How to make a video surveillance camera at home

How to make video surveillance with his own hands: 7 installation rules

We continue the series of articles that help to save. Today we will speak about the system of surveillance with their own hands. What is a video surveillance system and how to organize their own installation process experts EtotDom editions understand.

How to make the camera with his hands in the home?

The video surveillance system consists of:

The camcorder reads the information and sends it to the DVR through video. DVRs treated with information received from the camera is outputted on the video monitor and record the data obtained.

Organization of a wired or Wi-Fi network will allow to manage the system remotely, view the online picture or video file.

How to install video surveillance with their own hands, can be found in the instructions.

IMPORTANT! Use a hidden camera is prohibited. In a house or apartment setting the camera with his hands it is legal, but it is necessary to obtain consent for video surveillance, otherwise it will be considered a flagrant interference in their private lives with the delivery of housing for rent or stay of third parties.

Install video surveillance to better plan development:

  • marked with the number of cameras on site,
  • with circuit wiring from the server to each chamber.

If your site is already laying the power line, it is better not to install the wires there, as they will interfere with the video signal.

Wires located at a distance of 1 m from the existing wires. If it is impossible to sustain such a distance, they are placed in a grounded metal sleeve. Then define the viewing angle of each camera. The higher it is, the more objects will appear in the camera's field of view.

Installing any video surveillance system (exception is only wireless) can not do without a cable.

Installing video cameras with their hands: instructions

Overall Fitting Algorithm:

  1. choose a location device;
  2. select the hardware and software;
  3. Install and configure the equipment;
  4. the unification of all devices in a single system;
  5. We check the readiness of video surveillance systems.

As required and the circuit, which should be developed before install the camera with his hands. It is also important to determine the place of camera placement, followed by self assembly and connection.

On average, the total package of equipment for the installation of video cameras with their hands will take 15-16 thousand. Rub.

You need to install:

  1. DVR;
  2. HDD;
  3. color video camera;
  4. IP-camera;
  5. a power supply for analog cameras and IP-chamber;
  6. ICC cables, UTP and connectors;
  7. router;
  8. USB-modem.

How to set up video surveillance camera?

Outdoor surveillance cameras installed in the boot and take care of the power supply. To do this, fit sealed boxes with insulated terminals for cables. Getting the installation, you must decide whether the server needs.

Step 1 - Install the mount for cameras. It comes complete with a video camera Step 2 - The attachment mount camera and securely attached. The instructions to the video camera has a diagram of the setup Step 3 - Once the equipment necessary to connect the connecting wires on the circuit. Analog connected via cable OEC (12V power supply unit), IP-chamber through the UTP (twisted pair with the power supply POE-injector). Step 4 - Connecting the power splitter over-water-proof box (if the camera is located on the street) Step 5 - Connecting a camcorder to the TV tuner according to the scheme via an HDMI cable Step 6 - Connecting via wired and WIRELESS network. Step 7 - Images from surveillance cameras on the TV looks like

CCTV device and includes a microphone that allows you to hear what's going on.

Assembling the kit CCTV cameras:

How to configure the IP-Surveillance system with their own hands?

  1. assign IP-address of the network through SADP program;
  2. the browser trying to drive the IP-address of the camera, we register a login and password;
  3. everything is working.

In the video you can see a detailed step by step instructions in the camera settings.

How to choose a CCTV camera correctly?

When choosing a CCTV camera, be sure to pay attention to the ability of the focal length, which determines the viewing angle, as well as the possibility of formation of a color or monochrome image.

Both the black and white video to make a color?

The same system can be used both video cameras and color, and black and white.

For example, a surveillance system is colored, and among the video cameras used in it can be videoglazok - black-and-white video camera with extra wide angle optics mounted in the front door.

The entire video system can be black and white, but the color camera can be used in it.

The rotary mechanism provided in some video cameras, allows visual patrolling conceived route.

Oven for surveillance usually required for outdoor surveillance, equipped with heating and ventilation systems to maintain the optimal temperature inside. The enclosure is installed UPS system for video surveillance systems.

The dome shape of the IP camera is definitely one of the most beautiful. It looks like a small semi-circular dome that performs several tasks:

Fixed on the ceiling or mounted as a hanging lamps with the help of simple devices.

Lightning protection is installed in the switching box next to the video cameras. It provides the security surveillance system.

To connect the video camera to your computer with their own hands is used:

How to make a web camera for video surveillance with their own hands?

By itself, a webcam - small size, the picture on it is transmitted over the network continuously or at regular intervals. Make your webcam can be of the DVR from a computer or from the phone, and the old and nonworking.

At sites where the landline telephone and no power, video surveillance can be conducted via 3G. Installation of such a security system is possible without the Internet without wires, sufficient coverage of one of the mobile networks.

To adjust the set-activated sim-card of any mobile operator, is used to transmit 3G network signal.

Organize surveillance through real skype: need one mobile device may have a tablet or phone on Android, or on iOS.

p2p-camera - a version of the standard ip-camcorder. The p2p-based technology is distant by a unique code identification device (ID-number), and only the identifier is used to establish the connection.

CCTV, and without having to install software on the computer, use a cloud service, which offers the opportunity to remotely monitor the object and does not require additional software.

Due to the cloud service, you can watch video from the screen of the smartphone, PC, tablet or laptop.

Which security camera is suitable for private homes?

For a quiet and comfortable living, even in cottage protected settlement, it is desirable to install CCTV: outer and inner tubes, motion sensors and light or sound signal device.

When installing video surveillance in the country it is necessary to define the surveillance zone may be sufficient one camera.

When choosing a camera, it is necessary to fix their attention on the following factors:

  • degree of IP protection;
  • sensitivity to light;
  • working temperature.

At the moment, offered:

At arrangement of street surveillance cameras with his own hands or in the stairwell needs additional devices:

  1. Power supplies;
  2. The housing of;
  3. amplifiers, switches, signal converters, and so on.

Types of street cameras Feature:

IP-Surveillance their own hands

If you want to install a lot of IP-based cameras, better to route individual network under surveillance. When using outdoor surveillance hidden mini cameras.

  1. It operates on the basis of the computer;
  2. It has excellent image quality and clarity;
  3. It gives a ready-signal to be viewed on the computer;
  4. characterized by the ease of connection of the system;
  5. without the need for additional cables to recharge.

Cloud watching is more suitable for the home or small organizations. Through the cloud service can be carried out, and remote monitoring.

GSM-video surveillance system allows to use it in any conditions.

Using cameras with infrared illumination, in the structure wherein the infrared LEDs allow effective monitoring at complete darkness and at a distance to 40 m.

IMPORTANT! IR LED emits a bright light, so do not irritate the eyes and is suitable for home use.

Distance increases if further apply infrared spotlights. Infrared illuminator with an infrared illumination provides qualitative clock surveillance.

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    Video surveillance with their own hands

    Every year, video surveillance is becoming more accessible and affordable, and want to install it is also growing exponentially. Someone tired of fighting with small bullies in his backyard or porch, someone constantly pierce the tires or scratching the car, and he just simply wants to know the face of the villain, but someone thinks about the extra security of their homes and property.

    And in general, can be called an infinite number of situations where the surveillance, but if you purchase a set budget can be useful will allow everyone, you will want to pay for the installation is clearly not everything, and in this case to establish video surveillance with their own hands is the best way out.

    Our article will tell you about the 5 variants of its installation, and more specifically about 5 types of video available to everyone, and have the greatest relevance today, and will help to understand this seemingly difficult question - "how to make a video surveillance with their own hands?". Each of these types of video, you can easily install yourself, but if you have already decided on by what option is most suitable for you, then the text of the article will be given links to articles, exhaustively explains how to install each type. So, read on.

    IP video surveillance with their own hands

    At present, IP video surveillance is perhaps the best option is, of course, in cases where it is possible to connect to the Internet. Its main advantage is the absence of a cable that allows you to save on the purchase thereof, and not to braid all around the wires.

    It also allows the IP camera almost anywhere in the local area / apartment / entrance and so on. On. But for the relatively distant objects (cottage, garage, etc.), A video type is clearly not fit, ie. To. To transfer images from the camera you must have good coverage of wi-fi network, which means that all cells must be at a short distance from the router. But as an option in such cases - an additional purchase of 3G / 4G modem with wi-fi (however, it is better to on-site installation of cameras was confident 4G coverage, otherwise it is necessary to restrict analog cameras), and then connect to it security cameras and image transmission in Internet. IP cameras are a good option for video surveillance to a private home, if necessary, clear and detailed images. The cost of a single camera starts from 2000 rubles.

    Getting the installation of IP surveillance with their own hands.

    Step 1. Software. As a rule, complete with IP cameras is a free software CD, and to begin with, we need to install it on your computer.

    Step 2. Connect the router. If you already have a router that is connected to a computer via wi-fi, then proceed to the third step, if not, then read on. The router must be connected to a computer via wi-fi. To do this, connect it to the power supply, and insert the power cord. After that, connect the router to your computer and go to settings - trying to drive in a standard IP address of the browser search box tipa192.168.1.1. Enter the username and password (usually admin login name, and password as admin or four or eight zeros - 0000 or 00000000). Then, configure the settings wi-fi and connect to the router wirelessly, pulling the network cable from the PC connector.

    Step 3: Connect the cameras. Installing a program from the disc, the bundled, we connect our camera to the power supply and connect it to the router via a network cable. Further directly in the installed program on a computer network complete IP camera set up parameters wi-fi (enter key, type of encryption and so on.), And disconnect the power cord. After the camera restarts, it has to connect to the router wirelessly, and you can already watch the picture from the camera. In this article, we will not go into all the intricacies of connecting IP cameras, this site has a separate article detailing all the steps.

    Wireless video surveillance over the air

    Set composed of wireless video camera and DVR recorder that writes the video stream to a memory card. A significant advantage of this type of surveillance, as, indeed, and IP surveillance is the lack of wires. In the case of wireless transmission of surveillance camera images taken over the radio channel, with a possible range of up to 200 meters, and a flat signal may be captured by the receiver 1-2 via the wall. This type of surveillance is perfect for apartments, small office, or cottage. The cost wireless video consisting of a camera and a recording apparatus (recorder) is from 7 thousand.

    Wiring diagram for wireless video surveillance camera on a radio channel

    To establish a wireless video surveillance with their own hands, we need to mount a video camera at the intended destination, and connect them to the power supply - it is carried out through the power supply.

    In some cells the possibility is provided power through the battery - "crown", and the operation time can range from 4 to 6 hours. Also as an additional power source may be used and the battery.

    Next, a digital recorder is powered by the network that connects to a TV or conventional monitor. In most cameras installed built-in microphone, so that in addition to the image she has the ability to pass even the sound. When the DVR on the screen you should see an image of all installed cameras. All video streams from the cameras is recorded on the memory card or an external hard drive - optionally you can set motion recording, scheduled or continuous recording.

    Also, if necessary, it is possible to connect to the recorder sensor fire alarm, and siren, which is included in a certain period of time when the signal from the sensor. If you wish to receive notification when a sensor is triggered directly to your cell phone, you will have to install additional special GSM signaling as a separate unit with built-in GSM module and SIM card.

    Video surveillance through a flat web camera

    Video surveillance in the apartment via a web camera

    Due to the limited length of the cable, web camera, this type of video is suitable only in cases of its location in the vicinity of the computer, but however, this question is partly solved by buying a USB extension cord. With the help of web cameras can do video surveillance at the entrance with his hands in the apartment, or from the window of the local area, or a car in the yard. Such surveillance is perhaps the most simple of all the proposed in this article, since the connection to the web camera on forces the computer to anyone who knows how to use it. Among other things, he is also the most economical - web camera price starts from just a few hundred rubles. So, let's look at how to make installation of video surveillance with their own hands by cheap web camera.

    As usual, it all starts with connecting your camera to your PC and install the program, a disk attached to the camera. Running the program, you will immediately see the image of the camera. Then set it to the intended place, if necessary, adjust the motion recording, and paint the area with the mouse, in the event of movement in which the speaker is heard from the computer alarm, and your mail will receive a message with the image from the camera. To prevent false alarms need to adjust the sensitivity.

    Video surveillance through the Internet

    Video surveillance through the Internet can be carried out in the following manner. It acquired or conventional DVR DVR, and thereto connect several analog cameras. The cost depends on the DVR connector for surveillance cameras - with increasing amounts of the price increases exponentially, because the signal processing with a large number of cameras needed and a more powerful processor.

    The easiest and cheapest option for this video are analog cameras. But if i do not want to mess with cables, you can connect and wireless. If you plan to record with video cameras and archive storage, for this purpose it is necessary to purchase an additional hard drive.

    So, establish surveillance over the Internet with their own hands. The first step is to place the camera in places, and connect them to the mains, and connect the wires to the registrar in the case of analogue cameras. Next is powered from the network itself DVR, and connect it to the monitor to check what is happening. Also monitor may need to connect to the network and recording settings. Then we need to connect the DVR to a router, or just insert the power cord. Now configure network parameters and access via the Internet, and enjoy the result.

    Also, in recent years more and more manufacturers create a cloud services for their video surveillance systems, and buying a ready-made kit, you can simply insert the network cable into the connector of the DVR, which connects itself with the manufacturer's service. And you, with no extra dances with a tambourine, and a variety of dedicated IP addresses can be safely view the video stream from the camera on any device connected to the Internet.

    Mini Camera ambertek-rs101 with an internal Micro SD storage,

    There are cases when there is a need for covert surveillance - for example, to avoid damage of malevolent cells, when they are installed away from home, say, in the country. But in any case the law does not allow us to video surveillance of other people without their knowledge, so worth the extra to take care of the organization of warning labels, or labels in the installation of CCTV cameras zone - attackers would still be difficult to guess the location of the cameras, and you protect yourself from violations of the law.

    So, buy a camera and recorder - for covert surveillance purposes there are special mini camera, fix them, and well concealed. You can also try a mask and conventional surveillance cameras. All equipment is mandatory set in a secluded and inaccessible place, but protect the camera from the environment.

    Next, connect all our cameras to the DVR via wires or wirelessly, the system set up - if necessary, configure the remote video transmission over the Internet (in this case it is necessary to acquire additional router and 3G / 4G modem for transmission of the video stream to the internet). If you need video surveillance via the internet is not, then just set up a recording from the cameras to the hard disk, and a space-saving set up motion recording. On your next visit to the country just view the recorded material, and finally know the person lovers profit by the results of your labor - who knows, maybe it's just your neighbor, that when talking about the fact that you have once again proryadili strawberries, each time making a surprised expression face and spreads his hands?

    So, this concludes the story, we hope that this article will be useful to you, and help you to make video surveillance with their own hands, well, or just bring upon some helpful thoughts about that your concerns and help you choose the appropriate option in your case surveillance. Good luck!

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    How to make your own hands CCTV

    To make their own hands a video surveillance system in an apartment or house, you must understand that you need in the first place. That is, what tasks you entrust this complex. For example, to control the children in their own room from the kitchen, this is one option. Create a reliable security system - this is the second option. So, we can say that any most complex video surveillance system can be collected by the owner of the house without assistance.

    There are in all this really is one thing that involves lower costs for self assembly process. This purchase specially-selling kit for surveillance or waived. The second option involves the purchase of each device and node separately, and it is, as experts say, is cheaper. By the way, it and enjoyed the bulk of the customers for the organization of video surveillance system in an apartment or house.

    As of the webcam to make video surveillance camera with his hands

    We turn to a simple system that allows you to use your PC or laptop as a part of it. For this optional webcam (better if they are in the apartment will be 4-5 pieces), which is connected via the USB-cable or wirelessly to the receiver. It should be noted that the modern smartphone, and phone systems are also in contact with a web-cam and a good understanding of it. In this case, the webcam will perform surveillance functions of the camera.

    It should be noted that the web camera has a small size, which is very convenient in terms of its hidden location. In addition, not everyone enters the house a stranger immediately realized that using a web camera watching him.

    There is in this system and the second option - this is when the laptop or computer has access to the Internet. However, you have to buy another laptop or tablet, you can use a smartphone or a phone system that will always be with you. Communication with home appliance will be made through the Internet.

    The only thing it should be noted that the remote video surveillance system combines the security and functions and control. That is, the setting of such a complex order of magnitude more difficult. Some handyman, unfortunately, not able to do. Customize it with their own hands will be very difficult, so if there are serious doubts that own it you can not handle, it is better to invite a specialist. If, nevertheless, it was decided to do everything with your hands, you should familiarize yourself with some information.

    There are several principles that underlie all safety systems.

    1. It is better not to catch the thief, but to prevent the offense.
    2. High security cameras themselves.
    3. Reliability security system - a reliable connection between the camera and receiver.
    4. The very complex security guard must recognize the danger and give the alarm, the man in the bunch should not be directly involved.

    From these principles, it is necessary to choose the very system that works not only properly but also efficiently. Therefore, the first question that requires an answer: what is the relationship better, wired or wireless?

    The wireless system is in many respects better. For example, more economical, because there is no need to engage in the process of laying cables to its assembly. However, any errors ether lead to bad its work. Therefore it is recommended to install a wireless way to the apartment. In the territories of the yard and the street is better to use a wired circuit.

    But what about those who are in the city and wants to control the situation in a country house and its territory. It is clear that a wired connection will not help. The only option - the Internet using a mobile phone, smart phone and so on. Honestly, within the city, this is not a problem. To control their own apartment is simple and easy, the benefit provider to do so allows. Harder large distances, because the channel bandwidth is far from the stated characteristics. So to speak today still do not have a good connection.

    If you have any doubt in terms of the capacity of the Internet channel, by the way, it should not be less than 1.0 Mbit / s, then all can be checked on the spot. How?

    • One of the options - is to download on the internet screening program and use it to bleed the current channel.

    Test conditions - all manipulations are carried out at the facility. Checking should be done only with the security server.

    CCTV and the server system

    That can be used as a server? In principle, at home involves assembling simple circuit and low cost materials. For the home version, you can use any device such as a computer. As already mentioned above, it can be a laptop, netbook, tablet or even a 3G modem.

    The best option, to create a whole system with multiple cameras in the apartment, is any device in which there are multiple USB ports. Their number will determine the number of connected cameras. However, have one port minusovat, it will connect to the mouse. But it should be noted that the USB connection is not the best. It is subject to interference, while the length of cables to be connected must not exceed 20 m.

    A few words about the IP-address of the camera. Their presence does not mean that the camera can go online itself. For it is necessary to any host and provider. And if you're building a video surveillance system of six cameras, you should know that each of them you will have to be purchased from the provider six connection points. This, of course, in that case, if the set wire communication.

    And a couple of words about the received information archiving. Everything will depend on how long information should be kept. For example, the hard drive of the laptop with 120 GB. It can fit images for 4-5 months if you use the frame activity to 50%. Then the information can be reset or set the automatic erasure. Do not discount the old proven DVD. If their own hands to establish an information reset to them at an accelerated playback mode, then four of their pieces will be enough to download the entire annual output of information from the web cameras.

    What should I look for when choosing the camera for video surveillance systems in apartment and house. To begin with, there are two types of instruments: open and hidden. It is clear that in the apartment to install outdoor camera does not make sense, if the monitor going to his household. For safety it is better to install the hidden patterns. They most often installed in private homes.

    Distinguish them from each other - the size of devices. The former can be quite large, and the latter, on the contrary, have a small size. Most popular today minikamery, although they are the most expensive. Manufacturers contrive, trying to please the fastidious customer, so today you can buy cameras, masked under different lights and other decorative elements.

    Another type of separation chambers - this street and inside. From the definition of it becomes clear that the first well tolerated bad weather and the sun's rays, the second quickly released under load of the natural system.

    How to place the camera and hold their installation with their own hands

    If we talk about the apartment, there are several places, for which you must follow. This window and the front door, so the opposite of these elements need to home furnishings from the ceiling to install the camera. If the owner of the house and are interested in the other rooms, you have to choose the viewing area, and send her lens.

    With regard to the installation of video surveillance throughout the system, with their own hands it can overpower anyone. First, the camera mounted on the screws or glued on the sucker or Velcro. First Embodiment reliable and durable. To do this, remove the camera mounting enclosure through the holes to make, for example, on the ceiling of the mark, which checked his hole. They are inserted into the plastic anchors to which he fastened with screws cover. Then set the rest of the chamber.

    Wiring with their hands as a simple process. It is important to do everything in secret. You can use special boxes, but it is ideal to hold cabling in skirting boards.

    Setting up a video surveillance system with their own hands

    Not the easiest process - setting. If you purchased the camera brand D-LINK, for them to complete their software goes. Like everything to do:

    • Going to a local area network (camera server).
    • It connects the server to the Internet, made entry into the World Wide Web.
    • It is connected in a local network, one of the chambers.
    • Run the software.
    • Web camera software itself it finds on the IP-address of the device.
    • After that, in any search engine the address entered.
    • Opens Control Panel, where you can carry out any settings.
    • By the same token, and set up the other CCTV devices.

    A few words about the control program. It should be noted that the software for the cameras D-LINK - this is an excellent information security and complete confidentiality. But their use - these are the problems and troubles. There are online paid plugins that can manage video surveillance and security systems. They cost a lot of money. Therefore very popular today are stand-alone programs. With their help, you can easily get a good picture. And this, incidentally, applies not only to conventional devices for the video, but also a web camera.

    Therefore, more and more domestic master address is to install a web camera, and configure the entire system is carried out such self-contained programs that are available on the Internet. Their free download.

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