of domestic brands, engaged in the production of household refrigerators, I would like to advise the Russian firm Biryusa (Biryusa) and Belarus Atlas. If you want to choose an inexpensive but good cooling unit for the home, pay attention to those marks. In addition, the firm Atlant in the Russian market for more than 20% of sales, which is a leading indicator. More information about the top producers of refrigerators on the quality and reliability you can in our corresponding article.

    So our advice to finish the list of the best models in 2017. multiple ratings will be provided that will allow you to choose for their own conditions, so to speak, within reason.

    Best-in refrigerators for the home:

    All of them are small and, moreover, the cost of up to 20,000 rubles (or even up to 15 ths.). The choice of a single-chamber model is feasible to give any office.

    Of the two-chamber units would like to recommend for home use:

    1. Liebherr CUag 3311
    2. bosch KGN39SB10
    3. LG GA-B489 TGRF
    4. Samsung RB-30 J3000WW
    5. Gorenje NRK 6191 MC
    6. Indesit DF 4160 W
    7. ATLANT MXM 2835-08
    8. Korting KSI 17875 CNF

    As we have said, the two-door models are the most popular and also practical. A great option, which is recommended to choose for the house and the apartment. If you try, you can pick up a good station up to 50,000 rubles.

    As for models such as Side-by-side, it is better in this respect are considered to be in 2017:

    1. Samsung RH-60 H90203L
    2. Liebherr SBS 7212
    3. Vestfrost VF 395-1 SBS
    4. bosch KAN58A55
    5. Samsung RS-552 NRUASL

    Some of the provided in the top models cost less than 100 thousand. Rubles, so even from multi-refrigerators can try to choose a budget, with the best price and quality.

    Well, the last rating - built-in models, which are generally two-chamber selected. So, in the best list includes the following:

    1. LG GR-N309 LLB
    2. Korting KSI 17875 CNF
    3. Whirlpool ART 9810 / A +
    4. siemens KI87SAF30
    5. Liebherr ICBS 3214

    Please note that our 2017 ranking, the refrigerators is independent. He was compiled on the basis of ratings and reviews of experts, as well as buyers. If you want to make an opinion about the quality and reliability of the above models, be sure to create a theme in this section of the forum, which was created for the refrigeration and everyone to leave feedback.

    Finally we recommend you view the video in which Master of repair of household appliances gives his opinion on the correct choice of equipment:

    That's all that I wanted to tell you how to choose a refrigerator and some durable brand in 2017. Hopefully, we provided expert advice and videos were helpful to you!

    Interesting articles on the topic:

    Thank you, very useful article.

    Thank you for the article. For myself, have chosen this refrigerator: Mitsubishi Electric MR-CR46G-HS-R

    Videos, I really liked the frank, detailed analysis of the refrigerator choices. .With.

    Thank you for himself chose refrigerator on this site.

    Goes through a metal grid shelf products are difficult to discern? Incidentally, the glass has a crack habit, if something slipped out and fell on the shelf)). It appears only in advertising refrigerators with glass shelves)) And this. You publish exactly? Look, I'll check!))

    All new refrigerators with glass shelves, metal is no longer used. Transparent meaning the side shelf on the door, they can also be a white plastic, which is not very practical. refrigerators advertising? It turns out that all modern 🙂

    Very useful material!

    the stuff is really good, but in vain, I feel cheated attention refrigerators Hotpoint-Ariston, I have two years to use, very pleased and functionality and reliability, the quality of the Italian and the price humanity, if we look at the prices of other western producers

    The review even Biryusa there and Hotpoint no strange. Although the stores I often see the company's refrigerators hotpoynt. And imagine the same bought a couple of months ago. He's a big, roomy. Very good frost and runs pretty quiet.

    Perhaps the most popular and user friendly video. Thank you!!))

    I like my Indesit. all, as you know, is relative. Indesit works without glitches - not peremorazhivaet and, on the contrary, does not overheat the product. my old refrigerator was in this context is unpredictable. also rattled like a tractor - then again, never seen for Indezitom was not me)

    I personally give preference Hotpoint refrigerators. I have problems with it at all no no, everything works perfectly and I have no comments

    Indesit how to buy for the first time, the washing machine, so the credibility of the brand and appear .. So, when buying a refrigerator right in the first place look at him! Excellent frost, no noise, does not break never pah-pah, a good brand will know immediately!

    Have refrigerators No Frost significant negative feature - foam.

    It is located in the refrigerator compartment and freezer. Long enjoyed a refrigerator No Frost and then friends say there is foam and in any case it poisons people. Took unscrewed rear walls thrown foam. In the freezer evaporator slightly hooked band, everything works. The refrigerator compartment had to glue flap, plus air flow has changed, and changed the distribution of the cold, but in general are satisfied. Once all domestic noticed that the refrigerator was the clean air.

    The result is preferably refrigerators with dropping system

    I have a two-chamber refrigerator Atlant 1997 model year, I have never been in the repair and survived four moving to other cities. This quality is worthy of attention. Look to the modern models of other brands, but not the quality of plastic, the interior equipment in my best.

    Plus, Hotpoint, very happy with their fridge, bought it 4 years ago, during this time never let 🙂

    and I like Indezity. cheap, reliable. one of our old-timers in the country is already 10 years old, the second posovermennee home 5 years)

    Good article. Recently, too, stood before selecting a new refrigerator. With the model decided fairly quickly, long time to choose exactly where to buy, I find, of course, at the right price. Very rescued Avito - find exactly what you need at a more than affordable price. Refrigerator Brand New! Works fine, no complaints, and saved very well)

    That's my friend, too, the Indesit advised to buy .. It turns out, not lying. Look for it in stores)

    No matter how often choose, manufacturers have their own characteristics. When I broke the fridge (Liebherr) Master told an acquaintance that my refrigerator purchased a year after some sort of twists and turns in the company. In the experience of all the "before" refrigerators work more than 25 years, and served on my third year, and even in the summer! The same master Avito picked up on the new refrigerator, but Samsung. Personally I inspected it and documents. So that the reputation of trust, but verify with the experienced man ...

    I for household appliances Italians have always liked, so for me from Hotpoint refrigerators in the first places at all times.

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