How to make a hedgehog pine cones

As of spruce cones to make the hedgehog

Walking with a child in the forest, do not pass by spruce cones, because it is an excellent material for a variety of crafts: candle holders, gift, animals, toys. Especially fun together with their children using cones masters of various animals. It is worth to dream a little and you'll have a whole collection of wonderful toys. Let's see how out of spruce cones make fun hedgehog.

Step by step instructions from the manufacture of hedgehog fir cones

Cones - is a universal basis for creativity. With a variety of shapes, sizes and shades of nature's gifts, fir bumps are easily converted into the original, interesting crafts. Combining this natural raw materials with other natural (acorn, hay, squash, salt dough, clay, seeds) and artificial (plastic foam, bottles) material, easy to create colorful figurines. We offer to make crafts - hedgehog, guided by the following step by step instructions and diagrams.

Master-class on making a hedgehog from the cones and pine needles

A great option crafts, which is suitable for exhibition in a kindergarten in the fall holiday. Make such crafts with your little help can even a small child. In the preparatory step to prepare:

  • large pine or fir cone;
  • pine needles;
  • rowan berries;
  • plasticine light brown and black.

  1. Pick lush bumps with good open scales.
  2. Use the brown plasticine to make a muzzle, decorate it with black beady eyes plasticine and spout.
  3. If there are bumps spruce seed, it should be removed.
  4. Scales between large pine cone insert small pieces of clay in any color and insert it in pine needles.
  5. As decoration crafts, pinned on a needle urchin few rowan berries or you can buy a small fruktiki dummies.

How to hedgehog hay and cones

If you have more time and want to try to do something original, try to make a funny hedgehog, for the manufacture of which requires a bit of hay, fir cones. Necessary materials for crafts:

Stepping with photo:

  1. Make frame future hedgehog with duct tape and twigs (back, legs and neck).
  2. Make 2 lower legs, to do this, take a small bundle of hay, fold it in the form of the foot well, wrap the rope. Adhere to the frame. Sticking hay cut with scissors.
  3. Form the front legs using hay and rope. Tie them to the frame of the hedgehog, behind his back, to the front legs became slightly shorter rear.
  4. Large hay bundle of rope strapped to the chassis belly.
  5. Head hedgehog also forming with hay and fasten it to the body.
  6. To connect the head to the torso strapped small pieces of hay to the neck of a hedgehog.
  7. On the head Construct senny rim well strapped him with ropes.
  8. To hedgehog was stable, the future body crafts another good hay wrap small portions, with ropes. Tummy do little more than sticking pieces of hay remove with scissors.
  9. Starting from the head and decorate cones products. Cleito them tightly next to each groomsman, for quick-fix using glue.
  10. By the head at eye level, attach the buttons of. Nose, mouth shape clay.

Making interesting hedgehog from a plastic bottle and cones

Each seamstress at home there are several plastic bottles. Do not rush to throw them away, because the bottles can be used to create interesting crafts, such as hedgehog. Necessary materials:

  • plastic bottle;
  • Acrylic paint gray and black;
  • spruce bumps of the same size;
  • white cover for the eye;
  • Glue "Moment";
  • cardboard;
  • moss;
  • plasticine.

The process of creating handicrafts:

  1. At the initial stage of gray acrylic paint a full plastic bottle with a sponge or brush.
  2. Construction of hedgehog spines start from the back. With glue tightly to one another in turn attach the cones, see that they are not separated, otherwise they then would be difficult to glue.
  3. Obkleyte knobs all the body except the head and stomach.
  4. To spout hedgehog grab the bottle cap and paint it with black acrylic paint.
  5. For glazik use two white caps, centered acrylic paint black pupils.
  6. Glue the eyes to the muzzle small animals.
  7. Decorate the back of a hedgehog leaves, plasticine mushrooms.
  8. To supplement composition to make animal or a tree stump clearing. To attach the pieces of cardboard sheet moss that previously necessary to clean from the bark of trees.

How to make a hedgehog from the cones and plasticine

Teach a child to love nature and to develop his creativity more easily in the form of gaming sessions. For example, make a simple crafts together - a hedgehog with wood knobs and plasticine. This is a simple task, so you can in a short period to make a whole family of hedgehogs. We produce beast in the two embodiments. Necessary materials,:

  • clay white, brown, red, black, green;
  • board for modeling;
  • paper or paperboard;
  • shishechki pine or spruce;

  1. Take a small slice of brown clay, coil it into a ball and attach it to the base of the bumps. Plasticine ball gently pull to form the future muzzle hedgehog.
  2. Separate piece of black clay, roll it into a small bead, it will tip. Attach it to the muzzle.
  3. To make the legs, some brown clay divide into four equal pieces, roll them in the form of sausages.
  4. For the eyes take white clay (base glazik) and black (the pupil) color. Roll small balls, priplyusnuv their little fingers that were joined to each other, at first white top - black.
  5. To back decoration crafts blind by plasticine leaves, apples, mushrooms.
  6. The finished crafts put on a paper stand.

There is another option of manufacturing using plasticine hedgehog and fir knobs, while the hack gets a little larger than the previous instructions. Necessary materials:

  • white, black, brown clay;
  • many cones;
  • board for sculpting.

  1. Blindly with a large piece of brown clay (the more you take, the bigger in size, you will hack) body small animals. For this clay roll of the shaft, on the one hand Fashion a muzzle.
  2. When the body is ready, begin to paste it fir knobs.
  3. Black and white clay use for modeling the nose, eyes, attach them to the muzzle.
  4. Decorate the "thorn" crafts leaves.

Video Tutorials: How to make a hedgehog from cones with their hands

Cones - a convenient and affordable for natural material. With their help it is easy to create impressive, interesting bulky toys and decorations for the home, garden, kitchen garden. On the following video tutorials with Yutuba you learn tinkering original hedgehogs for an exhibition on the theme of autumn in the school, kindergarten, groups of needlework. Workshops conducted as regular students, and experienced masters, so watch the video will be interesting not only for adults but also for their children.

How to make a hedgehog from bumps

Today we'll show you how to make a hedgehog from bumps - this simple children's crafts from natural materials can decorate your collection or be a cause for pride on display in kindergarten.

Active development of fine motor skills - a pledge of beauty and rapid development of the child. Infants should be given to touch, to feel different in form and structure of the object. Kids about years old - offer to sort out under the supervision of your beans, peas. they are also very useful game with semolina. Kiddies are older (3-4 years old) just need to create something with your own hands. There already is involved not only fine motor skills, but also imagination, thinking and mental development as a whole.

Very useful molded from clay or salt dough. It is important that the child himself took an active part in the process, and was not a bystander.

Remarkably obtained in children with the use of natural materials. For example, articles made of pine cones. They definitely need to gather up a reserve in the autumn. Pine cones and clay is very easy to do pretty industrious hedgehog.

For the manufacture of a hedgehog bumps you will need:

  • One pine cone,
  • clay brown
  • plasticine little white, black, red and green colors,
  • board to work with clay,
  • stack.

How to make a hedgehog from bumps with the baby:

With the help of the stacks, cut a small piece of brown clay.

Piece will need about 1/3 of the size of most bumps.

Roll a ball of clay and attach it to a ponytail bumps.

fingers and then smooth the bead on one side, so it was a continuation of the bumps.

With a free hand shape hedgehog muzzle. If the clay turned a bit too much - just otschipnite piece to match the size of the hedgehog's head.

Black plasticine roll a small ball, and shall cleave hedgehog nose.

Now take four pieces of brown clay.

Roll of these little sausages - it will foot the hedgehog.

Turn hedgehog belly up and be united first two front paws.

Now the two rear.

Made us hedgehog from bumps already knows how to stand on their feet.

Two small pieces of white clay blind by balls and stick on the face on both sides.

On top of the white circles Prilep black smaller - our eyes cute hedgehog ready!

Another small piece of plasticine, attach a muzzle, to get her mouth.

Red and green clay blind by a small apple and place it on a hedgehog spines - he's very hard working and makes a stocks for the winter! Garnish with a hedgehog can also alder cones. That's the beauty we have turned out!

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How to make a hedgehog from spruce cones

Every parent knows firsthand about how often your child to school or kindergarten to do crafts. It is a creative process that often turns into a total family affair. However, the procedure for creating such craft should not stay only on the shoulders of parents.

After such a pastime among children develop many skills, in particular, fine motor skills, imagination, creativity. From cones hedgehog turns out very simply, so to cope with this task can a child and yourself.

One of the most popular crafts that often make children in schools and kindergartens, a hedgehog from the bumps. How to do it, you can think of yourself, but a detailed master class will help to quickly deal with the problem and find the right materials.

Fir cones hedgehog is the fastest because it scales the volume gives the figure to form on the back of a hedgehog needles. Pine cones are ideal for such crafts. This method is remarkable in that it is assumed here and the molding of the clay, which is itself also develops motor skills of a child's hand, promotes the development of imagination, mind and thinking.

Materials needed:

  • pine cones (one hedgehog - one bump);
  • plasticine of different colors: black, red, white, green, brown;
  • board to work with clay.

Next steps follow the instructions, paying attention to the illustrations below.

  1. Cut off a small piece of brown clay. piece size should be about 1/3 of the most bumps.
  2. Plasticine rolls a ball and attached to a ponytail bumps.
  3. Fingers need one hand to smooth the bead so that it was a continuation of the bumps.
  4. On the other hand remains free edge from which to generate a muzzle hedgehog.
  5. If you understand that the muzzle is too big and looks disproportionate in relation to the body, then you just need to pinch off a piece of clay and make it anew.
  6. Then take the black clay and roll it into a small ball. The resulting nozzle attached to the muzzle of a hedgehog.
  7. Divide a piece of brown clay into four equal parts.
  8. Roll one small sausage, which will serve for the animal paws.
  9. To turn a hedgehog on the back and attach the legs. Made legs allow the figurine stand.
  10. Further, the course is a white clay. From it you need to roll small balls to the eye.
  11. White balls must be supplemented by black dots of small size, which are mounted on top of the white clay to get the real eyes.
  12. To create rotika fasten another small piece of clay just under the snout.
  13. Garnish with a hedgehog can, placing him an apple from a red clay. Beautifully here will look and alder cones.

Hack "hedgehog from cones" looks presentable and interesting. This is a fabulous creature can decorate not just any exhibition of educational institutions, but also the home bookshelf.

Hedgehog from the cones and clay to sculpt quickly and easily, and most importantly, it does not need a lot of material.

The next way to create a flat top of the cones and involves the use of natural materials. For this figure will need the cap on acorns, seeds, plant-prickle. Of office supplies - glue PVA.

From opened cones are knocked out seeds, in their absence for crafts suit and the usual black pepper. You need to prepare the cap from the acorns, they will form the basis muzzle hedgehog.

We then proceed according to the instructions:

  1. Liberally grease seeds glue and press them tightly to the thorn.
  2. Conveniently placed spikes in a pot, so as not to prick. Use for this purpose can be a bottle or a glass.
  3. From lumps break off two scales and glue them to the hedgehog's head.
  4. With the help of seed do animal eyes.
  5. For greater stability of the figures can be cut a bit rough at the bottom.

Crafts from cones are very popular due to its simplicity and the fact that the cones can be found in every park or just around the house. If you use additional materials, you can create some very interesting specimens. For example, using polymer clay, you can create a nice and cheerful hedgehog. You can also use clay, polymer clay but preferable, because when baking it hardens and retains its shape for a long time.

It should be on a lump sticking a large piece of clay from it to create a cone. Make hind legs large, front - a little less. Of black clay to make the nose and eyes. With the tool to push the clay need mouth.

In order to give the image of a hedgehog playfulness and positive, you can not make eyes with clay, and buy ready-made at the store.

Obtained from a plastic bottle is a great option crafts in the form of a hedgehog. Number of bottles can be found in every home, why not be difficult to find all the necessary materials for this variant.

We need to take a bottle and pasted it plasticine, then attach to the bottle bumps. However, this procedure is not the easiest, have to spend a lot of energy because they are difficult to attach to the plasticine. The second way to attach cone scales in the bottle - a bottle wrap tights and using needle and thread to sew the bumps to the bottle.

Eyes for the toy animals are sold in any clothing store, that they need to buy and sew on the blank of the bottle. Original will, if you decorate a hedgehog autumn according to subject, for example, from the top to attach a sprig of mountain ash, fir-tree, apple flowers.

Can be fixed on the basis of the resulting animal (cardboard), because both legs in the figure are not supposed to. You can make the artificial grass meadow to give the composition a nice view.

Hedgehog from cones and plastic bottle - this is a great option to create handicrafts. You can make a really fun and interesting small animals that are sure to like a child. Make such crafts with your kids - it's the right decision, because the child's imagination, perseverance and diligence should be developed from childhood, and creative abilities will not interfere with anyone.

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