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Design living room-bedroom area of ​​14-15 square meters. m

Combine several functional areas in a small room typical apartment - is not only an everyday task for the designer, but also for the owner of the dwelling. Empty room area of ​​14 square meters. m does not seem small, but if you place the bed, space disappears immediately. Arrange the furniture and design the interior so that it is comfortable and roomy, not everyone can. We will try to create a modern and comfortable interior self.

The nuances of the organization of space

The combination living room and bedroom is perhaps the most common variant of the zoning of the room. The main task - to create a comfortable space for receptions and get-togethers with family members, without sacrificing the full sleeping area. And to create an interior, which will be a lot of light and air. It is important to place the bedroom so that it is not conspicuous against the background of a stylish living room and kept the intimacy. The option of using the usual fold-out sofa as a bed, we do not consider. While at the same time, the division into two equal zones of 15 squares irrational room.

Zonirovat room 14 sq. m. will help mobile partitions or curtains made of fabric, beads or ribbons. Do not overload the space translucent partition between the living room and bedroom. Use constructions plasterboard shelves or racks to divide the room will not work. The room is too weighted area and visually reduced.

For a room 3 by 5 meters, you can consider the option of creating a catwalk for a bed. Sleeper may be located on a structure or be incorporated into it. In the first case, a podium must have ample storage off-season home textiles or clothing. In an embodiment, a pull-out bed space in the design can be used as a work area or the rest of the room by placing a chair and floor lamp for comfortable reading.

Another option for rectangular rooms - to place the bed in the internal design of the wall. A double bed can be hidden from prying eyes by using curtains. For a square shape of the room can be used transforming furniture. Sofa, converts to a bed and wardrobe in the workplace - a godsend for small apartments owners. But there is one thing. The space in front of a sofa can not hold other objects.

Zoning space can be achieved with the help of color choices. For the living room, you can choose a deeper color, and bedroom - soft and muted.

The integrity of the room gives a simple and pleasant color scheme. The color scheme should not be chosen randomly. Dark and saturated colors may only be present as accents. Consider a harmonious combination for a small room:

  • white, sky blue and golden - a cozy mix of these colors create a feeling of lightness, freshness, heat and sun;
  • white and natural wood color - eco-style makes the room bright and cozy;
  • beige and brown shades - simple and safe option creates a soft and cozy interior;
  • a combination of shades of white, gray and beige - despite the simplicity of colors, the interior does not get sick, if you add some nice elements of the decor;
  • beige colors with bright accents - combination creates an expressive, dull interior.

Decor elements for each zone must be uniform style combined and ideally complement each other.

Furniture carries main functional load and selected for each zone separately. The elements should be combined. For a small room should be chosen concise, high-quality and functional furniture. For the living area for a small comfortable sofa light color. Coffee table, dresser, ottoman - if on any piece of furniture can be dispensed with, it is better to exclude it.

The absence of large objects will give a sense of freedom. For this purpose built design fit that will serve as a roomy storage systems. Bedside table is hardly a place in the bedroom area. This is not the main subject of the situation, but do not very comfortable without it. The use of tables can be excluded in the initial phase of repair and consider the option of drawers bedside, where you can store books, glasses and other small items you need before going to bed.

You should seriously think about the spacious storage room in the system. Organize a system of storage essentials and other small things better in closed embedded modules. And the best thing is not to use the individual pieces of furniture and built-in design that will not be so noticeable.

Effectively looks mix plaster and clinker in bright colors. But the best option for decoration - painting walls practical paint and laminate flooring or light color on the floor. always possible to radically change everything if you wish - to repaint the walls, change the color of curtains and cushions.

When you make a small room it is important to comply with the measure and is not afraid of empty walls. A small room is not necessary to overload a large number of decorative elements. Unnecessary decorations will burden the room and create the effect of compressed space. To create an interior not boring enough textural materials and bright textiles for cushions, bedspreads and curtains. The highlight of the room can be a wall of bright, contrasting color.

The familiar version of one large chandelier is unacceptable for different functional areas. For each area it is recommended to use individual lighting (wall lamp, floor lamp) in conjunction with point ceiling lights or a small chandelier in the living area. This combination will fill the room with light and air. bedroom zone should be filled with a soft glow. At the head of the bed can accommodate two wall lights. Do not neglect lighting sleeping area. Think about how it will affect her comfort.

Interesting design solutions

The original design ideas will help to look at your room in 14 squares with new eyes:

  • podium construction It can be used not only in the bedroom area, but also in a recreation area. The drawers can be placed casual clothes, books or gadgets.

  • Creating a multi-functional design with a living area, sleeping area, seating area and even a dressing room - quite a bold decision, to which designers have ventured.

  • Bed-transformer in the assembled position It looks like a sofa with pillows, and converts to a double comfortable bed for a couple of seconds. The design includes a built storage system with shelves and cabinets.

Completed projects prove that the space in the 14 squares only restrictions as only imagination of the designer. Thinking through the logic of space, do not forget that the room should be stylish, modern and comfortable life. In addition to knowledge and ideas, living room, bedroom design to 14 square meters. m. requires considerable financial investments.

There are a million ways to design the interior for a small living room, bedrooms, the main thing - do not overdo it and remember that proper zoning, choice of functional furniture and thoughtful lighting - the success of each designer.

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Interior design bedroom 14 sq m in the photo

Bedroom - most comfortable and intimate place at home, undertaking repairs, should pay careful attention to the design of a future bathroom. Here you can relax after a hard day, filled with energy, each element of the design should contribute to this. Today let's talk about how to create your own interior bedroom 14 square meters with a photo, for clarity. There are dozens of styles, suitable for decoration of bedrooms. We will tell you the main points that will help get the most out of the space and comfort of the small room.

Bedroom 14 sq m - is not the biggest room and every centimeter of space is important. Paint the walls or cover them with a dark-colored material means to visually reduce the area of ​​the room. Wall and ceiling need to choose light colors. Ideally - white walls, but they are very easily soiled and if there are children or pets, then this option is relegated to the background. Variety of cold and boring interior can be bright decor items, a color spot on the wall or the beautiful patterns of wallpaper.

Bright colors - choice of lively and active people, as you know, each color is responsible for his mood. Quite wrong to choose a bright color, such as orange and painted them all the walls. Look better combination of colors and textures on different walls of the room.

Blue shades are considered the most suitable for dormitory rooms. Bright and saturated colors are not best suited for bedrooms, you need to choose soft and soothing tones. As is known, the color blue - calms, in a bedroom, you feel relaxed, you will be faster and easier to fall asleep.

Immediately after repair, when the room is still empty, its area does not seem to be too small, but then there is the first furniture and space gradually disappeared. To avoid this, let's look at what furniture is needed in the bedroom, but from what should be abandoned.

  • Bed. Bedroom can not exist without a bed. It can be any, the main criterion - comfort of sleep. Now it is important to understand where to put it. The two most popular options - a headboard to the window or headboard to the wall. It all depends often on the willingness of the owners, and the layout.
  • Bedside tables. Not just the right element of the situation, but experience shows that without them quite uncomfortable. Pedestals are often already complete with bed, so do not have to look for appropriate design.
  • Cupboard. The cabinet should not be much deeper, so as not to take up useful space in the height it should be up to the ceiling, and the width is now determined on the basis of the place where it can be installed. Most often, the entire cabinet takes up one of the walls. It looks favorably cabinet on the wall, inside of which is provided a niche for bed. Here and bedside tables and bedside lights are ready and each side of the bed and the bedroom area is spent wisely.
  • Dressing table. In fact, an indispensable element of the interior for any girl.

The above furniture and makes the required minimum, which should be acquire any bedroom. The room is light and spacious, plus you can allocate space for workspace without much trouble, if necessary, put in a corner computer desk. Easy to fit in the room TV table. Plus modern TV sets - can be mounted on the wall.

Three main points of illumination: central chandelier, lamp, and two at the edges of the bed, such an arrangement is lacking in 90% of cases. But there are other elements. It should consider lighting a dressing table, wardrobe and working space. If the first two options are often already built-in lights, they simply connect to the network, the workstation is not equipped with such delights. The most popular solution in this case - a table lamp, and if the work area is stationary, it is possible to build additional lights directly over the spot.

Decorative Lighting - rather a luxury than a necessity, but how effectively looks highlighting the bed or wall-mounted shelves. You can highlight the frame paintings or photographs, not to mention the decorative lamp and candles.

Illuminating the bedroom, think about how light affects its comfort. Try different options, whether incandescent, halogen, fluorescent or LED, it should perfectly fit the design of the room.

Bedroom combined with living room

Not always a bedroom - a separate room and it is often combined with a living room. In this case, the basic idea about the use of colors to create a design is, and remains the ideology of creating light. The main point to bear in mind that a living-bedroom can not have a full bed, because in this case it would be impossible to accommodate guests. It solved the problem simply, with the help of convertible furniture. For example, a sofa that can accommodate 4 - 5 your guests can easily turn into a huge bed.

If a simple bedroom TV is optional, the modern living can not do without it. We recommend to use the wall mount, they save space of the room, the extra things like set-top boxes, remote controls, can be stored on a small wall shelf or miniature table.

Any room will seem empty and uninhabited, without the various objects of the interior, it can be: paintings, designer lamps or sculptures, photographs, stuffed animals, pillows and more. How and what will you furnish the bedroom depends on the style, but despite this the most impressive look different designer clothes. You can create own, here are some ideas:

  1. Artificial fireplace. Now in the market, you can easily find special materials, exactly copying a real gem. Fireplace can be made from plasterboard and covered with imitation stones. Sink it will not be possible, but 3 - 5 candles create a unique atmosphere of comfort and intimacy.
  2. Rough suspension. Buy on the market a small piece of coarse rope from natural materials. Hanging by a thread of such a picture, mirror or even curtains to attract attention to himself.
  3. Light - tree. One of the easiest ways to create a cozy and decorate the room. To do this, find a dry twig of hard wood, the more branches the better, cleaned, varnished and then hung a garland.

There are thousands of ways to vary the design of the bedroom, the main thing - do not overdo it. Everything should be in moderation and décor, including.

Before you start making repairs, take care of the layout, or outline the future of the room. It is worth to attract designers, they will take all of the ideas on the 3D layout. This will allow high-precision understand what will be the bedroom. Bedroom design is not only the interior, but also dozens of such things as space for switches, lighting layout, dimensions for furniture and much more. Autograph or book layout - it is half the battle when you make repairs.

You can find a finished design project bedroom 14 square meters. It will facilitate the work, but only if the original dimensions of the room and the placement of doors and windows are the same. The main objective is to get out of a small room of 14 square meters bedroom complete with a minimal amount of necessary items.

How to get the most out of the space of a bedroom 14 sq m

  • Choose bright and pure colors for the decoration of the walls and ceiling.
  • Discard the large amount of furniture.
  • Do not get carried away too much dressing room, paintings and vases can decorate the bedroom, but the conglomeration of elements is better to exclude.
  • Choose a light and transparent curtains.
  • Homogeneous floor covering gives the interior integrity.
  • The space behind a door or passageway bedroom should be as open as possible, it has the effect of increasing the space.

Do all step by step. Start by creating a project design, it is your guarantee that the room will turn out exactly the same as you have in mind. It is clear that not all of us have knowledge in 3D editors. Then it is necessary to apply to the specific company, they will remove the right measurements, will provide for all details, and at the design stage will allow to present as a bedroom at the end of all the work will look like. You do it yourself? Then simply follow these tips.

Small living room of 14 square meters: solve the problem of limited space

Each of us would like to have a spacious living room with panoramic windows, a huge plush sofa and fireplace. But in fact, most have to be satisfied owning more than a compact space, called the hall.

The average area of ​​a living room in a typical pre-fabricated house Soviet-built does not exceed 14 square meters. Standard designs, as a rule, are not designed for such a small space, so that the owners have to seek a compromise between the originality, style and practicality.

It is the search for rational solutions, the choice of an appropriate style, which in a small living room will not look out of place, as well as attempts by any means to expand the space in a room form the main difficulty for the owners of a compact space.

IMPORTANT! Living area of ​​14 sq m will never look spacious accommodations for guest receptions, but its small size should not be an obstacle to creating a stylish and comfortable space.

Here are some design techniques that can help to add a couple of square meters of the room, at least visually:

  • Shine. Scant natural light so the room should be compensated for thoughtful and varied artificial lighting: ceiling lights, chandeliers, lights around the room, table or floor lamp - all this will expand the boundaries of the living room.
  • mirrors - it is known at all times extender space. Small living room this technique can make more light and create a feeling of space: for example, the mirrors can be issued some of the walls and decorate the door openings.

  • Colour. For the walls and ceiling in a small living room is better to use light shades of cool to help visually enlarge the dimensions of the room. But for the floor to pick up a pleasant natural material monochrome hue: linoleum with imitation wood surface, or a laminate flooring, carpet without pattern or pattern.
  • Furniture. Compact, modular, practical - this should be furnished in a small living room. It is necessary to eliminate all unnecessary: ​​ottomans, coffee tables, bedside tables. Each element should play its role to be necessary and important in everyday life.
  • Designers say that even 14 square meters - this is not a sentence to the living room, but only with proper selection of style to the room. Among the dozens of different options sure to find the one that, like a good fairy tale from, turn compact room in a comfortable and cozy place for the whole family.

    IMPORTANT! You can not do here without categorical prohibitions, for example, the baroque or art deco - not the best choice for a small room. Complex and require an abundance of details of style is able to transform the living room into a compact storage impractical things.

    Among relevant in a limited area of ​​styles and designers distinguished:

  • Minimalism. Functionality and practicality of this stylistic direction is ideal for small living room, as all attempts to save space will be part of the style. The simplicity and conciseness trim, restraint in the use of textiles and decorations to decorate the room as much as possible to help alleviate the room, while maintaining its attractiveness. This living room can be cozy and homely, but at the same time user-friendly, comfortable and functional for each family member.
  • TIP! Cold and technically high-tech as appropriate within 14 square meters, but for the family living room still has to be a little more lively. Add a simple interior freshness will help bright accent color, live plants and a little eclectic in textiles.

  • Classic style It is also relevant even in a small area, especially if certain recommendations. For example, it is better to use only light and warm colors to create a home and is located interior. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the finishes, furniture and decoration: a room with a limited number of things imperfect individual part can spoil all the impression of the interior.

  • Scandinavian style - this is the trending direction for today. Style, designed in the true European tradition of love to all natural, practicality and functionality of the interior, as well as simplicity in everything fits perfectly into the domestic modest apartment.

    Bright finish, concise forms of furniture, modular sofas, open shelves, simple decor and natural materials throughout - all this creates a homely atmosphere in the living room. A room in a Scandinavian style looks simple, but it is so easy and allows room not be overloaded with details, not look cramped cubicles, be filled with light.

  • Variety of colors: what to look for

    Like any other small room, a living area of ​​14 sq m in need of bright colors. Decorating the walls and ceiling, furniture, textiles and decor in this room should not crush and oppress, to deprive the room air and space, so that the dark and saturated colors have to give.

    The priority of basic shades, neutral or pastel colors, light (not faded) colors, muted natural colors. A variety of options will help you find the perfect solution for each individual case, but among the obvious favorite mark:

    1. Beige, camel, caramel. Such a range of colors for the walls and ceiling, as well as for furniture and decoration. The uniqueness of the room, made in this color is universal and the general mood of softness. Beige interior soothes and adjusts to a peaceful family communication.

    TIP! These colors are usually complemented by a deep brown or chocolate accents. This interior will warm and comfortable home.

  • Bright cool colors - blue, celestial, cornflower. Cool colors expand the space and create a comfortable mood for all family members. Contrary to popular belief that such interior is dreary and uncomfortable room with cornflower-blue or celestial walls beneficial for the psyche: psychologists note the positive impact of colors on human health.

  • Variants of green - pistachio, mint, gray-green. Natural colors in the interior of a small living room create a sense of closeness with nature, the unity and tranquility with her. Muted and subtle shades of green are ideally combined with a brown or beige, creating a harmonious combinations, pleasant to the human eye.
  • This is especially true of furniture arrangement

    It is equally important in a small living room correctly place all the selected furniture. Usually, a lot of furniture can not fit in a small room, so that a standard set of accounts to choose some of the most important elements. So, necessarily apply to upholstered furniture: it can be a sofa, an armchair, a corner sofa. It all depends on the need and preferences of the owner.

    TIP! To properly arrange the furniture in the room, designers recommend to use the method of modeling: just a piece of paper to represent the room and fill it with items, given the scale. So you can find out whether the furniture clutter the room.

    In the small living room cabinets a rare, not to occupy the space. If the cabinets - it is a necessity, it is necessary to choose a compact and rational coupe model with practical storage systems. Mirrored door of the cabinet can serve as a means for the expansion of space - so the cabinet will be less noticeable in the interior.

    Coffee tables, ottomans, tables and chests of drawers in a small living room will create a sense of closeness. should not be placed in the room loose items that do not meet the practical functions: maximum functionality will be living a comfortable place in the house.

    This is true for textiles: open a window with a light tulle, a small amount of cushions and a complete lack of napkins, rugs, tablecloths and other things. The decor in the small living room should also be kept: simple, stylish and unobtrusive, because to the interior began to play, only a couple of pictures and a vase.

    Small living room - common phenomenon with which quite successfully cope designers. Stylish space for the whole family at 14 square meters to create a very real, especially given the nuances of working with this area: it is necessary to correctly choose the style and color, well-set accents, gently pick up functional furniture, discreetly refer to the decoration.

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