How to make an enclosure for the dog with his own hands

Aviary for dogs - how to make a comfortable home for a pet

Currently, virtually every private home has a dog. And if the owner does not want to experience a variety of trouble such close proximity, from the dug up the lawn and finishing in utaschennymi neighbors chickens, then he needs to take care of the accommodation for your pet.

Moreover, the traditional booth for a number of reasons for this purpose will not do. After all health and well-being normal animal is capable of providing only aviary. But since the finished design is expensive, many dog ​​owners decide to build with his own hands.

How to choose material for the enclosure

The best material for the construction of the walls of the enclosure is considered to be a tree. And for this purpose it is necessary to select the board thickness not less than twenty millimeters. In addition, they should be well treated, that is, do not have on its surface knots and cracks. But in any case, before using the board, they need to handle any antiseptic preparation. As a basis for the construction of the wall, you can use other materials, such as slate, steel sheet or metal profile.

If you need to quickly and efficiently heat the room you need to know how to make burzhujku own hands.

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One of the enclosure wall is usually performed in a façade grille. This allows the dog to control everything that happens on the plot. Most often used for this purpose a metal grid. But as practice shows, in most cases, the animal eventually gnaws it, simultaneously damaging your teeth. Therefore, as a material for a front wall cell the best use of metal pipes, but in any case not galvanized.

With regard to sex, the best coverage is considered concrete or asphalt. Most often, dog owners opt for the first option, because it is much easier to do. But at the same time we must not forget that the concrete cools down much in the cold, so it is spread over the animal could easily earn rheumatism. To avoid this it is necessary to lay on top of the concrete flooring made of wooden planks the size of two by two meters.

How to make an enclosure for the dog with his own hands, examples can be seen on this video.

In any materials can be used as a roofing coating. But it is advisable to opt for soft materials, such as shingles, to the sound of rain is not too annoyed by hearing the animal's receptors.

Choosing a place for the future of the house for a dog

For arranging the cage is best to choose south-east facing courtyard. If you place it on the north, then with high probability in the booth will be permanently engraved in the winter snow.

In any case, the place where it will be necessary to shed concreted and top wood flooring. And it does not tightly fit to the covering, between them you need to leave a space of at least five centimeters. The same applies to the booth, it should not be placed directly on the floor. That the tree does not rot, you should leave enough space for air circulation. It is best to install it on the bricks, and the flooring to provide special legs.

During the construction of the booth have to start from the dog's size. Thus, the animal must be free to stretch out in your house, and also have enough space to turn around in it. But at the same time it is too large shed bad holds heat, so in extreme cold dog will be there to freeze.

As a material for the booth ideal conifers, which retain an optimum microclimate inside and have disinfectant properties. Roof booth is mounted on the base of the boards, is well keep heat inside the structure. She definitely need to make removable. Firstly, it will facilitate the cleaning of the booth, and secondly, give an opportunity with minimal cost to get out of her pet in the event of illness. As for the shape of the roof, it is desirable to make it a flat or slightly sloping. This will allow the dog to use the roof of the booth as an observation post.

Building a cage (a detailed master class)

Building enclosure begins with the installation of its foundation. Most dog owners as the simplest variant selected concrete coating. For its products must be laid parallel to the two concrete pillars, then the perimeter of the future cage pour gravel bed and pour all the solution space. It is enough if the coating will rise above ground level by ten centimeters. Moreover, the floor should have a slight bias towards the façade to rainfall not accumulated inside the enclosure, and flowed out.

For the construction of the enclosure itself, first and foremost, you need to install its core perimeter. To do this, you need to drive into the ground on the boundary corners of the metal to a depth of seventy - eighty centimeters. Then you need to be welded, and if the welding machine is not available, then put on the bolts cross corners. Thereafter, using the level on the angular supporting structures necessary to pull frame. If the dog is large, the valves used to it. On top of it on the walls inside the cages stacked wooden boards. Outside its lining it can be very diverse, ranging from metal to special panels made of weatherproof materials. And at first sheathed with the outer side of the cage, and only then the inner.

During the construction of the enclosure must be provided in the front wall of the room for the gate and a small opening in the grid so that you can push him a bowl of food. The door to the enclosure must be opened just inside, otherwise there is a risk that when it is opened, large dog breaks out into the yard. Moreover, the door should have a lock on the outside and comfortable inside the bolt, allowing the owner quietly engaged in cleaning the cage, without having to worry about the animal.

The building enclosure is the most important to determine the length correctly. It depends on the size of the dog, which will occupy him. And you need to take into account the parameters are already an adult animal, even if now it is still a puppy. In order to properly define the future size of your pet, you must be guided by the size of his paws, chest, etc. More information can be obtained from experienced breeders.

If the animal's height at the withers not exceeding fifty centimeters, it would be best for him aviary six meters long. A dog with a height of fifty to sixty-five centimeters will feel at ease in an eight-room. But for large dogs is necessary to build the structure length is not less than ten meters. It should be noted that these dimensions of the enclosure suggest that the animal will be in it around the clock. But if the owner plans to do with it daily walks, its length may be smaller.

We prepare all the details for the enclosure

For the construction of the enclosure will need these materials:

  • Forty meters of metal brackets,
  • sixty meters rod of iron or wrought-iron grill appropriate size,
  • selected Roofings in the amount of four square meters,
  • wooden boards lining the inside of the enclosure in the amount of twenty-five pieces. Optimal size for them to be height - four meters and width - twenty centimeters,
  • concrete mortar and rubble for installing foundation. Their number depends on the area, which is planning to concrete dog owner.
  • It can make the foundation around the perimeter of the enclosure or concreted only part of it, leaving the paddock ordinary land with grass,

Boardwalk at the booth area of ​​not less than four square meters.

Construction of the enclosure in accordance with the above recommendations will allow to build a convenient and comfortable housing for your pet.

How to build an enclosure for the dog with his own hands?

Breeders who have a summer residence or a vacation home, sooner or later face the need to build or install the enclosure for your pet. Here you have two options: to buy a ready-made or build it yourself. However, most prefer the second option. This is not only economical, but also allows you to adapt the building to suit your conditions and your pet's needs.

The general principles of construction of enclosures

Just before how to build an enclosure for the dog with your hands, you need to familiarize yourself with the general principles of its construction and with the parameters that need to be taken into account. First of all, the aviary should be comfortable and safe for the dog. In this important role played by the fact that the construction should be taken into account its size. Generally, the minimum area of ​​the barrier should be about 6 square meters.

During the construction should not try to save a place, but too large aviary building also impractical: it will be bad to concentrate the heat in the cold season, the dog may freeze.

Before you build the aviary for the dog, you need to think carefully about what gender is relevant in this building. The fact is that even the opinions of experts can not agree together on this issue. Some believe that the coating should be of the same type, others are of the opinion that it is necessary to leave uncovered a piece of ground in the aviary.

Many people recommend the standard type of floor in the form structures - this floor boards. However, a dog can be a very unusual defecate on this floor. Therefore, other recommendations are to ensure that leave some space free of the foundations and on the boards. However, in this case, your pet may start doing dig under the cage and get out into the wild. In this case, you should take into account the peculiarities of his character and behavior.

Recommendations on the device wall

If you have already briefly acquainted with how to build an enclosure for the dog with your hands, it's time to think about the arrangement of the walls. They are not in any way do not make the deaf. The fact that the dogs - awfully curious creatures, so they need to watch what is happening around. At least one or two walls must be made of a lattice of the material. Not recommended for wall-mesh netting, because her dog can easily get hurt and to cling to her weave. In order to construct the blank walls, better to choose a breathable material. An example of this could be all of the same board or brick. In general, the ideal option - if the enclosure is made of wood and forged bars.

The enclosure must be present box, and in some embodiments, it may be a part of the enclosure.

Preliminary preparations for the construction of the enclosure

Build an aviary is not so difficult for the dog to the booth, it may seem at first glance. The main thing - the right approach to solve this problem and well designed work plan. The ideal would be to draw a drawing of the plan of the future building. If you are thinking about how to build a warm enclosure for dogs, then shed it may not be necessary, because its function is quite able to perform the insulated unit.

It is necessary to decide what will be the entrance height, the material from which the construction will be carried out, at what point it is located.

The choice of location of the enclosure

Dog kennels to build itself is not so difficult, but one of the most important factors considered choice of location of the facilities.

Aviary should not be placed near the fence, especially if there is a busy street. In this case, will constantly distract and annoy the animal a passing vehicles and people passing nearby.

The ideal option would be to place the dog house so that in the field of pet was the front door of the house. And if it is possible to build it on a high place, so it's all a fairy tale. Under this option, the dog will be able to follow everything that happens on the site. Also, this will avoid flooding in case of rain.

No need to have the enclosure next to the compost pits or other strong smelling objects. It can harm your pet smell.

The best option would be if the input will be located in the west or the east, because on the south side of the dog can be very hot, and if you place it in the north, in the winter often have to clear the snow.

Build an aviary for the dog with his own hands, a photo which you can see in this article, under the force of even just a fan who does not have professional skills. The main thing - do not be afraid to take up the case and bring it to fruition.

The construction of the enclosure for the dog starts with the most basic: laying the foundation and floor device. They are the bedrock of the process. If you intend to build an enclosure for the dog, photos of which can be seen in this article, you need to pay attention to the fact that it is built in the floor with a certain bias. This is done in order to facilitate cleaning of the premises and barriers accumulation of water in it.

After laying the foundation and construction of the floor begin to install the fence. The material chosen for this beforehand. Initially set the frame of the pipes, and then start to fill it, furnished walls.

One of the last actions carried out the construction of the roof. It can be made of any material. Performed the roof, as a rule, gable, at least - pent inclined. Mounts are made so that the dog could not hurt them.

Woodwork taken handle sandpaper and varnish. In this way, not only prolonged their life, but also significantly improves the appearance.

Some security aspects in the construction of the enclosure

The one who decided to build an enclosure for the dog with your hands, you should always take into account the fact that the animal in his house should be in the first place is safe, but at the same time comfortable. The main caveat, which is often forgotten in the construction of these facilities is that the floorboards or bend, or are not located very close to each other. It is fraught with the fact that the pet can easily get a claw in a snare and injured.

To dog did not get hurt, you need to watch closely, so that the construction was not sticking out knots and nails. Wood must be treated with special solutions with a view to it would not start the fungus. Otherwise they will rot away and become traumatic.

The approximate calculation of the size of the cage?

enclosure parameters, as mentioned above, are directly dependent on the parameters of the dog. If your pet is in the withers rising to 50 cm, the ideal would be for him an aviary of about 6 square meters, and if its growth is more than 65 cm, the size of the structure must reach the limits of 10 square meters. As for the height of the enclosure, it must be such that the dog could easily stand on its hind legs and not touch the roof at the same time.

If the enclosure has a booth, it is desirable to make it not too big. The dog must in the cold to warm her with his warmth. However, in this house she should be able to fully stretch and pull the legs.

If you are thinking about how to build an enclosure for a large dog, it should not be too much to deviate from the proposed proportions. The only thing that you can add - a material with which the construction will be carried out. You need to choose a more durable, because the big dogs are usually very strong physically. Brittle material, they can easily break or deform, and then, as a consequence, to get out or get hurt.

To your pet as comfortable as possible in his apartment, it is important to know how to build an enclosure for dogs. During the summer there is air circulation must be ensured and shade, and in winter it is insulated from the drafts and maximally insulated.

To the floor it was not so cold, it is better to build on the basis of insulated concrete rubble.

To warm in winter is better preserved, we should not build a building too large. It is also a place for the construction need not choose one that is located in the open draft.

Inclusion of climatic conditions in the construction of the enclosure

In different climates warming can be carried out in different ways. For example, in regions with very cold climate can make the blank walls with insulation and double. If your location is constantly cold wind blowing, it can be blown by the wall of the windproof material.

Roof construction is necessary to ensure that, to the ceiling (eg, wood) located directly under the roofing material. It will contribute to the accumulation of heat.

If you are more or less figured out how to build an enclosure for dogs, and plan everything to the last detail, and conducted pre-deployment training, you can proceed directly to the installation. For this useful ability to work with welding machine and wood.

All structural elements are first prepared individually, and then, in order of priority, are assembled into a finished enclosure. It should bear in mind that you need more help at least one person who will keep the attachable parts and fix their position. Alone is very difficult to perform these operations, and the reliability of the design could be in jeopardy. It is better to prepare in advance to all, then at least for a few hours to draw the assistant.

Building enclosure and keeping hygienic standards

Since you are seriously thinking about how to build an enclosure for the dog, do not forget about the fact that the building will need to periodically clean and disinfect for the observance of the norms of hygiene and sanitation. For this purpose, you need to plan the building so that it was free and easy access for the animal and for the owner.

The roof of the booth can be rented, which will greatly facilitate the process of cleaning and disinfection of the events inside. Also, if your pet is sick, it can be to get through the roof and to provide appropriate assistance.

Boards can be lacquering. This not only will protect your dog from splinters, but also facilitate cleaning and disinfection floor: in the tree will not breed bacteria. Cracks in the floor must be repaired or make the minimum to prevent accumulation in their garbage and waste, as well as prevent the dog injury.

Before you build the aviary for the dog, you need to consider where it will eat and drink water. For this purpose, you need to equip a separate place with necessary utensils and implements, which are periodically cleaned and disinfected.

Care aviary during operation

dog bed and her toys that are in the cage, as is necessary from time to time to shake out the dust, wash. It must be remembered that the health of your pet - it is in some degree, and your own health. After all, you are also periodically visited his cage, feed him, play with him, touching his things. And how responsibly you will approach the care of the dog, and depends in part on your own health.

In addition, proper care of the dog will keep her health, avoid unnecessary trips to the vet and treatment costs. So try to take into account every detail to ensure maximum comfort and convenience both themselves and your pet.

Periodically, it is necessary to inspect the enclosure for damage or deformation, replace or repair damaged parts.

Even from the spacious and well equipped cage dog needs to periodically release a walk, and if this is not possible, then the output on a leash and with suitable security. After enclosure - it's still a cage, and the dog - freedom-loving animal. Yes, and not every dog ​​can get used to defecate in the aviary. Most need to do much more open space and more freedom. In part, this is good, because in the aviary to observe cleanliness and order, but on the other hand, the hosts it can take extra time.

How to make an enclosure for the dog with his own hands

Together with the need to build a large aviary for the dog and there is a number of questions: do a home arena or street, what materials are best to use, how to choose the optimal size of buildings, to the animal it was not crowded. Learn what to consider when designing and simple guidelines and steps for the construction of any and all design elements to help cope with the task without professional help.

Depending on where the enclosure will be located, allocate domestic and street views. The type that will suit your pet, pick up based on the capabilities of the yard, climate, breed, sex and age of the animal.

Street homes for large dogs

Outdoor enclosure provides complete animal house. The main functions to be performed outside the enclosure, a playpen for dogs:

  • pet protection from the elements;
  • limited area for free-range;
  • satisfaction of the needs of the animal in their home;
  • security dog.

To shelter your pet from rain or snow, be sure to make a canopy or roof, not relying solely on the booth. If the rainfall is quite abundant and long, the animal will be in the shelter, not a limited one square meter. Winter cages must be capital to dog froze. Different heating systems are often used.

Not all owners are thrilled by the idea that the dog would be free to roam the area without restrictions. Large rocks can be uncomfortable. Aviary solves this problem completely. Pet may be inside the clock with a few walks outside the territory, and sometimes the owners locked the dog only at night or when awaiting the arrival of strangers in the house.

One of the main requirements that apply to a dog shelter, - the presence of walking. This spacious, not cluttered marketplace in the fresh air, to which the animal has free access. Aviary-range allows the dog does not sit indoors all day. If there are walking comfortably carry dog ​​training pet.

Dogs - pets. They need a kennel and the territory that they are trusted to guard. Spacious aviary it as the cell is not perceived for a large dog, pet quite comfortable, but only subject to the rules of construction.

With the construction of enclosures for large dogs tend to use wood or metal. These materials are strong enough to withstand the pressure of an adult animal, in addition, subject to the operating rules of this arena will last a long time.

Aviary for dog house is a must if:

  • have your pet puppies appeared;
  • It resides in the apartment room dog breeds;
  • in the house there were other animals or small children.

Whelp bitch needs a secluded place, where it will be assured of the safety of their offspring. This place can be a room aviary. In addition, a little grown up puppies are very active and often in the game tearing, scratching and gnawing everything that comes in their way. Before the puppies will be given to new owners, it makes sense to keep them in the arena.

Often the apartments you can find cages for small dogs. Living in such a "house", the animal gets used to the food, the place for a toilet, the bed is always in the same place. When the habit develop into the dog will not leave marks in the different corners of the room, and get used to the procedure.

If your pet dog thinks himself the master of the house, with the appearance of another dog or, for example, the cat, the animal may start to be jealous, nervous and protest. The same is true of families in which the child was born - sometimes four-legged guest did not immediately respond adequately. To protect new tenants and help the animal to adapt to the new conditions, it is advisable to equip the enclosure for the dog house.

Simple aviary for the dog looks like fences that can be installed anywhere in the room, and if necessary - move or assemble. In this arena will be comfortable to puppies that can not get out or jump over the fence. While their mother is free to enter or leave the arena.

Aviary-cell limits the space for the animal, not only on the sides, but also from above. From such a dog fence is impossible to escape on their own. They are used for short-term maintenance medium breed or for permanent residence small pets.

Aviary in the apartment are made mostly of wood, metal or plastic. Design and size are different, but one must have a place for eating and drinking. Small dogs and puppies need a tray inside the enclosure.

The dimensions of the cages - the requirements and calculations

To their own hands to build an enclosure for the dogs, prepare a drawing with dimensions. So it will be easier to determine the right amount of building materials. The dimensions are selected according to generally accepted standards developed by experienced dog breeders. You also need to focus on the breed of your pet, some of which require an individual approach.

Dimensions enclosures depend on the dog's size, his breed, number of animals, both living in the same territory. Of course, the enclosure for small dogs can be much smaller area as compared with the construction of a large breed representative. Exemplary standards that it is desirable to comply with:

  • dogs taller than 65 cm at the shoulder - the cage area of ​​not less than 10 m 2;
  • from 50 to 65 cm in the shoulder - the area of ​​8 m 2;
  • growth less than 50 cm - 6 m 2.

Aviary for multiple dogs or mothers with puppies should be spacious. For two adults fit the fence area and a half times more than the norm for one. You can build a separate booth for each of the animals, and can be limited to one large enough room where enough room for everyone.

Aviary for an average dog must have three zones:

  • winter road (shed or other premises);
  • open part of walking;
  • part of walking under a canopy.

One half of walking should be placed on the platform, the other - in the open field. With this distribution area, the four-legged friend will be able to walk in any weather, if you want to bask in the sun or shelter from the heat or the rain under the roof.

Calculation of the area depending on the breed

Dimensions should be selected taking into account the characteristics of the breed. Huge cages for dogs are a joy active large animals, while the tiny rocks start to feel uncomfortable there.

Outdoor enclosure for dwarf dogs may not be the place they live year-round. These rocks do not overwinter outdoors in our climate. Such a cell can serve as a temporary enclosure for walking your pet in the yard, and it can be installed in the apartment.

Large breeds need a special approach in the organization of the home. In low or too small animal cage is uncomfortable and it can affect their health and character. Dimensions Alabai must conform to the standards for large dogs. Take care of the height of the fence. The dog can jump over the fence height of 3 meters.

Separate conversation deserves aviary husky dogs. This breed is characterized by its activity. To keep the Huskies in the house is not desirable - it needs space and a place for walking. Husky have to increase to 60 cm at the withers on average. But better for them to build a fenced territory larger area - about 10-15 squares. Rectangle with an aspect ratio of 2: 3 is considered the best one for fencing Husky.

Popular raccoon species also prefers to live in the backyard in a special place. Aviary for raccoon dog must be at least 6 squares, shielded from both the top and bottom. There is a high probability that the animal wants to leave the cage and starts to dig near a wall. You must be sure that the pet is not progryzet fencing material and will not break it.

Making the enclosure for the dog with his own hands

To make an enclosure for the dog with his hands in the yard, you need to consider all the details. You should start with the selection, calculation and purchase of building materials. Then you need to take care of the foundation base, frame, roof and fence. And when the construction has to be ready, you need to solve the problem with the installation of feeders and places for the toilet.

The choice of materials for the construction

Once you have decided on the location and size, it's time to choose what material to make an enclosure for dogs. For a stationary construction is recommended to arrange at least one solid wall (brick or wood), and the rest - lattice. Often, in order to save space and building materials enclosure is attached to the house or the fence.

Latticed walls can be:

  • of mesh netting;
  • from metal rods;
  • of forged elements;
  • of galvanized pipes.

Mesh netting is not considered the best option - the animal can damage your teeth, trying to cut the fence. However, this is a cheap material, which is easy and fast to operate. On the fence of fittings or pipes have to work hard, but the design will far more durable and long lasting. Wrought enclosures are not only practical, but also beautiful. Such a construction can be a decoration of your site.

Aviary for metal dog must have a door for the owner. This is done in order to feed, train, communicate with animals and to clean the inside of the dog house. The door should match the growth of the host, you can not come to the beast bent. You need to take care of the reliable hinges and bolts and sometimes come up and padlock.

Start with the construction of the basement under the cage with his hands. You can dig a trench around the perimeter fence of the future and to make a strip foundation. Sometimes it is more rational to dig wells into the ground and installing supporting elements do pier foundation at these points.

Cages for dogs of a brick is very labor-intensive. Such constructions weigh quite a lot and require a good foundation. If we ignore this factor, in the first year of operation, the ground can prosest, and the wall is deformed, which threatens the appearance of cracks.

Brick enclosure for dogs - a good option, it animal warmth, thanks to the low thermal conductivity of building materials. So the walls are not afraid of no wind or rain, the construction can be called safe havens.

If you have planned a wooden cage for a dog skeleton covered areas, support for the canopy and floor made of planks and beams. Often to the question of a comprehensive approach: the frame is made of metal, and skin - made of wood.

A framework for better enclosure made from steel pipe or a channel. His plan at the stage of construction of the foundation. The reference points are left issues, which will later be welded to the frame.

Metal cage for dogs made of mesh under the scheme:

  1. Establish a frame of metal.
  2. Pull and fix the mesh welded.
  3. Treated with a protective material against corrosion.

Metal enclosure for the dog of the armature is mounted by means of welding machine. Of chopped twigs do grille privarivaya rebar to the metal frame of the bracket. Step rods must be no greater than 10 cm. Then the frame is connected to the supporting pillars of the same welding.

Another option - for a dog cage from the shaped tube. Here, everything is done on the same principle, but instead of reinforcing bars used profiled tube of small diameter, for example, 15 * 15 mm.

Another important aspect that will have to decide in advance - what do the floors in the cage in the dog. Apply these types:

The concrete floor in the aviary - the most common and most undesirable for the health of domestic animals option. In winter, these floors are very cold and will cause dog diseases. Alternative concrete - asphalt. But it is heated in the summer and requires special equipment for installation.

The floors are made of wood - the best option. They are quite warm, but should be treated regularly with an antiseptic, otherwise the tree will rot quickly. Another method of extending the service boards - placing the boardwalk above ground level at 20-30 cm.

For manufacturing wooden floor with their hands Prepare sufficient amount edged board thickness not less than 40 mm and a bar of rectangular cross section.

  1. Treat the material with an antiseptic.
  2. Put together from the timber frame and joists for the future of flooring.
  3. Lay the board on the frame to fit the joints.
  4. With screws for wood and screwdriver fasten decking to the frame.
  5. Treat the floor with varnish or paint for protection.

dog fence should be covered with a canopy. The roof provides the necessary shade during the hot season and protection from rain. Most use a simple uni-directional pattern. To understand how to make a roof for the dog cage, decide with the building material. You can make a coating of:

  • slate;
  • corrugated board;
  • wood and tar paper or soft tile;
  • awning fabric.

Slate and corrugated board placed on the same principle: make a frame made of wood, which in turn sew sheets of roofing material. If used options soft coating on the prepared carcass stuffed OSB plates and then rolls sheathe their roofing elements or soft tile.

The easiest option - a tent. Erecting frame, usually metal. On the frame pull the specially sewn fabric roof. This tent is waterproof and creates a deep shadow. But to buy ready-made solutions is expensive, and make yourself not everyone's strength.

The design is ready, but let there dog yet. Now you need to take care of his diet. Before you make a bird feeder in the aviary for the dog with his own hands, learn the basic requirements that apply to them:

  • feeder must be raised above the ground;
  • Water and food are to be in separate bowls without the possibility of accidental mixing;
  • feeder in the aviary should be in reach of the dog and the owner;
  • Ideally, if you can pour the food without having to go inside.

You can simply fix the fence around the outer wall of the enclosure for several tanks of water and food, and it is possible to approach the issue thoroughly and to build a special slide-out design for the convenience of the animal and the owner.

Video: Easy feeder for dog

Outside toilet in a cage for a dog is a simple open area. If you do not want to walk the dog every day several times a day, will have to get used to the daily cleaning, because excrement - is not only an unpleasant smell, but also a source of infections.

To clean it was easier to have a cage at an angle to the front or one of the side walls. So all the impurities easily washed off with a hose, and then remove. For indoor dogs provide a tray or diaper for dogs - a special column for the small needs.

As stated in the famous children's song: "The dog is biting, the dog only from life." And that your pet was warm, dry and comfortable at any time of year, not too lazy to build a comfortable and safe enclosure for it. Make no mistake, the dog will be grateful to his master.

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