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design of the room relaxing in the bath

Bath - a place designed for Spas. Steam treatments are very useful for the entire body, they relieve him of many diseases, enhance immunity and conglomerates destroy bacteria, toxins from the body. In addition, the bath can always be good to relax and unwind. Beautiful and warm lounge in the bath - a pledge of a pleasant and comfortable stay. It will often appear guests, so its interior design is an important part. Correctly filling out a recreation room, you can make out of the bath is not only a paradise for the body and soul.

Bath, as a rule, consists of four rooms: a steam room, showers, changing rooms and lounges. dayroom makes a visit to the bath more comfortable, enabling you to relax and unwind, chat over a cup of tea or a glass of beer, prepare to receive a bath treatment in the steam room. Rest room is also used to restore balance in body temperature before going out in the winter time, so as not to catch cold. Second name lounges - a waiting room.

Recreation room in the bath is conveniently zoned into several functional areas. For example, you can select the area for a large table with a sofa and a TV, a separate issue billiard room, an area with a fireplace.

Zoned space can be different types of walls or beams. No less evident is the visual effect of separation zones with the help of lighting or decorative materials. However, the separation of the functional zones is desirable to maintain their stylistic single direction, they should be in harmony with each other.

It was in the bath, you can freely experiment with designs, as bath design is not consistent with the overall style of the house.

Most of the rooms to relax in the bath are made in the traditional Russian style. Pomeschenie decorated with furniture made of natural rough wood, old-fashioned tablecloths, chairs, chairs, wrought iron products, the shelves are decorated with artistic carvings. Walls, as a rule, are finished with wood. For example, it will look presentable finish of the round timber. Making lounges in a Russian-style bath - is a classic. This interior looks laconic, reserved, without pomposity. As a decorative accessory in the bath, designed in Russian style, you can use a variety of spoons and sandals on the walls, bath brooms, curtains, embroidered old-fashioned, various Russian amulets, wooden statues, paintings with the theme of the bathhouse.

For fans of modern technology and innovative design solutions can be designed rest room hi-tech style.

This style is characterized by the use of clear lines of the interior of objects with complex geometries, stainless steel and safety glass, installation of large panoramic windows, which will be open from lounges excellent views of the surrounding area.

At least looks pretty rest room in a country style. Country style creates a sense of "rustic" design and brings warmth, cosiness and comfort in the bath room of rest. When making a rest room in this style is important to use wooden polished furniture light varieties, decorated with light carvings, natural fabrics (such as cotton and linen), decorative beams in the ceiling, a bright ceramic tableware. Sex can oblitsevat tiles or wooden planks, walls - wooden timbers or logs.

It looks great relaxation room bath, decorated in a Scandinavian style in which simplicity and coarseness mixed with strict shapes and proportions. Lounge in the Scandinavian style characterized by brevity and functionality, and are usually kept in a light color scheme. The walls and floor are finished with simple materials. The emphasis in the room will create a few details - such as a lamp in a bright red lampshade or an unusual picture.

Video review of the interiors modern baths

To in the common room was a proper environment, leaning to rest and relaxation, you need to choose the right color. dayroom in the bath makes it ideal in light pastel colors. Such colors create a light, pleasant atmosphere and allow to relax. Warmth and tranquility in the relaxation room to help make a light-yellow, brown, light orange hues. For those who love the courage and energy you can draw a bath in bright, eye-catching colors.

The furniture in the rest room to be adjusted to match the wall, keeping the same style.

In the recreation room, vacationers will spend much of their time, because in the interior of the space definitely need to think about furniture.

As the mandatory interior in the lounge can accommodate a comfortable sofa and chairs or chairs, a large sturdy table, various small tables for accessories and other interior items.

Covering sofa must be made of leather or leatherette. It is advisable not to place sofas with textile upholstery, upholstery flock, tapestry, velor, because they do not have the resistance to moisture and can quickly come into disrepair.

In the recreation room you can set different stuff with different functions, such as hooks for towels, clothes hangers, comfortable benches and tableware shelves. From home appliances to the rest room you can install a plasma TV and DVD player.

Also, if the rest of the room size is quite large, in one corner of the room can be arranged billiards.

To create a comfortable atmosphere in the lounge in the bath lighting must be installed correctly. Quality lighting and placement of light sources directly affects the eyesight and health visitors to Bath, so you need to be paid to this issue much attention. Bath is one of the fire-places, so it is necessary to pave the wiring is correct. All operating elements of power should have a protective layer of insulation and dust protection and moisture protection class IP-44.

Fixtures must be installed so that each light is incident on a separate functional area. To create a recreation room a soft, diffused lighting fixtures need to be positioned in different corners of the room.

In the common room you can set the lighting, brightness adjustable, that at any moment it was possible to dim the lights and make a nice, relaxing, romantic atmosphere. As artificial light sources can be used dot LED, halogen lamps, ceiling lamps with shades, as well as various sconces closed.

To improve the illumination of natural light in a recreation room, you can install triple-pane windows with good insulation from floor to ceiling that will make a special flair in the design space.

In rest rooms usually create a cozy, "natural" interior. Decoration materials must be selected taking into account the requirements for interior decoration with high humidity. Typically, as the materials for the walls in the recreation room use:

  • wood (linden, pine, spruce, larch, aspen, fir, birch);
  • tongue board;
  • Planed timber;
  • battens;
  • plywood sheets.

Wood is an excellent material for the bath. It is environmentally friendly and exudes a natural smell of wood, wire, thus, aromatherapy in the lounge.

If the bath frame is made of wood, the quality of finishing materials for walls fit round beam. But if the bath is constructed from silicate, brick, lightweight aggregate concrete blocks or concrete blocks, the internal wall desirably oblitsevat using lining.

The most optimal for the bath is a first wall paneling and extra class of tree species such as aspen, larch, cedar. These woods are most resistant to high temperatures, so actively used for cladding wall coverings steam bath. In the common room you can use materials more cheaply, for example, lining of alder, pine and spruce. These materials are distinguished by their environmental performance and resistance to elevated temperature conditions, so it is very popular to use.

Very impressive to look at the rest room decoration real or artificial stone. This finish can be applied to the location of the fire zone.

No less attractive will look finish quality ceramic wall tiles from leading manufacturers. When decorating the walls is not desirable to use the paint. Floor lining should be applied necessarily from slip, water-resistant materials. Excellent fit in this case matte ceramic tile with non-slip surface or granite, as well as wooden boards and decking.

Wooden planks are particularly good as a floor covering for the bath, as different environmental friendliness and low thermal conductivity and of course aesthetics. The main advantage of the wooden floor in the lounge is that it will always be warm, and it will be possible to walk barefoot without fear of catching cold.

We do not recommend laying on the floor glossy ceramic tiles and laminate flooring, as you can slip and be injured on a slippery surface of these materials. Also, do not recommend the use of synthetic materials - linoleum, particle board and other, as they absorb moisture and decompose quickly, they tend to rot in wet areas.

On the floor you can lay a variety of warm mats with matching design to the rest room.

Ceiling rest rooms can be decorated with decorative wooden beams, which will emphasize the volume of the room and create a superb interior. level beam location to the ceiling adjusts the visual volume of the room. Beams can be both coarse and textured and smooth and neat. They can also be painted in any desired color. In addition, the beam can conveniently hang the various decorations and lights.

Modular corner kitchen.

Painting wallpaper latex paint here.

Before finishing the walls and floor, recreation room must always be warm, because it will spend most of the time. The temperature in rest room should be optimal to avoid colds. It should not be below 21 degrees. In addition, maintaining a certain temperature in the relaxation room will ensure the safety of the right temperature in the steam room. Especially warming bath subject to the frame of the silicate blocks. As insulations are usually used foam, polystyrene foam, mineral wool.

On the validity of rest interior room determines the level of comfort, good mood and a good rest after taking bath procedures. Preservation of functionality and create a special atmosphere - the key to correct registration rest room interior in the bath.

How to pack a warm floor under the tile here. For walls decorative plaster recommend San Marco.

For me personally, Bath, this is the most favorite place in the country, but not in the bath steam room and relaxation room is. By its design, I approached thoroughly. Dimensions 3m to 2.5m, and in this area like comfort without unnecessary clutter. We stopped at the Russian-style wooden benches, woven rugs, special attention is paid to lighting. A place of honor on the shelf took the samovar.

I, as a Russian, of course close Russian style. It is comfortable, beautiful, home somehow. Around all of wood, beautiful and easy to breathe. Still like the Scandinavian style. All too wooden, light, no superfluous details. But the hi-tech style in the bath, I do not quite understand. Like and similar office, and the office after a steam room ?! But the taste and color ... as they say. In any case, I respect the opinions of others.

Lounge in the bath: Interior design, decoration, furniture

Very condusive to relaxation place - lounge in the bath. Interior design should be particularly well-designed, visually pleasing and soothe the eye and functional to allow you to truly relax.

Required attributes changing room

Bath draft lounge includes conventional components, and the first - rest position. Once you have steamed out, you need to sit or lie down, as the pressure in the body dramatically jumps. Completely horizontal position is contraindicated, because most of the deck chairs and benches are bent base. Traditionally, Russian bath - a place of rest for the company, because the front room table and often furnish necessary for snack items. The last thing we do, from the comfort of a bath - to rinse with cool water, because the perfect bath project to lounge presupposes the existence of the pool or in extreme cases the shower.

Required components of the changing room:

  • a place to rest: benches, chairs, stools and loungers;
  • table and cupboards;
  • shower or pool, washbasin.

All other components - a supplement to the minimum necessary, which we will discuss below.

In order to keep the temperature in the room kept the required rate, it insulate. The best material for the upholstery of the walls in this case - a tree. The classic interior design involves finishing rough softwood. The cheapest material - pine. To Bath has served you for years, you need to take care of the state of interior wall. Wood must first be impregnated with a special mixture and then varnished, but only in the dressing room. Choose for this purpose, heat-resistant materials with the lowest toxicity, as one of the most hot and stuffy places - lounge in the bath. The interior design of the second embodiment resembles the design of foreign saunas, as the tree is selected a smooth, symmetrical and flat panels. In general, this style fits Ecological minimalism and creates a mood of luxury, if properly decorate the room.

Even in the bath furniture is traditionally made of wood, but it is better to choose hardwoods because of their fortress. Do not overdo with textiles: humidity spoil the upholstery of chairs.

The basis of the changing room - comfortable furniture. At the design stage, you must decide what exactly you want to furnish your interior. If it will include three-dimensional beds and tables, it is best to lay the space of at least 12 square meters. The first rule: for recreation rooms furniture should be comfortable and very practical. The priority of the natural materials: wood, linen wraps, and the like. Doctors do not recommend to immediately go to the horizontal position after the steam room, the dressing room because usually furnish comfortable wooden benches, loungers.

Typical lounges attribute - a table and chairs or armchairs. We do not recommend to furnish room furniture: steam penetrates into the dressing room. To give a solid furniture convenience, use special pillows and capes of textiles that can be easily endure and dried separately from the headset. If the space does not allow to install a full table, equip the room stepped benches on which to sit and lay out the dishes.

Features of arrangement of space

As a rule, the largest part of the room - a lounge in the bath. Interior Design 3x3 - a classic for most country projects when the building is constructed specifically for this purpose. 9 square meters may become quite spacious, if properly furnish the room. Most of the projects involves a circular arrangement of furniture: in the center of the table and chairs are located (if space allows), and on the perimeter walls of the shop are located or sunbeds. If space really is about 10 square meters, it is difficult to put a swimming pool. The alternative - a small room equipped with a shower and a washbasin.

The most important thing - the right to hydro and insulated walls. In the calculation of free space to place equipment and do not forget to take into account this indicator. Insulation of walls takes a lot of space. The last tip - it's functional racks, cabinets and racks, which can be folded clothes, towels, hygiene items and accessories for the bath: a hat and a broom.

The most peaceful place - lounge in the bath. Interior design should conform to this. Cause the body to completely relax and recover from the heat can properly tuned lighting. In the priority - not too many bright LED light bulbs that do not strain vision and create a soft and even light. Ceiling, fully studded with them, creates a feeling of warmth and looks like a starry sky. LED lamps themselves are long and consume a small amount of energy. If you connect them in a few lines to the individual switches, you can play a great atmosphere with the help of lighting, adding it to friendly gatherings and reducing to a romantic evening. Tip: to create entourage to add quite a few wall lights or lamps.

Tree of any species and shades - with the best will look lounge in the bath. Interior design involves above all gentle, natural and quiet shades. The classic combination - brown, green and sand. This range makes it possible to give any room the spirit of "the very Russian bathhouse" with steam, vodka and brooms. If we talk about the European decisions, it is often in the rest rooms are added and burgundy wine color, it is a great game in the shadows and emphasizes the wood structure. Red gamma dilutes sand shades, adds gloss and luxury room.

But the traditional color for relaxation - it's green. He is the least irritating to the retina, allowing a rest well. The alternative - blue shades, which fit perfectly into the bath or sauna, especially if the room is equipped with a shower or swimming pool.

Sauna with rest room and terrace - in essence the same as a sauna, just furnished in the rustic style. In the sauna, steaming back hardly otstegat broom. Accessories for bath - that's the main difference. Fully equipped bathroom, living wood around the perimeter, with classic shops and even semicircular beams can also be called a sauna, if it contains a swimming pool and a room with a steam room. And that's hung on the perimeters of the traditional brooms to help create the right atmosphere. Another difference - a mini bar and table, which are rarely found in European sauna. The main thing - correctly place all the ingredients in a small space, and if possible to equip the room pool, even a little, just to dip and gradually move away from the glow of the room.

Fully upholstered wood room in our view - a bath, a relaxation room. Decorating additional sites may be different, but the preference is always only natural materials, among which the stone. To begin equipping their baths stands at the design level to calculate the free space and the right to dispose of them after the isolation room.

Pay attention to the main attributes: benches, a table, a shower or a swimming pool, water dispenser. Pay particular attention to detail: the color of the walls, recessed lighting. Do not forget about comfort: equip the walls and corners with comfortable lockers and hangers, make the whole textile replaceable.

room interior design rest in the bath

dayroom in the bath plays an equally important role in the comfort of rest and recuperation than the actual room. It is designed for relaxation after the sauna or in the breaks between sessions hover, allowing you to get the full pleasure of the bath procedures. Comfortable lounges situation should have to relaxation and comfort.

room interior design rest in the bath is varied and depends on the taste and preferences of the owner. The following style solutions are possible:

However, whatever the choice of room design should take into account features of the finishing room. Firstly, the basic requirement to the choice of materials for furniture and finishes extends resistance to high levels of humidity and temperature.

Despite the fact that the rest room should not be located directly next door to the steam room, the effect of wet and hot atmosphere will still influence it. Secondly, the materials for decoration and furniture should be environmentally friendly, breathable.

For recreation, natural materials should be used. Based on the requirements to materials for the walls in the common room used: wood (alder, aspen, basswood, birch), plywood sheets, polished boards, wall paneling.

The latter is recommended for the walls of the room, if the room is built of brick, cinder block or a foam block. Molded softwood popular due to the application of resistance to high temperature.

Floor finish must be waterproof and non-slip material. Such materials are porcelain tiles, tiles with slip resistant surface and wood. The main advantage of a wood floor is that its surface is constantly kept warm, in contrast to the tile. Glazed tile and other smooth floor coverings are not recommended for flooring in the common room on the basis of elementary safety measures.

To create the right atmosphere in the room, the ceiling is recommended to decorate the rough or polished beams, as in the photo above.

Lighting can have a direct impact on the rest of the room comfort. All wiring must be carried out with the necessary insulation.

To create a soft, diffused light is necessary to distribute the light sources for individual functional areas. dimmers will create the necessary atmosphere for comfort.

Classic design lighting fixture is one (two or more, if a large area of ​​the room), and a couple of lamps on the walls.

Russian style is traditional, and, perhaps, the closest relative to the bath. The interior materials are used in wood, furniture and wooden. Depending on the species of wood used, the formulation can be both low cost and requires financial costs. Interior room in the Russian style looks without the frills, laconic and reserved.

Looks presentable finish walls of polished slabs kramlenogo.

The décor elements are applied embroidered curtains, woven rugs, wooden utensils, a samovar.

Furniture in the room with the Russian style is to be massive, but comfortable.

Country-style similar to Russian, but with a difference in insertion traditions. This style is made in the US or the French tradition, every one of them is unique and has its own characteristics.

Furniture made of wood light shades, decorated with carved or polished.

From accessories are used when placing bright pottery, cotton or linen textiles.

On the ceiling beams should be visible. The floor is covered with ceramic tiles or planks.

Scandinavian style is simple, the lack of frills minimalism and austerity in detail. The surfaces are made in neutral colors, and as a decorative element is required the presence of bright detail as an accent.

Nouveau rather characterizes the design of the sauna than baths. Distinctive features are the abstract forms in the interior, bright colors, unusual shapes. This modern style will evaluate all the possibilities of design ideas in the design of recreation rooms for the bath.

Classic is the most suitable for the spacious lounges, as it suggests the presence of decoration elements, typical of this style, such as: arches, stucco, multi-level ceilings.

Whatever style design is chosen, it is not recommended to mix it with any other.

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