How to regulate the plastic window

How to adjust the plastic windows independently

Nowadays, people are actively replace the old wooden frame on the euro windows. Convenient modern designs collected in plastic and metal, are reliable and durable. They just closed and provide a high level of thermal insulation. Knowing how to handle plastic windows yourself, you will be able to solve some problems without the involvement of specialists. The correct and safe setting euro-design requires compliance with some rules which, however, this is no big deal. Read on and learn how to act in any given situation.

What problems can be resolved by yourself

Like any other mechanism, plastic window may be damaged. Correction of serious damage is better left to professionals. Minor problems you can fix your own hands. Independent basic repairs that can fulfill any man without involving the master includes the following works:

  • replacing the failed handle;
  • eliminating jamming of the handle in the open position;
  • Update lubrication mechanism of the handle;
  • eccentrics adjustment to eliminate air leakage under the seal;
  • setup constraints;
  • replacement of worn seal.

Step by step instructions on setting plastic windows

Adjustment of plastic windows does not mean absolutely nothing complicated. The main thing - to listen carefully to the valuable recommendations of experts and with the utmost care to follow the instructions. The following sections of this article you'll find detailed instructions to help you understand how to adjust the windows to optimize their work. Save or write down for yourself these basic scheme of repair, so as not to get lost in cases of force majeure.

When winter comes along with the freezing cold, many owners of flats and houses can not help thinking about how to adjust the plastic window for the winter. To do this, you need to change the position of pins (special pieces of metal fittings) to increase the degree of pressing of the flaps. It sounds scary, but in fact, this problem is not particularly difficult. So, make a note of how to adjust the double-glazed window, so as not to muzzle the street in a severe frost:

  • Make sure that the box design is equipped with special cams, controls the degree of clamping wings (if not, you can not switch the window in the "winter" mode);
  • Find cams on the inside of the wings (they are located exactly in the middle and on the edges of the wings);
  • pay attention to the current state of the eccentrics, and then turn each at 40-50 ° clockwise;
  • gently close the window to feel the stroke of the handle;
  • if you notice that this movement is given with little effort - it means that the seal is pressed more strongly than before, and therefore more reliably holds back the air;
  • Otherwise, turn in a counterclockwise direction until you get the desired result.

For correct and safe switching between "winter" / "summer" use a special screwdriver. Turn eccentric to the maximum extent sash clamping is not recommended. Strong load lead to the destruction of the sealing material, due to which inevitably deteriorate insulating characteristics of the IG unit.

If the window does not close tightly, maybe it wrongly exposed position of one or more loops. In this case, when opening the frame is to be mowed in one direction. This small problem you can remedy yourself. Adjust the loops of plastic windows is done using simple household tools that exist in every home. Record the step by step instructions that will help to quickly bring the window in order:

  • Open the window;
  • look for a loop at the upper opening of the hexagon;
  • Insert the hexagon of the appropriate size and start spinning in a clockwise direction;
  • in the same manner to adjust the lower hinge;
  • performing these actions, be careful to frame the situation equalized;
  • to get a perfectly flat vertical plane, use the building level.

These instructions may be adjustable plastic windows and doors brands Rehau (Rehau), Veka and KBE. Accessories from other manufacturers has a number of features, so-and-loop adjustment circuit will look completely different. However, to adjust itself to the plastic window is very simple. All these mechanisms work on the same principle. The main thing - to find and properly configure the appropriate hardware element in charge of the loop.

When it is hot outside, people ventilate housing. To do this, open all windows / doors in the kitchen and bathrooms. With intensive operation handle mechanism is loosened, so it needs adjustment. If your windows are always open smoothly and quietly begin to stick, try to solve the problem before it leads to more serious consequences. Adjust the plastic windows with their hands do not require the presence of special tools and possession of special technical skills. To handle re-worked the least, follow these steps:

  • open a window and refresh block mechanism grease pens;
  • check the position of the lock (it is on the part of the leaf, where the handle is located);
  • if it turns out that he worked late, press the lock into position, and then be able to freely turn the knob to the appropriate position (horizontally);
  • to check the serviceability of the internal mechanism, it is necessary to remove the handle itself with a screwdriver;
  • looking under the plastic cover, you may see an obvious problem and can correct it (for example, if one of the elements of the mechanism just took the wrong position);
  • use a screwdriver to try to solve the problem, but do not overdo it;
  • studying the internal mechanism of the handle, try to remove dirt (it is quite possible that the pen is jammed due to small foreign particles).

If these steps do not resolve the problem, it is necessary to call a specialist. Eliminate some faults without the assistance of an experienced master is almost impossible, so it is not necessary to experiment. Yourself understand the operation of complex plastic window mechanism is not so easy, because it offers many features.

The need to perform this procedure is defined very simply. If the seal loses its elasticity and its many cracks appear - it's time to replace it. Otherwise, the window will be free to allow air from the environment into the apartment, and even the most reliable mechanism will not save you from the cold, dust and noise. Replacing insulation on plastic windows carried out by the following algorithm:

  • open a window and starting at the top or bottom corner, carefully remove the old seal;
  • carefully treat the groove to remove all dust, dirt and grit;
  • in the same manner, starting from the top corner, insert the new seal across the width of the window;
  • Make sure that it is securely held in the groove along the entire length;
  • thereafter secure seal vertically controlling the position angles (do not stretch the rubber, or the angles do not match);
  • fasten the lower horizontal line, and then check the seal around the perimeter.

Of the preceding section, you learned how to handle domestic plastic windows independently for the winter season. If necessary, apply the appropriate instructions to ensure a snug fit the new seal to the frame. Turn eccentric to the maximum is not necessary, or new tires lose their elasticity for a few months, and you're going to have it replaced.

Video: Adjust the plastic windows with their hands

View video below, you will understand how to adjust the domestic plastic windows independently, without the involvement of specialists. Valuable tips will help you to adjust the hinges, customize winter mode and replace the rubber seal. Follow the simple instructions, and you can get the desired result and avoid common mistakes.

The methods and schemes adjustment plastic window

Plastic windows have long proven to be a reliable and robust frames, preserving room temperature mode, preventing penetrate drafts. Many users install plastic, but often do not conduct proper maintenance and forget about the details of the use of a transition to seasonal conditions and other relevant details. Correct adjustment of plastic doors and timely care - is the foundation of a long service life of the window frame, eliminating frequent repairs.

Often the adjustment fitting of plastic windows is required at the low quality of the installation work when the design was not aligned vertically and horizontally. Adjustment is required in the case of natural wear and tear, as over time the window hurt fitting elements. In the case of a weakly sealed flaps windows let the cold air from the window starts to blow.

Useful information on how to adjust the plastic windows independently, it is useful to each owner of a window of plastic. Thus, the need for simple tools that are in each house:

  • Allen key;
  • screwdriver.

Before setting up a mechanism is necessary to examine the window fittings

Look at the window to determine the installed hardware as adjustment plastic window will depend on this factor. In one case, the flap need to be removed, the other will be sufficient tightening of the fixing screw.

Set up the horizontal and vertical axis

The horizontal flap side subject to adjustment in case bevel frame provoked shrinkage design, improper opening of the window or loose fitting elements. In order to resolve this issue in the Window Hinges insert hex wrench, turning clockwise until the moment when the flap is not sufficient to keep away from the distance of the loop.

Setting the window mechanism is carried by a hexagonal key

The lower part of the opposite standing element should drop significantly. Adjusting the upper loop of a plastic window at this shall be deemed terminated.

Adjustment of the lower loop is performed from the outside. Shifts are usually averages of 2 mm.

Scheme adjust the upper and lower loops

Vertically, you can adjust the window with hinged loop located at the bottom of the frame. With the cap removed hinge and begin tuning rotational motion mechanism. in the direction of movement of the tool clockwise will allow to lift the flap movement in the opposite direction - to lower.

Adjust the window mechanism is necessary to smooth rotation

Regulation of plastic structures should be smooth manner so that the mechanisms have not shifted by more than 2 mm in one approach. For tight press the sash characteristic direction of the risks facing the seal. If the risk of looking exactly the opposite, you need to pull the flap.

Adjust the plastic windows with their hands does not cause a lot of difficulties in the timely approach, allowing the device to adjust the window mechanisms at the highest level.

Fold longer be closed: a solution

Adjusting the clamping of plastic windows will be essential when the window from the open position is not transferred to the closed mode. Often the cause of the castle stands a device which does not allow to turn the knob. Action Technique is fitting brand. Some instances provided with a thin plate spring fitted on the inside, which is necessary to press and turn the knob to close the window. Other items are provided with tongue under the handle - the pressure-sensitive blocking it adjusted mechanism is removed.

If you stopped to close the flap, you need to unlock the lock

In a situation where the window still does not want to close, need a small repair of plastic windows. You must open the fold, look for a mechanism element, which serves as a hook tongue loosen and install on the inside of his hand a thin plate. The decision will contribute to a shift mechanism closer to the second leg member. As a result, increase the contact area, allowing the window to close without any difficulty.

Adjust the plastic windows on the level of a clip

Clamp plastic window to configure simply, if you follow the sequence of actions. Find the area of ​​the handle located at the side end, a system of cams, which are the main instrument of adjustment.

Winter and summer mode is configured using the pins

Their external performance may be somewhat different depending on the manufacturer of the window, but the principle of action is the same, whatever their species. Using an Allen wrench or pliers desired degree of pressing is adjusted by rotating the eccentrics flaps. During the summer, experts recommend installing weak regimes, moving to stronger closer to the winter.

In the summer of put up a weak mode pressing the window, and in the winter - strong

When you need to make adjustments by pressing the window hinges, it is necessary to turn the adjusting screw on the bottom of the loop. By the swing-flap apply further adjustments, using the upper loop. In order to successfully reach the adjustment screw located on the scissors next to the top of the loop, you need to open the window, put pressure on the lock tab and set the knob on the ventilation mode. When you need to press the shutter to the window frame, the bolt is rotated in a clockwise direction. Rotation in the opposite direction will contribute to weakening.

By adjusting the swing-out scissors, you can adjust the degree of the pressing box

Adjustment of window fittings with plastic windows depends on the manufacturer, as there are varieties of adjustable only screwdrivers, located on the side of the pens. They can be adjusted with an Allen key. To increase the clamping strap gently shifted to the side street. If you look at the loops, you will notice put forward by the pressing members. Less promotion will provide a weak adhesion, and more tightly squeeze the sash to the frame.

How to clean accumulated dust from the fittings

Repair and adjustment of plastic windows is also associated with high-quality care for the windows, which are in need of deep cleaning of accumulated dirt in hard to reach places. Not promptly cleaned windows, sooner or later you will have to repair them as a functional of the garbage will be broken. Repair of plastic windows quite time-consuming in terms of weight of the structure, so it is desirable to work with assistants.

Scheme adjusting elements for driving them in purity and procedure:

  • remove leaf from its hinges by removing the overhead frame elements;
  • remove the upper left and right;
  • remove the flap from the lower hinge;
  • carefully set aside.

Removing sash with loops should be carried out with an assistant

Next, the leaf area thoroughly inspected and spun fixed screws on it. Details of the mechanism is well washed, preferably using specialized solutions that are easy to apply with a brush. Upon completion of the procedure design is well dried in the open air or by means of cold air from the dryer. Each moving mechanism applied lubricant, whereupon fittings going in reverse order and is set to the original location. After adjustment of plastic windows do not forget to lubricate the window on each loop.

Before assembling the window all the elements necessary to grease fittings

Adjust the plastic window is not technically difficult, because detailed instructions contain only a few steps that are recommended to be performed in strict sequence.

Questions on adjusting window frames often associated with the work of pens, because they can occasionally break or lose functionality. It is important to remember that the handle of the plastic windows require periodic attention, because more often than other parts exposed to rapid wear: sometimes they need a repair or complete replacement.

Adjust the plastic windows independently would be a quick fix to lose their functionality handles. So, pretty crank handle requires tightening fasteners, which can hold in a matter of minutes, as the name refers to the failure of the easiest types of repairs.

Under the escutcheon are the bolts that tighten up the screwdriver

So, get a handle trim piece formed in the shape of a rectangle, gently hook the fingers on both edges and turn through 90 °. Under the plate there is a pair of bolts that need to tighten cross-shaped screwdriver. To raise the plate covering the screws, do not use tools, because there is a likelihood of damage to the profile of the surface and disturb the shape of the plug element.

Adjust the plastic window itself can be the case when the fuses on the window handles, which are applied with the aim to protect children from the self-opening windows, fail. In case of breakdown of the device to hook fingers plug gently followed loosening the holding bolt. Light rocking motion removed the handle. If necessary, replaced by a new instance and set in the same way back.

To replace the fuses by opening the windows will need to remove the handle

Another common problem is to close the plastic window sash little functional handle that occasionally jammed and does not reach the required limits. In this case it is necessary to lubricate mounting machine oil using a cotton swab. Also suitable special spray or silicone grease.

The problem of seizing the handle can be solved by oiling fixtures

To fix or replace the handle is rotated 90 °, after which the plate is removed in the form of holders screws. Otkruchennuyu handle easily replaced by tightening the screws in the same sequence. Repair of plastic windows with complete hardware replacement is inevitable, if the handle thoroughly stuck. Cases are extremely rare, but it does happen.

Adjust the plastic windows with their hands not be easy for the owners, because the manipulations are simple enough. It is only important to approach setting up a share of responsibility and to follow instructions demonstrating how to conduct adjustments or perform structural repairs.

Adjustment of plastic windows

Today I want to talk about how regulate PVC windows. Here you will find both general Adjustment instructions, and description of the main problems and their solutions. I hope that this guide will help you adjust the fittings of plastic windows independently.

General information about the adjustment of plastic windows:

  • Adjustment carried Allen key 4 mm (№4).

  • Adjustment from the horizontal(↔) by means of upper and lower hinges. To do this in the loops have holes for the hexagon. To get to adjustment the upper loop, you need to open the window.

Rotate the hexagon clockwise leaf is attracted to the loop - the bottom of the window opposite the loop rises, respectively, in an anticlockwise direction, the flap is removed from the loop and the bottom of the window, opposite the loop is lowered.

adjustment using the bottom loops can be carried out in a closed box with the outside and on the inside with an open box. Adjustment It is similar to the upper loop.

With these adjustments bevel can be eliminated or frame shift stroke adjustment ± 2 mm.

  • Vertical adjustment (↑ ↓) It occurs by means of the lower loop to get to adjustment Hex cap must discard the lower hinge.

When rotating in a clockwise direction the window is raised, counterclockwise - falls. course adjustment ± 2 mm.

  • Adjustment press the sash It carried cams positioned around the perimeter of the window.

Eccentrics, by turning the handle, go for special clamping area, located on the perimeter of the frame.

To squeeze more tightly to the frame window is necessary to rotate the cam screw clockwise to loosen - against.

On the eccentric must be a risk for which we can determine the degree of pressing, if it is directed to the outside, the clamp is weakened, respectively, if the risk of the seal of the window, the window is strongly pressed to the frame.

There are cams which rotate with a wrench (pliers).

Just clamp may be plates which are located on the window casement.

The hinge side as there is clamping mechanism, which regulated Allen, the stronger pushed the tab located on the sash of the window, the more pressed against the window frame, and vice versa. To push the tongue, it is necessary to rotate the hexagon anti-clockwise (to the window in which the hinges are on the left, if the right side of the loop, then it is necessary to rotate clockwise).

The clamp can be adjust depending on the time of year, in the summer - relaxing, in the winter - to strengthen. The stronger the clamp, the seal will wear out faster. course adjustment ± 0,8 mm.

  • Adjusting the stitch-pressing. Depending on the hardware can adjust Only clamp the upper or both loops. For adjustment pressing the lower hinge, remove the cap and rotate the screw placed perpendicular to the plane of the window.

Adjustment pressing the upper hinge is only flaps. To get to adjustment you need to open the window and then turn the knob to the ventilation mode. It is necessary to hold the window because it will be held only on the bottom of the loop.

In this position, it will be possible to get to Allen, responsible for clamping the upper sash.

Maybe on your box will lock that allows you to tilt the flap only in the closed position. They are of two types, in the form of a lever and clip:

To tilt the window open, it is necessary to click on the lock and simultaneously turn the knob to the ventilation mode.

The main problems that can be eliminated by adjusting the fitting PVC windows:

  • sash bottom touches the frame. This occurs due to sagging sash windows are removed by lifting it. This can be done: vertical control, or one of the horizontal.
  • The middle part of the leaf touches the frame. The problem may arise due to the offset horizontal flap (vertically). Eliminates the uniform offset sash in the desired direction by horizontal (vertical) controls.
  • Podduvanie from beneath the seal is removed adjustable press the sash.
  • Adjusting the loosening of the handle. Turn the plate at the base of the handle 90 ° and the screwdriver to tighten screws.

Under the base of the handle as it is possible to install the ventilator "comb" regulator plate.

  • With difficulty cranked the handle. Lubricate all moving parts - cams, clamping mechanisms, hinges, as well as a clamping area. Machine oil can lubricate via brushes (cotton swab) and lubricators.

Before you ask a question, please read the article "Questions on the windows", it collected and sorted all the questions and answers that were asked in the comments below. You may find the answer to your question there.

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