How to disassemble single-lever mixer

How to disassemble single-lever mixer - features and video

Single lever faucet - this innovation in the sanitary issue, which is widely used for installation in bathrooms or kitchen. Constructively such a device consists of the metal body with a special plate, wherein the mixing of cold and hot water. For the manufacture of such articles using lever ceramic, metal or plastic.

Very popular among consumers enjoy a relatively inexpensive and easy to use single-lever ball valves. But due to the fact that such products have appeared recently on the market plumbing and unfamiliar wide range of consumers, many have a question, how is the disassembly of the mixer and what to do if you need to repair a single-lever faucet?

Variations and particularly single-lever taps apparatus

Before proceeding to the mixer disassembled, it is necessary to understand the principle of the device and its varieties popular type single-lever taps. By design, the device resembles a sanitary tap with a single handle to control hot and cold water, screw fastened by a decorative plate. Due to this structure, at the homeowner should have no problem with the dismantling of such a device. However, we must distinguish between different kinds of mixers, because of this will depend on the sequence of disassembly:

  • Ball valve mechanism;
  • Faucet cartridge as a mixer.

The main element on which is based the principle of operation of the mixer ball - is a small ball, made of metal which is placed in the valve body. The ball has three holes, which are intended to provide hot, cold and mixed water. With this valve device I called ball mixer.

The metal ball is in permanent contact with rubber gaskets that prevent spontaneous passage of water. The effect of such a device is driven by the adjusting rod. Thus to change the water flow pressure changing position of the holes on the ball. By increasing the area of ​​contact holes with rubber seals decreases flow rate, feed water and vice versa. These cranes are very rarely broken through meticulous attention to detail design, and therefore rarely be disassembled.

Cartridge valve, as is evident from its name, for mixing water equipped with a special cartridge a base which includes a ceramic plate. The bottom disc 3 is provided openings, respectively for hot, cold and mixed water. In turn, the upper plate acts as a mixer itself.

The essence of such a system lies in the fact that when the joystick hole locations, depending on the kind of water should be served hot or cold is aligned with the mixing chamber top plate. The smooth movement of the link mechanism is achieved by Special Lubricant silicone based. Lever faucets manufacturers recommended filters provide water supply system that will prevent debris from entering the cartridge and as a result increases the service life of the mixer.

Advantages and disadvantages of lever mixer

Its popularity single-lever mixers have received thanks to the simplicity and ease of use. The design allows the crane in a matter of seconds to perform temperature control of water supplied through the smooth movement of the lever in the desired direction. In turn, the pressure to change the intensity and do not have to turn the valves, all that is needed is to change the position of the pedal is attached to the stem lifting it up or dropping down.

In addition to all single-lever mixers have proven the positive side in terms of service life. The long service life of the device due to the fact that the products are free from the friction of rubber or metal elements, and ceramic cartridge wears out very slowly.

If we consider the ball mixer, then it yields an analog with a cartridge that has rubber gaskets in its design. Therefore, such a device requires regular preventive measures to seal the replacement of at least 1 time in 2 years. Most often, damage linked to exposure to the waste valve in the form of rust or sand, which are always present in the water.

If we consider not expensive cartridge faucet, then he has one problem - the difficulty of adjusting water temperature comfortable. First of all - this is due to a slight change in angle of the joystick position. But considering the problem does not apply to high-priced models in which the setting angle has a wide range that allows you to set a comfortable temperature of water parameters.

How is the dismantling of the crane disk?

In case of failure of plates disposed inside the mixer sleeve must perform a complete disassembly of the crane. But before that you need to prepare a special screwdriver and hex. Also, it is desirable to view a video on how to disassemble the single-lever mixer. The very same disassembly of the crane will be strictly in accordance with the instructions.

  1. A screwdriver or a knife decorative cap removed on the handle mixer dyed blue and red, which indicates the supply water temperature adjustment.
  2. With the help of the hexagon screw loosened fixing the joystick on the adjustment rod.
  3. Performed dismantling of the handle, and then gets out decorative and clamping nut. If the nuts are not hex design, and with special grooves, then you need to be careful when loosening to avoid damaging it.
  4. In the next step take out the mixing mechanism drive. Replacing the toner cartridge is needed only in case of severe wear or leakage is detected last.
  5. Perform the installation of a new cartridge in the faucet body. Clamping nut twists without excessive force, as if it pinched the faucet will run tight. Then put into place a decorative nut and lever pedal. So in the end cap is installed.

Before sent to the store to buy a new cartridge, remove the old and take with you. This is due to the fact that such products are produced with different diameters and methods of fixation. Therefore, without having with the old parts can be purchased inappropriate spare. Also, choosing the right cartridge need to pay attention to those used in seals it. It is desirable to acquire the device with silicone spacers which are less exposed to contaminated water in the domestic water system.

Features of dismantling ball mixer

This model is a single-lever mixer as easy to dismantle as analogue cartridge, particularly when a video of the repair work. It is important to understand that the subject self-repairing minor failure such as decrease in water pressure with the full opening of the mixer or a small leak. More serious problems can be solved by a complete replacement of the product. At the same mesh for cleaning, you need to perform only three manipulations.

  1. Removed the nut mounted on the spout of the mixer.
  2. Mesh stretched and washed under running water.
  3. Nut and the grid is mounted in its place.

In the case of leakage will need to perform replacement of gaskets, which is accompanied by a complete disassembly lever mixer.

  1. Decorative cap removed, unscrew the fixing screw and dismantled lever.
  2. Screwed removed, after which the screwdriver is unscrewed screw. Very often it acquires a scum, which is easily removed with a cloth soaked in vinegar.
  3. Pulled Ball mechanism. Dismantled rubber seals and replaced with new seals.
  4. In its place installed a ball.
  5. Fixing the sealing is performed by a plastic nut. In place of the lever mechanism mounted and fixed screw.

At the end of the tap is done checking for leaks.

It is important not to apply excessive force, as in the manufacture of most of the cranes used in the assembly of silumin lever mixer - brittle material which may break under load. When the cartridge is replaced it is necessary to ensure that the product fully complies with the parameters of broken parts. Before proceeding to the disassembly of the mixer, you need to buy gaskets, sealing tape, and other related materials.

As can be seen dismantling lever mixer quite simple. The main thing is not to rush and remember carefully how and where is this or that detail. After studying, the principle of lever-type and a device of the crane, each householder can cope with its repair or complete replacement.

Self-repair single-lever mixer

Single-lever mixers are attracted to its concise design and ease the flow of water management. Turning on the water, changes in its temperature and pressure - all this with a single turn of the handle. These devices trustworthy, have a solid lifetime - some brand offer a guarantee of 5 years. Nevertheless repair single-lever mixer is needed periodically.

Types of single-lever mixers and their structure

Despite the resemblance rotary or single-lever mixers have two types - the cartridge (cartridge) and ball - a ball inside. Repair can be any one of them, to do this for them to dismantle. And to be able not only to understand, but also to collect, it is desirable to get acquainted with the internal structure of each.

Design may be different, the structure remains the same

Cartridge mixer: structure

Cartridge faucets are so named because the locking mechanism and regulating them hidden in a special flask cartridge. In the more expensive models of mixers cartridge body made from ceramics, in cheaper - from plastic. What good are these models - simple repair, but they are not always easy to achieve the desired pressure - we need tougher control handle. But to change the temperature of the water is very easy - flick of the wrist.

The structure of the single-lever faucet cartridge with a snap. If you go from the top down:

  • Switch with locking screw.
  • Locking (clamping) the nut.
  • Cartridge. In it there is a mixing of water flows, the same device closes the water.
  • The faucet body, in which there is "mounting" a place in the cartridge.
  • Fixing, studs and gaskets to ensure a tight seal.
  • Spout (goose). It may be a separate part - in swivel models for the kitchen or part of the body - for sinks in the bathroom.
  • If the spout is separate from the bottom yet installed gasket and there are still a part of the body.

What it is in the single-lever mixer cartridge

The cartridge itself comprises several (typically 4) ceramic or metallic special shape discs. The upper drive shaft is welded. By varying the position of the stem, change the position of the plates relative to each other, changing the amount of passing water through the holes in the plates.

To tap / faucet worked fine, lapped wafer very tightly. For this reason, cartridge single lever mixers are very demanding on the quality of water. Contact between the plates prying fragments results in that the crane is flowing or ceases to operate. To avoid this, some manufacturers put on the included nozzles filters. But, it is better to put a filter on the water supply and get clean water that can be safely fed to appliances.

Single Lever Ball Faucet

It got its name because of the element in which water is mixed - the ball with cavities. The ball is usually metal, hollow inside. The outer part is polished to a shine. The balloon has three openings - two for entry of hot and cold water, one - to exit already mixed. By ball secured the rod, which extends into the cavity in the handle. This rod is rigidly attached to the ball and there is change in water temperature, its pressure.

The structure of a single-lever mixer with a ball mechanism mixing water

Adjust the parameters of such a device is easier - well lapped parts, moving the handle easily. Faucets with ball mechanism is less critical to the presence of solids, but does not respond very well to the presence of hardness salts and excess iron. So for normal operation, and then require pre-filtration.

How to disassemble and repair the mixer cartridge

Repair of single-lever mixer cartridge is often the bulkhead and purification of O-rings. They are deposited salt accumulates debris and dirt from causing valve starts to leak. To eliminate this trouble, the mixer disassembled, all parts are rubbed against dirt (soap with warm water), rinsed, dried, put in place.

The sequence of installation pieces in single lever mixer cartridge

Let's understand how to dismantle the mixer to the cartridge. First, turn off the water, and further procedure is as follows:

  • Remove the decorative cover, which is located on the handle. It simply podkovyrnut screwdriver.
  • Her hidden screw. Unscrew it with an Allen key and take out.

First, unscrew the fixing screw

Actually all. Single-lever mixer cartridge dismantled. As you can see, not a lot of details. The main working part - cartridge. In it, inside and mixing occurs.

Cartridge itself has a sealing gasket - the rubber at the bottom of the saddle, which provides a snug fit to the housing. Over time, the rubber loses its elasticity and begins to ooze water. If the problem is this, you can first try out the ring and cleaned of salt deposits that have formed on it. Purified detail put into place, check out the work. If the leak is not stopped, it is necessary to change the cartridge.

Cartridges for the "one-armed" mixers

Cartridges for the mixers have different diameters, different inputs and outputs are arranged in its lower part. Therefore, if you need to replace it, first disassembling the mixer, obtain a treasured item and go to the store or on the market with it. Select should be exactly the same model without any deviations. House set in the cartridge body, it slightly turned, until then, until you feel that he "sat down" in place. Next - the assembly, she is in the reverse order.

First, you install the clamping nut. Actually, at this stage, you can check how the new cartridge. Include water, adjusting the temperature of rod and head. To make it more convenient, you can wear on the rod handle. If everything is normal, continue to build.

Dismantle and repair single-lever mixer Ball

Single-lever mixer ball came up a little over 40 years ago. The design is simple and reliable - in fact there is nothing to break. If problems arise, it is only because of the poor quality of water - dirt particles are deposited on the rubber seat on which the ball rests. Contact deteriorates, and leaks water valve starts to leak.

How to disassemble lever ball faucet

Some cranes with ball mechanism is also implemented with a cartridge. Only the plates are not in the cartridge, into a ball. Disassembly of this type does not differ from that described above. All the difference is hidden inside the bulb. There are also other types of cranes. They shut-off ball is directly mounted in the rubber socket. There are some minor differences.

Lever faucet is removed the same way - first shooting cap, then unscrews Allen screw. You pull the lever up, shoot him. After the action is very simple and similar to those described above:

  • Unscrew the cap, preferably hands, as it is usually made of thin metal, it is easy to bend.
  • Unscrew the clamping nut, washer under it is, remove it too.
  • Opened access to the ball. Pull for the stock, take out the ball.
  • Under the ball, there are two saddle with springs to gums tightly to the ball.

Everything was dismantled. Next is a single-lever faucet repair. The idea is that a problem with the fact that the point of contact of the ball and seat accumulated deposits. They should be removed - gently clean off, rub. There can be problems with springs. They also sometimes accumulate dirt, but mostly they just lose their elasticity.

The third source of problems - the ball itself. In general, it must be made of stainless steel, respectively, it just needs to clean from deposits. In reality this is not always the case - there are cheap cranes even with plastic balls or of cheap metal. In this case, there may be peeling surface or other similar trouble. Such a locking element to operate normally will be gone. It should be replaced. With the ball, too, you go to the store, pick up the replacement of a suitable size. Assembling the mixer in the reverse order: the springs of the saddle, the saddle does not place them on the ball, etc. Collecting all the construction, all carefully center - misalignment will lead to rapid wear and valve flow again.

Repair of single-lever mixer with swivel spout

On cleaning the kitchen or bathroom faucets pose with swivel-spout faucet. Periodically it starts to flow out from under him. The locking mechanism in this case is not at fault, just laying lost elasticity or dry lubricant.

Repair of single-lever mixer with swivel spout

In this case, disassembling the faucet as described above, then the shoot by pulling the spout up. You take away all of the old gasket. If they are baked onto, you can use a flathead screwdriver or knife blade. You have to take them off, but they still must be replaced. Removing the pads pick up new ones. It is desirable that they are made of silicone, not rubber. Silicone is more resilient, longer retains its properties, better tolerate contact with water.

New sanitary pads lubricate with silicone grease, set in place. Installing the spout in place. It must be good to pin down, so he ran into the union nut on the mixer body. Next - build the rest of the mechanism.

How to disassemble single-lever mixer yourself at home

To date, these mixers, such as cranes, "herringbone" or wall cranes are irrelevant, it is to replace the old new - single-lever mixers. These devices fit perfectly into the modern design kitchens or bathrooms. With each passing day, gaining its popularity, single-lever mixers are displaced from the line of conventional cranes, because innovation plumbing have a universal body with a plate serving as a lever in the body there is a process of mixing hot and cold water. Produce data from metal, ceramics, sometimes from plastic. But despite the good quality of such cranes is also broken. How to disassemble single-lever mixer and fix it we will look at in detail in this review.

Single-lever mixers - an innovation in the field of sanitary ware, taps universal for the modern kitchen or bath.

Each unit has the properties break down, fail, so in order to know exactly how to fix it, broken taps, you need to understand the types of mixer.

Developed two types of single-lever mixers.

  • Apparatus ball type. The main portion and the feature of this category is a metal ball located in the valve body and having a plurality of apertures. The first is to select cold water, hot second and third compartment are mixed prior types of water, thereby creating a mixed stream. Presented container inside a metal sphere is called "mixing chamber." Saddle - rubber seals, working closely with internal ball.

Apparatus ball type

To turn on the tap, using the adjustment rod. This part controls the supply water flowing through the metal ball holes, also responsible for the head. For example, in the case if the area of ​​the contacting openings will expand, the water flow will decrease, in the reverse process, with decreasing area, the pressure increase. Ball mixer rarely disappoints its owners malfunction or nonconformity because of its precise and sophisticated design. This type is the most popular.

The design of ball type

  • Cartridge device design. If used as in the preceding metal ball, in this embodiment, the cartridge is replaced with two complementary ceramic plates. The cartridge is divided into several parts: 1) The bottom of the opening 3 done for water flow; 2) The upper part serves for mixing these three species. A system of this mixer combination is one of the apertures of the cartridge bottom of the plate with the upper part of the upper mixing disc, when the joystick is moved both parts must be connected tightly. In order to avoid unforeseen problems with mixer, use special filters are mounted, they protect the structure against ingress of solid elements.

Mixer Cartridge structure

Kitchen Faucets with a tap for drinking water. How are these mixers? What is the cost and how to choose? Answers in a special publication of our portal.

How to disassemble the faucet lever: the sequence of actions

So how do disassembled single-lever mixer? A similar question is raised by many who do not know what is in the bathroom faucet. Crane apparatus we analyze in detail a specific example.

How is the dismantling of a single-lever mixer

disc type device comprises:

  • handle;
  • Jet regulator;
  • Ceramic cartridge;
  • housing;
  • Fixing brackets;
  • Flexible rod liner water.

Table 1. Single-lever mixer disassemble: sequence

When buying a new cartridge grab the old drive to accurately select the desired item, do not make a mistake in the process of dismantling and subsequent repair. Choose construction made of silicone material, as it is more reliable.

Old disk cartridge device

Next, let's talk about how to dismantle the mixer ball. Disassembly of the ball product is no more difficult the previous tap. What should be taken into account is the fact that the serious problems or error, you must become a complete replacement of the mixer. For example, if you notice that the stream of water is small and weak when the tap is turned on, then nothing to worry about - this is a common problem, so you can eliminate the damage yourself, disassembling the mixer. The most common reason, the problem described above, the conventional crane clogging.

Parsing the ball mixer

How to disassemble the faucet lever ball, see below.

  • Remove the faucet nut in place of discharge;
  • Pulling, inside mesh well washed;
  • After washing, the return and fix everything as it was before.

Remove the nut on the tap site drainage

Another problem in the ball valve can be rubber seals. They should be replaced using the (already known), a screwdriver and a hex wrench.

  • Twisting the set screw, the lifting arm;
  • Compounds placed inside, are removed from the thread, unscrews the screw with a screwdriver. Sometimes it may accumulate dirt, coating, cleaning is required.
  • Along with the extraction of the ball, a release liner with subsequent replacement by new rubber seals;
  • After replacing the bulb return to its rightful place. And strengthen the new seals, plastic nut;
  • The lever screw fixed back. All work performed check valves are open. If the repair was successful, the water will no longer flow.

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  • In order not to write in search engine queries like: "How to disassemble lever mixer" is necessary to carry out preventive maintenance of its sanitary design. Under this condition, ball or joystick products, have worked for a long time without unexpected breakdowns.
  • When buying new parts, bring your old parts of its crane to accurately select their replacement.
  • The device faucet requires accurate process of disassembly, assembly and repair. If you deviate from the accepted rules of the repair process, there will likely complete unsuitability of water technology.
  • Each of the species described in the article, has many advantages, although they have different design, reliability of each is the same, so do not break your head over those who give their preference. Choose any, each of which will last a long time with proper care.

  • Single-lever faucets are the most profitable and high quality;
  • Disassemble and reassemble the crane does not take much, if you look at their device;
  • For long-term use of cranes is necessary to monitor and care for inside the device.

Quality single-lever faucet

How to disassemble single-lever faucet in the bathroom: a video lesson

This video for step by step instructions of disassembly and assembly design single lever faucet in the bathroom, can explain the process more precisely and concretely. Seeing with your own eyes, the repair will go much faster and more correct. On many video inventory you get a large amount of useful video instructions, including how to disassemble the faucet in the bathroom dvuhventilnye type. Enjoy watching.

No! I have leaked over the spout, under the "glass", in which the cartridge! If you can give advice on what you can do everything else correctly!

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