Feeders for goats

Feeders for goats - diagrams, drawings, tips

The biggest waste in the management of goat farming - feed. To increase the efficiency of their use and minimize costs, it is necessary to do in the barn feeding trough for goats with his own hands. Their shape and design must provide safety, better feed intake, the provision of free access to the entire population. Feeders for goats divided into categories depending on the type of feed - hay, roots, concentrates, therefore kosher should be installed every kind. Feeder goats hay should be roomy and prevent ejection of the grass the animals. Grain goats poured into troughs or special automatic feeders. feeders requirements, drawings, photos and videos are presented below.

When feeding goats is very important to use easy-to-operate feeders roughage to ensure their maximum palatability and minimal losses.

In the dairy goat breeding are mainly used extensive technologies of feeding and keeping the animals that provide milk production at the level of 450 -500 kg of milk per lactation. The use of intensive goat keeping system, which includes advanced technological methods, feeding, milking, rearing and targeted breeding work, will allow to have average yield from one goat 1000-1200 kg per lactation.

Basic requirements for all types of feeders

Feeding the goats must be safe for animals and (staff) for the farmer. It should be possible to facilitate food distribution process, that it does not take much time and effort. This is especially noticeable when working with large livestock, where the only reasonable solution is the complete mechanization - the use of tractors and feeders.

But on a small farm you need to make your life easier. So, if you use hay in bales, the dimensions of the trough should correspond to it that there is no extra work - in the photo shows the rectangular trough. Similar to eat and rolls. But in the small trough will have to disassemble, or carry bales of hay forks of stacks.

In terms of security for the goats - animals do not get stuck between the bars. The feeders should be no protruding nails, fragments of sticks and fittings. You also need to monitor the cleanliness in the manger - the metal parts will lead to retikuloperikarditu.

As far as possible you need to ensure that the goats feeding places. The best is when one accounts for one goat kormomesto. But when a large population is increasing spending. According to the research allowed the number of feeding places per 1 head - 0.78. If 100 goals you have less than 78 seats, it will lead to an increase in the number of strikes - goats will sort things out more often, leading to a drop in productivity.

This is especially true if you are going to make a bird feeder with your hands. The less you will spend time, effort, money and materials, the better. But this product must be solid (not to alter it every day) and safe.

Feeder should be comfortable for you - the easier it is to maintain, the better, so you should avoid caps, bolts and narrow openings for the feed room.

The easiest hanging option - fix crib on the wall and lay there hay. For this we can construct a rare fence (with an interval of 15-20 cm) and the poles of the armature or to weld and fix it obliquely. You can do it even easier - take a grid-netting with 7-10 cm cell side, and also mounted on the wall. Top feeders are placed hay and goats to get it through the gaps between the bars.

The above model feeders are simple, but most of the food from the fray them on the floor, mixing with litter, dirt and manure. Goats quite squeamish, so there will be great loss of feed. The easiest way to prevent such waste - to put under the feeder trough. It will sleep twigs of grass, which will also be eaten by goats. In addition, this trough may be given concentrates and goats mash, thus saving space in the shed.

We can not allow the goat to climb into the feeder. This will tend to trampling hay contamination its feces and urine, goat ejects hay and grain. If the height of the feeders from the floor will be higher than 150 cm, the animals will not be able to jump from the top. Adult goats can not squeeze through the gaps between the bars of 20 cm. But if you keep with adults and kids, they easily penetrate into smaller slots. you can make the trough as in the photo below to prevent this.

simple circuit

Building skills in all kozovodov different, but the money for the purchase of ready-made bird feeders do not have the majority. In this case, a goat necessarily need somewhere to put hay and other products. In haste can build some simple models.

If you purchased your kids, then you perfect feeder of a plastic or metal barrels.

What you'll need:

  • PVC 100 liter barrel;
  • hacksaw;
  • Laying mesh, a mesh size of 10 cm - 2x1 m;
  • marker and measuring tape for marking.

Barrel mark up into two equal portions across the circumference. Now back down at 20 cm from the lid and the bottom are doing on the side of the radial marks on the half barrels - they must be diametrically opposed to the top and bottom. It remains a hacksaw to saw, to get the two feeders, as in the photo below.

Another model - perfect for a barn. This nursery of netting - on a wooden frame fasten the net. Now netting attached to the wall and get a simple manger, where you can make hay or straw. That there is less waste - put the box under the feeder. Now get this trough for goats with his own hands, photo:

Such a scheme common in livestock feeders when not in use, and the food is placed directly on the ground. This is especially useful for large livestock and food distribution process automation - simple wagon rides and evenly spreads concentrates, mash along the paddock.

This method has its own characteristics:

  • floor must be perfectly clean - do not put it on the foreign objects (especially small), oil stains;
  • using a distributor can only deliver bulk products (not suitable for hay);
  • pododvigat have to feed upon the tractor and as the eating;
  • pen to do trellis that goats could stick your head.

When you keep with adult goats still young, you have to constantly expel kids from feeders -. They are easily prolazili at intervals of 15-20 cm This leads to contamination of feed, trampling and throwing. The easiest way to avoid this - to keep the kids separately, but this possibility is limited to the area of ​​sheds and maintenance technology.

But you can easily modify the existing feeder. All that is necessary - to build a crib properly. For this we need wide boards (20 cm 2 or 10). They replace the old rails with a gap of 10 cm.

Now you need to make a cut-out in the top of the - extend openings for adult goats. On each side of the slot cut even 5 cm to a height of 30 - 40 cm from the upper plate. Thus, adult goats can easily push the head into the upper window and lower neck through a narrow slit in the 10 cm. But young squeeze through the gap can not.

Ready drawings - how to make a bird feeder for goats

Outdoor trough for concentrates and meshanok Drawing combined feeders

On the basis of the Stavropol NIIZHK experiment was carried out on the effectiveness of the use of feeders for goats of various designs. The work pursued to identify the best model, and studying the properties of the feeder, developed on the basis of this scientific institution.

The pedigree reproducers Institute for breeding dairy goats Saanen in the stall period the experiment was conducted on testing different designs of feeders for feeding goats roughage.

3 was formed by a group of ewes, 6 animals each. Animals of all groups were in the same conditions, but feeding them was carried out of the feeders of different structures. Pets 1 group ate food from the experimental mounted feeders supplied with new technological equipment for keeping goats, fastened in the feed passage to the switchboards. Uterine 2 groups ate hay nurseries for sheep disposed in the middle cells, 3 groups - of the double-sided metal feeders old sample goats located in center of the cell.

Diet feeding all groups of animals was identical and consisted of 2.0 kg of hay and 300 g of concentrate. Cottage hay was made in accordance with the approved order of the day:

Under each bed was a manger canvas fabric for the convenience of the account balances lost. Remains of hay (lost and uneaten in feeders) were taken into account on a daily basis by weighing them on electronic cantor twice a day - morning and evening to feed. On account held working time 3rd day of the experiment at hand hay in feeders of various types. At the same time take into account the time spent on manual distribution of hay in the morning, the distribution of hay in the evening, feeders clean from debris. Hay palatability of feeders of different structures is shown in Table.

Palatability of hay goats from feeders of different designs and the time required during manufacturing operations

As a result of the experiment revealed that the actual palatability of the experimental goats hay hinged trough was 74.3% of the "classical" goat feeders - 74.6%, and from the nursery - 79.8%. At this time, the employee spent on distributing feed trough and purification from inedible residues was significantly lower when servicing experimental hinged trough. Thus, distribution of hay occurred 2 times faster, and cleaning feeders - 4.5 and 4.8 times, compared with other options feeders.

Thus, the test pilot mounted feeders, hay when fed dairy goats showed that palatability and loss of hay feeder is not inferior to the existing analogues. Using the new feeders can significantly reduce labor costs, which is especially important in intensive technology in the dairy goat breeding. To reduce the loss of hay experimental mounted feeders is proposed to reduce the width of the cells of the front panel, which requires additional experimental studies.

Instructions for the creation of feeders for goats with his own hands

Goats enough cute animals, but their characters have distinctive features - the fastidiousness and the desire to steal food. They are trying to try everything they see in the pasture, just a couple of plants sidestep, like to visit other people's gardens. With the onset of cold weather goats left in sheds. Often they throw hay conventional feeders and what is on the floor, do not eat. They can get into a feeding trough with legs and stomp all the contents. Goat fastidious animals and contaminated feed have will be gone. Therefore, it is important to make feeders for goats with his own hands, so to outwit obstinate animal.

Feeders come in different designs: for hard and soft feed, or combined. When they are created with their own hands will require a minimum of effort and a small amount of time. First define the place in the room where it is located. Here We must take into account the freedom of movement of animals, so that they are not crowded at the entrance. Therefore, we set the structure on the far side of the barn.

Selecting a location for future feeders, need to begin to prepare the necessary working tools and materials for the construction. Important consider the size of the construction, by calculating it from the number of animals. So, you must:

Construction made from wooden boards and fine bars. There are several options feeder structures.

The main phase of the feeders with their own hands

Two identical width planks nailed the bottom of 10-15 cm from the floor in the corner of the room, one thin fastened on top of them at a distance, taking into account the fact that the goat is not caught on the horns. Then thin wedges fastened vertically on screws or nails, between the upper and lower boards 25-30 cm apart. Outwardly, it resembles a fence picket.

After checking structure in action trigger goats and observe their behavior. Often the goats quickly mastered and immediately start pulling hay out of the new feeders. it very simple version of the trough with his hands, completely accessible to every fan.

Another type of feeder is suitable for the location of the center of the corral. For its construction will require the same tools, the board material for the frame, plus thick boards for the construction of foundations. In use as a scaffold for protections large grid or thin wedges. Thick bars are fastened together with boards so as to obtain rectangular design. Between boards fasten planks or grid.

Feed in this embodiment spread on top and filled as eating his goats. Size is determined by the space of the enclosure and the number of goats in the room. Furthermore, in this embodiment, you must have wooden flooring underfoot, when the goats are in an open paddock. It is necessary to ensure that food is not syrel in wet weather.

Young goats create special feeders that fit their growth. The height must not exceed 10 cm and width 20 cm. Put feeders goats separately from adults, because they are young distilled off, thereby not goats gorge.

For the summer season with their own hands you can make portable crib, which may be located next to the goats during walking. The advantage of these nurseries is the presence of the floor and the canopy that will keep the food dry during rainy weather, as well as it can be moved. The frame of the feeder resembles a cot.

There are a number of features that should be considered when creating feeders for goats. First of all, the choice depends on the type of feed:

  • for solid, roughage should be broad and massive;
  • for combined - more than light;
  • for grass hay - long that all the goats were placed immediately.

The height is determined so that the goats were not able to climb or jump into the structure. Typically, the optimum height ranges from one meter or slightly above.

Option feeders French farmers

The main difference between the content of the goats from the Russian economy that in France goats are raised primarily on open pastures. This is due to warmer weather conditions. But the French are also concerned about the creation of feeders for goats when you need to put them in pens.

French version is a wooden box with rectangular windows on both sides. Incidentally, such a design, just do not allow to throw an animal feed on the floor. Top can jump only frisky goats, but that is the desire to avoid the above put a grate or parked ordinary wooden door. Below using a thin iron sheet. It can also be carried in open pens or cages.

The main thing is to choose one feeder, which is suitable for the needs of the pupils and safely proceed to its creation. Goat will be happy.

Types feeders goats and how to make them

Feeders for goats helps conserve food and reduce their losses. Animals eat the bad hay from the ground, often trampling it, which leads to damage of a large part of the feed to avoid this, you need to know how to make a bird feeder for goats. Structure feeders goats will vary depending on the population, its age, the type of feed material. Be sure to install in the barn under the hay manger, a trough for concentrates and meshanok.

The main types of feeders and requirements

Security compliance - the basic requirement in the manufacture of feeders. We need to think how to do to the goat is injured:

  • animals should not prolazili in the trough;
  • there should be no protruding rods, nails or other parts that could cause injury;
  • goats can get stuck;
  • paints and other coatings must be safe.

The simpler the design of the trough - the better. This rule is necessary to take into account during the construction and future operation. Make a bird feeder can be from any of the materials at hand - board, old barrels, metal pipes. But you should consider what type of food you will be using. If you have a large population, it is advisable to use feeders at good volumes - rolls of 400-600 kg. Special trucks are used for laying them. The paddocks are established under special cylindrical feeder roll size, process food problem for the vast population of minutes.

In a small economy make better use of bales of 20-30 kg or Rassypnoe hay. In this case, you can use any type of hinged hopper feeders or standing. Importantly, using forage in bales, remove the rope, as goats eat them often, which leads to blockage.

Wrong type of feeder does not allow to save on the products. If you do not put a manger trough, it will be a great loss of hay and twigs, which tramples animals, mixed with manure. Also in this feed trough it is given, root vegetables, mash and grain. Which saves on space and the number of feeders.

Any type of feeders should be ogradku of poles. The gap between them makes it possible to push the head of the goat, to get food, but prevents the penetration of the animal itself. If used together with the dairy animals are goats, the gap must be of various widths - windows made with an interval of 20 cm at a height of 60cm from the floor, and lowered below the slit in the 10 cm. Young animals can stick your head into a small slot, and the adult first goat pokes his head through the window, and then lowers it below.

How to make your own bird feeders - simple schemes

When choosing a feeder is necessary to consider the area of ​​the barn, your existing livestock, availability of materials, financial opportunities. Also note that you may need to expand (increase the number of goat), then have to redo the construction. Equally important is maintainability - the animals will not have to wait until you can fix the trough, resulting in injury and productivity fall.

The goat's need to have all types of feeders - hay and concentrates, succulent fodder.

Mounted nurseries and other simple designs

This is the simplest and most common model for placing hay or other roughage (breaking, brooms). These feeders are mounted on walls, partitions, doors. This saves materials (half of the design is already available), as well as the floor area.

Corner option for 1-3 goats:

  1. in a corner of the enclosure at a height of 20 cm from the floor beams is fastened to the cross section of 50 mm or board width 100mm and thickness - 30-40 mm. bar length - 40 cm;
  2. at a height above the floor in 100 cm attached another beam parallel to the ground but a length of 80 cm;
  3. bars sew together strips (wedges with a cross section of 20-25 mm) from the lower intervals of 10-12 cm, and the top - 20-25cm.

This design makes it easy to lay the hay and goats to take it in small bundles. Lathing prevents the goat to climb into the trough and contaminate products. Narrow intervals bottom interfere goats.

Other simple models of feeders:

  • wall-mounted grid-netting with the cells of 5-7 cm;
  • plastic barrel with windows of 20x20 cm;
  • bonded together window lathing.

The main disadvantage of all the feeders described above - is a great loss of feed. Small grass fall and trampled by goats, mixed with feces and litter. Animals have this food do not eat. In addition, there are other disadvantages - the plastic side must also be fixed, mesh face rubs goats, and the angular trough has a small capacity and is suitable only for small livestock.

Pristennaja and outdoor combined trough for goats with his own hands

If you decide to engage in goat thoroughly, then fed to the need to step up especially responsible. Feed is a big waste of money - up to 50% or more of the annual budget. Excess feed loss due to improper construction trough further reduces profitability.

Bird Feeder is better placed along the passageway, that you feel comfortable asking food goats and inspect, and once again not to frighten the animal, coming to them in the corral. For its production can be used and the tree (which is accessible, easy handled) and metal (durable, easy to maintain). In the type of construction does not affect the choice of material, so it is described from the feeder circuit boards:

  • height from the floor - 150 cm;
  • length - 30 cm + 15 cm per head;
  • Depth - 20 cm at the bottom, at the top - 50-60 cm;
  • the gaps between the bars - 10-15 cm for dairy goats.

Under the feeder is required to put the tray or trough full length. This is necessary in order to reduce loss of feed - grass is collected in the trough, and then eaten by goats. It is also possible to give such waste goat or other less demanding food cattle. If you plan to give a mash and other wet feeds (silage, chopped root vegetables) in a separate trough, it is possible to produce a pallet of wood. If you have a universal feeder (in the tray are set concentrates, coarse and succulent fodder) it is better to make a metal or thick plastic. Such materials are easier to clean - in the cracks between the boards are collected food particles, causing them to rot.

Attention should be paid to the bars and spaces between them. If you milking goats are separated from the rest of the population, then they fit the width of the slits in the 15-20 cm But the joint breeding adults and young animals, this design is not suitable -. The slot in such a goat pushes its head only, but the kid can climb the whole . In such a case is like another - intervals are made of different sizes at different heights. As used rack rods 20 cm in width, they are installed at intervals of 10 cm. It is the top (100 cm from the floor) the gap is expanded to 20 cm (cut down part of the board). It turns out that there is a goat can pass my head and lower neck of the slot, and the kid in the bottom of the climb can not.

In winter, be sure to let the goats in the corral - fenced area next to the barn for insolation and active physical exercise. On the territory of the enclosure is also necessary to put a feeder for roughage. Its design is identical to the wall, but the approach to the hay in goats must be on both sides. Also it is better to build a roof - to protect against rain.

Excellent street feeders for goats with his own hands can be obtained from plastic barrels. They are suitable for any animals, but are more often used for young animals. You will need a drum volume of 100 liters. Making diametrical symmetrical marks on both ends of the barrel. Now back down on them by 20 cm and a mark up on half the circumference of the top and bottom. Now we need to cut the barrel to get two identical parts. Each of which has a bottom and a side wall.

Now you need to put the rack in the central part of the barrel full to get the height. Great masonry grid with a cell of 100 mm. Hay lay in a bunker from the resulting Half rolls and mesh. Goats will get food through the cell, and eat up the remains of the pallet. Less of this design - easy, adult animals can easily move. Also, there is a roof - so it's best to put under cover.

Corral for goats with his own hands

  • Milking machines for goats with his own hands

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