How to make a butterfly on the wall with his hands

Decorate the walls with homemade butterfly: user decoration

If now there is no money for a new renovation, but I want to gloss over the apartment, you can do so by using home-made panels, stencils or other accessories. In this article, we'll show you how you can make wall decor with your own hands, butterflies adorning them, as in the photo. It does not take much time, but the effect is very beautiful, especially the good it will look in the bedroom or nursery.

This type of decoration is the application drawings on the walls. Stencils can be both hand-drawn and printed on special blanks, and then cut. In fact, the methods of interior decoration with the help of a stencil much. We describe the main options.

Thanks to the light and create a free mount volume effect

Particularly striking is obtained if butterflies are different sizes and do not placed randomly, but in the form of drawing or used to room zoning. In the video you can see examples of the use of butterflies in the interior:

The first thing to decide on the form of future applications. If you are uncomfortable drawing, it does not matter - you can download and print the completed sample with butterflies stencils. Of course, get ready and stickers, but we do everything with your hands, so even if you do not have a printer, a print shop, you can order the printing stencil. Well, if you -

born designer, you'll be able to draw butterflies on paper easily.

Stencils butterflies (click to zoom):

Tip! If more pictures, look for them in vector format you need, then after printing it will not be seen stretched pixels.

Then, to determine the color - make plain silhouettes or paint. If you choose too many colors for painting the wings, the result may disappoint you and variegated. Try to pick a color for your interior, the decoration should be contrasting, not to blend into the background.

Methods and materials for manufacturing

You can decorate the walls of virtually any material at hand. The most popular are the following methods.

  • Paper. The most affordable way. It can print, decorate yourself, and cut any curlicues easiest. The main advantage - low price material. Paper can be easily attached to the wall in any manner, as well butterfly wings move from air streams. If you get tired of the walls decoration butterflies, you can easily remove it, do not regret the time spent and money.
  • Cardboard. Decorations carved out of it, will be several times stronger than paper. It is more difficult to cut rounding, but the board will be able to take the desired shape of the wings. If wet it and put under the press, after drying, the cardboard will keep this form. This way you can make some butterflies with their wings.
  • Self-adhesive film. One can find a thick film of polyethylene or vinyl different colors with a glossy surface.

Tip! To achieve the desired effect, can be combined in various ways. Use decorations in different colors and sizes, made of different materials, mix with other pictures. For example, the butterfly will look great in combination with flowers, dragonflies, birds, grass.

  • The cloth. Is perfect, if you want to draw the curtains or walls with a soft finish.

  • Tin. Original butterfly obtained from the tin. If you want to surprise your guests, make butterflies out of this material. When cutting, be careful not to cut your fingers. If you have small children, place of butterflies in the area inaccessible to them.

  • Wallpaper. If you are sure, that this figure does not get bored, you can buy wallpaper with butterflies wall. This option is perfect for hallway, hallway, kitchen, nursery, bedrooms. If you decide to use this method, read our article about wallpapering.
  • Paint. Having made the stencil, paint can be applied to drawing on the wall easily. Disadvantage - you only get a monotone silhouette.

  • Chandelier with butterflies - also a good option, which looks very impressive due to the backlight. It can make the hands of the old lampshade from the lamp. Initially, paint it in the appropriate color and then glue the butterflies, which can be painted with acrylic paints, add them LEDs, crystals. Also used for fastening thin chain and wire, decorated beads.
  • origami butterfly. In this case, no need to cut the paper, but must be able to collect origami. It is not very difficult, most importantly, to do one thing, and the rest will be spent on the machine. The main advantage of this option - you can make bulk composition.

    How to decorate the walls of glowing butterflies

    To decorate the walls glowing butterflies need stencils, luminous paint (several colors), brushes and glue. Securing stencils with an adhesive on the wall, apply paint. We look forward to it is completely dry, remove the stencils, extinguish the light and admire the glowing butterflies!

    Decoration of butterflies in the form of paintings

    If you are hesitant to glue or paint butterflies on the walls, the ideal solution would be placing butterflies in a picture. Butterfly cut from any convenient material for you, and hung on the wall in a frame. If the picture will be displayed under glass on the butterflies will not settle the dust and fragile items of handicrafts will not be affected.

    To get the maximum effect, you need to choose the optimal location of the butterflies on the wall. This can be done in many ways: in the form of a vortex, heart, flower, tree, at the head of the bed, or in a random order in the appropriate places. In order to accurately replicate the desired circuit, first make a faint pencil marks on the wall, which then will be able to erase.

    For reliable fastening of decorations you can use one of the ways.

    • Glued using ordinary PVA glue or wallpaper. It is important not to let it dirtied the front part. The easiest and most affordable way. The wings fluttered from the air, stick butterflies on a small piece of foam.
    • Fixing the pin is suitable for fixing on the plastic panels, wallpaper and fabric. After removing the pins almost without a trace.
    • Hang on a thread, string, wire. It is best to use this method for mounting on the ceiling or chandelier.
    • Stuck on the double sided tape.

    As you can see, the butterfly on the wall can be a great decoration that will add romance and spring mood in the house. Thus you will be able to surprise your mate, obtaining at the same time enjoy the process. Choose the best option for yourself, and start manufacturing!

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    RemBoo »Interior design and decoration" Decorate the walls with homemade butterfly: user decoration

    Very interesting and POZNAVATELNO.SDELALA bookmark. I did not find DESCRIPTION fastening technology needle pins voobshche A THANK YOU!

    Very interesting and informative. I think a couple of options to try to do.

    My husband and I did the walls of textured roller, it is also very beautiful and original work.

    Butterflies on the wall with his hands

    Interesting, unusual, and always will be relevant this ornament as 3D butterflies on the wall, looks particularly charming children's room, whose walls are decorated with lots of volume moths.

    There are many options as possible to make decorations in the form of butterflies on the wall with his hands, in a master class, we show two of the most popular and interesting options.

    For the first embodiment of the manufacturing of 3D butterflies on the wall, we need the following:

    • thin and elastic wire for crafts;
    • several pairs of bright children's nylon stockings or socks;
    • large beads, matching the color of the tights;
    • two plastic jars as templates;
    • ploskolubtsy and pliers.

    So if you're ready, we start to work.

    Butterflies on the wall with his hands - the master class

    1. Take the wire, with the help of one of the jars templates make a circle and tightly curl it.
    2. Remove the jars from the circle.
    3. Next, take the children's stockings, in our case, a bright purple color, and cut off the flap.
    4. Then the skin-tight circle Caproni and tying fabric on the robust and reliable knot.
    5. Similarly, we do another circle of the same size and the same adhesive qualities of his nylon fabric.
    6. Next, using a cutting wire connect the two circles.
    7. Now change the shape of circles, gently squeezing them in between. Our wheels have become charming wings of a butterfly.

    This option butterflies especially appropriate as a wall decoration children's room the little princess. For wall decor butterflies with their own hands, you can use glue, double sided tape or a small pin.

    Let us consider another, more simple way to make the butterflies on the wall. This option is more appropriate in the interior of the living room or bedroom.

    To make this kind of butterflies for the design of the walls, we will need the following materials:

    • sufficiently dense black paper, glossy on opportunities;
    • cardboard butterfly patterns;
    • reliable adhesive - preferably a "Titan" or "Superglue";
    • a pin with a plastic head;
    • acute simple pencil;
    • pliers;
    • scissors.

    Now we can engage in the manufacture of paper butterflies on the wall.

    How to make paper butterflies on the wall - a master class

    1. The first phase of work - making butterflies stencils on the wall. You can come up with a special kind of butterflies, then design your walls will be really unique. But if there is no desire to write something of their own, you can use ready-made ideas.
    2. Cut a stencil multiple patterns of different types and sizes.
    3. Now with a simple pencil now taking the contours of our butterflies on black paper.
    4. Cut from black paper butterflies to decorate the walls.
    5. Next, we have to fine and meticulous work on each butterfly. So, take a butterfly in the middle of a Put a little glue and glue pin plastic head.
    6. The same thing we do every moth, and then leave the job, allowing time to dry the glue. Quality glue adheres to the surface immediately, especially when it comes to paper, but it is better to give a guarantee to leave the product for at least an hour.
    7. Returning to work, take pliers and heal the pin around the middle.
    8. And do bend at 90 degrees.
    9. The same is done with all the other butterflies. Along the way, bend the wings of butterflies each other.
    10. Paper butterflies to decorate the walls with their hands ready.

    Wall design butterflies with their own hands

    This is no big deal. Pre-invent the composition of our butterflies, and then simply forces the needle under the wallpaper. Within minutes, our wall is transformed beyond recognition. And those options are absolutely the inexpensive wall decor.

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    Repair is expensive and not all have the money to do it often, and change something in their apartment would be desirable. There are a great idea - to decorate the wall of paper butterflies, cardboard or vinyl. This design looks very interesting, the room is transformed into a kind of summer garden, it will be warm and comfortable even in winter evenings. The blanks can be bought in the store, and it is better to make a butterfly on the wall with his hands. The time and effort you need quite a bit, but the result will please the whole family.

    The materials from which to make a butterfly on the wall, there are many. The easiest and most accessible of them - plain paper. You can take a white sheet, and then draw a pattern on it paints. You can use colored paper and place applique wings. Or make them delicate. Very interesting wall decoration butterflies obtained when the cut stencils from old magazines or use the photos printed on the printer. And as the material can take pieces of old wallpaper. The only drawback of this wall decor butterflies - fragility. Paper can quickly lose their shape, deteriorate from moisture and is easy to tear by careless handling.

    Even a butterfly on the wall is made of cardboard. Work harder with him, but the products are strong and durable. Butterfly stencil can be made out of paper, find a picture on the internet and printed out. Then it is transferred to the board. To make bulk butterfly, wings to give the desired shape, it is necessary to moisten a bit of cardboard and dry under load. This form of product is stable and will not change so easily, as a form of paper butterflies.

    Beautiful wall decor butterflies can be done using a polyethylene film. It is advisable to take the film thick, beautiful color. Cut of the film is fairly easy, more difficult to give a three-dimensional shape of the product. Therefore, plastic butterfly on a wall is glued entirely. But their glossy surface will sparkle beautifully in the rays of light.

    To decorate the walls of butterflies can be used tissue. Best of all this decor will look in combination with liquid or fabric wallpaper. Tissue is dense, to butterfly took shape and do not lose it. Made of thin fabric, too, can make a gorgeous butterfly on the wall with his hands. Only it must be soaked in PVA glue and give the necessary form.

    The butterfly attached to the wall

    Before butterflies decorate the wall, you need to think well what they attach to. The most popular way - the glue. Take an ordinary PVA or special glue for wallpaper. It can be used to attach the products of any material. Also, the adhesive is suitable for any surface, be it a whitewash wallpaper, fabric upholstery or wood panels. So wall decor butterflies, can be done, regardless of the type of its coverage.

    Butterfly glue on the wall can be directly, or you can attach them to a small piece of foam. Then it will seem as if a butterfly hovering in the air. Truth in this method has a drawback - the foam is fragile and can crumble with time. But the part that is glued to the wall, will remain. Tear it off without damaging the surface, it will be very difficult.

    Excellent decor butterflies with your hands you get when you stick them with pins. By itself, the pin can be a decoration, because they are made with different beautiful heads. The truth is this method is not suitable for every wall. The pins will be held on the wallpaper, they are perfectly included in the plasterboard wall and even in the wooden panel. But the wall of brick or concrete panel pin votknesh not have to take the glue.

    How to decorate a wall of butterflies, not to spoil the surface? You can simply hang their strings to the eaves. To be safe, instead of threads, you can use a thin fishing line. This butterfly wall decor will be particularly original. After all, the slightest movement of air, they will "flutter", as if alive.

    How to decorate a wall butterflies

    Before butterflies decorate the wall, you need to consider their location. The easiest option - several groups of 3-5 butterflies in different places. Very nice would look like a flock, which flies out of the box. Layout boxes can also be cut out of cardboard or paper and glue to the wall. If you are at least a little to be able to draw butterflies wall decor can be complemented with flowers, a sprig of a tree or a flashlight.

    Another option wall decor butterflies - flock, which flies from one end of the room to the other. It is important that small butterfly were ahead, and large behind. Then it creates a sense of perspective. You can place them on the contrary, when a flock will "whip" in the room. Butterflies can be placed in a circle or spiral. Look good decoration, if placed in the form of various geometric shapes. From the little butterflies can be folded one big, also received a very original.

    Wall Decoration butterflies, step by step guide

    Decoration of the walls with their hands butterflies begins with the preparation of instruments. We need to take a pair of scissors, glue, paper (cardboard, fabric, film), prepared in advance stencil butterfly. His own hands can make those who have artistic talent. Who are not so lucky, you should not be upset. A suitable pattern is available online, print it on your printer, cut a stencil and ready.

    No matter whether you want to decorate a wall of paper butterfly or other material necessary to make a stencil out of cardboard. First drawing on paper making, then it is cut, is applied to a piece of cardboard, and again encircle contour cut. This stencil butterfly will be stronger, it can be used many times. It should be pre-draw or print butterflies of different sizes, then the decor will look more natural.

    When all work done, you move on to the next stage - the bonding of a butterfly on the wall. If they are made from polyethylene, they should be glued completely. We get a very beautiful and interesting application. Paper or cardboard butterflies to bend in the middle, their wings can also be bent a little to make it look almost like the real thing. Then glue or pin it cling to the wall surface. It is necessary that the butterfly has been fixed in the middle and the wings remained free. On this wall decoration butterflies ends, you can enjoy the result of their work.

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    "The wise woman builds her house." Ex 14.1

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