How to make a cardboard house for dolls

Dolls house with his own hands made of cardboard: video and photo

Dolls - an essential attribute of any game zone. It is a place where girls learn to be homemakers. Placing furniture, laying out clothes and hygiene items in the house, the child learns how to behave in everyday life. If you want your child to be passionate about the game and, at the same time, to explore the surrounding area, ask how to make a house for dolls with their own hands. Cost will be the minimum, and do not have to buy expensive design in the store.

Such a house for dolls can be successfully make the box from the TV or other medium-sized equipment. So dollhouse own hands: a master class.

Basic materials and tools necessary for manufacturing the house is:

house roof is glued by means of adhesive tape.

Large box to be divided by partitions so as to obtain 3 floors.

Then, each floor is divided into rooms.

Next - the most interesting: it is necessary to decorate the room and put furniture. Sticking wallpaper on the wall: white on ceilings, wall paper - colored. To do this, fit clipping from the real wallpaper, which were renovated.

It is built around the lodge another rectangle, which will serve as a patio.

Exterior finish of the house includes wrapping the ends, rear and roof of the house with another layer of cardboard (for greater security), wrapping the edges of the decorative ribbon and painting patterns.

To decorate the yard suit all kinds of stones, wooden wedges and artificial flowers - it's all put on the glue. Makeshift grass can be made from a green sponge. We paint the fence with white paint and black marker.

Ready house left only to fill furniture and guests. Furniture for the house you can buy, and you can, again, make their own hands.

In our house we got seven rooms, and in the yard a cozy seating area.

Dolls Monster High is also possible to do it yourself, and different from the ordinary except that it will be an internal interior. What can I say - you will see for yourself in the photo! For example, here's a great idea, how to make a house for dolls Monster High with his hands in the shipping carton.

You can adjust the unnecessary box from under the shoe glue them together as the room to paste over the wall and paint colors or gouache. Furniture fit matchboxes or other old toys and blocks. Here are some options on the photos.

Showing great imagination, and you will surely achieve remarkable results. Also watch the video how to make a house for dolls with their own hands. At the end of the present drawings, on which you can build houses for the dolls.

Video collection especially for beginners

This Monster House, is not it?

More classic options for Barbie:

House for Lily, Rosetta, sun and Sprockets:

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Dollhouse from cardboard with your hands: a little patience, and the masterpiece is ready

Certainly in childhood every girl dreams of having her own house toys were: Dollhouse from cardboard. Their own hands to make it very easy. You will need construction paper, some stationery. To process went faster, you can attract the parents. To learn how to make a house out of cardboard, discussed in the article.

On the shelves of children's shops you can find a huge variety of Dolls. The question is the price of the product. Some models can cost more than 30,000 rubles. Not every parent can afford to make such a present to her baby. But there is an alternative. You can make your own building.

Before you start making a dollhouse made of cardboard with their hands, you need to stock up the necessary materials:

Thick paper. Ideally suited boxes of household appliances.

PVA or glue Klester prepared own (flour, brewed with water).

To dollhouse made of cardboard with his hands to get the perfect, in advance, you can make a chart with the designation parameters. Pointeresuetes a child, what size should be a building, how many rooms in it will be. And only after that proceed to the manufacturing process.

If the parameters are defined, you can start the work itself. Step by step actions will be as follows:

For a small house ideal boxes out of bananas or vegetables. Remove them from the upper lid, glued together at the sides.

Once the details are fixed, you can proceed to the division of the territory in the room. To do this, divide the box into two parts with the help of strong cardboard. This is a very important step. It is important that board was tight, otherwise the whole set in a house of furniture fall.

That the house was light, it is possible to cut through the side walls of windows.

The house is made of cardboard for a doll with his own hands almost done. It left cut and fasten the roof. Many parents skip this step, but in vain. After all, the building should be complete.

After that, you can do the design and decoration of walls. This work better to attract children. You can invite them to paint the walls and feel as a painter.

It has been above described stages, how to make a house out of cardboard with their hands. The whole process will not take more than an hour. A child will have fun for a long time, because the dolls appeared their own homes.

Making dollhouse made of cardboard with their hands, you need to equip it. Wooden and plastic furniture sold in children's stores, will not work, because it is very heavy and massive. Everything can be done much easier. If the child is still small, will be enough basic furniture depict the marker on the walls.

For older children, this option will be uninteresting. They need a complete furniture for the dolls. It can be made from scrap materials. For example, every turn of the dresser interconnected matchboxes.

As a bed fit for a pack of tea, which can be decorated as a wish child. The backrests can be done easily from the wooden supports under hot.

If someone from the adults from polymer clay sculpts of the problems with the manufacture of furniture and all can be forgotten. Sofa, armchairs, kitchen stove, cabinets - all of these elements is simple.

Pros and cons of cardboard dwellings

Before you interested in the question of how to make a dollhouse for Barbie with your hands, you need to find out the disadvantages of the construction:

Cardboard - material short-lived. If the child is small, this house will serve him no more than a week.

All the furniture will have to make your own from scrap materials.

It takes up much space. It needs support, which would keep the building.

Of the advantages include the following characteristics:

Cost. The price of the house will come no more than 1 thousand rubles. And the money will go to purchase Office. Box you can ask for free in any large supermarket.

The process of assembly and preparation takes 2-3 hours.

In the creation of children can participate lodge.

If the construction of bored, you can easily convert (to add rooms, floors).

Responding to a question about how to make a house out of cardboard with his own hands, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the material used. For kids such a construction is not suitable, it will be too flimsy and unreliable. But adult children can be invited to participate in the creation of the house. Psychologists claim that collaboration brings together parents and children.

Doll house with his own hands: how to make a house for dolls, drawings

Dolls have become popular for a long time. They are used for the game and the interior is decorated perfectly. Canonical toy housing is a house of Barbie. its cost is usually quite high, but if you can not afford to buy, then make a dollhouse with your hands is not so difficult. It should only be kept in mind that the work is tedious, it requires accuracy and patience. That the product has turned out strong and beautiful, it is necessary to make an effort.

Before you decide how to make a doll house, you need to decide on the material from which it will produce. The possibilities are different, the amount of free time available to the parents, too, varies.

The easiest way house for dolls with their own hands to make out of cardboard, using a box from under the household appliances or food. The denser and better material, better if the product get too brittle, his life would be short-lived.

The advantage of paperboard is its low cost and availability, and the relative ease with which it is made into finished crafts. If the relevant box on hand there, it can be made independently.

So, how to make a house for dolls made of cardboard? To get started you want to acquire the necessary tools and materials list looks as follows:

  • • cardboard (carton);
  • • a sharp knife (available stationery);
  • • scissors;
  • • glue;
  • • tape;
  • • finishing materials - pieces of wallpaper, linoleum, tile, self-adhesive paper, etc .;
  • • paint;
  • • brush.

All of this exists amongst stationery in every house where there is a schoolboy.

To make the "three-storey" doll house with your own hands, you need to consistently connect the three boxes (or share an existing three-bay). If a suitable container in the house there, you can do it yourself using tape or glue. In each of the "floor" is necessary to arrange the compartments - it will be the room, and upstairs primasterit roof.

For it is necessary to take a rectangular piece of cardboard and fold it in half. To the rear of the house need to glue the triangle whose base coincides with the width of the house. After that, cover the top of the roof and glue or tape strips of paper.

In principle, a house for dolls with their hands ready - you can start the internal and external decoration.

The joints, the roof and sides better to strengthen further - so house last longer. After that, the easiest way to paste over the outside of the house self-adhesive. You can "revet" its white paper and paint colors with a child. If the hack itself put in a small cardboard box, you get a "court", surrounded by a fence (Shtaket draw a felt-tip pen, and cloves cut with scissors). Inside you can put swing, plant flowers in pots - there's far enough imagination and patience.

House for dolls with their own hands is especially good because it allows you to fully express creativity. For interior decoration, you can use just about anything you like: white and colored paper, pieces of wallpaper left over after repairs, fabric scraps, fragments of ceramic tile, rubber sheet, and much more.

The question of how to make a house for dolls on their own, many parents wonder. Worldwide network operating numerous forums where experienced craftsmen share their successes. They can be found many unexpected and original ideas, how to make a doll house made of cardboard or other material, than to decorate and so on. D.

Cardboard - the material convenient and affordable, but short-lived - a doll tea party or taking a bath can ruin its appearance. If parents have the minimum skills and are not afraid of difficulties, make a wooden doll house with his own hands is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Of course, this process is more time-consuming, but worth it.

Before you decide how to make a doll house made of wood, it is necessary to prepare the tools and materials that are in the apartment, most likely, will not appear. You have to visit the hardware store and buy the necessary (or borrow from friends and acquaintances). Thus, the master class: House for dolls at home, recommended to acquire such tools:

  • • jigsaw;
  • • Finishing nails;
  • • Stolyarsky adhesive (PVA);
  • • chipboard, plywood;
  • • a hammer;
  • • sandpaper;
  • • pencils, paint, decoration materials.

Next, you need to draw a sketch on paper, carefully prorisovyvaya parts: rooms, roof, stairs, windows, elevator shaft, if it is assumed - how to make a house for dolls, if you do not have an idea of ​​what should happen as a result? On the drawing the dimensions are applied - indeed, it is best to immediately attach the image to scale.

The next step in the process of construction of a dollhouse with his hands - the drawings, which are made on the basis of the sketch. Every detail you need to mark the numbers or letters. Among them will necessarily rear wall, two side, partition between floors, bathrooms, base, roof, and so on. D.

According to the drawings, using a jig saw, wooden parts are made house. Places slices must be carefully sanded to a child during the game does not hurt and does not splinter hands. Once the components are ready, you should begin to build, using small cloves for furniture. For greater reliability, the joints are coated special joiner's glue or PVA.

House made of wood can be quite large: a three-story doll housing up to six meters in height - is a good option for the standard "Barbie". Appropriately sized utensils for the kitchen, bathroom, tables and beds and just enough to buy more than that: if the parents have understood how to make a house for dolls, with manufacture of furniture no problem.

You can dream up and come up with a lot of original ideas - for example, how to make a doll ironing board, a pair of pins and a piece of cloth trimmed with cardboard. The most surprising is that this board will also be unfolded.

Stairs made of plastic corners, floors paste over carpet, linoleum or laminate pieces (here can be very useful double sided tape).

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