How to calculate electricity

How to calculate the consumption and electricity costs. C. examples

If you decide to change the wiring, or use of alternative energy sources there is a question how to calculate electricity consumption in your home. The calculation of this is needed to select the section of the cable for wiring or power autonomous generator, such as a solar-powered.

The challenge: how to calculate the power consumption seems simple - to lay down the power consumption of the passports of all appliances and multiply by the number of hours of work. But for the calculation it is necessary to take into account also the starting loading, which induction-type customers is the same as when working and for equipment such as a capacitor - a lot more.

By induction devices are those that give off heat during operation - incandescent, irons, stoves. To a capacitor - a refrigerator, a TV, washing machine, in which the starting power is 2.5 - 3 times higher in said passport. For example, take 6 users:

  • Electric cooker - 500 W;
  • Lamp - 15 W, 10 pieces;
  • iron - 2300 W, heating for 10 minutes per hour;
  • Refrigerator - 170 W;
  • TV - 200 W;
  • washing machine - 1000 watts.

Power consumption in this case is ((500 + 15 * 10 + 2300/6) + 2.5 * (170 + 200 + 1000)) / 1000 = 4.46 kW.

This number should be increased by 10% to create a reserve stock. Thus, the required power - 4.9 kW.

How many will have to pay or how to calculate the cost of electricity?

For a given value of home ownership depends on the amount of consumption during the month and the tariff. How to calculate the payment for electricity should be aware of all the owners of the premises. Price per 1 kW / h, or the electricity tariff is made up of three components:

Specifically, the price of the released electric power set regional energy commission once a year. Now in all regions of established social norm of electricity consumption. Take for example the price per 1 kW / h in rubles, established in Moscow in 2014 - 4.01 for a single-rate meter and 4.60 day, 1.56 at night - for two-tariff.

  1. Indications individual counter, paid - 5882 (at the end of the previous month) to subtract from the current indications - 6099. It will turn consumption of 217 kWh per month. Multiplying 217 by 4.01 we get the size of payment - 870.17 rubles.
  2. The same for two-tariff meter consumption is distributed as follows in the afternoon - 142 kW, at night - 75 kW. The amount of payment 142 * 4.60 + 75 * 1.56 = 770.20 rubles.
  3. If the region has a consumption rate in this case on the number of family members, it is equal to 150 kW. Payment at a rate of 4.01, more than the norm - 5.90. Calculation is performed as follows: 150 * 4.01 + 67 * 5.90 = 996.80 Ruble.

The task: how to calculate the electricity - not a very complicated thing to count correctly and in time to pay.

How to calculate the power consumption: tips

Each property owner will inevitably faced with a cost item as utilities. Some owners may appear suspicions that supplied in the apartment or house sources of livelihood, overspending for the month. To be able to control this process, you must know the technology, how to calculate the power consumption.

It is possible to identify devices that are responsible for large accounts. In carrying out the correct calculation you can develop a plan to reduce costs. The technology of this process will be discussed in detail below.

Before you calculate the power consumption should be familiar with some features which has a modern electrical engineering. Scientific developments in the field of search technology budget led to the creation of instruments and tools, which consume considerably less energy than their predecessors.

For example, Soviet refrigerator required 2 times more energy than contemporary variety with similar characteristics. So the first thing you should pay attention to is at what devices are installed in the apartment. If they are old-fashioned, you must develop a plan for their gradual replacement by new equipment.

Today to determine the energy-saving qualities of the instrument there is a certain scale. It includes the letters A, B, C, D. The first letter indicates the most economical device characteristics. If the device contains the G letter, is a technique that uses a lot of electricity.

There are several ways to calculate the energy consumption in the home. The first of these involves the definition of power household appliances. How to calculate the power consumption of power, should be considered in more detail.

For representation techniques you need to create a table which will list all electrical consumers that are in the apartment. Next, you need to write, according to the manufacturer's instructions, the power to all units.

Next, the power summation. That will have a value of how much electricity require all electrical appliances, if they work at the same time. However, this situation is extremely rare. Each type of equipment is only a certain amount of time. Therefore, the real consumption differs significantly from the nominal value declared by the manufacturer.

There is a certain technique to help understand how to calculate the power consumption. The formula in this case is quite simple. It looks like this:

P = M * B * C, where P - power consumption by the consumer for the month M - power devices, - the operation of the device in the day, - the number of days that have served equipment.

In the table are made close to the real power consumption values ​​for each appliance. Calculations are made on the basis of testing and reporting instructions for each device.

The use of a special device

Wondering how to calculate the power consumption of the power equipment, you should consider the option of using special meters. There are stationary and local varieties such equipment.

In the first case the metering device is directly mounted in the switchgear panel. It measures the power consumption of all devices connected to the common point powering.

The local unit is designed to control each individual piece of equipment. On the one hand, you can get real information on the consumption of electricity or other device, but on the other - would have to consider the total value of all measuring instruments. The best option is selected owners of the house on their own, at their discretion.

In the modern home or apartment, there are several major electricity consumers. They work almost every day, thus accounting for the largest part of the total costs to pay for energy.

The first step is to allocate the refrigerator. He plugged in 24 hours a day. His work, of course, controlled by special devices. But this is one of the major consumers of electricity. Next on the list is an electric boiler (if there is one in the apartment). It also occupies a significant place in the overall cost. After these two devices follow: a computer, a TV, as well as lighting.

To understand how to calculate the energy consumption for lighting, as well as the operation of all household appliances, it is necessary to pay special attention to the main consumers. It should also be noted that during the heating season, many owners, this list is supplemented also electric heaters, radiators and other similar appliances.

It should be noted that in the event of cost overruns of electricity, as well as the need for measures to reduce electricity costs, it is first necessary to pay attention to the type of devices used in everyday life. A striking example may be the lighting.

To understand how to calculate the power consumption of the lamp power, you should compare different devices. Older varieties of lighting consume much more resources. For example, to illuminate a small room formerly used incandescent lamps with approximately 100 watts.

Today, for such purposes other devices used. Saving lamp capable of delivering the same radiation flux as represented by the device may consume but with only 15 watts.

If you add up the sum of all old-style consumer, applied in an apartment, and then calculate the savings from the use of LED, fluorescent lamps, the choice will be obvious.

Today, there is not, perhaps, not a single family that does not use the refrigerator. This equipment is considered to be one of the major consumers of electricity. Therefore, when designing engineers are trying to find as more economical principles of its operation.

Many manufacturers indicate the average value of energy resources, which refrigerator can consume in a year. This is the number of small models is about 250 kW, and for the volume models - up to 500 kW. Monthly consumption, respectively, of 21 and 45 kW.

To make it easier to understand how to calculate the power consumption, it is necessary to consider the average values ​​consumed by home appliances under normal conditions. The average PC consumes in a month about 30 kW when working around 2 hours per day.

Washing machine can consume at 4 washings per month on the average time of around 10 kW. But with increasing frequency and intensity of its action, this figure will increase.

Iron and kettle are at the same level of energy consumption. They are used less frequently. But even boil them Maker 5 times a day, a month, you can pay for 20 kW of electricity. Iron same that is used 6 times in a month, able to consume 15 kW in 30 days.

These facts should be taken into consideration, making calculations of electricity consumption. If the hosts began to come big bills for energy, you should know how to calculate the power consumption. This will help to reduce costs in the future.

power calculation: method 4

power calculation must be carried out correctly in this age of humanity depends on the availability of electricity. Televisions, computers, refrigerators, microwaves, kettles, washing machines - all this will only work on electricity. And, of course, this resource is not free for us. Each person pays monthly a certain bag of money for electricity. However, the calculation of this service, many raised questions. The fact that there are several payment options for the distribution of electricity. Today we will tell you on what formula to consider this service is in your case.

Calculation of the electricity in the apartment with individual meter

Our apartments can not do without a number of public services we all use water and electricity, and there are not many homes without a gas. And for all these services we have to pay.

Many people ask: "How to calculate the electricity?". All depends on the meter you pay for this service or not. Of course, in most cases, to establish an individual device that will record the consumption of electricity, you'll be cheaper. Many people have already got this useful and necessary mechanism. Therefore, there is a counter to begin with, we offer a look at how to calculate electricity if in your apartment.

Let's imagine that by removing from the counter, you have seen that in the past month has been used 400 kW, while the tariff for electricity in your area is 2 rubles per kW. Thus, this month for electricity in your apartment, you pay 800 rubles.

You may ask how we have calculated this figure? In fact, count in this case electricity is easy. To do this, have their own formula. Example of calculation you have already seen, so let's see the formula itself.

There are special formulas for the calculation of electricity

How is electricity on the counter:

  1. First of all, you need to take readings from the meter. In this case, the red tsiferka that is constantly spinning, is not considered.
  2. Next you need to remember the following formula: P = VxT. Where T - is the tariff in your area for a fee, and the V - these are the kilowatts that you have used in the past month.
  3. Thus, you need to multiply the reading from the meter, at the rate at which you pay your utilities.

Pay over the counter you will calculate the same formula, whether in Ukraine, Russia and Byelorussia. FINANCE each country supports such a system of calculation. Kyivenergo also advises to use this formula.

How to calculate the electricity if there is no counter

However, it is not all installed meters in their apartments. Therefore, there is an option where you can calculate the rate of payment of utility services, even if you do not have the device for calculating electricity.

Alternatively, when your house is no counter is useful when you power consumption for the month exceeds the norm. In this case, your payments will be lower. However, if you do not spend as much electricity, do not install the counter, you will overpay. So let's look at an example of how to calculate the electricity, if you do not count.

If your house live two people, and each month is calculated to 60 kWh of electricity and the tariff price of two rubles for a month to pay for the cost of your ticket will be 240 rubles.

How to calculate the service in this case? This formula is not as simple as the previous one, but picking up a calculator, you can do it with such calculations easily.

we can calculate the electricity even if the counter is not

How to make a calculation to know how much to pay for the light this month:

  1. First of all, you need to calculate the number of people living in your home. This takes into account both adults and children.
  2. Next, you need to figure out how much electricity a month falls on each person. The figures may vary depending on the region.
  3. Now we need to make calculations using the formula F = nxNxT. In this case, n - is the number of people living in the apartment, N - is the amount of kilowatts, designed for each person, and T - is the cost of one kilowatt.

According to this formula is not necessary to calculate the monthly payment for electricity. You just need to figure out once the amount, and it will remain so for as long as one of the parameters in your formula will not change.

How to calculate the electricity at the public counter

Now, the state requires that we pay for electricity in the common areas, but rather for the entrance. It's certainly not very pleasant novelty, but from it can not escape. The fact that we use the elevator, the light in the hallway, on the street and the attic. For all this, someone needs to pay. Therefore, and we have to pay for such services.

Here, too, there are two scenarios: when the common parts is, and when it is not. Since many homes have already set themselves such an instrument, we suggest that you first calculate the payment on a house, if the electricity meter is.

Let's say you took readings with common parts, and received 20,000 kW. Readings from all individual meters was 12,000 kW. Those who do not use the meter, consumed 7 kW per month. The area of ​​the apartments together is 5000 square meters. m. The total area of ​​one apartment is 40 m. The price per kW is 2 rubles. Count in this case would be as follows: ((20000-12000-7000) x 45/5000) x 2 = 18.

As you can see the formula is quite complicated, it uses a lot of numbers. Moreover, as many as two. Let's look at the rules of this calculation.

Before you calculate the energy of the public counter, you must take off his testimony

How to count the payment for electricity obschedomovoe:

  1. First, you need to take readings with the common parts. You also need to take readings from the meter in each apartment, and find out how much you have apartments without meters.
  2. Now you need to measure the total area of ​​all the apartments in your home. To do this, measure the area of ​​each apartment separately, and the results are added.
  3. After you find out all received metrics are computed according to the formula: V1 = (Vd - Vschet - Vo) x S1 / Sob. Therefore, Vd - this is a common component, taken from obschedomovogo counter, V account - this is a common component removed from all of individual counters flats void - a measure of the sum of all the apartments, which is not paid to the counter, S1 - is the total area of ​​one apartment, Sob - a total area of ​​all apartments.
  4. Once you have received the result of the previous calculation formula, you need to calculate the amount of payment for services. For this Pod Vod = V x T. There is one-last calculation result of the formula and T - price of the fare.

The formula is really quite complicated and confusing. Therefore, usually it calculates one person. However, you can sometimes use it on their own and to check the veracity provided by you to pay for a receipt. To make it easier to count all values, you can use the online account of public services, there is a table with values. With such a device, you can calculate not only the cost of its services, but also to calculate the savings compared to the previous month.

How to pay for the light, if the house is not common parts for electricity

It does not always have common parts in their homes. Scrip calculation formula for payment in this case will be easier. However, in the absence of common parts, you will not be able to save electricity in the porch. No matter how much you do not use it, it will still be one tariff.

If the specification obschedomovoy energy per square kilometer in your area. m is 1 kWh, the price per kWh of energy is equal to 2, the total area of ​​all the apartments is equal to 5,000 square meters. m, one flat area is 50 sq. m, and the total area of ​​the common areas of 500 square meters. meters, then the calculation is as follows: (1h500h50 / 5000), X2 = 10.

This calculation is also performed under two formulas. However, it is easier and does not require much time. In addition, calculating the cost of payment for entrance once, you can use this value as one of the indicators of the formula does not change its value.

The calculations in the absence of common parts for electricity is quite simple

Let's see how to calculate obschedomogo electricity without meter:

  1. To start, you need to figure out a standard of energy consumption per square meter, there are in your area.
  2. Next, you need to calculate the total area of ​​all the apartments in the house. You also need to calculate the average footage of one apartment. And to know the area of ​​the common areas.
  3. Now it is necessary to make calculation by this formula: V1 = Nod xSobsch hSo.kv / S vol. In this formula, Nod - a standard of electricity per square kilometer. meter public, Sobsch - a public area of ​​the premises, So.kv - is the area of ​​one apartment, Sob - that the total area of ​​all apartments.
  4. Now you need to make a simple calculation of P1 = V1hT. Here, the V1 - is the amount of public electricity per apartment, and T - tariff for utilities.

As you can see, the calculations in this case are simple. But then again, you will not be able to pay less than the state standards for two-tariff package.

What to do and how to calculate electricity without reading from the meter

Sometimes the counter case of some malfunction. In this case, to resolve the problem on it, you will not be able to pay, but there are several options on how to pay for electricity - this time.

Payment of electricity at the time of the fault counter:

  1. Readout imposed electricity supplier. If you do not have time to produce them on time this month that you will pay on average readings of electricity consumption of your apartment. To do this, utilities will remove evidence from the documentation that you have provided the last six months, and will provide for payment resulting figure.
  2. If your meter is broken, then you will be from the date of failure of this device to pay for average performance, the calculation of which will occur on the testimony of the last six months. However, this tariff will be valid only for three months, if not a problem with the meter is resolved, you will be in the payments according to the norm.
  3. Periodically check the distribution and sales representatives in the apartment of the counter. If you do not allow them for three months, then you are transferred to payment according to the standards.
  4. In that case, if you are moderately broken meter, or carried electricity from the other apartments, you will be charged a receipt which you will be representative of the distribution and sales, and, it will include all the devices in your home as if they are constantly working.

Thus, it is better to watch your meter, and if it breaks in time to apply to the public service. Otherwise, you may experience problems.

The correct calculation of electricity (video)

calculation of payment for electricity - this is quite a complicated process. However, having got used to it, you will not experience any difficulties.

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