How to plant roses in autumn

Features planting roses in the autumn: the selection of varieties, land preparation, scheme. planting roses in the autumn of instruction for amateur gardeners

Determining the optimal time for planting roses - a question that remains open for many gardeners. Climate unpredictability makes the approach to this creative process: focus on a variety of planting material, varieties of specifics, features of the site and many other factors.

When to planting roses: the fall or in the spring?

Among gardeners operates an unwritten rule: the newcomers are planted roses in the spring, the professionals - in the autumn. The first guided by the fact that in the spring the plant is easier to provide adequate watering and care than in the winter.

Gardeners "with experience", in turn, believe that the autumn moisture, soil temperature stable and cool nights - the best conditions for the survival of plants. Planted until frost copies root well and spring are beginning to grow.

Another plus planting in the fall is that in nurseries at this time are a lot of grafted seedlings of any species. After winter storage of imported and domestic samples greatly weakened, because of what the spring to pick appropriate instances is somewhat more complicated.

The choice of planting material

The first thing to do - pick up the planting material. This plant can be open or closed root system, from local nurseries or overseas.

Roses with closed roots are planted in the spring and autumn, because they are sold in the period of active vegetation and with good care is easy to take root.

Domestic copies is better to buy in the fall, and from reliable breeders. Imported plants need to carefully examine if the kidney has already started to grow, planting is better to move in the spring. In general, the planting material brought from abroad, less frost, so to acclimatise it and planted in the spring.

When selecting seedlings need to pay attention to the time of flowering varieties. Roses blooming in the spring, better tolerate planting in early fall. If copies are selected for the harsh climate, we must pay attention to frost indicator, which determines what color the area can spend the winter without shelter.

In fact, this information is not always confirmed, but experienced gardeners are sure that with the right autumn planting and good shelter even slabozimostoykie varieties are well acclimatized.

Thus, the newcomers are not confident in the choice of varieties should be paid attention to is the preparation of seedlings for the winter.

Planting roses in the autumn: the growing conditions

When choosing a place for a flower garden, consider the following:

• In dark places roses grow weak;

• the sun fades the color of the petals, flowering is completed quickly;

• Roses do not tolerate high humidity and strong winds and dry air from the bushes quickly affects spider mites;

• near the trees with spreading crowns of roses it is better not to plant - after the rain there for a long time kept damp.

A place for planting is best to choose a deviation in the south-east, or west. Roses need to be planted where the lunch they will fall light shadow, and the soil will not trap moisture. Ground water should be not higher than a meter from the surface.

Best rose root when the soil temperature of 12 to 17 degrees. This process lasts three to four weeks, after which the onset of frost rose proceeds rest.

establishment time may be reduced if during the day before the planting of the root system to sustain growth stimulant solution.

Planting roses in the autumn: soil preparation

The soil should be neutral, fertile and drained. In an alkaline soil is added peat, in sour - lime. Loamy ground improved with sand and manure. Dry sandy loam soil enriched with stone flour and fertilizers.

Fast freeze-drying and aggravating circumstances ground clay (10 kg per bush). It is placed on the bottom of the pit (layer 7 cm).

In any case, the fall planting in the ground should be made of phosphorus-potassium fertilizer (potassium sulfate, bonemeal, superphosphate, etc.). This will speed up the preparation of the plant to cold.

The soil from the pit must be properly mixed with additives, to the bottom of the pit pour humus and dig to a depth of bayonet spade. Next, a hole is filled to half and pour the mixture prepared so that it had time to settle before planting.

Planting Roses Fall: planting method

The pit should be sized so that the roots loose in it included, did not break or bend. The size of the hole depends on the selected varieties. 40h40h40 cm for undersized roses 50h50h50 cm - for park and carnations, the pit depth for pletistyh - about 70 cm on the plot with clay soil dimension increases by 12-15 cm distance between pits is on average 80. cm between rows - 1-2 m.

Pit can be prepared in advance to time to densify the soil or dig immediately. In the latter case it must be broken, and a little to bring up to the required level.

Planting housed in groups with the winter insulation. Next to the climbing varieties need to leave space for laying the winter. And bushy hybrid tea roses are arranged so that for them it was possible to organize a general shelter.

The location should take into account the size of adult shrubs: at least 1 m between the Parks and climbing varieties, 55 cm between Hybrid Tea and Floribunda roses, and 45 cm between stunted and small specimens.

In areas with harsh climates flowers are planted sparsely. Due to this better soil warms up. If roses are grown for cut flowers, bushes better place close to each other (about 25 cm), the distance between the rows at the same time up to 50 cm. So the plants are pulled over and develop long flower stalks.

• loosen the bottom of the pit pitchforks, pour a mixture of earth and compost, sprinkle ordinary soil;

• roots a little pruning shears until a fresh slices;

• When planting in the autumn should be cut off the ends of the shoots;

• put the sapling in the pit center, spread the roots, the top pour some land so that the root collar was at the depth of 5 cm from the ground;

• seedling abundantly watered;

• bush okuchit loose soil, make bead about 15 cm in height (when the rose will start to grow, it can be leveled);

• the fall of ground around the bush need zamulchirovat mown grass or compost.

Follow-up care for roses, planting in the autumn, is to control the air temperature, since the need for abundant irrigation is not. At a temperature - 5-7 degrees bushes is recommended to cover the spruce branches and set them under a semi-circular wire frame. Structure covered with roofing felt and polyethylene.

The optimum height of the building -. 40-50 cm Its dimensions vary depending on the number below it will be seedlings. It is important to remember that the more air under cover, the easier it will pass the winter.

At a temperature of - 10 degree edge of the film needs a little pressed against the ground. Spring cover is removed at once: first, ensure easy ventilation to prevent sunburn.

Subject to all the above recommendations, even a novice will be able to grow beautiful roses - no difficulty in planting and care will arise.

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Important rules for autumn planting roses

The main nuance in how to plant a rose in the fall, is the timing. How to properly plant, everyone knows, but when? The answer to this question corrects the weather. The fact that the bush planted on land needed for a month before the real cold. Three - four weeks is just enough to plant something to get used to a new place, to grow a few lateral roots, to prepare gradually, along with the air-cooled and ground to a period of rest.

Southern regions can afford to plant roses in October, this is usually done in the second or third decade.

In the middle zone of this a better deal, if in October, the first ten days, and it is better in the second half of September.

More northern areas suitable beginning of September or even August. Each grower must determine this time on the basis of the usual time for his district onset of permanent frost, counted not less than three weeks away.

From the video, you will learn about the important rules of planting in the autumn.

It is best to buy a seedling in the nursery with a good reputation, or the store where the fall for such products is often a substantial discount. Many growers plant the autumn rooted cuttings or plants grown from the seeds of their own roses.

Appropriate time for rooting of cuttings is the period from the beginning of the formation of flower buds to autumn. Those who want to grow non-grafted roses in the beginning of flowering shoots semilignified cut into pieces with a 3 - 4 buds and perpetuate them in water or soil. By late summer, the cuttings just have to have to get roots and even the young twigs.

Seeds from last year's fruits are sown in autumn or spring, in any case by the end of the season they had already turned into a young plant with roots that can be planted for permanent growth.

Roses grow well in open sunny areas protected from the north wind and drafts. This may be a south slope, which is not delayed water after rains or melting snow. It is important that groundwater does not come close to the surface, because Rose does not like stagnant water or waterlogged. If there is such a threat, it is necessary to organize the drainage and lift the flower bed on a common ground.

The location should be free of other major plants in the flower should not fall shade from trees or buildings in the morning and evening, it is permissible (and sometimes even desirable) make shade in the hottest part of the day.

If you plan on planting more plants, then planted roses should not obscure each other, too often the location of the bushes will not allow air to circulate enough for their airing, and this is threatening diseases. Therefore, we must keep in mind the value of adult shrubs. Usually between them leave from 50 cm to 1 meter, for dwarf bushes less, and for climbing roses - 1.5 m or more, for stam -. No less than 3 m Planting climbing roses, should consider hiding place for winter aerial parts .

For autumn planting is desirable to choose a fine day, you do not need to deal with it in the rain or snow. Well accepted by the plants in autumn, precisely because it is worth the required weather - humidity higher than in spring, and air and soil temperature are optimal for the new plant. But, if you put it in cold areas, or when the cold rain and snow cooled the soil - is to condemn their actions to fail. If the seedlings are waiting, and the weather turned bad for a long time, it is better not to risk, to plant roses in autumn can be, and the next year, and these will have to leave until the spring. Their desirable prikopat sand or earth is placed in a cellar or other room where the temperature is maintained from 1 to 5 degrees. They are well spend the winter, and then will grow, planted in the spring.

Roses need a lightweight breathable non-acidic (or weakly acid) fertile soil. Here's a need to prepare and a few weeks before planting. For this site is cleaned of weeds and all plant debris, dig up, adjust, if necessary. Acidic soil corrected by introducing lime or dolomite, heavy mixed with peat, sand and compost. Then dig a hole the size of a superior seedling root system. Her bottom loosened using fork, land taken out of it, mixed with decomposed manure, wood ash is added, mineral fertilizers.

If the soil is very sandy, then add the following clay, peat and compost. Clay making dried, pounded to a powder.

Roses grow well in manured soils, and prefer horse manure, but it can not add a fresh, just rotted.

When selecting seedlings from bare-root, special attention should be given it to her, her good development is confirmed by the presence of a large number of thin roots. The roots must be healthy, not over dried, without stains or rot traces on the cut - light. Shoots also be viewed, they should not be traces of rot or diseases must have at least three well-developed healthy shoots.

One day before planting roots should be soaked with water, it is desirable to take spaced at a temperature not lower than 18 degrees. And just before planting roots are pruned to 30 cm, and shoots up to 35 cm, the entire seedling should treat ferrous sulfate for the prevention of diseases. Some growers advise dipping the roots in a clay mash with the addition of the slurry solution.

If all went well, the cool autumn days, you can update the pit, pour it on the bottom of the pile of prepared land, set her seedling, squaring all the roots on this earth mound, gradually falling asleep. Do it gently, a little is poured, then tamped, then pour the ground again. Earth need to be compacted and then watered copiously with water, make sure that the voids left, Bush sits firmly and place the graft to be under the ground at 5 - 8 cm below the surface and looks to the south. Some advise root neck drop even lower, because over time the plant is slightly higher, and it can be opened, this can not be tolerated. When all the water is absorbed, it has to fill up the land. This was a so-called dry method of planting.

Wet process differs in the use of root growth stimulants, drugs like "Kornevina". Such a preparation is dissolved with water, pour at least a bucket into the hole, and then lowered to a sapling, gradually falling asleep roots prepared ground. Then, too, tamped, check by gently pulling the apex, whether sitting tight bush, fill up the land, watered overhead, mulch.

After 2 - 3 weeks, young plants are getting used to a new place, they develop new roots, which means that they will start to grow rapidly in the spring. The next task grower - good shelter them for the winter. Just before the frosts bushes pruned, at least a third, hilling dry soil with sand, sawdust, dry leaves 25 - 30 cm, shelter for the winter. Best of all young rose overwinter under the spruce spruce branches and lutrasilom, they need to ensure that dry air under cover, not to shoots Salduls.

From the video, you will learn all the stages of the correct planting bushes.

please tell me in late October to plant roses?

Looking at what climate you live in. And the weather in October. First half of October, as a rule, can be planted. Already in the second there is a risk, if there will come early frosts.

Tips from experienced gardeners: how to plant roses in the fall?

It is believed that the rose bushes in the garden area is wiser to plant in the fall. Experienced gardeners in this regard prepared by many arguments: thanks to heavy rains fall do not need to worry about watering, humidity is higher, which positively affects the rooting, the soil is warmed and the plant survives much better fit properly. How to plant roses in the autumn in the garden? Suitable for planting only strong seedlings, in addition, to achieve positive results only if all the recommendations, which are willing to share experienced growers.

Saplings of roses is best to buy in nurseries and specialist stores. Ordering planting material on the Internet, it is impossible to predict what state will it root system and is the most important condition for planting in the fall. If roses will be planted in the coming days, you can buy copies of the bare-root, they are cheaper, in addition, their roots can be carefully examined. The root system is developed to be proportional to, natural color, with no signs of drying out or rotting. Plants should be chosen by those who have at least 3 major escape, they should have a smooth green and glossy surface with shiny studs. If the seedling with closed root system, then you need to check how firmly earthen room adjacent to the walls of the container. In normal instances, usually on the branches of a lot of young shoots with tender, green leaves.

Choice of the area space for growing roses

Many gardeners are wondering how to plant roses in the fall? First we need to choose a suitable site to place the bush is quite capricious in terms of content, so the location of the flower garden it is important to take into account all the requirements of this luxurious plants.

Rose - a heat-loving and light-requiring plant for planting choose a well-lit place, for example, to plant saplings along the building on the south side. In the shady garden, shrubs will not grow under the trees, in the same way as in the areas windswept cold winds. The plant does not suffer stagnation of moisture at the roots, so the portion where the depth of the ground water of less than 1 m, it is not recommended to place a rosary.

How to plant roses in the fall and prepare the site for planting? The flowers will grow well in the loose and fertile soil, so before planting is necessary to dig up the site and make a sufficient amount of fertilizer. For the cultivation of roses suitable primer composed Medium heavy and slightly acidic (pH - 6,5 or 7). To improve soil fertility for 4-5 weeks before planting make compost, humus, decomposed manure. Additionally, you can make and mineral fertilizers, selecting the dosage according to the instructions and depending on the natural composition of the soil at the site.

Thinking about how to properly put the roses in the fall, it is first necessary to determine the date of the works. On it depends how well the plants take root in the run-up to winter cold. In the conditions of moderately warm climate landing procedure is recommended to start from 15 September to 15 October. In southern 3-4 weeks later. Too early planting will result in strong growth of young shoots, which will significantly reduce winter hardiness. If landing on the land to tighten, the seedling will not have time to take root and be killed by frost. To carry out the landing of works should choose a sunny, clear day. If the long rains come, it is better to wait with the planting.

How to plant roses in the fall, where to start? Copies bare-root before planting for 24 hours were placed in a bucket of water. Plants in containers do not require special training. Next, remove all the leaves of seedlings and carefully cut the sharp shears broken or dried shoots. It is recommended to prune a rose, shortening the branches up to 30 cm, and the root system of up to 25 cm. If some of the roots rot, they should be cut to the live wood (different white core). As prevention of various diseases of seedlings sprayed with a solution of iron sulphate (3%). Roots recommended to dip in the "talker" - clay and mullein solution ratio of 2: 1.

If planted a bush, then dig the planting hole when planting a group along a fence or building it is wise to make a trench. The diameter of the hole should be about 40-45 cm, with fall planting sapling should be planted deeper -. 60-70 cm width and depth of the trench will be similar, the distance between the bushes should be determined depending on the plant variety. Thus, for the cultivation of roses park must observe a distance of 100 cm, remontant - 70 cm, Hybrid Tea - 60 cm, melkotsvetnyh polyanthas - 40 cm.

How to plant the autumn roses in the open ground? If the soil on site sufficiently heavy, on the bottom of the hole or trench is desirable to place the drainage of pebbles or broken brick (sufficiently layer 2 cm). The task of the gardener carefully straighten the roots of seedlings in the landing pit, some for convenience in the middle make a small mound and place the plant in it. Root neck deepen the soil to 5 cm (for a standard roses - 10 cm). After planting, the soil mixture is distributed around the sapling and well compacted soil should remain air cavities. Then, each bush abundantly watered, consuming approximately two buckets. Next, wait for when the water is absorbed and only then zamulchirovat near barrel circle. Mulching - a mandatory procedure when planting roses in the autumn. First, wet ground sprinkled with a thin layer of dry earth, peat and then spud a height of about 18-20 cm. The mulch may be used as hay or compost.

Knowing how to plant roses in the fall, it is necessary to make sure that that they are well wintered. In regions where winters are expected frost, seedlings need to provide a safe shelter. To do this around the plants make a small stable frame made of metal arcs, or driven into the ground with wooden pegs. Above such a structure can conceal or lapnikom wear "cap" of cloth, a nonwoven fabric (lutrasil, agrovoloknom). "Hood" to fix a wire or twine. For seedlings can be prepared from the trimmed cover plastic bottle, leaving a gap between the top and the bottom of the plant of about 10 cm. The top cover is sprinkled with dry leaves or onion husks. Once the snow falls, you can further distribute the snow, it will protect the landing from freezing. However, it should be remembered that with the onset of the first warm days of the shelter should be removed, otherwise roses vypreyut and perish.

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