How to check the stains on the washing machine

How to ring (check) heater washing machine?

When the washing machine suddenly ceases to heat water, it becomes a real problem, since a significant impact on the quality of the wash. In cold water it is impossible to wash off stubborn stains, moreover, it is poorly soluble detergent and laundry after a wash sometimes gets an unpleasant, musty smell.

The reasons for which heating does not occur, there may be several. Most often the case in a crash program module or PETN - tubular heating element. As practice shows, the most common reason - it is the latter. TEN often becomes unusable due to plaque, which occurs under the influence of hard water or low-quality household products.

To learn how to self-diagnose PETN and preventive measures we describe in detail in today's article.

we find TAN

In order to check the serviceability of PETN, you must first gain access to it - and it will require to disassemble washing machine. Most modern models TEN is either in front or at the rear of the chassis. Find it quite easily in three ways:

  • compare the front and rear wall of the unit - which one is better, and beneath that is usually concealed heating element;
  • stiralku flipped on its side and find the heater, removing the bottom thereof;
  • unscrew the top cover and rejecting machine aside detect PETN.

Finding heater, you can immediately dismantle it, but experts advise not to rush into this until you make sure it is a fault. So to start, simply disconnect the wires going to the TENu.

The most affordable way to diagnose problems PETN - is a measurement of its resistance. To define it, we need to find the value of all the elements of the formula:

R = U² / P wherein R - is the resistance, U - voltage, and P - power.

Voltage which is supplied to the heater, the mains voltage is equal to: it usually amounts to 220 volts. Power PETN you can find in the relevant section of the operating manual of the washing machine. If there is such information could not be found - on the Internet there is information about all existing models. Most often it is 2000 watts.

Now substitute the values ​​found, expect, and obtain the required amount. According to our values ​​of R = 220² / 2000 = 24.2 ohms.

The resulting calculation resistance - a measure in which the heating element can operate normally. In case of failure of the heating element resistance can be changed, whereby the interruptions take place with hot water. Test for possible by means of the meter - a device that allows to measure various parameters of the electric current.

Before proceeding with the measurements, make sure that the washing machine is unplugged.

Then adjust the multimeter and start the resistance measurement mode, and set the value to 200 ohms. Attach test leads to the terminals of the heating element. On the screen of the device should appear measurement result.

If the resulting number is equal to or came close to that which we have found the formula, then with Taine's all right. The figure "1" means that breakage occurred inside PETN. "0" is displayed in the event of a short circuit. And in fact, and in another case, the heating element will have to be replaced.

Do not forget to also check the shell itself PETN integrity. How to do this, see the following video.

Is it possible to check the serviceability without special tester?

If the hand is not the meter, you can test the heating element of the washing machine in other ways. The first one does not require disassembly of the unit. To make sure that the heater is functioning properly, run the laundry to the maximum heat mode. Then watch the rotation of the wheel to the meter - if it started to gain momentum, then the heater is likely defective.

The second way to diagnose PETN - is a visual inspection. When the body of the device detected a crack or black spots - heater needs to be replaced.

  • During the installation of the new heating element, or return to the place of the old, thoroughly check the connection - they should be completely sealed, otherwise the life of the heater century (and, perhaps, and all of the washing machine) is very short-lived.
  • Extend the life of heating element life can be, arranging his periodic preventive maintenance. The most affordable way - is citric acid. Simply washing start with an empty tank and covered powder instead couple tablespoons of citric acid. But do so no more than once a year, it may damage the metal parts of the washing machine.

On the other preventive measures you can learn by watching the Ukrainian transmission "All bude good."

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How to check the heater on the washing machine at home

One of the key parts in the washing machine is PETN (tubular electric heaters). Is it from a metal tube, which is located inside the spiral. This spiral under the action of electric current heats. Also, this spiral has a great resistance, which is why an electric current passes, heats it. Between the spiral tube and the entire space is filled with a dielectric of high thermal conductivity.

As you know, heater continuously heats and cools, therefore, Spiral it wears out and loses its original properties, and at one point may completely burn out or close to the body. When this happens the washing machine stops heating the water. If this happens, you should immediately check the heater in the washing machine on the performance. Fortunately, it is very easy to make at home.

How to find a heater in a washing machine

TEN in different washing machines can be located on both the front and rear. Determine where the heating element of a washing machine in one of the following ways:

  • Inspect the back of the washing machine, if the rear wall of the large size, it is likely that the heater is on the back.
  • You can put the machine on its side and see the bottom, where the heater.
  • Well, the most practical and probably 100% way is to remove the back cover of the washing machine, the benefit is removed it is very easy and see if there is a heater. If it even is not there, then fasten it would not be too difficult.

If you have decided on the location of the heating element in the washing machine, then it's time to ring its integrity. Some professionals are advised to remove the heater before prozvanivat, but we personally do not see the point. We think that better to ring out the heater and make sure it is not working properly, and only then take it off and replaced by a new.

Therefore, we shoot it will not, and simply unscrew the wires from it. To do this, use the key or a screwdriver and unscrew the nuts that secure the wire.

We expect resistance PETN

To check the heater on efficiency you need to know how to prozvanivat and what data we navigate. Therefore, before you start to check the water heater, we must first calculate its normal resistance.

The following data we need to calculate the resistance:

  • U - voltage applied to the heater. We have it equal to the voltage of home network, ie. E. 220 V.
  • P - power of PETN. To determine this parameter, check out the instructions on the washing machine and find the power of the instrument. Or you can find on the Internet a washing machine according to the model and know the power there.

Further, according to the formula R = U² / P we get a heater resistance in its operating condition in Om ah. It is this figure and we must show the meter when rung PETN. But first, let's look at an example of how to calculate resistance.

Let us assume that we have seen in the instructions to stiralka that PETN capacity of 2 kV or 1800 watts.

We consider the following formula: R = 220² / 1800 = 26.8 ohms. E. Our working resistance heating element should be 26.8 ohms. Remember this number and go check himself heater.

How to ring heating element in the washing machine

Remove all wires to the appropriate TENu. After that set the multimeter to measure resistance in ohms mode ah at around 200 ohms and attach the ends to the terminals of the heater.

  • The display multimeter should be highlighted figure is close to the settlement, in our case it is approximately 26 ohms. In this case the heater is OK.
  • If the display lights up the meter number 1 - it means that inside the heater broken, and it needs to be replaced.
  • If the display you will see a figure close to 0, which means that the heating element inside the circuit, and it is also faulty.

Let's say that your heater has shown the "correct" the resistance, and hence the coil is not broken inside him. But this verification tubular heater does not end, and you need something else to test, namely:

Checking the heating element at the breakdown in the body

It is possible that the spiral itself and is working, but the faulty insulator, which is located in the space between it and the tube and the passage of electric current can go to the housing of the washing machine, which is very dangerous. Because of this failure can occur even spark a washing machine.

To check the heater on the sample on the body set the multimeter to continuity test mode, in this mode, if the two wires to close the device between a multimeter emits a beep and illuminate indicator.

Next touch one end of PETN multimeter terminals, and the second body or it can be ground terminal.

If the meter beeped, it means your heater broken on the body and must be replaced.

In this simple way you can ping the water heater is not only in the washing machine, but also in the kettle or any other device.

How to check (ping) TEN

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Regarding the breakdown of continuity to ground here is wrong. Punching may not necessarily be short and constantly, "squeaker" and can not be found. But if prozvanivat placing handle multimeter to 2 megohms - this is true. This should show infinity (unit). If there is some value - it is the breakdown on the weight. And he himself will show when heated. And this applies not only PETN, but also transformers, stator and rotor windings of electric motors, etc.

How to check the multimeter heater washing machine

The heating element in the washing machine is one of the main components. Externally it resembles a small diameter tube of metal, inside which is a kind of helix. It is this and is heated as a result of the impact of current. This occurs because of the resistance, which has a spiral. The free space within the heating element is filled with a dielectric, which has a high index of thermal conductivity.

TEN in the washing process is often heated and then cools down. As a result, spiral, located inside the metal tube is gradually worn out and begins to lose its quality. All this leads to the fact that the heating element just does not work. Detail either earthed or burns. The water in the washing process is not heated. If the heater has worn, the element must be replaced. Recover part is simply impossible. However, everyone will be able to check the multimeter heater washing machine.

The various models of washing machines heating element is located either in front or behind. How do we determine the location of PETN? If the rear cover is large, it is here and will be in the heating element. Extremely rare heater is located at the front.

You can also turn the washing machine on its side and look at the bottom, where is the heater. If necessary, remove the back panel of the washing machine. Much difficulty is not a cause. Enough to turn off hardware.

the resistance heating element is calculated as the

To check the heating element in the washing machine, you must know not only how to prozvanivat TEN multimeter, but also an indicator of its resistance. First of all, you should calculate this value. You will need some data:

  1. The voltage is supplied to the water heater. In this case, the index U is equal to - 220 V. This voltage, which is present in the home network.
  2. Capacity PETN - R. To determine this figure will not be difficult. Just look at the manual. Knowing the model of the washing machine, the power of the heating element can be viewed on the Internet.

Having learned all the necessary parameters, it is possible to calculate the resistance - R. For this purpose, there is a formula:

This resistance occurs PETN during use. Measured index R in ohms. If the heating element is a washing machine in good condition, the meter should show the resulting figure.

Once the location has been determined PETN PETN necessary to ring the integrity. Before you check the heating element, many experts recommend to remove it. However, this is not necessary. Suffice it to disconnect the wires from the heating element and to ring him. To do this, unscrew all the screws with a screwdriver or wrench. To ping multimeter heating element, it should be de-energized and disconnected from the mains. Device for determining the resistance should be transferred to the mark of 200 ohms. The ends of the multimeter should be attached to the terminals of the heating element.

  • If the heating element is not defective, then the device will display the value that will be closest to the calculated.
  • If the screen is shown figure 1, it indicates a breakage which has occurred inside of PETN. In this case, the heating element needs to be replaced.
  • If the display reads 0, the short-circuited inside the heating element. Correct such damage can only replacement parts.

Checking the heating element at the breakdown in the body

If the meter shows the correct value, but the water is not heated, you should check the details on the breakdown of the body. With this phenomenon in the washing process can be observed under the appliance sparks. It is very dangerous. To test the meter must be placed in continuity mode. The device must issue a squeak. After that lights come on the multimeter. One end of the device to the terminal, touch heating element, and the second - to the body or to the ground terminal. If the meter has started to squeak, then the heating element is faulty and must be replaced.

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