How to make a shower with his own hands

Shower cabin with his own hands - Equips the area for water treatment

The rapid pace of life does not allow many of us spend hours to bask in the bathrooms, so showers are becoming more popular every year. And sometimes there is such a plan bathrooms inconvenient that the installation of the shower is the best option for the proper organization of space. However, it is not necessary to go for shopping in the store, because you can do everything on their own, taking into account their own wishes. How to choose the form of the future design and perform all stages of construction according to the rules, explain later in this article.

Shower area - you need everything for her

Construction of the shower - it is not only practical, but also hygienic. For this construction, easy to care for, it occupies a small area, and modern building materials allow you to create truly unique options. In recent years, showers were installed in private homes, where there are no restrictions on the meter, and not only in the apartments. At the initial stage it is necessary to determine the place of mounting structure. The booth should not interfere with the movement of the room or inconvenience while using other communications, located in the bathroom - a sink, washing machine and so on.

Shower stall is an area of ​​high humidity, so in advance is necessary to think about the arrangement with his hands high-quality ventilation. Do not be amiss to take care of the lighting, but at the same wiring must be routed outside of the "wet zone", and as a light source to use LED lamp with an index IP 65 or 67, which are protected against direct contact with water.

Equipping shower, you need to take care of ventilation

Important! In the shower is preferable to use a lamp operating from a source 12, which, nevertheless, must be protected using the emergency shutdown device.

If you are completely their own hands going to do the shower, the future work can be divided into the following stages:

  • Walling. If there is a ready room, this milestone may be omitted, otherwise will have to make a distinction space.
  • Gidrobarer arrangement of walls and tray. Complicated and crucial stage that will determine the convenience and safety of using a shower.
  • Creating a reliable drainage system. It is necessary to ensure not only its correct position, but also the opportunity of service.
  • Buying finishing materials. You must purchase a high-quality tiles, granite tiles or mosaics.
  • Mounting in the wall communications.
  • Wall covering selected pictures.
  • plumbing installation.

The choice of shower trays - buy ready-made or make yourself?

You can always buy ready-made pan the right size, which will save a lot of money, and facilitate the work on the arrangement of the shower. As a rule, the great demand for acrylic options because they are cheap, easy and relatively warm. Their lack of one - they do not always require a rugged and arrangement for mounting the podium.

Buying ready tray saves time and money

The next most popular - is enamel trays. They are reliable, easy to maintain, but the surface becomes slippery when wet, it is important to take into account. If resources allow, and there is a desire to differ, it is possible to acquire the tray of copper or other metal, ceramic, glass and so forth. In the market ready variants of standard sizes (80 × 80, 90 × 90, etc.), And what they are, the expensive. By design, purchased trays come in several forms:

However, not all are supporters of purchased options and prefer to self-improvement pallet of brick, block, or by flooding from the concrete structure. This approach is complicated, but it allows you to make room for showering all sizes. After the erection of the frame must equip waterproofing and lay the inner surface of a tile, natural stone and mosaic.

Allowed interior shower tree. In this case, we use special breeds that are resistant to water and have been processed in special means and impregnation. This variant is extremely rare, as it requires the constant care of the wood and its treatment from time to time.

can be independently pallet if desired, for example, made of brick

Fashion trend of the past few years is considered arrangement of the shower without shower tray. The base of this design is in the same plane with the floor and visually does not differ from it. It may seem that such a structure will cause permanent water stagnation, eternal dampness and spread of mold and mildew. That may be true, if such a shower built with violation of the technology. Correctly, with millimeter precision, designed and furnished playground with his own hands, which enters the water in the shower never be a problem area, because it has a barely visible slope towards the drain, which is usually decorated with a special grille.

The advantage of this type of shower stall is easy to maintain, because the whole floor of the bathroom is on the same plane without a lot of joints. However, this structure is more suitable for the construction of the house or the commercial use of the building, because when you create a need to raise the floor level to create high-quality sewerage in urban apartments do almost unreal.

drainage system - select option for water drainage

For the collection and removal of water from the shower area using several embodiments. The cheapest and easiest - is to use a siphon. At arrangement of the pallet must be provided access to the design possibilities for its maintenance. A siphon passageway decorated specially designed for this grating or hatches, and also by setting the door lined with the same material as the rest of the pallet.

To ensure the cleaning of pipes in the case of obstruction, it is necessary to lay them with the maximum steering angle of 45 degrees, and if possible, even less - at around 30 degrees. Do not forget about the slope of the sewer pipe, the rate of which should be equal to two degrees per meter - is the only way will be able to avoid stagnation.

More reliable and durable system to divert water from the shower - arrangement of the ladder. It takes up less space in height. Modern solutions are in the range 85-120 mm and capable of a second take of 0.5-0.8 liters. Funnel ladder is equipped with removable dirt catchers, which are easy to remove and clean as clogging. It is also absolutely necessary to create a water seal that can protect against a possible flowback waste water or sewage.

At the ramp has a twin brother - a drainage channel. Tray does not differ from the previous variation, except that it has a large area to collect water. For this purpose, a metal or plastic spout, which is able to withdraw per second to 1.2 liters of water. The channels may be of two kinds: developing are in the center of the soul, or mounted on the wall. The second option is rarely used because it has a complicated system of mounting arrangement and requires an additional niches in the wall.

Construction of the shower with the pallet

Before the start of major works on installation of the shower in a private home or apartment is necessary to prepare the base - clean it from dust and debris, and primed. If the pallet is provided arrangement of bricks or blocks, it is recommended to do the dirty tie to laying process went faster without additional alignment lift horizontally. If you plan to pour concrete bumpers pan, then it is necessary to construct shuttering to your exact size. When the base is ready to pave the drain in compliance with the slope. Construction at the time of the work need to hide to avoid falling into the concrete mortar or adhesive.

For additional insulation slab is recommended to use polystyrene, which is poured over reinforced screed.

In the next step is surface waterproofing. For these purposes, use different formulations - to mixtures of bitumen, specifically designed for arrangement pools. It is important to understand that the higher the quality will gidrobarer, the more reliable will the whole shower design. Minimum number of layers of insulation - the two, but depending on the manufacturer, this figure may vary, so you need to read the instructions carefully. The joint between the wall and the flooring necessarily glued waterproof tape, the height of which must be at least 10 cm. This will help prevent water seepage into the underlying premise.

When preparing for installation, you should not forget about waterproofing

After carrying out waterproofing work can proceed to the arrangement of the screed. For its formation, though use beacons, but settling it with a slant toward the drain. To acquire the arrangement base solutions, which contain special additives having water repellency. In order to save a simple mixture screed can add water glass or PVA glue. This solution will provide additional waterproofing properties.

When the concrete has set firmly, we must once again make a waterproof base. For this perfect composition of cement, because it has excellent adhesion to all types of tile coverings. For laying tiles also take water-repellent compounds, and strictly follow the instructions of their preparation. After laying the joints between the tiles are filled hydrophobic elements grout. Additionally, you can apply a special water-repellent paint on the tiles and grout.

Shower without shower tray - creating a barrier-free space

Such works better to produce at the stage of the bathroom ties. At this time, the easiest to calculate the required height around the perimeter of the bathroom. The first step is settling sewerage, laid all the necessary communications. It cuts the required tray length, which is embedded in the wall or floor and securely attached to the surface. Thereafter, the siphon is set, and all elements are interconnected.

On the perimeter of the area where you plan to place the shower, construct a box that separates the area of ​​the future construction from the rest of the floor in the bathroom. This is done to output the main floor level to zero. Before laying the screed flooring it recommended further insulate polystyrene mats. After the grab main screed, the base can be made directly in the wet zone with the necessary slope to 1-2 degrees.

The box around the perimeter of the shower enclosure to separate it from the rest of the floor

If you plan everything underfloor heating, the screed construction should be set up in two stages. The first layer is reinforced and await its setting, whereupon heating mats are laid on top. Second poured over them, a thin layer of specially designed for this solution. After the construction of the rough floor surface is also necessary to equip a waterproofing. It can be rolled in the form of mastics or liquid rubber compounds. It is created to protect the screed from water penetration, which can result in mold and mildew.

When installing a decorative covering should opt for a material thickness of 8-10 mm, but it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer of shower drains, which are usually produced by certain types of tiles. The layer of tile adhesive depends directly on tile thickness.

The walls of the shower - what is required

For the walls in the "wet" area and must meet certain requirements, especially if the shower is in the wooden house. The houses and flats made of concrete, brick and similar building materials is sufficient to equip high-quality waterproofing the walls, like the one which is arranged on the floor. Such works are necessarily produced, even if you plan to finish walls with tiles.

The walls of the shower usually trim tiles

Shower in a wooden house requires a slightly different approach to facing of walls. In this case, you need at least initially to sheathe the walls of water-resistant drywall. And it is better to use a special water-resistant sheets or Akvapanel gipsovolokna. Besides the fact that they do an excellent job with exposure to moisture, so more and are more durable and wear-resistant, compared with gypsum boards, material. For such additional trim simply hide all communications.

For the grouting between the tiles need to use a water-repellent fugue. These specific compositions have additives that help trap moisture and does not allow its penetration into the wall surface. To equalize the wall in the wet zone sanitizing plaster can be used. This unique structure having two layers. The first retains moisture, not allowing it to soak into the walls. A second crystallized salts contained in the liquid, and does not give them to exude to the surface.

Sometimes, in a wooden house shower set to specially built with his own hands from a brick pier. He built on a separate base, which is provided at the design stage and construction of the building.

Enclosing the shower area - select the appropriate door

At the final stage of creating the soul with their hands mounted door. Their presence is necessary, not only to separate the dry area from the wet space, but also to zone the whole room. The easiest way, when the car has a standard rectangular shape. In this case, you can find a suitable size door in specialized stores. They are made from a single web or in the form of an accordion. The doors can be hinged, and if space allows the design, it is possible to mount a sliding version.

Doors are made, usually made of glass. For these purposes takes a special hardened material or triplex. This approach will help to protect the person in case the glass is broken. Fragments remain on the film and can not be scattered around the room. Of course, this option is not cheap, but the security here is in the first place. A simpler and lighter material is considered to be a cast acrylic. It can take the necessary form when heated, which can be made using a hair dryer building.

What is important is himself door installation process for the shower. To do this, you need to buy special guides, videos and furniture profile. The guides are mounted above and below the cabin. Going from the profile frame into which the selected material of doors. After that you need to drill holes in the door is to be installed on these rollers. After mounting clips, the door is set on a constant and strictly aligned vertically.

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How to make a shower with the pallet of tiles

In small bathrooms often do showers. It popular in the baths and country houses, put them in the bathroom instead of apartments and houses, doing in addition - as best. But like plastic cabin is not all too flimsy. Shower cabin with his own hands, though, and requires more time, but more reliable.

If you look outside, there is a big difference

If you want to make yourself the shower in order to save, first count well. You will need a good waterproofing, and most of all - for pools. Just need a good draining, which will need to raise the floor, and it is - a decent amount of solution with plasticizers that increase the water-repellent agent. To finish will need a good floor tiles non-slip surface or mosaic, and glue (water-repellent). Another good idea would be to make floor heating - on the concrete floor in the winter be very unpleasant. Still need to be the door, although you can do and shutter. Already a considerable amount. There are cheaper options - simple shower enclosures.

If you need to also build walls, even plasterboard, then the economy will not be accurate. Many say that the costs shower with his hands not less, and that - as a minimum. But what is good - you can make it just the way you like, such a size as you want (or as it turns out). Inexpensive cost standalone unit shower only in the event that there is a ready nook, which is fenced off just a door or curtain, but the cost of the floor drain and the device is not going away.

Ways of organizing the drain in the shower

Despite the appearance is almost the same appearance - wall and floor tiles in, any door, makeshift showers have plenty of options of internal devices. Choose really is from what.

The easiest and most reliable way to make in the shower waterproof floor - ready to put the pallet. It can be installed on the bricks, or to make the base of the foam blocks. By "ready tray" refers to two types: acrylic and enamel. Acrylic is lightweight and non-slip, but turn yellow over time. Enamelled - not bad to use, but in the wet slippery: it is necessary to put a rubber mat. Plus acrylic in the fact that it is not so cold - feels.

If both options are not like, make a pallet of brick or reinforced concrete, which is then veneer tiles - normal, flooring, or mosaics. This capital decision, but difficult to implement. If you decide to make a pallet in the shower tiles and live in an apartment building, you will have a very good multi-layer waterproofing: that there are no problems with neighbors from the bottom and sides. This does not mean that is done without waterproofing in a private house with his own hands shower. Just when "nakosyachit" will suffer themselves.

Half-finished shower tray made of bricks

There is one more option - the interim. Cook metal "trough" of suitable dimensions, it is well treated with anticorrosive materials. Set on a podium made of bricks or foam blocks (drain also needs), if necessary, draped brick outside, forming a ledge or step. The inside paste mosaic.

Of these options, and is typically selected. There are absolutely no visible device pan, and drain can be made in the wall, but then the entire bathroom floor is necessary to raise the level and shape the slope toward the drain.

Now, about the size of shower enclosures and trays in particular:

  • 80 * 80 cm - it is very small, hard to bend even a slender man, continually brushed against the wall;
  • 90 * 90 cm - is somewhat better, but still close;
  • 100 cm and more - this is normal feeling, we can sit down without any problems.

If you want comfort - make at least a meter gap from wall to wall, if the dimensions are very limited, try to still leave at least 90 cm.

Next, you must choose how to drain will be arranged. Two devices: siphon and trap. Gangway more expensive, but it is usually less height and more reliable. Its margin of safety will be enough for a decent life, and it is possible to pour the concrete, and it usually is.

Siphon cheaper, but the device tray, you will have to provide for his replacement. Just zamonolitit it - not a good idea, since if there is an issue with the repair, to get to it you have to work a puncher. The results you represent. Because using a siphon, leave audit passage that closes a door or a small hatches.

Shower cabin with his own hands: how to make the inspection door

In any case, the drain must be serviced. This means that the upper part - the grid can be removed and cleaned pipe rope. And so it was possible, drain pipes are laid so that the maximum angle of rotation to the sewage was 45 °, but it is better than 30 ° not to do.

Now on the slopes. That water does not stagnate in the pipe, the pipe from the ladder to the canalizations are laid with a slope of not less than 4-5%. This means that one meter length vertical drop of 4-5 cm About the same bevel should have and sex:. Water should flow to the discharge point.

Will be discussed is how to make their own, with their hands in the shower floor. floor height inside the enclosure not far from arbitrary. It depends on how you placed in the shower drain as highly exposed to trap or a siphon. And it, in turn, is placed with such a condition to generate the desired bias. That is, the lower you have the entrance to the sewer, the less it will be necessary to lift up the ladder and the floor.

Scheme mounting floor drain

That is, before the start of work will have to put the ladder. Cup - exactly. But well tighten and close it, plug the drain crumpled newspaper or cloth to the inside while working and have taken nothing. Keep a grille to allow time to try it.

How to install one of the following ramp - linear - See the video. Model can be different, but the general principles remain the same.

When the device of the brick floor of the shower tray should be at least relatively flat. If there is already a very big differences, align them in advance (do rough screed). Exhibit draining device, connect it to the drain, and then the steps as follows:

  • Surface waterproofing foundation. In its simplest form - bitumen, but the smell of the many scares. You can miss the mark with water glass, a hydrophobic impregnation cement based waterproofing for pools. What is that like it or find more in the properties, and then use. The best option, of course, - the composition of pools. These compositions are designed for high pressure water because reliable. Slightly worse in these circumstances - the impregnation on the basis of concrete, but water absorption is reduced significantly. Promazyvayut often two or three times to make sure that does not miss anything.

Three missed mastic asphalt

Bricks laid on solution

After a couple of days concreting fluff waterproofing cement based (betonokontakt)

If you want to do in the shower floor heating, added two more layers. On the brick layer of mortar is placed by aligning the base. After the solution will seize on it - heating cable mat or cable (cable on the grid). Top is filled with a special compound for underfloor heating. The layer thickness of the cable - at least 3 cm and not forget to form a bias to the drain.. After setting, you can lay tile (include heating only a month after casting, otherwise cracks will go).

To display worked more effectively, it is possible for a layer of the solution on the bricks to put a heater, and particularly extruded polystyrene. Its thickness - at least 3 cm, can be up to 5 cm at him put a metal grid with a pitch of 10-15 cm on top of the heating cable or cable mat, and then -. Solution.

In the manufacture of its pallet hand shower of concrete formwork to be collected. It is best to use a thick board (not less than 25 mm thick) or trimming OSB, MDF (thickness: 16 mm).

If the shower is a concrete floor covered with tiles or mosaics, it is desirable to insulate. Doing warm-up or not - your choice, but on warming it should be 100%, otherwise you'll have to pour hot water for a long time "idle" to get a little warm floor or throw hit by wooden lattice. For baths lattice - a viable option, but for permanent use in the house or apartment is unlikely.

Thus, the sequence of layers is as follows:

  • foundation waterproofing. All well: we coat well.
  • Sizing the perimeter hydroprotective tape.
  • If there is a heater, set along the perimeter of damping tape or another layer of insulation walls.
  • Polystyrene laid density of not less than 35 kg / m 3, thickness -. 5 cm Joints sizing reinforced tape.
  • Metal mesh cell 10 cm.
  • Expose the beacons forming drain.

As beacons can be used sliced ​​strips of plywood. They are cut, taking into account the flow formation

After 24 hours removed beacons rubbing traces solution. A little later - after setting and curing - coated surface waterproofing, and then proceed to the laying of tiles.

If a shower with your hands are going to build an apartment building, it is better to add another layer of waterproofing: break ties layer into two parts. Schematically, then everything looks like in the photo below.

Screed divided into two layers, and between them waterproofing

Regardless of brick making tray or made of concrete, it is necessary to know how high to fill the screed. Its height should be slightly below the grid Photo - siphon or ladder. To recapture its position on the wall is more convenient to use the laser level. If it does not have to carry water mark. To make it a little clearer, watch the video. It is shown how to put on the walls of the screed levels and how to make a rough screed.

If the stall is rectangular, everything is solved more or less simple: the rectangle can be cut out and glass in the workshop. Awnings for glass doors a lot, you can choose more convenient for your case. Only ordered the doors go with canopies: they have a drilled hole, and the best suit.

Glass is desirable to take hardened. If it is broken, then into small pieces with blunt edges that are difficult to get hurt. But, most of all, the pieces are left hanging on the film. Less of this glass - it is expensive. To save money, you can order the usual thick - 5-6 mm, and the house to paste it on both sides of the polymer film translucent. You have to tinker, but the effect is almost the same as the tempered glass: the pieces will be on the film.

One point: the glass prior to application of the film is washed, then degreased. Film thickness on the wet glass. It's easier to expel air bubbles, and even move the film for a while you can.

If the glass door you do not want, but need translucent, you can make them out of polycarbonate, but not cellular, and sheet. We'll have to find the right furniture profile, make it a frame and the frame on sealant plant polycarbonate. To be safe, it is possible and through screws and washers to attach.

Another option - to buy ready-made door. There are glass and especially for cabins and can accommodate plastic folding "accordion" as in the video.

Traps for the soul is a different design: the usual, which look like round or square mesh in the floor, as the tray. There are more modern models - pristennye. Shower tray and trim ladder needed if the cab do with a large water consumption. In this case, the usual design can not cope with the challenge and the need for more efficient models. And in the tray can stand and two drain device. Features of their installation in the video from one of the manufacturers.

One way to waterproof shower

How to make a shower in the bathroom with their hands - expert advice

Water treatments have an important place in my life. For their conduct is equipped with a shower in the bathroom with their hands. It can be installed in the apartment and a private home. Sometimes it is mounted, even in the bath. It's nice to do the job yourself and then be proud of.

The process of installing the shower

Make a shower with his own hands as possible. This requires a material, tools and time. This device saves space in the bathroom and gives the room a completely new appearance. The cabin is on the pallet without it. In a room with a small width is quite suitable device with glass door without pallet.

It looks quite aesthetically pleasing, but it can be difficult to assemble. The fact that the need to divert the used water into drains. This requires the pipe below the drain. In modern apartments it is not always possible. Then it is necessary to install a pallet.

  1. On the ceiling necessarily performed waterproofing for high-quality floor protection from moisture.
  2. wooden wall after waterproofing treatment composition should be aligned water-resistant drywall. From conventional cladding is different green.
  3. Lined with a plastic tube, which used liquid will go into the sewer system.
  4. It is embedded on top of all tiles. It is placed with a slight slope towards the drain. Where possible, these works are carried out within the floor or directly into the base of the pallet. After the equipment can be assembled drain the shower with his hands.

The tray may be purchased off the shelf. To install, you do not need special knowledge and skills. The only problem that may occur during installation - is the construction of the podium. Make it the easiest way to brick. After installation of the pallet location interface equipped with special border. Such industrial production pallet has its own advantages:

  • installation it is done quickly and easily;
  • there is a possibility of height adjustment by means of the special design of legs;
  • finishing border is supplied;
  • it can be installed directly on a wooden base, treated hydroprotective means.

Consumer reviews of the bath with shower is very good. But the cabin should be chosen carefully. It is necessary to check the attachment of the walls and doors, with matching sockets sewer pipes in the house. You can not acquire the entire cockpit, but only parts of it. Today's manufacturers offer such an opportunity, and offer a choice of different designs:

To install the equipment we need some tools:

  • or a hammer drill;
  • Screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • screws, spatulas;
  • hammer, pliers;
  • trowel, Tile;
  • tank mixture, level,
  • plumb, a tape measure, a pencil.

For cabin installation, and will need some materials:

  • high quality cement;
  • sand, brick;
  • taps, mixer;
  • shower head;
  • sanitary pads;
  • pipe couplings.

Section is usually attached to the base so that it can be easy to close and open. Setting their own hands, you can be fully confident in the quality of work.

Installing the shower with their hands in the bathroom with a small area - fun fairly expensive. But to do that with the purchase of only some of the details will be much cheaper, but they can be much longer. A common material for the equipment places the shower is made of ceramic tiles. This material is not afraid of water, it is quite durable and reliable, the service life measured in decades.

About hygiene of this material, and we are not talking. For shower bathroom walls veneered with ceramic flooring. If there is a pallet, it, too, is faced with tiles. Tiled walls and walls of the cabin will be. I will only make a door or other barrier.

Work should start from the floor waterproofing throughout the bathroom area. To do this, you need to clean the surface of the old coating to the concrete. In concrete foundation is applied bituminous mastic or other modern material. Any material you need to put at least 3 layers. The joints between walls and floors further glue tape of nonwoven fabric. The waterproofing layer covers the coupler, which is made based on cement. Screed may additionally reinforced by a metal grid.

Next, you need to properly lay sewer pipes, to use water without obstacles fall into the sewer system. Junction and drain pipes need to be insulated airtight seal. This place is better positioned against the wall opposite the entrance. The walls of the cabin can be folded from a sheet of glass blocks or solid glass. Homemade shower ready. You can try it out.

A few notes on installation

  1. In the manufacture of the catwalk used brick, concrete and other excipients. On top of them laid another layer of concrete screed sloping towards the drain.

Bath is available in almost every apartment and some private homes. But conditions are not always satisfied with the bath tenants. It would be desirable to have a full shower, made with his own hands. Modern materials allow quite up to the task. Shower booth can be harvested from the glass blocks and plate glass, plastic and polycarbonate.

Color materials can be very different. Possible for the money to buy the store a complete set and collect it, you can buy only part of the set, and the rest is all done by hand. This cabin will be much cheaper. The main thing - to make a good waterproofing walls and floors.

The cabin should be and lighting. To this end, the wires are pulled away from the water pipes. Bulb is better to use special for showers. They are made with steam and moisture barrier properties. You can also set and radio, which is sold in specialty stores. The cab is equipped and small things such as towel holders, shelves for soap and detergents, mirrors.

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