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Feeder for squirrels with their own hands: instructions

Quite a few owners of urban real estate today often try to be farther away from the bustle of the metropolis. Nature allows you to breathe fresh air, and if your site is located near the park area or forest, you can watch the squirrels, because friendship with these small animals gives a lot of pleasant moments for both adults and children.

Proteins - friendly and very curious animals, which are quite often settle near the man, if not see this danger. You can attract squirrels to your site, it is built on a feeding trough for these animals. You can do it yourself.

If you decide that you need at the site manger for proteins, it is necessary to begin to think of what material is best to carry out the construction. In nature, these animals inhabit in the hollows of trees, conifers. That these varieties and should be preferred. You can use aspen or birch, but this option is risky. If you build a bird feeder out of poplar, it will definitely be empty.

Feeder for squirrels can be built only after you manage to prepare all the necessary tools, such as:

Only then you can start working.

If you want to make a reliable and durable feeder, it is possible to prepare edged boards whose width is 30 cm, while the thickness is equal to 1.8 cm. The drawing does not need to be, because the design is fairly simple, and its production is not accompanied by difficulties.

To carry out the work necessary to measure 55 cm boards and saw off workpiece. The rear wall of the trough should have the following dimensions:. 55 x 30 cm It is necessary to measure the top and bottom 5 cm These parts will be useful for fixing the structure to the tree.. Sidewalls are prepared so that eventually succeeded in obtaining two parts with identical dimensions: 45 x 25 cm.

When arranged inside the partition, should prepare a part with dimensions of 20 x 25 cm. The top cover feeders must have a square shape with a side of 30 cm. With respect to the bottom, then the size of 25 x 30 cm. Feeder for proteins may have small steps, for its manufacture must prepare two plates. In the upper left part of the facade is necessary to make a hole for entrance, its diameter must be approximately 8 cm.

Manufacture all parts is possible without drawing. In the next step would be to collect design is necessary. The items are well treated sandpaper to proteins do not hurt yourself. The basis of the house going with glue, and then everything can be fixed with screws. If the adhesive has a rather persistent and pungent odor, it is necessary to refuse its application.

Feeder for proteins can be made even with the application of logs. In diameter it must be 40 cm. In the first phase saw off circle, the thickness of which is 4 cm, it will serve as a lid. Another detail - a 40-cm piece of wood that form the basis of design.

In POLENOV hollowed cavity, its size must be such that the wall thickness and the bottom was 3 cm. In the next step the master to do the input, nail cover and strengthen a thick branch of the entrance porch. This trough will look the most natural, so it can be placed on any site, and contrary to its design, the design will not go.

Feeder for squirrels with their hands may well be performed. After completion of the work should not have to cover it with varnish and decorate it just scare animals. Naturalness here attractive. When mounting design must take into account the following rules.

Feeder must be 5 m from the ground, it will ensure the safety of proteins, so the positioning structure is not recommended below. The inlet should be oriented to the south or east. The most frequent wind direction in the area point to the correct location of the structure. When fixing the feeders is necessary to protect the trees, so the design must be bolted rather than nailed.

Production of the feeder box

Feeder for squirrels with your own hands can be made of the usual box, this option will be much simpler than the one described above. For work should be prepared:

As the only differences between feeders protein from feeders feathered protrude dimensions. "Stolovaya9raquo; for the protein will be a few more input she also larger. Rodents, however, can extend entrance to the bird's feeding trough close. Produce design can be out of the box, but if tits and sparrows are great bags of milk, the protein should be selected for larger containers. For example, fit a box from under the kettle.

On the sides should be cut inputs through which the animals will climb inside. To the upper wall of reinforced rope. For this purpose in the housing bore holes through which vdevayutsya ends of the rope. On the reverse side you need to tie knots. On this we can assume that the feeder is ready, it can now be hung from the tree.

Feeder for squirrels, photo which you can find in the article, can be made more and plywood. Additionally, you should use wooden pallets with boards. Two pieces of plywood to fix studs with each other at the top. They are nailed to the edges of the pan. Such a feeder may not only be hung on the tree, but also installed on the low post. According to it, animals will climb to the top.

To make a bird feeder can be more, and corn cob. He threaded the rope through or acute females, one of which is strengthened by the tree. The convenience of such feeders is that the tits and the pigeons will not be able to steal this food, because for them it is too hard. As practice shows, for proteins is not very important size of the trough, most attract animal hazelnuts, pine nuts, dried mushrooms, oats and flax seeds and sunflower. The most difficult time for these animals is early spring, as the reserves of nuts and seeds begin to germinate, so become unfit for human consumption.

Fabrication of a glass feeder banks

Feeders for squirrels with your hands, a photo of which are presented in the article, can be made from glass jars. Such an arrangement allows a person to watch the squirrels, and the design is very convenient for the animal itself. This lure will accrue only proteins, large birds can not steal food.

For work, use a normal bank, which will improve the transparency of the review. To create additional feeders need to prepare:

Preparing the wood, you have to consider that the length of the workpiece should be 180 cm. Its walls, drill 2 holes, perfect diameter in this case would be 15 cm. In the central part of the board cut another hole, which could enter the neck of the jar. Before you make a bird feeder for squirrels, you should be aware that from time to time there will still be to penetrate the bird. Therefore, the design should be made collapsible, because her from time to time it is necessary also to clean.

a variety of materials are often used to conduct described in the article works. For example, if you apply the carton, you should be prepared for the fact that it would last only for a season. Whereas if you want to make the design of fixed and durable, it is necessary to use the wood.

When made feeder for squirrels with his own hands made of wood, it can contain a ladder structure of a protein which will be taken up. As an alternative solution can also perform plastic bottle small. Its amount may be from 2 to 5 liters.

How to make a bird feeder for squirrels or Belchanka 1.0

The task was to make a comfortable manger, without spending money, which che arrives. In our blessed country to find free classifieds, slightly discolored, but it is the whole and fit, does not make any difficulty at all, even in the center of cities. And that's cool, Russia forward. However, the board of which I am the city manger were imported from another country houses, where we went on a Saturday, because still had to be and at the same time too, and the board took. But before that I was in a couple of strange places, and saw the pile of scraps, it was just too lazy to dig them out of the snow.

On Sunday, the feeder was done in 3 hours. So long because for the first time, and because the board had to wash off mud and cement stains. Unplaned boards, this is normal, so it will be less frightening animals novelty and smells.

Installation sidewalls -

The roof is similar to the size of the base - 450h450. For accurate positioning and bonding of boards - are attached inside dies.

Without a cat - anywhere. But settle it there was not given, so as not nailed smell.

Here's a simple look will prevent the feeder from assholes and will not scare the animals paint smells of varnish and so on.

Visible at the rear mounting holes

Well, do not prevent a number of files in to post a reminder here, drawn by myself for an hour picking in the internet on demand "than to feed a squirrel." Because, it turns out, not at all important nutrition nuts protein.

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How to make a bird feeder for squirrels

Creating feeders for squirrels is the ideal solution for those who love these cute, furry animals, observe that very interesting. Probably many noticed on the trees in the parks nice houses, bird feeders, due to which the squirrel can eat well even in winter, when the edible find very difficult. Great homemade feeder not only help little animals to get rid of hunger, but also become a decoration for the yard.

When the device feeders proteins, it is not recommended to use toxic materials with strong odors that can scare the animal.

Make a house for squirrels with your hands is not as difficult as it seems, however, will have to work hard. further described species trough is especially common in Europe, and this is not surprising, because it looks good and is easy to take the animal food.

This organization feeders helps to ensure that food is only getting any proteins, rather than large birds that often steal food from others' feeding areas.

For the first method of construction is necessary to find an ordinary glass jar. Its transparency will play into the hands - can be seen as a squirrel sitting inside and eating peanuts. The great advantage is the fact that the bank will be able to climb only a protein, that is, food does not get to the birds, who are often involved in this robbery. Therefore, if in the yard or garden has space length bait feathered friends, it is recommended to place the feeder away.

To create a need:

  • wooden board length 180 centimeters;
  • screws;
  • glass jar;
  • line;
  • saw;
  • sandpaper.

So, in wooden walls necessary to make holes on the sides of such a size that the squirrel could climb inside. The ideal diameter is more than fifteen centimeters. At the center of plates have to make a big hole in which the crawl through the neck of the jar. All very simple.

Only here the birds, again, can be a problem - to get into the trough to keep warm, so I have to periodically clean out droppings and feathers. The main thing is that the squirrels will be happy!

The second method of manufacturing a trough

How to make a house for proteins differently? This method is much more complicated previous. We need natural materials, which will surely attract the furry rodents.

Tools needed for construction:

Drawing a wooden trough with dimensions.

  • a hammer;
  • hacksaw, wood;
  • drill;
  • nails and screws;
  • screwdriver;
  • wooden board;
  • bar or mounting plate;
  • waterproof glue.

To the creation of a future haven for protein caused the minimum number of difficulties and inconsistencies before work necessary to make a qualitative drawing, in which all parameters of the house will be taken into account.

What should be in the drawing?

Size can be selected independently, approximately thirty centimeters long and forty wide. It should be well thought out for the strengthening of the trough.

The facade is necessary to saw the round hole 8.10 cm in diameter, which serve as the entrance to the feeding trough.

The use of toxic materials is better to exclude, as a strong smell of specific proteins to their liking is not necessary. We must work very carefully scrutinize the material, because you can leave sharp items that are traumatic for the animal.

The first thing to do - to transfer the drawing on the results of material to work with (wooden board). Using a hacksaw on a tree will make the cutting of the material as accurate. When all of the future house prepared to work hard on each item separately.

"Dancer" in the fa├žade have to do a round hole (about ten cm), which will serve as the entrance to the feeding trough. The next step - the attachment of the facade of a small band called the balcony. This shelf is as follows: wooden beam, similar to the level of, or attached to the timber portion of the board to increase the ledge. Fixed structure with nails or screws, the choice of the master.

On to strike the side of the shelf - it must be located just below the entrance to the house, but so as not to overlap the inner structure. Otherwise, little animals will not be able to go down to the depth of the trough.

To attach the shelves, again, will need screws or nails. They must be fastened on the outside of the building element.

So, you can begin to build! Very soon, a good house for the protein to be ready!

First you need to fill two mounting brackets on the rear of the trough along the edges of the inner side. The same is done with the part of the facade. At this stage it is necessary not to forget to provide clearance to install the side walls.

For the manufacture of such feeders suitable log or the stump about half a diameter of 35-40 cm trunk.

When they are fixed, flat rear wall placed at a solid surface on stuffed strap that strengthen the sides. There can not do without screws and screwdriver, a lot of time to perform this step is not required. As a result, the design should be formed in the shape of the letter "P", when viewed from above. Further facade is secured in the same manner as the rear wall. Then installing the roof and floor, and then the master will have to work by the installer.

Securing the house will be held with a clamp or wire. By the choice of location for belchatnika is to approach responsibly. If you do not want to spoil the tree, you can search for this, which will be part of the dead, then no harm will be done to the tree. It is recommended to place a house where the vegetation more respectively less noisy. Due to this factor, the squirrel will not feel some danger. A suitable height ranges from three to six meters. To avoid injury when fixing, it is not necessary to neglect safety measures, ie insurance. It is better not to work alone. In the process do not forget to periodically check the drawing and a few times to take measurements, to avoid stupid mistakes, because of which all the construction can go wrong.

That is all, lovely house will please both people and protein!

The third way for those who love the originality!

Some like something unique, they want to make in your yard or garden as many unusual and beautiful than you can brag to your neighbors. You can grow exotic flowers, or do the figures of the stones decorating their perfect lawn, but not it better to combine business with pleasure? Feeder for squirrels is not only ideal for the cozy garden, but also become a refuge for forest animals!

And how to make the original bird feeder? You can build a house just out of the old stump, or even to place it inside the tree.

Well, an old stump is found high. What to do next? It should be cut inside the hollow. For this is a neat cut on the upper surface of the stump to ground, which will set the future roof is flat. Further work will also be carried out from above - it is necessary to do a cavity. Switch to the side where cuts through a medium-sized hollow for the animal, and on top of all this we close the roof. Yes, the time and energy to the whole process will take a lot, but the builder will be fully satisfied with the work done.

Arrange a bird feeder in the tree will be somewhat easier, but also require effort. There can not do without a chainsaw. Upper cut and not have to do the roof. First, cut it to the hollow part of the dead tree, just for this purpose and need a chainsaw and drill (recommended drill size - thirty millimeters) and attachments for them. Then, the finishing touches are: to carry out cleaning in practical house and protect the finished input. That's all in this building completely natural and original feeders come to an end.

There is a little secret: the proteins is very picky in choosing wood for housing. They give a clear preference for coniferous (spruce, pine), oak, birch and aspen. Do not forget at least once a year by a small cleaning. All very simple - from feeders need to throw all the rubbish that had accumulated for many months, and placed inside a dry moss or leaves, which will serve for animals litter.

In general, all is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Remember: natural wood, no paint or varnish, accurate drawing, high-quality tools. The most important thing - it is to want to start and do not neglect all the tips. Well, still find free time and recharge your enthusiasm. The award will provide the knowledge that you have created yourself and let a small, but the house and the little cute animal, soon to be interested in your property, it will be a regular visitor.

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