How to paint the ceiling properly

How to paint the ceiling a roller: a detailed description of the features and recommendations

If in front of you, like many other owners of apartments and houses, the question arose of how to paint the ceiling a roller, you should become familiar with the technology. It will allow you to understand how to avoid mistakes. First we need to assess the condition of the surface and prepare the base, ensuring good coverage and quality results.

From the state of the ceiling will depend on the choice of paint. For example, for unpainted or painted surface, but in good condition, it is best to use acrylic paint, because it provides the perfect white, non-yellowing with time, are economical and can wash household means.

But if on the surface of the ceiling there is a dust coating or it is painted and has smudges, it is best to choose a special paint for the ceiling, which will help hide errors and different moisture resistance. Ingredients must be suitable for application over the strong spots have a high opacity and quick drying.

The choice of materials and tools

Before you decide for themselves the question of how to paint roller ceilings, need to pick up tools and materials. As for colors, it can be any - latex or acrylic. However ceilings experts recommend using water-based enamel. To work with them - a real pleasure, because they are easily and smoothly fall, almost odorless, it is washed off with plain water, if necessary, and well washed.

The mixture can have a matte finish, which is very important when painting difficult, because the work of the ceiling can not be called easy. In addition, the matt surface will not be as visible bumps and blemishes. The paint should be fresh, but if the mixture has been stored for some time, it should be checked for uniformity. Otherwise a low quality ink may negatively affect the result.

After selecting the materials can begin to consider the tools. In addition to the roll need:

Choosing a paint brush to be preferred that, the width of which does not exceed 5 cm. A's masking tape may be replaced by adhesive tape. Tray usually a tray or cuvette. By purchasing a cushion, you have to buy one, the width of which is equal to a maximum of 50 cm. The minimum value is 30 cm.

Before painting the ceiling a roller, you should choose the main instrument, the consumer should take into account some of the recommendations. Firstly, the working surface of the tool is to be napped, because the pile will allow to paint all the irregularities. Secondly, the purchase is necessary to pull the pile and see if he does not fall. After all, if it happens at coloring, stick to the surface of the villi and the work will be spoiled.

Before painting the ceiling a roller, you should check connecting seams, which should not be visible. If so, then the layer will be uneven, and will have to cover the surface in several layers, or completely redo the work. Both the first and the second case involve additional costs. Another important nuance when choosing a cushion is its density. Check this feature you can, holding the tool in his hand. If it is deformed, it is necessary to abandon the acquisition of tools for painting, because you will not be able to pound the paint as straight as possible.

Further guidance on the selection of roller

If you want to understand how best to paint the ceiling a roller, you should know that it is not always to be trusted the advice of the seller. Many of them are advised to purchase foam or velor its kind. Materials based on perfectly absorb liquid, therefore, will take a lot of paint. When applying the composition to the surface using the bubbles will be formed such roller. In addition, the paint will drip abundantly on the floor, so fluffy cushion is an excellent choice of specialists.

Many handyman wonder more about what the tool is better to choose - a brush or roller. Paint brushes are fairly simple tool, but when painting the surface of the remaining band, footprints, fluff and divorces. With the help of the brush is almost impossible to achieve a completely flat surface. A layer does not get as smooth as when using roller. Even with the latest tool fails to acquire more substantial surface area, and wherein the composition falls smoothly and accurately, without stripes or tracks.

Before painting the ceiling is a paint roller, you should prepare the room, from which removed all the furniture and home furnishings. If the room can not make something, then you must use the covers and film, and the reliability of the material is secured with tape.

The entire surface of the floor is also hiding a newspaper or the same polyethylene. Window curtain, window sills dimmed to protect materials against drops and splashes of paint. Shoes and clothes that you want to use at work, need to be comfortable. On the head should be put on a hat or tie a scarf. Not zabyvyte and security: the eye is necessary to protect the glasses and hands - gloves.

ceiling surface is prepared, the base is cleaned of old coating or whitewash; putty can be repaired bumps and seams. If before you there was a question about how to properly paint the ceiling a roller, you should bear in mind that the surface must be primed one day prior to application of the mixture.

It is primed in order to create a water-impermeable layer, the paint is held firmly and long. Before painting, the mixture is stirred well, and remote sites can paint paint brush. It is used to treat places on the perimeter and along the walls, where the roller get problematic.

Detailed description staining

Quite often, novice master wondering how to paint the ceiling latex paint roller. If you, too, were among them, it is first necessary to pour the product in the tub and soak bead mixture. The excess is wiped along the inclined tray surface. The tool should have a good soak.

For convenience, the roller fits elongated handle. Better to start work early in the morning and do not take breaks, to work and do better without the break to the previous layers of paint do not have time to dry before applying the next. Get to work you need door should move parallel to the window opening. Movements should be directed parallel to and at a previous application of the paint on the strip is necessary to go about 8 cm.

If before you there was a question about how to paint the ceiling latex paint roller, then you must remember that it is not able to get a uniform surface by applying a single layer. Each subsequent layer must be directed perpendicular to the previous.

After the first coat is left to dry it, only after you can proceed to further work. Staining is performed with an overlap to hide the transition and to prevent NOT, areas. The composition is rubbed to create a smooth coating. The penultimate layer must be directed along the window. That is, the motion should be directed parallel to it.

Additional recommendations specialist

Preparation of the ceiling may involve not only the application of putty, but also the implementation of grinding. You can then move on to coloring. When choosing the roll should be selected, which is made of sheep wool as it has many advantages. should among others highlight the fact that this tool NOT, difficult to leave the areas. In addition, this tool will be of high wear resistance and excellent absorption qualities.

Choosing a cushion of wool, you eliminate the need to clean the ceiling peeled off tool parts, such as occurs when using cheaper products. On the surface of the roller should be rolled without strong pressure. According to the same place you have to go a few times, which will facilitate the uniform distribution of paint.

If you, too, were among those who wonder about how correctly to paint the ceiling latex paint roller, you should know that if there is room in several windows and openings of the second layer is applied along the longest wall. Reduce the consumption of the mixture is possible, using a grid in the bath. When you roll the roller on it, surplus ink will flow back into the container.

If the ceiling originally has a yellowish tint, then you have to eliminate the yellowness after the work on the stain. To this end, the mixture must be added a certain amount of blue pigment. It should be diluted in water, and then add small portions in a container of paint. The resulting composition is mixed well and the procedure is repeated as long as the paint does not give the desired result.

Now you know how to paint the ceiling of the roller without divorce. However, the choice of the described tools does not mean that the job will be able to perform successfully. It is important to prepare well the surface, because of the quality of further work will depend. Moreover, it affects the outcome of another material and the basis surface plasterboard and concrete should be allocated among others.

GCR perfectly holds all types of paints, but before applying a new layer of the decorative sheet material joints must be sealed. They must be invisible, for that their coat with putty. Such action should be undertaken and screws with heads that allow to fasten the sheets to the frame and installed on the first stage of decoration.

How to paint the ceiling without their own errors and rework

How to paint the ceiling of interest to many. Modern high-quality ceiling paint are not cheap, but to save them is not necessary - the properties and characteristics depends your own satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with the work done.

Pick up the paint for the ceiling ↑

For ideal ceilings are water based mixtures, they provide a smooth and uniform coating. The advantages include:

  • high rate of drying;
  • no unpleasant odor;
  • ease of cleaning of the working tool, especially the hands, arms, and after completion of dyeing;
  • non-toxicity.

Latex mixture differs excellent adhesion (i.e., adhesion) to surfaces of concrete, bricks, putty, plasters.

Vodoemulsionku divided into three types:

High water absorption coefficient of the acrylic compounds are formed during their drying vapor permeable film hardly transmits water and its vapor. Silicate differ much higher water absorption, and silicon combines the advantages of the first two types - high vapor permeability and low water absorption.

But water-based weight differ gloss. Matt can hide minor imperfections and create the most harmonious and complete the design. Glossy colorful mixture immediately gives all the errors that are made during the application wizard. Keep this in mind when choosing the paint, otherwise the risk to spend much more money than planned.

Surface preparation before painting ↑

Dispose of the old coating with water and soap and a soft sponge, a special thin spatula with

In the presence of seams should be freed from old plaster trowel.

Clean ceiling primed. Primer allows the plaster to stick to the ceiling without the health risks. Apply it soft in one layer. The procedure is not complicated, it does not take much time.

It is necessary to plaster surface. After finishing putty, walk fine sandpaper on the ceiling, to destroy the last defects and begin staining.

Brush is irrelevant here, since you are not painting the wall. Hands while working quickly numb, so the correct decision will be a roller with a long handle.

This painter tool determines the final result, it is necessary to choose carefully. Foam absolutely no good - it provides bubbles which leave unsightly stains. Velor, too, not that - it takes a little paint. But the roller with short natural bristles - what you need. He is the only one showing a perfect result.

Stock up by several - couple with short pile and one for the final paint with an average pile length.

Strict observance of technology - a great result ↑

The answer to this question - instruction that is bound to have on each jar. There are paints, dilute that do not need. Then mix and get to coloring.

Take the roller, gently dip it in a bucket with a solution, but not completely, and with one hand. Roll out on a special tray (if it is not, then take a piece of old linoleum, hardboard, etc.) as long as it all is covered with paint.

Important: if the dip roller and roll out immediately on the ceiling, you get neprokrasy that had dried, turn into spots.

If after the first "bathing" roller it is not covered by it on all sides, dip it again and again roll in the tray. You may be able to practice on the walls, or even on something.

By learning to roll roll on different surfaces, we begin to do it on the ceiling. The paint should be applied evenly, you can not miss a single site, and quickly. With the speed of your problems should arise, since the work roll is moving fast enough. Do not forget to the extent that it gives all the dye mixture of the ceiling, to dip into the bucket again.

Painting streak width of 0.5-1 meter. Conduct necessary across the room to the joints were less noticeable. One band goes beyond the previous 10-20 cm. After drying, apply a second layer of the first, but the joints of the previous bands do not coincide with the joints of the new.

In the dyeing process, consider the direction of the applied coating. The last layer is applied in the direction of the light source (the window), and the previous - transversely.

Important: if you leave NOT, at least one small area, that spot on the ceiling you provided. How would you then it is not plastered, anywhere it is not going anywhere.

If you observe these nuances, you get a flat ceiling surface and a matte, like an eggshell.

Important stuff or minor importance ↑

Layer must dry, so it is better to engage in painting in the second half of the day, then in the morning you can start the procedure repeated.

Note: if a second coat after the first, the structure is slightly disturbed The dried lower layer, which can lead to unsightly effects.

After drying the first layer you notice spots can then apply another layer on the entire ceiling surface, but its consistency to be thinner.

If stains remain - work must be redone. To do this, grind the entire surface of the ceiling painted unsuccessfully fine sandpaper attached to the bar. Take care not to land left, which you would not have touched a skin - you have to repeat this process again and again.

If you are dealt three or four layers and then saw the shortcomings, a simple polishing you do not get rid of - it is necessary to putty, sanding, painting and of all from the beginning.

Many are concerned about how to paint the ceiling of plasterboard? The answer is elementary simple: in the same way as a normal, concrete ceiling.

How to paint the ceiling roll: all the secrets of a successful painting

Qualitatively painted ceiling will decorate any room. But instead of a neat, level surface for self-painting often turn ugly stains, smudges and splashes. This is because not everyone knows how to paint roller ceiling. In fact, nothing particularly difficult in such work there. We just need to sort out the paint roller technology and use some of the secrets of experienced painters.

The painting: select and prepare the paint

For staining ceilings use several types of coloring emulsions (their basic characteristics are listed in the table).

Despite this diversity, the most popular among domestic masters enjoys "normal" inexpensive vodoemulsionku. Since it is easy to operate without having much experience in house painting business.

Latex paint proved to be excellent for the coloring of the ceiling surface, moreover, it is sufficient for this budget

But experts say that the best option for painting the ceiling is a mixture of acrylic. If we are going to make repairs in the bathroom, buy more expensive latex paint and water-resistant. On whatever you're stopped, use the following tips when choosing a dye emulsion:

  1. For self-repair is better to choose a matte paint - it hides surface imperfections and mistakes painter.
  2. The emulsion should be fresh. Overdue, peremorozhennaya, exfoliate paint job is not necessary.
  3. If possible, paint the ceiling in any light color other than white. In the white surface are most noticeable staining disadvantages.

On a note! Before operation should prepare a paint according to instructions on the can (bucket). Some of the emulsion must be diluted with water, the other - enough to mix thoroughly with a mixer construction.

Selection of roller - an important point for successful painting

Do not try to carefully paint over a large, flat surface with a brush. Only high-quality roller will succeed. So how better to roll paint the ceiling?

When choosing, consider the following options:

  • The length of the rod. In this case, it is most convenient tool length 25-40 cm.
  • Material coat. Choose a tool with fleecy fur. And the roughly processed your ceiling, the longer should be the nap roller. It will help the emulsion to penetrate into all the irregularities and cover the surface evenly. Foam mats and rolls are cheaper, but are not suitable for the job. They absorb too much ink is left streaks and bubbles, create a lot of splashing.
  • Density roller. Squeeze his hand: if the form is maintained, a good tool. If the roller is deformed, it is too soft and would not be able to pound the emulsion well.
  • The seam in a fur coat. Too rough seam will be left on the painted surface of the strip.
  • The strength of the pile. In high-quality tools pile is held in place, even when his pull. If the fibers are "get out" of the cloth, they will remain on the finished coating.

Select the roller for painting the ceiling with a telescopic handle, or buy in addition to the usual model special extension cable. Ceiling paint tool with a short handle extremely uncomfortable, even if you use a ladder.

Selecting the main instrument by acquiring the rest of the equipment:

  • special plastic tray (trough, bath, cuvette) to work with the platen;
  • wide paint brush;
  • masking tape.

Paint roller ceiling requires some dexterity. If you have never engaged in such work is not, unnecessary practice on the surface. Try your hand on a piece of drywall or wall section, which will later be covered with wallpaper.

The paint roller is no big deal, but if you really have no experience, it is a small workout on an inconspicuous area will only be in favor of

How to paint roller:

  1. Pour the paint into the tray.
  2. Dip the roller into it.
  3. Roll it on the ribbed disc tray, to squeeze out any excess paint pile. If this is not done, the ceiling stains formed. After a good rolling surface of the rollers must be impregnated with the emulsion evenly, without dry patches. The paint can not be removed from the roller itself? Help her brush.
  4. Connect the extension cord to the tool or pull the telescopic handle.
  5. You can start to paint. Press the roller to the surface and move them along the back and forth, rubbing emulsion that did not form streaks.

Ceiling paint roller

Important! After paint work, wash tool. Then it can be used again. If you leave the roller with paint even for a few hours, it will be ruined.

Paint the ceiling procedures and ground rules

The first thing you need to properly prepare the surface for painting:

  1. To clean the ceiling of the old coating.
  2. Zashpatlevat seams, cracks and potholes.
  3. Align frozen putty trowel grid and remove the resulting dust.
  4. Paste over the wall around the perimeter of the ceiling masking tape.
  5. Primed surface. It is convenient to do the same roller. But do not use for priming and painting of one tool!
  6. When the primer is dry, begin to paint. Before you paint the ceiling a roller, paint the all borders, corners, moldings and other hard to reach places using a wide paint brush.
  7. Now take a roller and paint the rest of the surface in several layers.

Procedure for the ceiling painting roller

Rules ceiling painting:

  • Work in the daytime and in good light.
  • Begin to paint the most remote from the entrance angle.
  • Apply a paint parallel strips with overlap of 8-10 cm. Paint can only wet-on-wet, otherwise remain visible joints.
  • After finishing the first layer applied to the emulsion, take a break, it is well to dry. Exact drying times are given on the paint label.
  • Each subsequent layer is applied perpendicular to the previous. So you get a uniformly colored surface.

The direction of applying the paint on the ceiling surface

Secrets perfectly smooth staining of experienced painters

There is a painting of the ceiling roll their tricks. If they do not know even the highest quality materials and tools do not give you the desired result. Here are the main secrets of success:

  • The last layer of the emulsion is put in the direction of the window. So the light will fall along the paint strips and joints become imperceptible.
  • NOT, missed the plot? Do not try to paint the individual defects - will get spotted ceiling. It is necessary to cover the entire (!) Surface an additional layer of emulsion.
  • To spot poorly dyed areas, look at the ceiling at different angles. And even easier to take an assistant, who will look at your work "from the outside".
  • Do not skimp on the primer. Without it, the paint quickly absorbed into the surface, it will be bad to stay and soon just circled.
  • Paint quickly. Application of the emulsion layer to the ceiling in a room of 20-30 square meters. m can take up to an hour. If you're a long time to try to paint starts to dry under the arms, stick to the pile, and everything will be ruined.

As you can see, paint the ceiling with a roller at all easy. Arm yourself with a good tool, buy a high-quality paint, use our tips, and success is guaranteed.

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