How to make the ventilation in the apartment

How to make the ventilation in the apartment of the most effective

Refurbishment is now often do not think without the installation of sealed plastic boxes. In an effort to rationality, we choose the steel doors with reliable seals, which are almost not affected by temperature and humidity strains. We teploizoliruem and ventilated house in winter, keeping it warm. At the same time we do not think how to make the ventilation in the apartment with his hands.

The apartment should be well ventilated.

Why is it dangerous to forget about air circulation

Reproduction of mold - a result of poor air circulation in the apartment.

It seems there is nothing wrong with the above. However, ventilation is the most common apartments, which works effectively only with the free movement of air in all areas, with the obligatory supply of fresh outdoor flow.

As a result of all the above measures in the home creates an unhealthy atmosphere, and the normal ventilation of flats becomes effective.

Excess heat conditions are ideal for the growth of pathogenic bacteria, mold and fungi in combination with sedentary excess moisture and air.

The air in the apartment becomes stale and foul smells in it stagnate without finding the exit.

Based on this, the question arises: what to do with the poor ventilation in the apartment?

The mechanism of functioning of a conventional domestic ventilation

Natural ventilation in the apartment.

In apartment houses works by default is a natural kind of ventilation.

  1. In any room of the apartment should be made a continuous exchange of air: air pollution must be removed, and replaced by a flow of fresh street.
  2. In the kitchen, the toilet and the bathroom exhaust air housing is removed through the exhaust ducts.
  3. Fresh streams seep through the open windows, tightly closed doors and windows.

Before the system of supply and exhaust natural circulation itself fully justified.

Now, with the low efficiency of this method (due to the reasons described), you need the installation of additional ventilation elements.

In other words - the natural ventilation system needs to be changed to compulsory analogue.

Calculate the required volume of fresh air just enough.

  1. To apply sanitary standards of air in the apartments, based on the size of rooms and the number of occupants.
  2. According to the requirements of SanPiN per m² necessary breathability 3 m³ per hour. Per adult person put fresh 30 m³ air per hour.
  3. On this basis, it is very easy to calculate the air exchange for a particular home and make the ventilation system project by its optimal type and suitable equipment.

Natural air circulation

The supply unit in a plastic box.

Before the apartment to make the ventilation, it should be noted that it is the simplest method - natural.

When it exhaust air is removed through a natural draft system channels and fresh flows through the vents, windows and doors.

  1. To improve the efficiency of the system, additional air intake can be arranged through the intake valves are mounted in windows and walls.
  2. An example of such adaptation - adjustment vent, which sash window units equipped with. It has a reflecting visor, so almost does not reduce the quality of sound insulation of windows. Installing the device takes only 15 minutes.

In the photo of the wall structure of the supply valve.

  1. Similar valves can be mounted in the wall, near radiators. For this purpose it is necessary to make a through hole in the wall section of 5/10 cm, depending on the model.
  2. Instruction recalls that the effectiveness of air-supply devices is dependent on the health of the exhaust duct.

Natural type ventilation optimal winter, when the difference street and inside temperatures, creating full thrust, the most notable.

In summer, when the difference is less than 15 °, to draw is not so great.

Forced-air and exhaust ventilation

  1. Forced ventilation in the apartment provides an extract room air mechanically.
  2. For this purpose, use a fan to be installed in the ventilation pipe mines toilets, baths and electric exhaust in kitchens.
  3. When the indoor fan is formed an air underpressure, which initiates suction of outside air through the open window or the air inlet.
  4. If you forced ventilation is mounted in a flat with their hands in the winter it is recommended to arrange heating of the supply air. To do this, blowing devices can be equipped with electric heaters.
  5. Another option, the price of which will be less - to place such devices on the housing heat-generating appliances.

Supply and forced ventilation

Scheme forced system.

The operating principle of the mixed ventilation - this forced supply of outside air through the air inlets and exhaust pumping by natural draft through the shaft kitchen and bathroom.

This scheme is implemented with ventilation in the apartment with his hands may be different, the systems come in a variety of configurations and models, but they have one device and includes:

  • fan;
  • air filter;
  • shut-off valve,
  • a heating device;
  • the acoustic reflector.

Heating outside air in winter condensation suppresses deposition and propagation of mold in the supply valve.

For the installation of the system in an apartment you need to make a hole in the outer wall and connect the power supply to the supply device. To function better ventilation, interior doors should be at the bottom of the slot in the 1.5 / 2 cm or smaller lattice.

Advantages of the system of compulsory

The operating principle of the heat exchanger.

  1. Such ventilation fully mechanizes ventilation in the apartment.
  2. Besides cleaning and heating the outside air can be applied and heat recovery. This will provide an opportunity to reduce heat loss up to 70/80%. Recuperator returns to heat the room exhaust air.
  3. This device in the summer reduces the load on the air conditioner, in winter also makes it possible to save heat even during ventilation.

Properly mounting the ventilation system in the apartment, you will provide yourself and your family comfortable accommodation at low energy costs. Check out the video in this article. It will help you learn a lot.

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Installation of ventilation in the apartment with his hands

Effective ventilation in the rooms ensures a constant supply of fresh air that not only helps to get rid of unpleasant odors, but also prevents the occurrence of moisture. This is the most positive impact on the conditions of use of household appliances, wallpaper, furniture, and also prevents the development of a number of diseases. Ventilation in the apartment with his hands can be done right, quickly and professionally. However, this requires a clear understanding of the principle of operation of all system components and features of their operation.

When all the air quality ventilation operation which is in a flat, must be fully replaced for 1-2 hours. For each premises need to calculate the power of ventilation so as to provide fresh air flow rate of 3 m3 per 1 m2 space (in apartments, where one person has to 20 m2). Also, keep in mind that for every adult needs about 30 m3 of air per hour. Such calculations are easy to perform, knowing the performance of the fan supply and exhaust devices.

All these data have to be taken into account when drawing up the ventilation scheme of the apartment. Furthermore, it should be appreciated that the air circulation between the rooms can be difficult because of the tight closure of the door.

To date, there are two basic types of ventilation systems:

  • natural ventilation system. Their operating principle is based on the air movement which occurs because of a temperature difference on the street and in the exhaust air duct. This type of ventilation is equipped with most of the apartments in apartment buildings. It is assumed that air will flow into the room through cracks in the balcony and window frames or through the open windows for ventilation. Air is removed from the premises through a special hood, while its circulation is provided by natural means, that is, without the use of exhaust fans. Because in modern apartments obsolete window and balcony blocks are replaced with sealed double-glazed windows, the efficiency of natural ventilation is drastically reduced. This is especially true in winter, when most of the time window in the premises closed.

Typical air circulation pattern in the flat shown in Fig.

  • forced ventilation system. Currently, this type of ventilation the most in demand. It involves the use of special devices that provide forced air movement regardless of temperature and weather conditions.

In turn, forced ventilation of premises can be done in the following ways:

  1. Exhaust system. It involves the use of fans installed in ducts for forced removal of air from the apartment. This creates a region of sparse pressure allowing the penetration of fresh air into the room through a special air vents.
  2. Air handling systems. Air injection into the apartment carries a fan installed in the air handling units.
  3. Air Handling. This combined system, which uses both supply and exhaust fans. Also, in such systems can be mounted monoblock ventilation systems.

A common cause of low efficiency of ventilation systems can become clogged their ducts. There is also a reduction in the quality of work of ventilation causes the installation of powerful cooker hoods individual tenants.

To properly connect the cooker hood, without disrupting the natural ventilation of premises, it is necessary to organize the removal of air to the outside through a specially made air duct with the mandatory use of a check valve.

In order to improve the ventilation efficiency in the apartment, you should first identify the cause, due to which the system can not cope with their functions. To do this, check the operation of ventilation ducts through the holes to their presentation to a small sheet of paper. If the exhaust system is operating properly, the paper is attracted to the hole, and even held on it. Otherwise it is necessary to take measures to ensure the normal operation of the ventilation.

To do this, first of all, you need to clean the duct using a special ruff, dressed in the flexible rubber hose. As for the general cleaning of ventilation ducts high-rise buildings, then for her meet representatives of the special services, which is necessary to attract and to perform such work.

To provide the necessary movement of air in the apartment, you can install exhaust fans, as well as the intake valves.

Using a supply valve

Supply valve can be installed in modern window assembly or the outer wall of the room. In the first case it is possible self-installation or purchase of window systems that already have such a device in its design.

With regard to the installation of the supply valve in the outer wall of the room, it is also not difficult and can be done on their own. Such a valve is mounted above the radiator or the ceiling. In the first case it is possible to slightly increase the temperature of the air entering the apartment during the winter.

fan may be used to enhance the operation of such a valve. In those areas where the average temperature in winter drops to low values, using electric heating air in the air supply valves.

On the outer side of the wall an opening for air intake is closed lattice, thus avoiding the ingress of dust, fine dust, insects and so on. D.

To perform high-quality air circulation in the premises is advisable to use the exhaust fans. These devices are installed on the duct vents in kitchens, toilets and bathrooms.

As for the operation of this device requires electricity, it can be connected to the nearest junction box. In this case, the fan should be provided with automatic, responsive to changes in temperature or pressure. When using more expensive models that do not involve automatic switching on and off the device, it can be connected to a light switch circuit. Thus, the fan will turn on every time you turn on the lighting in the toilet or bathroom.

Installation of supply and exhaust ventilation system

Forced injection and removal of air in the room apartments today to achieve the most effective ventilation of rooms. Installation of such a system can not only provide the apartment with fresh air, but also gives you the opportunity to further its filtration, humidification and heat recovery. For these purposes, you can use a compact one-piece air handling units.

When using the effective ventilation of these devices is carried out only in the room where they are installed. Therefore, to ensure the required air movement around the home may need to seal air ducts, which are mounted under the guise of a false ceiling. Such a solution requires a significant financial cost, but provides a completely stand-alone ventilation of all rooms apartment that does not depend on the state of the overall system.

Thus, the installation of ventilation in the apartment is quite possible to do yourself. In most cases, to provide the required air movement is sufficient to install multiple air-supply valve and the exhaust fan.

How to make the ventilation in the apartment

human psychology is arranged so that the majority of normal working things attention is not enough. But it is worth something go haywire - start looking for reasons, which was worth to take care earlier. And so the apartment ventilation: after installing double-glazed windows and insulation of the apartment was somehow uncomfortable, after the fact you need to take action.

In a modern apartment building, no matter old soviet version of the 70s or the building, ventilation system is provided with a building project. Good or bad, but it always works if the designer is not admitted blunders when considering the climate zone and the direction of the wind rose. But in some cases it is necessary to make changes in the system of ventilation apartments with their own hands.

Make changes in the apartment ventilation system costs only for compelling reasons:

  • The sharp decline in the level of comfort, a feeling of stuffiness, increased humidity in the room apartments;
  • Systematically the toilet, kitchen or bathroom flat foci arise moisture or condensation in mist glass windows;
  • It appeared uncharacteristic and unpleasant odors in the apartment.

Why do I need to upgrade the ventilation

To feel "at ease", a person must not only some minimal amount of air is not just 30 cubic meters per hour, it is necessary microclimate. And ensure that it is more difficult than to get rid of condensation on the tiled bathroom or the windows of the apartment. With the standard 21% of the oxygen in the air will feel good, at 20% - passable, but when 18% had severe headache, fatigue instant, then nothing can be done, the person loses consciousness, while 7% - dies.

Microclimate - is, above all, breathing comfort, warmth or coolness, and the required level of humidity. Tampering with ventilation apartment leads to a violation of any of the three components.

How to make the ventilation in the apartment

In most cases, the owners of property in the first place solve the problem of how to make the ventilation in the kitchen in the apartment. This is understandable and quite logical. Cuisine, especially with a gas stove, require good ventilation and air-conditioning, or gas combustion and evaporation "zadushat9raquo; apartment for hours. The second, no less important, the decision will be a question - how to make the ventilation in the toilet and bathroom in the apartment.

Often ventilation Goldsmiths and manufacturers of different ventilation belongings offer a radically make maximum ventilation changes. This is the other extreme, in the organization of high-quality ventilation apartment does not require such a significant investment.

The recommended regimen of work

The easiest and most affordable way to make an existing apartment effective ventilation circuit can be approximately in the amount of work:

  1. Install new device ventilation in the apartment. This is the main and the only correct way to make a flow of fresh air into the room. You can not take the air in the apartment of the service areas - kitchen, bathroom and toilet rooms, especially out of the house. In this sense, the entrance door to the apartment must provide a complete seal against the outside world.
  2. Bedroom, children's room - especially room equipped with independent air source;
  3. The service areas (this is a kitchen, bathroom and toilet), if necessary, to make the installation of additional forced ventilation equipment. We do not touch the very system of ventilation ducts.

How to make the ventilation in the apartment, preparing for work

Make check work ventilation easy. Open the window and attach to the channel grid a few strips of plain paper. Under the action of the thrust strips are pressed against the grate, which confirms normal operation.

Otherwise, you should try to make a clean exhaust ducts:

  • Remove the grille and to seal the hole using solid polyethylene film and adhesive tape double construction in the center of a pair of additional cross-pasted strip of conventional adhesive tape;
  • The central adhesive tape glued make small hole with a diameter of 20-25mm, done in a metal cable insert hole diameter 8 mm, with the "raspushennym9raquo; end;
  • The cable is pushed to its maximum height and joint translational and rotational movements remove dust and dirt from the air duct walls.
  • With the cleaner collect all that comes off from the walls of the ventilation.

Cleaning of channels need to make a "dry", without water and detergents.

Set the ventilation system

Typically performed the role of ventilation window frame slit and the front door. After the elimination of drafts will have to find a way to make extra ventilation in the apartment.

This situation is an indication of insufficient air movement in the field of condensation. In the summer of this situation does not occur often, and in winter - commonplace. Make a prediction of occurrence of this phenomenon is very difficult, as there is often a gap in the old window frames played the role of the air inlets. In some cases, the master that set new windows, offer to make a special device - a bypass valve ventilation. To do this at the top of the window frame is milled in a special valve that allows air to freely enter the premises. In this method the air intake excluded the penetration into the flat rain and dust.

If the window has been installed without a valve, you may be advised for ventilation and blowing the windows to make part of the rubber seal at the top of the window frame removable. If necessary (in heavy rain or wind) seal fragment can be set in place than to ensure its proper tightness. But to make such a system is difficult to secure. It is unlikely that such a rationalization may be considered reasonable.

Installing wall ventilation

In homes with brick walls should be used rather simple and efficient air flow circuit through a special module. The principle of operation of such a system is simple and convenient. As a rule, use fan-driven devices to make the exact amount of combustion air, depending on weather conditions and the volume of the space. Thus, you get rid of the need to calculate and match the performance of an apartment ventilation system.

For installation we need two circular drills, extension, nozzle size and wall thickness of the electric hammer or a drill.

Installation and setup are reduced to make holes in the wall or wiring to the module:

  1. Make a layout space for opening at a height of about two meters above the floor, preferably at least half a meter from the window opening or structures on the outer surface of the wall.
  2. Core cutter and nozzle extension, make drilling holes in the wall. Channel openings should have a small negative angle of inclination, an inlet on the outer surface of the wall should be lower than the output in the room for 2-3cm in length 50cm.
  3. Mark up on the wall wiring laying line from the outlet to the place of installation of ventilation module. With the help of wiring punch line needs to be done in the wall of the channel. We put wiring, leaving the necessary margin at the ends of the wires to connect the switching contacts. Closing the channel using plaster.
  4. With a vacuum cleaner removes dust and dirt, causes the adhesive solution onto the inner surface of the punched ventilation channel.
  5. Laid insulation and install the input device module on the outside wall. Set the internal device unit, carefully close up the gap.
  6. Connect the forced ventilation to the laid wiring and set up work ventilation.

In spite of the higher price and the necessity of power supply, ventilation device similar order of magnitude more effectively, not noisy, does not freeze, it retains dust and consumes less power on the order of conventional light bulbs.

We are working with exhaust ventilation

As a general rule, improvements made enough for a normal air-conditioning and ventilation of the apartment. For more efficient use of the heat exhaust air more often in ventilation systems installed heat recuperators. But their installation requires special knowledge and skills of the installation, so in this case, as a rule, have resorted to the help of experts.

If you need to do performance air above the ventilation duct grille can be installed exhaust fan with a parallel bypass valve. In operation of the fan valve is blocked and the main flow of air is ejected through a diffuser. When turning off the electric device operates like a fan bypass, without autorotation, and additional resistance from the blades.

If you plan to replace the old in the apartment with new interior doors, for the normal movement of air needs to be done in the construction of doors or walls Special bypass valves.

How to make the ventilation in the joint space

Before installing the supply and exhaust devices into one large space is required to take into account the specificity of the location of the main air intake exhaust duct system. What kind of ventilation do in a studio apartment. The scheme of arrangement of air conditioning and ventilation systems are not fundamentally different from conventional apartments, but it is worth considering the following:

  • The opening of the air flow inlet into the room to make a distance of 1-1,5 m from the place of residence of people priority - sofas, beds, armchairs and a maximum distance from the exhaust ducts;
  • Make extra intake valves on the windows;
  • For sanitary studio zones should make independent suction device, or use a single fan unit with air, the bleed air in the toilet area and the cooker.

If radiators are located at a great distance from the plane of the window, you must provide a ventilation grille in the window sill, allowing the warm air to rise and freely flow around the cold glass windows. This will make the window unit dry and warm.

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