How to connect the chandelier

Connecting the chandeliers with their hands

Simple, seemingly operation - installation of a new chandelier - unfamiliar with the electrician person can stump: a bunch of wires and it is unclear as to what to combine. How to connect your chandelier with different numbers of horns (and wires) to the switch and will discuss.

Preparation: continuity and determination on the ceiling phases

Those who are a little icon to the power grid is not required, the rest will be helpful. A person who has no permanent business with electricity can be difficult to navigate. To avoid confusion, we will tell all in order, as found in the ceiling on the phase conductors (or phases) and zero to do with the ground. And then, like a whole bunch of wires on the chandelier, to connect with those that stick out at the top. As a result, the connection chandeliers with their own hands will be a simple task for you.

If the wiring is already done, stick on the ceiling, two, three or four wires. One of them - exactly "zero", and the rest - phase can still be grounded.

The ground wire is in the homes of new construction or recently renovated

The ground wire is, not always, but in the homes of new construction or renovated with the replacement of electrical wiring. According to the standard it has yellow-green color and is connected to the same wire in the chandelier. If your chandelier, it is not, the bare wire carefully isolate and leave like this. Leave it nezaizolirovannym can not - you can accidentally be short-circuited.

With the rest of the wires need to understand where the "phase" and where "zero". In the old houses all the wires are usually the same color. Most of all - black. In new buildings can be black and blue, or brown and blue. Sometimes there is red. In order not to speculate on the colors easier to ring them.

on each key and a "zero" - - the common wire from the ceiling if you have three wires, and on the wall dvuhklavishny switch, you should have two "phases". Prozvanivat can multimeter (tester) or screwdriver indicator (this special screwdriver with a lamp which illuminates when the available voltage). When working to translate the key switch in the "on" position (automatic input is also included on the panel). After the continuity, switch keys to a position "off". If possible, it is better to cut down on the panel and the machine and connect the chandelier with the power off.

Continuity wires on the ceiling temterom

How to ring and to determine the wire tester shown in the photo. Expose the switch to "V", choose the scale (greater than 220). Alternating pairs of wires touch probes (probes, keep the handles not to touch the bare conductors). The two phases between them is not "ringing" - to display any changes will not. If you find a pair, most likely - is a two-phase. Third wire is likely to "zero". Now each of the proposed phases connect probes to zero. The display should be 220 V. You will find zero - in the international specifications it is indicated by the letter N - and two phases - are designated L. If all the wires of the same color to somehow label them: paint, color marker, a piece of adhesive tape. Phase - one color, zero - one.

Work indicator screwdriver easier: simply touch its end to a bare conductor. Lights - phase no - zero. Very simple.

Using a screwdriver indicator for phase search

If the wires sticking out only two, one of them - the phase, the other - a zero. At the same time on one key switch. There are no other options.

Connect chandelier with just two wires, one of which is screwed on the phase of the other to zero. A much - it does not matter. If phase two on the ceiling, and switch on the wall dvuhklavishny, there are options:

  • Twist phase with each other and connect them to one of the wires of the chandelier. In this case, turn off the need to translate to "off" both buttons and switches on the light to be on any of them.
  • Connect the wire to one phase, a second insulated. Then the work will be only one key. The second - empty.

How to connect the chandelier if there are only two wires? By the same wires on the ceiling in no particular order

On mnogorozhkovyh chandeliers wires accurately more than two. With the appointment of a yellow-green, we decided. It - grounding. If the same wire is on the ceiling, connect with him. With the rest, too, need to understand.

Chandelier with 3 wires connected slightly more complicated. If one of them - the earth (yellow-green), you can:

  • ignore - if the wires are the same color (or similar) is not on the ceiling,
  • connect to the same color.

Actually, no other choice. Three wire mainly in luminaires with a lamp. With two - an outdated design, with three - more modern, in line with current recommendations.

Connecting to a double switch

Connect five, four, trehrozhkovuyu chandelier dvuhklavishnomu to switch on the same principle. From each of the horns is two colored wires. Most often it is the blue and brown wires, but there are other variations. For connection to the double switch all of them need to be divided into three groups: two-phase and one zero.

Connecting pyatirozhkovoy chandeliers to the double (two keys) switch

First, all the blue wires combined with each other and well twisted. This is - zero. In principle, it is possible to take the wire of a different color - for the lighting does not matter. But the standard is "zero" mean blue. It is important that in a twist not hit wires, painted in a different color. In the photo below you can see that all of the conductors in blue are combined into one group. This is the "zero".

Now the rest is divided into two groups. Breakdown arbitrary. One group of lights will be switched from one key, the second - from the other. In pyatirozhkovoy chandelier normally combined 2 + 3, but it is possible, and 1 + 4. In the two variants also chetyrehrozhkovoy - 2 + 1 or 2 + 3. But with three light bulbs without options: 1 + 2. Divided wire wring each other. We received two groups that are connected to the "phase" on the ceiling.

Before connecting the chandelier, the conductors are grouped

How to connect the switch to a single chandelier

If the wires in the ceiling, only two, and the chandelier - a lot, but only two colors, it's simple. All conductors of the same color wring the stripped portion and is connected to one of the wires on the ceiling (no matter with what). Collect in one harness all of the conductors of the second color and attach to the second ceiling. Wiring chandeliers in this case is shown below.

Wiring diagram chandeliers to one-button switch

With this inclusion will simultaneously light up all the bulbs.

When working with electricity are no trifles. Because the connection wires in the chandelier make all the rules. When combined in the same group, they are not enough to simply twist and screw cap.

Connect the wires from the chandeliers and the need to switch to the terminal box

This twisting eventually oxidize and begin to warm up. Highly desirably, such solder connections. If you know how to handle a soldering iron and tin, will do it. So it will be guaranteed a normal contact and bask connection is.

Now, how to connect the wires from the chandeliers to the wires from the switch (to the ceiling). According to the latest rules of twisting are not allowed. You must use the terminal box. Most modern chandeliers are equipped with them. If not - buy at any hardware store and sells lighting equipment.

When using such a terminal box there is a problem: stranding of a large number of wires in the hole just does not climb. Yield: to a compound of solder wire (copper, solid or stranded, a section not less than 0.5 mm 2). This compound is well insulated, and in the terminal box insert the free end of the soldered conductor (long is not needed - 10 cm is more than enough).

Inserting the terminals all wires from chandeliers, and tightening the screws, the entire structure is raised to the ceiling. There she was pre-fastened, and then into the terminals in the order you connect the wires. It is important to set one against the other "zeros". Phase to the phases are connected in any order.

How to divide the wires on the chandelier, like a conductor attached to the terminal block and a chandelier - it's all there in the video.

Connecting Chinese chandeliers

Most of the relatively inexpensive chandeliers on the market come from China. How good they are, so it's a large range, but with the quality of the electrical assembly there are problems. Therefore, before connecting the chandelier, it is necessary to check its electrical characteristics.

First, check the integrity of the insulation. They can be assembled in one harness and short circuit on the case. Tester should not show anything. If any indication, you have two options: look for and replace damaged wire or attributable to the exchange.

The second stage of testing - to check each horn. From the horn are two wires. They chuck soldered to the two contacts. Each wire prozvanivat with the corresponding contact. The device should show a fault (short circuit or the infinity sign, depending on the model).

After checking start to group the wires, as described above.

Connecting halogen lamps (with remote control and without)

Halogen lamps do not operate on 220 V, and 12 V or 24 V. Because in each set-down transformers and the whole circuit is assembled and ready for installation. They remain free only two conductors, which must be connected with wires protruding from the ceiling. Connected in an arbitrary order, "phase" and "zero" - do not matter.

If the chandelier is equipped with remote control, a transformer adds another control unit. Connection is similar: there are two conductors to be connected with teim that there is a ceiling. Going the other hand a third conductor (thin it) - is an antenna by which "communicate" and the remote control unit. This conductor remains inside the cup in such a form in which it exists.

How to connect the chandelier with remote control, refer to the following video.

Simply elegant article, we break it down. Thank you so much!)

Thanks to the author for the article. Chewed by 5 points.

I am looking for such a detailed article, but only once and twist the screws, sagging over time. The sleeve is a good option, but it can help connect the wires 5, zero? Again, twist and push the sleeve? Wago decide on miniature "tee". Those. it is akin to a power strip 6 outlets, which we stick a desk lamp, heater, TV, hi-fi mobile phone charging, for example, well or "6 Lights". But about Wago so much conflicting information in the Internet and the lack of clear and detailed information on the official website, which seemed especially something keep back. That I again chose NSHVI + sleeves, but sleeves with 6 taps can not see.

I would add a tip that the neutral wire is preferably attached to the threaded part of the cartridge, as is sometimes the balloon bulb falls off from the base and it is necessary to turn out the remainder of pliers or hands. And if you forget to turn off the switch, and if the phase of the threaded part, you can get under stress

You're right. Thank you for the clarification.

Hello! I have a few questions about the chandeliers production of China, to start the two of them:

1 - Does replacing halogen lamps available with LED?

2 - if possible the replacement of lamps 12 V to 220 V with the exception of the circuit, of course, transformers?

Other questions relating directly connect, after your answer.

Lamps can be replaced, but the lamp must be 12 to 220 W. In replacement is not possible, since all components are designed for low voltage.

Thank you. Which components of a speech? Wiring inside the chandelier?

Thank you, but it was not an electrician installed the chandelier)

Prompt, moved to a new building, there are 4 wires sticking out.

Switch dvuhklavishny, hence there 2 phases, one zero and earthing.

The question is that we have a very old chandelier (antiques), shestirozhkovaya and out of the sticks 3 blue wire, I'm stuck.

You, most likely, the chandelier is also phase 2. Take the tester and pairwise prozvanivatsya wires that go from the chandeliers (Tester Continuity position, the touch probes to the wires pointer must deviate, then say "Call" line). Shall be as follows: one of the wires will call the other two. This wire will be "neutral" or "zero". The other two - phase. These two phase wires with each other do not have to call. To distinguish between these wires, such as their mark. For example, at neutral glue a piece of adhesive tape or marker / nail varnish paint strips. When you connect to the switch chandeliers, neutral is connected to the neutral phase wire - with phase.

How to connect the ceiling chandelier

Almost every apartment has a chandelier. It mnogolampovy lamp, which often hung in the middle of the ceiling. This arrangement provides the most uniform illumination over the entire area of ​​the room.

The location selected for installation, the ceiling mounted hook. In some apartments there is no such hook. This, perhaps, may cause some difficulties, because not everyone has a home power tools. In this case, will have to seek help from a master.

If there is a hook, the fixture is hung on it by means of rings or staples situated in the upper part of the structure of the lamp.

Now you need to connect the chandelier to the mains of the apartment. From the center of the ceiling usually go wire, there may be two or three. Through a vertical tube, which is attached to the suspension, and removed two or three wires.

The presence of the two wires in the tube means that the design allows for the inclusion of all lamps only once. Three wires allow to execute connection chandeliers the sections to change the light level in the room.

The two wires coming out of the ceiling, deprive us of the opportunity. We consider all cases of connecting electrical wires to the chandelier.

Wiring through-Key switch chandeliers

If the ceiling and connects the lamp has two wires connecting the easiest process. Wire pairs are joined, the sequence in this case irrelevant.

The figure below shows the chandeliers wiring diagram through one-button switch. Consider the scheme in more detail. As seen from the figure the lamp consists of a single lamp, in which case the connection is made as follows: a supply neutral conductor (blue) in the junction box is connected immediately to the neutral conductor chandeliers.

Phase wire (brown) at first from the power supply in the junction box is connected to the switch, and then from the switch to the phase conductor chandeliers.

The connection is best done via screw terminal points. In an extreme case, you can carefully twist the wire with pliers and isolate the special caps.

Application of PVC tape is undesirable because it dries over time, and the insulation quality deteriorates. In some designs, preliminary association lamps lamp is not satisfied, and of vertical tubes exit wire pairs from each lamp separately.

If the lamp does not consist of a single lamp, and several (e.g. three), the connection in this case is also not particular difficulties: all neutral wires in the chandelier are interconnected and connected to the neutral wire network.

All phase conductors are also connected to each other and connect the phase wire of which came from the switch.

When you connect the need to bolt them together wires of the same color. The resulting lay connected to the wires coming from the ceiling to a one-button switch, the above described method.

Connecting the chandeliers through dvuhklavishny switch

Modern electrical wiring in the apartment runs three core cable with wires of different colors. To the place of the alleged fixing the lamp suitable as three wires from the switch dvuhklavishnogo. How to connect the chandelier in this case?

Here there are difficulties in determining the destination of wires. One of the three - a neutral conductor common to all lamps. The other two - phase, passing through different switch button.

Unfortunately, the electrician does not adhere to a single color circuit wiring, and the colors of the wires in the cables of different companies can be different. Before connecting the lamp need to identify the purpose of the wires. I beg all to do with voltage tester keys when the circuit breaker. One conductor, which detects the light phase will be null.

In the absence of such an indicator would have to de-energize the entire apartment and deal breaker. After removing the cover from the switch, you can see what color wires go from keys to the chandelier. Zero conductor does not pass through the keys, and the incoming phase is carried out is divided into two groups of keys.

Connect the wires on the chandelier seems to be connected to one-button switch. The difference lies in the fact that the wires coming from the lamps in advance divided into two sections. One twisting from each group of lamps connected together to the neutral conductor. Two other twist is connected separately to the two remaining wires.

Such a way to connect the chandelier It allows a stepwise adjust the lighting in the room.

Compound chandeliers wires connecting through dvuhklavishny switch top view.

When performing electrical work is necessary to remember that all the connections can only be performed in the absence of voltage in the wiring.


2uh klav.vykl. in the room, I want to connect 8 horns.

Lyustru.S ceiling leaves 4 wires: white, blue, brown, yellow-green.

From chandeliers 3 wires: zheltozel, cinnamon, blue.

Connect by color does not work!

What is the reason? And how to connect?

you why such a waste of time?)))

of course it is possible. Again - why? you have a second zero is not working? (Interrupted or not?)

How do I connect the wires when the chandelier from the ceiling of the two wires

How to connect the chandelier with 2, 3, 4 or more wires with your hands?

What is a fixture? It is a modern ceiling fixture with multiple bulbs removed at an equal distance from each other. The main task of chandeliers provide smooth, shadow-free illumination of the room. The light sources can be used incandescent, LED or fluorescent light sources. Installation chandeliers is the final part of the interior design. Installing it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Required minimum electrical skills and a standard set of simple tools. To install was easy and secure, you can follow the following instructions.

Preparation: continuity and determination on the ceiling phases

First you need to determine how many wires displayed on the ceiling and what they need. Two protruding wires mean that all the lights will be switched simultaneously, allow three or more combined with the order activation. An experienced electrician deal with it without difficulty, but it will be difficult for beginners to understand where the phase and zero, and what to do with the ground.

It found only in the homes of new construction or in areas where the repair was made with all the electrical wiring requirements. It has a yellow-green skin, is connected to a wire of the same color on the lamp. it may not be in older homes. If the connector chandelier is no room for the ground, the wire must be insulated to prevent short-circuiting.

The remaining wires can be any color - red, black, white, with optional wire color will match the "phase" or "zero". To accurately determine where the ends of which wire is necessary to ring a special tester or screwdriver indicator - a device with built-in LED, indicating the presence of voltage. Inspection is conducted with enabled network and the wall switch position "on". Alternately, touch the bare ends of the wires and see the result. Phase will illuminate indicator light on the screwdriver and the multimeter displays the voltage value of 220 V. It should be noted that the tester will show only between zero voltage and phase. To switch from one button even easier - the two wires on the ceiling, one of them is zero, and the second is the phase. Prior to roan connection work lamp sure to disconnect the wire, it is desirable to do it off-switch on the meter.

The easiest and most common option - two wires in the ceiling and two wires on the chandelier and a wall mounted one-button switch. Simply connect the ends together. It is desirable to connect such a way that zero was carried directly to the chandelier and the phase disconnect switch. For the installation, you can use special pads or twisting with subsequent isolation.

Since the two phases and the switch dvuhklavishnym following options. One phase is isolated, and the second is connected to the chandelier. In this case, one key is left unused. The phases are interconnected and connected to the wire chandeliers. Then switch the lamp will be any key.

Connecting to a double switch.

Connect 2 or more carob chandelier always on the same principle. Of each lamp is two colored wires, collect them all and divide into three groups - two phases and neutral. All wires of the same color are twisted together. This will be zero for the standard wire should be blue, but if you are using another's okay. The remaining wires in any form is divided into two groups, with the obtained circuit switching of lamps 1 + 3, 2 + 2, 2 + 3. The wires are braided together and then connect to the respective terminals on the ceiling.

Connecting the chandeliers to a single switch

What if the ceiling two wires and a lamp 3 or more. In this scheme, the connection wires of the same color are grouped. One twist is connected to the neutral conductor, the second to the phase. When you turn on all the lights in the chandelier will light up simultaneously.

Joking with electricity are bad, so all the work is done by the rules. Twisting a bundle of wires is not sufficient to simply clamp terminal or wrap tape. all such compounds is necessary to solder, then it will be more durable, better contact, and will be less warm. The next step - the connection wires chandeliers with wires extending from the switch. Using the twist is unacceptable, so the applied terminal box. If they are not complete, it can be purchased at any hardware store. When thick twist does not pass through the hole for clamping, soldering can try to contact her desired copper thickness, but not less than 0.5 mm2 in cross section. Or buy a terminal box larger, if space permits in the luminaire. Then rises to the ceiling chandelier, finally join the wires and zero phase, all the screws are pulled, after which she was finally fixed in place.

Connecting Chinese chandeliers

On the market from China chandeliers presented very well. Due to its low price and huge selection, they are popular among the population, but with electric filling difficulties arise. It is recommended before installing and switching on the network to carry out preliminary tests. We begin with a visual inspection: loose connections, thin in cross-section wire, the weak layer of insulation on them must already alerted. To test the quality of insulation can collect all the wires together and try to short-circuit them to the body through the tester. The device must not give any indication. If it is not, then the chandelier is necessary to disassemble and remove the cause. Then verified contact in each horn separately. For this prozvanivatsya chain extending from the cartridge before the end of the wire. At this stage, we can calculate the wire from the center pin in the cartridge for subsequent attachment to the phase, as required by the standard and safety standards.

Connecting halogen lamps (with remote control and without)

The principle of operation of halogen lamps built in the filament in a gas-vehicle with special additives (bromo, iodo). This makes it possible to reduce the overall size of the lamp and the voltage to 12 or 24 V. To this end, each lamp of the type set-down transformer. Typically, the whole scheme is already assembled and ready to use, free to remain two wires that are connected to the zero and phase in any order. If fixture is equipped with a remote control that is connected to the transformer is also a control unit. Connection in this case is the same. Do not confuse the connection wire to an antenna that receives a signal from the remote.

The article came about the time, just when renovated, we have decided to replace all the lamps. Husband usually independently cope with the connection, but for the living room chandelier with a few lights was difficult to understand it. However, the detailed description, helped us deal with the multiple wires and connections themselves. It had complicated grounding, but all painted step by step, so this husband is able to cope. Useful information, especially for newcomers.

Good information, when we were engaged in repairing itself connecting all the trimmings, or rather my husband does it, and I was looking for information on the Internet. Here all the details painted in simple words.

Very timely stumbled upon this article, my husband and I bought a new chandelier and are having trouble connecting. Before this was a typical old without zamarochek. I showed her husband the article, he quickly realized, and hung up.

Thank you for the article clear and visual. no electrician myself, but now realized that connect the chandelier alone is easy enough, but will have to spend a certain amount of time.

Good and informative article with a clear example of how and what to do. Follow the step by step instructions that are laid out, with my own hands easily connected chandelier, for which the author of great respect.

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