How to pack a gift

How to Wrap a gift in paper: 5 basic ways with steps

The Present is not only the content, but also its external appearance. One of the most popular types of holiday packing - wrapping in mica or wrapping paper. Ways to wrap a lot, so there are others which can handle any!

Do you remember what it looks like an envelope? On the back side of it come together four triangles. How can I use it? To begin, take a look at the presented object itself, if its shape is square or rectangular, so it is possible to prepare a pair of scissors and a ruler.

  1. On thing you need to spend two diagonal lines connecting opposite corners. This can be done with a pencil, chalk or a piece of dry soap to line then easily erased. You get four triangles.
  2. Lay the garment on a wrapper and draw from each side of the triangle is identical, only the reflected upwards.
  3. Then, the line connect vertices of the triangles. You should get the likeness of a rhombus (if shaped like a square).
  4. On both sides of the figure drawn by adding 2-3 cm, re-draw a line. Cut off the excess.
  5. Fold one triangle on the packaging item. Harvesting will be slightly wider than the sides present. First iron the fold line at the top, then the sides. Get up a triangular piece bend upward.
  6. Now hold the two side triangles. Fold a sheet of wrapping to the subject, iron the fold line. From the lower end of the triangle, unscrew the outside edge on the diagonal, and then bend it inside. Now you fold starts exactly in the corner. Done. Do the same on the opposite side.

It remains to draw the upper part. Characterized by its manufacture only what to do bends diagonally need from two sides. To ready the triangle-attach the cover of the double sided tape.

For decoration, use packing twine brand. Write the address and name of the birthday.

The classic way to wrap bad that is "raw" cut, you want to hide under the tape. And how to make sure that all sections look carefully? It is worth a little change technology.

  1. Expand roll gift mica, in the middle, place a box of gift. On either side of it represents the values ​​equal to the height and width of the box, and from the upper and lower edges - only an equal height. Cut off the excess.
  2. Place the box on the left side of the packaging material and secure it with a small piece of adhesive tape.
  3. The right half of the wrapper and place it on the box, but do not lock. Fold line progladte fingers. Unscrew the list: the band bending should be clearly visible and divide the sheet into two unequal parts. Most of the conventionally divide in half and make a pencil mark at the edges.
  4. Next you need to fold the corners into the middle of the height of the paper to the markings made. The resulting corner fasten strips of adhesive tape and cover them a gift.
  5. Now we have to draw the package in two side cover. Fold the top portion of the packaging paper inside, thereby forming a neat "ears" as triangles.
  6. Then bend the triangles and secure with tape.
  7. It remains a little tuck in the bottom edge of the remainder of the well and lay it inside and stuck on tape. The same is done on the other side.

If desired, the top, you can tie a ribbon or any other decoration.

Beautifully packaged item can be not only in the box, but even without it. To do this, you should choose a more dense grade wrapping paper. A sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Prepare a list of about half the size of a superior gift. In the center place the gift in a vertical orientation.
  2. Wrap it left and right side of the wrapper. It is important to not push the fold line!
  3. Bottom thread sew the resulting convolution, departing from the wrapped object and leaving a seam of about 1.5-2 cm paper. Get the seam can be both manually and with the help of a sewing machine.
  4. Place the bundle on one side and smooth on its upper edge side folds. You now have the upper edge, perpendicular to the bottom, and she began to bulk packaging.
  5. Along the upper edge also need to pave the seam.
  6. The final touch - decoration sections. They can impart an interesting shape using scissors or curly decorate lace, sparkles, ribbons and ribbons m. P.

Sew the edges in such a convolution can be not only a thread but also ribbons or lace.

Children's packaging may be different from an adult. For example, Kraft paper can be awfully nice dog or cat:

  1. Put a present on kraft paper. Up and down from it aside rectangles with a width of the gift. The length of the them must be equal to the height plus half the length of a present.
  2. Left and right put the band with rounded ends, equal-sized rectangles already pending.
  3. Draw rectangles on the ends of two protrusions. This is the future of animal ears and a "lock". In the semi-circular elements at the edge of the center make a slit in which will be inserted into the projections-ears.

The template is ready, but first make out any scrap materials (not necessarily of kraft paper) eyes, nose, tongue, paws, tail, ears and glue the items to scan.

Thus, you can make almost any animal: fox, wolf, hare and others.

If a present is placed in a round box, then it is not a problem:

  1. The required width of the wrapper easily measured: envelop paper box and cut the superfluous.
  2. On the desired width workpiece is now necessary to determine the altitude. To do this, measure the radius of a base and a cover (whichever is greater), and the height of the box. Then mark on the wrapping radius of the first floor, then the radius and height of the box lid.
  3. Place a present on the sheet with the marks, wrap the edges at each other and apply a strip of masking tape along the overlap center.
  4. For registration of bottom and top of the box will need more patience: Take one edge and press the center of the cover, moving in the time direction, finger gets to the center of the paper, thereby forming a neat folds. For convenience, you can periodically capture gathered in the center of the paper tape.
  5. When the assembly of the lid and the bottom are ready, it remains only to decorate them in the center. To the bottom of the cut packaging material is a circle, and glue on the bow cover.

If you want to make a removable cover, then pack it separately under the same scheme. Do not forget to leave the seam allowances on the inside hem of the product.

Be sure to try on their own to give things a real gift appearance. You make sure that it is not only simply, but also exciting.

Perhaps the most popular gift to the man on any occasion - socks or toiletries. Make the gift memorable, giving him a bouquet!

A variety of floral compositions have become an integral part of the main birthday present. But just to buy that first caught my eye - it means disrespect to the birthday. And therefore it is necessary to approach this issue thoroughly.

What materials are used for the self-production of toys? Different fabrics, wool, clay, wood, etc. But it felt figurines have long captured the hearts of fans hendmeyda. Why are they so popular and how to make them?


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How to wrap a box of wrapping paper: the best packaging options

Decorators are assured - a present design plays a very important role. After all, the appearance of packaging endows man appreciates all present in general! In this connection, today the site "" tell and show how to pack a box in wrapping paper. And here you will find it is not even one way, and will be able to explore the entire collection of all possible options. And of course, all methods are described step by step.

Wrapping paper must be chosen on the basis of a holiday destination, as well as the floor gives to man. So let's birthday suit for men gold, silver, brown, bronze, blue, maroon shades of paper. But for a woman for the same holiday choices is even more extensive, you can pay attention to the pink, scarlet, gold, silver, purple, orange, green and yellow tones. On New Year often stop the choice on the red-and-white paper, as well as gold or silver. Moreover, this color scheme is suitable for both the ladies and for the brutal men.

How to wrap a gift box of paper.

It is necessary to expand the roll paper. On its inner side put a box with a gift, and measure out the required amount of paper. To do this, the center of the folded the free part of the paper, as well as here is the center of the folded the paper from the roll side with a good margin, leaving the scissors cut. Cut the paper on a label created by a pair of scissors.

We put a box with a gift on the inside of the paper. One of the pieces of paper we throw on top of the box, more than half, fix a thin transparent adhesive tape.

The second tip paper perish according pictured below. And the pressure on its edge double sided tape. We put the piece of paper on top of the one already recorded on the box.

Next, bend the sides of the paper. For this, first bends the upper part of the side wall of the box, the tongues forming the extreme. Tongues buckle to the box. The lower portion also bends to a wall box and fix using double-sided tape. Similarly, it is necessary to do, and on the back side of the wrapping paper.

How nicely wrapped gift (video):

We put the box on the paper, the tip paper to buckle and fix tape slightly above the side wall. On top of wrap paper. Cut off any excess.

The tip bends along the entire length, put on this part of the double sided tape. And fix the top of the top of the box. So that the tip docked with the side wall of the box. I should get some sort of smell.

Podgibayutsya side portions according to the photos below, we fix them with double-sided tape.

Method №3. With adhesive tape on the surface and dock in the middle.

Measure out the required amount of paper with a small margin. Cut off.

We put on the center of the paper box, cover it from above the right part of the paper, fix the tape.

The extreme left side of the bottom panel about 1 cm throughout the length and placed on top of the fixed right paper. Glue tape.

Buckled the sides according to the photos below, and fix the "wings" tape.

That tape is not conspicuous, wrap a box of tape, just the location where the fixing tape.

Method №4. Imitation gift bags.

It is necessary to cut paper segment of the desired size, and build on it bends according to the photos below. The easiest way to create these bends according to the laid paper carton. Further it is necessary to turn in the lower part of the box according to the width laid.

Then you need to bend the sides inwards and then again inwards.

Expand preform and the bottom of the incisions according to create photo below.

We form a package, fixing seam glue. Podgibayutsya internal walls according to the picture.

Fix the paper on the bottom of the package as follows.

If there is a hole punch for decorative edge, then apply it to the top edge of the package. Buckle upper part of the package and create a traditional punch holes into which threaded thread.

Method №5. Packaging cylindrical box.

Cut paper cut according to the size of the box cylinder.

Wrapping paper cylinder and fix the edge of the paper two-sided adhesive tape.

Then, the fingers forming the fold and glue it with double-sided tape on the top of the cap. Next we form the next fold, followed by another, and so on until the entire top of the box will not be covered by folds. The tip must be secured with tape.

It is also necessary to deal with the back of the paper placed on the opposite side of the box.

Examples of packaging boxes of different forms (video):

Method №6. Packing box in the Japanese style - with pleats.

Cut the paper according to the size of a box with a margin. Form a crease on the back side in the folds sticking double sided tape.

Laid the box on top of the back of the paper. Toss the paper on top of the box with a slight odor. On the opposite side of the paper create a hem, and sticking to it double sided tape. Wrap box.

Buckle and fix the sides of the wrapping paper according to the photos below, fix the ends to the double sided tape. Box strapping tape.

Stages of creation of the package with the folds (video):

It is necessary to put a box with a gift near the corner of the paper, so that part of the box lying on the paper, and the other part of it came over the edge. The tip of the paper to buckle on top of the box, it bends over the right end of the paper. Wrap box next round paper. Bends left side of paper, and buckle upper part, which fix using double-sided tape.

Method №8. Packing in a kimono-style (video):

How to make packaging in the form of shirts with a cute tie we reported here, you can look to explore. But there is one solid way to create stylish shirt, you can find it in the video below.

№ 10. A method of packaging a fan type (video):

Do not forget to complement the fully packed box graceful bow, which will bring to the design of present share of solemnity and logical conclusion. How to make yourself different bows we told here.

As you can see, the packaging box in wrapping paper is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. The main thing to start, how literally everything becomes clear! Well, if you do not want to mess around with wrapping paper, you can draw attention to the self-made boxes that do not look less impressive. Come here, and learn all sorts of examples.

How to pack a gift for 5 minutes in the paper, and not only?

Anastasia Skoreeva Gift wrapping 03/07/2015

Friends, Hello! Today I will write about how to pack a gift easily and why you should not always take a solid box for registration.

Gift ideas - this is certainly great, but there should be a present and teach correctly, beautifully and elegantly. Well, and other adjectives. And without a beautiful package it makes it difficult.

So today I'll show you a few original ways of packaging, which will not take much time.

How to Wrap gift in wrapping paper: step by step guide

Own hands the package to make a snap, even without the box, which has already become a traditional symbol of almost any holiday.

There are several options:

1 Just wrap a present wrapping paper. The master class is described below in detail this process. She often uses it turns out fine)

For this method, you will need to cut out a piece of paper, the width and height enough to wrap a gift. Usually it is enough width and height of surprise is multiplied by 2, add side part, if a present is not flat, and leave a small margin on the hem. Then you need to wrap a gift in accordance with the instructions below.

It is best therefore you will be packaging:

Due to the fact that the form of using wrapping paper are asking yourself, so that even a soft rag surprise can decorate.

2 Origami. It turns out very original and at the same time, you can even do without the box. All you need - a sheet wrapper and a little patience (well, and the line with scissors handy too).

Such an easy paper box good to make the so-called kraft paper, which has the interesting property to attach to any creature something stylish. Try it and you. Great gift in a box does not rely on, and that's a small souvenir will look very cool here.

3 There is still a subject to which is not easy to approach - round or oval shape. In fact, everything here is very simple to do - takes the square wrapper, put the box in the center and. collect surplus into a bun.

We use corrugated paper

What is the advantage of corrugated paper? It was in her fluting. and can extend such a wrapper, where necessary, and make the desired shape. And for some of the methods described above it is such paper is also nice.

Ideal would be to wrap it:

Bottle due to the structure of the paper wrap is quite simple. It will take the upper and lower piece in which first need to wrap the top of the bottle, and then lower. To all this looked harmoniously, tie a thin ribbon bottle and mask the abutment decorative ornaments.

For circular gifts all quite simple - you just cut a piece of paper that covers the side of the surprises on the perimeter. The lower and upper part of the need to assemble and decorate the place of the joint.

Another simple method that is suitable for almost any small or medium-sized gift - wrap it on the principle of candy wrappers. With this task can really handle himself in a few minutes.

Boxes come in different shapes. Rectangular, oval, triangular - is just the tip of the iceberg of the packaging, a variety of forms much more.

Let's start with the traditional form, which is not difficult to create a dense cardboard.

If you prepare for the most important holidays, the gift box should decorate. This can be done for example as described below. A great way to congratulate a man, wrapped in a box, for example, a shirt.

That your gift will be remembered for a long time, I propose to use the earlier mentioned wheels. But this time, do not need to wrap them, and they did. Circle the disk as shown in the photo, then cut and bend the edges.

And here are some other boxes, each of which you can use to design their unique surprise.

Cut the box you need a template (for strong paper). Specially prepared a couple of circuits for you (picture quality leaves much to be desired, but if even strongly increase - tolerated as a template).

We pack nice and simple: the fastest ways

In my opinion. the easiest and most convenient way to package a gift - it's organza bags from it. I do not resort to it only when there is a bag of suitable size.

By the way, recently I bought all this packed in different sizes. To say that the rescue - to say nothing! I think in the future even more large packets to take, and then I have them variegated and many smaller ones. They really surprise draw for a minute, not so much for the 5.

Oh yeah, I forgot completely: bags and more at very affordable cost.

Not that pricey boxes that more and almost not worth sending (only if in Russia or in the super-duper protection). And then came a couple of times in the box well, very poor condition.

Incidentally Organza (if you buy it in the shops), you can do pretty flowers-upakovochki:

Such an embodiment is quite suitable for small gifts, such as a ring or candy.

Or you can just ordinary boxes to pack and organza ribbon tie - also a great turn out. And really fast! It turns design wrap his hands for 3 minutes.

Very often forget about this method and for nothing. In the film you can wrap almost any gift - the important thing is to roll the desired width and length was at hand.

These two ideas will be perfect for those who want to design your gift paper without (or almost without).

In the first case is combined cardboard and transparent film frame (which can be ignored). Surprise itself wrapped in foil and the cardboard layer is placed on top of it.

In the second embodiment, only the film is used. It can be used as tea bags (they are very cheap, are sold in stationery stores and shops with goods for creativity), and small pieces of material in the same way that you would with organza.

Originality and creativity: a photo of the most unusual packaging options

The most creative and unusual ideas and materials sometimes lie on the surface, one has only to look at the world around them.

Here, for example, these cute little animals, which are quite easy to come up with and draw for himself. The foot can be put in such babies delicious food (e.g. candy or chocolate), a pencil, a small toy or decoration. Most of such an idea will come up on a child's birthday.

I bet you still do not know the proper use of bags from under the CD-ROM drive? And because they are ideal for presenting such surprises as the scented grass, small candies or even a purse.

These bright and cool boxes can be done using only one template, which is placed below. Depending on the size selected here can put even a fairly large gift.

You do not know how to express my gratitude and want to give a tidy sum of paper money? Recognition, sweets and money - all this you can give your friends in these charming Bunny made of felt sewn with transparent inserts made of soft plastic. It is possible and to come up with a unique design of such packaging.

If you like walnuts, then you will not be a problem to pack a beautiful decoration for your favorite girl or woman in the shell of the nut. Inside you can decorate it with gold paint and make the substrate for a surprise.

I recently wrote about the packaging into the balloon here. I can only say that the packaging is better small gifts (if you have not got special equipment).

With only one tape you can make an unusual design of your surprise. You can just wrap it in a gift, and can be made of tape flower that will become the centerpiece of your decorations.

Just tape can be wrapped:

What if the gift is very large?

There are times when a surprise not that big, just huge. In this case, well suited gift bags or baskets. If he and the other way you do not like, then look for the answer in this article.

And here is the packaging of gifts in video format:

That's all! We came to the end of the article about how to pack a gift. I think you will find for yourself something suitable. Or maybe I what is not said? Then write about it in the comments.

P.S. Be sure to sign up and wait for news from nyaskory blog. And tell your friends through social networks and amaze their magical gifts.

Regards, Anastasia Skoreeva

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