Room 15, how to arrange the squares

Interior bedroom 15 sq m - 70 beautiful layouts

The bedroom is the place where we restore their mental and physical strength after working days. So it should be comfortable, not very big, but it contains all the necessary items for your holiday hosts.

Room of 15 square meters is the best suited to settle into her bedroom. Here you can find a place for recreation and for employment, and for entertainment.

When planning a bedroom of 15 square meters should take into account several nuances. First is the existence of a window. Window - this light zone, so if it is assumed that in the bedroom will find jobs, it is better to organize here. The table can be installed directly next to the window, and around the window opening to arrange built-in cupboards for the Office and shelves for books. If the working area is not found, the window can be placed a dressing table and small chest of drawers.

Secondly, it has the meaning provided you got in an interior bedroom 15 square meters. m wardrobe or closet. If there is a need for a device cabinet, it is better to let it be a corner option. Wardrobe (or closet), made in the corner, significantly saves space of the room, but still very spacious.

And third - this device is a bed or couch, and their sizes. The bedroom of 15 meters is very possible to place as a bed and a sofa. The only difference is that the sofa is more compact and so it can be put in any blank wall. The bed is usually characterized by its size, and it is best to place the headboard to a blank wall (a wall without windows and doors). Opposite the bed is often placed on a bedside table or hung on the wall TV. The second option is the most optimal, since the TV hanging on the wall, takes less space.

The design and decor bedroom 15 sq m photos

The decor of such a bedroom can be very diverse. It all depends on the style bedrooms and owners preferences. One thing to bear in mind is that you should not be used for such a relatively small space, massive furniture, which will pile up the room. And it would be good in a room to add more of the scattered light that is visually increase the space.

The perfect design for the living room of 15 square meters. m

To living area of ​​15 square meters. m looked stylish and was practical in use, it is necessary to choose the right color and rationally arrange the pieces of furniture Relatively small living room of 15 square meters. m will be cozy place to stay households, if the right approach to the development of its design. Must begin with the correct geometry estimation indoors. In most cases we are talking about the classic rectangle, equipped with door and window openings. Less commonly, the room has a balcony or a loggia. In the next step you need to pay attention to the amount of incoming light.

Selection of a functional living destiny

In order to continue living room rectangular long time to please, it is necessary to select the desired destination correctly. Designers are advised not to ignore the rather important step for several reasons. Firstly, the selection of furniture and its subsequent placement depends precisely on the functional aspect. Second, the adjustment of the incoming light is also carried out taking into account the functional zoning of the room.

Make the right choice in every way to help pen and piece of paper.

Before starting the registration of the living room should make a plan of arrangement of furniture in the paper, taking into account the needs of all residents of the house

On paper, you need to draw a rectangle schematically indicating functional areas of interest:

  • Place to collect the household;
  • Planned place to work;
  • A place for book or other enclosure;
  • Area for chairs and sofas;
  • placing point electric fireplace (if necessary);
  • Place your Plasma TV.

It is recommended to shape the future of design with a certain margin space. In this case, not members of the household do not have to literally "crawl" between tightly-standing furniture. On the basis of the information collected through established mini-circuit can be more or less accurately determine the parameters of the furniture and place of its arrangement.

Living 15 sq. m: a choice of color solutions

For those who have not yet formed the plan in terms of the preferred color scheme, the designers have prepared a few tips. It solved all the way through negotiations with the rest of the household. It is necessary to abandon the idea of ​​going to extremes. "To put pressure on the psyche of" too "flashy" colors will literally. Such interior is uncomfortable. Refuse must from excessively pastel.

The small living room is best to paint the walls in light colors to visually expand the space

Reception and other celebrations here are exclusively waft boredom.

In addition to the family opinion, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

  • The degree of room illumination;
  • Geographic side, where the windows open;
  • The predominant colors;
  • The planned number of guests.

The last point is especially important for those who wish to realize a beautiful design. Fans of noisy parties should pay attention to the appropriate color such as orange, gold, yellow or red. In this atmosphere, guests will not be bored. For supporters of measured rest after a busy day is recommended to choose a more soothing colors: purple, blue or light green.

Planning living room of 15 square meters. m: photo and a selection of lighting

The apartment must always be properly placed lighting accents. Thanks to this, the perception of households formed a comfortable room. Do not forget that any errors in the stage of forming the lighting system is not the best way affect the color of the furniture. To avoid problems in the future will help a small preparatory stage.

As the lighting for the living room of 15 square meters. m perfectly suited spotlights, which are mounted on the perimeter of the ceiling

Before using varying colors for the room you need to take a few probes. Bringing them into the room, you need to verify the correctness of the declared color display manufacturer in artificial and natural lighting.

In addition, the allocated number of other recommendations:

  1. for the recreation area is illuminated by a slightly subdued light, allowing even a little nap;
  2. Zone lighting for the work carried out only by means of a small table lamp, selected in view of the prevailing style in the room;
  3. Using a false ceiling with integrated lighting system - the modern way to bring the required proportion of light in the interior of the hall, not taking away thus and so scarce square meters;
  4. The use of artificial lamps - allows you to divide the room into several functional areas. Work, leisure, entertainment - planning will be more successful if the owner of the premises in advance to take care of the zoning issue.

Repair hall 15 sq .: choose the style and furniture

In addition to personal aesthetic preferences, you must take into account the peculiarity of the available square meters. Designers offer to pay attention to Art Nouveau, which is considered the most effective way to organize a relatively small space. Among other areas, to effectively carry out repairs in a room emit: ethnic, and minimalism.

Living 15 sq. m does not have a lot of free space, so better to buy a sofa bed, which is excellent saves space

In some thematic editions common recommendation on the choice of the classical style, but here you need to be careful. On the one hand, living room and a study performed in the classical direction, always pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, such a repair "will cost a pretty penny."

Form a cozy atmosphere and keep the family budget will help the following tips:

  • The emphasis is on functional, rather than bulky furniture;
  • Before buying it is necessary in the store to meet its length;
  • It is desirable to select one or two (maximum) of the chair;
  • If the owner of the dwelling do not want to overload it, you can give preference to couches and ottomans;
  • No harm will pay attention to the transformers sofas, able to well save space;
  • Mirrored wardrobe will expand the space visually, while receiving the necessary storage space.

Stylish design of the living room 15 square meters. M Video)

Qualitative changes in the small living room begins with a professionally organized training. Schematically on paper need to draw not only the room, but also the planned furniture. Based on the mini-plan of the room there is improvement. Before buying furniture that needs to be functional, it is necessary several times to measure its parameters. In this case, you do not have to puzzle over how it all fit in the available square meters.

Design living room of 15 square meters - Tips for decorating

Living room with 15 square meters are commonly found in the old layout of the apartment. And often it is not the only place where you can gather with friends, but also to study, and even the bedroom. And because the design of the room should be approached very carefully. Properly arrange the furniture and selecting interior shade of a small living room, you can easily make the most comfortable, and demanded a room in the house.

living room design is best to start with a plan drawing. Experts advise to draw on a sheet of paper rectangle or square (a form of the living room), which provisionally designated seating area - interesting to see the movie, for get-togethers at the banquet table, for work or for reading a book near the fireplace.

And in these areas, "place" furniture. This may be a sofa (or corner), chairs, table and chairs, small cabinet (cupboard or cabinet), bookshelves, coffee table.

In the interior, even the smallest living Recently, many owners are trying to install a small electric fireplace - it gives special comfort. On the wall above it often is plasma TV. Depending on the preferences of the fireplace can be replaced with an aquarium - a design element also in the trend.

Council: making a plan, it is necessary to leave as much free space as possible. At 15 square meters large amount of furniture will look like a heap. Do not be afraid of them devised a plan, if necessary, "to throw out" one or two subjects.

the choice of colors Tips

The color of the walls and textiles owners usually choose to your liking. However, designers are advised to use the principle of "golden mean": Do not choose too bright and too pale tones. The first will cause stress, and sometimes - and annoying, the second will make the room uncomfortable and sad.

For the living room will suit beige, olive, pale purple, green or blue. Sometimes choose pink, although the designers find it more appropriate for the bedroom. When choosing a color, it is necessary to take into account several factors:

  • room lighting. If natural light in the room is not enough (windows are located on the north side and have a balcony), it is better to abandon the dark tones in favor of the light.
  • Planned meetings with guests. If noisy youth party in the colors must "attend" cheerful cheerful tones are planned in the living room: orange, lemon, red, burgundy. But if living longer used as a place for recreation, color gamut is better to choose calmer. Good help relax pale green, beige or olive green.
  • The color of the furniture. If you are going to buy a bright red or yellow sofa (those currently in vogue), of these tones on the walls, designers are advised to abstain, replacing them with neutral colors. But if upholstered furniture and textiles is planned to choose classic colors (coffee, beige or pearl), part of the wall it is possible to select a bright shade.

Furniture is usually chosen according to the style of the interior. But for the living room of 15 meters often stop at the Modern. Also suitable for a small room minimalism: a small amount of furniture and interior visually increase the space. When choosing furniture it is worth considering some of the highlights:

  • Sofa better to choose a small size, with the possibility to unfold. Corner option is not suitable for this area of ​​the living room, because take a lot of space. Fashionable sofa will look on the legs, but if you feel the sheer lack of space, you can choose a model with Alcove (blankets, pillows, linen).
  • In addition to the sofa you can pick up one or two seats, too small. But if their presence significantly reduce space, the chair can be replaced by an elegant pouf. This piece of furniture in vogue today: in addition to the seat functions, it also serves as a place to store junk. In this case, it can be moved as needed, which is very convenient.

  • In the small living room It is to abandon the traditional furniture wall. It can be easy to replace modular design - even if it is a low cabinet, chest of drawers, bedside tables and a couple of shelves. The smaller the object, the room will feel freer and more comfortable.
  • Instead of a modular system, you can select closet. For him, it is possible to allocate 2.5-3 meters, to fit all the things. The main rule - a case does not look too bulky. Doors it is possible to make the mirror (it will give space volume) or cause them interesting pattern, such as a waterfall or a field with flowers. The landscape is also visually increase the area and create a good mood. The main thing - to choose it as neutral as possible, so that it is not bored any time soon.

  • If possible, you should choose functional furniture. For example, a coffee table can be converted into an ottoman and sofa bumpers serve small tables and drawers. This will create the effect of lightness and allow to hide a part of things. The dining table is better to choose a folding, so as not to clutter the room.
  • The color for the ceiling is better to choose a classic - white. So fashionable today hinged design in a small room is better not to use, it will seem less with them. Molding on the ceiling, too, would not be appropriate.

    But it will look elegant chandelier hanging light structure in the center and along the perimeter of the ceiling can be supplemented by small spotlights. Instead, the suspension can choose a model chandeliers from the ceiling - today it is especially in demand.

    Also in the living room is to install one or two sconces or floor lamp - beneath them will be convenient to read and can be used for watching television. Especially important is the lighting when the room is just a few people, and they all occupied different matter. Proper placement of light accents will make the living room more comfortable.

    Floor covering can be quite varied. The living room will look good parquet floor, but you can also choose a laminate or linoleum. Carpet cover the entire surface is not necessary, but the host a few small fluffy rugs can be - near the sofa or chair. They will give extra comfort living.

    Living room - this is the place of family gatherings and meetings with friends, so there should always be comfortable. This will help to create interesting decorative elements:

    • One or two bright little pillows on the sofa
    • An interesting picture on the wall, on a shelf or mantelpiece
    • beautiful sconces
    • One or two vases with fresh flowers of medium size
    • Fireplace or aquarium near the wall

    Cozy room and make textiles. Curtains, rugs and bedspreads always harmonize the space, making it very warm and homey. Sofa can be decorated with bright fashionable plaid. And for him to pick up the bright curtains, especially if the walls and furniture - light shades. The play of color looks very good in a small space.

    If the room is dusky or exits to the north, we can restrict only the light curtain. Other textile items in the living room is better not to use - all kinds of tablecloth and napkins make it cluttered. But for the reception is to acquire a beautiful tablecloth for a large table. Even a small change will give the room a special charm. And it is for the living room is a must.

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