How to make fire with his hands step by step guide

Fireplace with his hands: step by step photo instruction with explanations

High-quality fireplace simultaneously performs the function of the heater and decor element. It is used as a supplement to the main dwelling heating system. The large size and special shape allows to make of it an expressive accent in the interior, emphasizing the features of a particular style. Self-construction will take into account the individual needs of the smallest. This article describes how to make a fire with his own hands: step by step instructions, photos and professional advice will help eliminate errors.

Beautiful and efficient fireplace in a private home with your own hands can be done with unique characteristics

Fireplace with his hands: step by step instructions, photos of preparatory operations

To simplify the task, get ready-made metal products. It should be understood that such structures during the operation exposed to severe stress. When the temperature in a wide range of thermal deformations occur. They are able to break the high-quality welded joints, to provoke the formation of other defects. Standard product is necessary to select the size and appearance to a particular room. But even with limited funding it is not difficult to get the perfect result.

Metal furnace will have to be installed on the foundation, cover the decorative panels. In this embodiment also assumes a large amount of construction works

The use of brick helps to successfully implement the project. Perform any work steps provide accurate control in all phases, which will provide excellent quality. It is only necessary to carefully study and put into practice the following instructions.

The wetted surface should be fire resistant to an open flame. They are created with the help of firebrick. The manufacture of such products is a sophisticated process handling feedstocks. Also used bricks made of fired refractory clay with the addition of quartz.

Refractory bricks of different colors

The main part of the structure created using corpulent red bricks from clay. Its strength should be high, so it is recommended to acquire mark M200 or higher category. It is desirable to select such material from one consignment to ensure unity of technical and aesthetic characteristics. Hollow bricks used for lining. Because it is possible to make the upper part of the tube.

For the binder solution is typically a mixture of cement and sand will not work. She does not stand high temperatures. The basis will be the average fat content of clay. You can buy ready-made materials, the official accompanying documents confirming the required parameters. If in doubt - use the following techniques to scrutiny.

Make a mixture of ball clay sand (5-8 mm). Place it on a flat surface and slowly squeeze the plaque above. Watch for the appearance of cracks:

  • ½ diameter - the solution was too thick;
  • rapid formation of defects - lean mixture;
  • 1/3 diameter - the norm.

The process of determining the fat content of clay

The following method is more complicated, but it helps to get a more accurate result. Of clay and sand make the balls. Half of them flattened to ½ the original diameter. These blanks are laid out on a dry surface, in a normal-temperature (+ 18 ° C to + 25 ° C), with no drafts. 7-11 days through a test is performed. Suitable lozenge will no cracks. The beads should not be broken after free falling on a hard floor from a height of 1 m.

Helpful information! To carry out these experiments produce a mixture of clay and water. Also prepare compounds of clay (1 part) with sand (0.1; 0.25; 0.75 and 1 part). As a result - it will be determined by experience the best option.

In the process of laying quickly check the state of the solution. It should not be broken at displacement trowel mixture aside. If such defects occur, water was added. Appearance after this manipulation oplyvov that is too liquid consistency.

Get high-quality river sand. It can sift addition, remove dirt and foreign primesti. The diluted clay water is forced through strong sieve to remove solid lumps. For construction of 50 units. bricks (flat) with the seams of 4 to 6 mm will need a solution bucket. If mixing shovel is difficult, apply the "foot" method.

Barefoot this work operation does not necessarily perform. Useful to clean rubber shoes

The easiest option - the creation of the outer frame of the standard metal parts and the subsequent lining plasterboard. On a flat surface created can be used further paint, plaster, and other materials. In any case, all components are selected depending on the proximity of the heat source.

On the basis of plasterboard is fixed various decorative elements

Directly on the brick with the use of heat-resistant adhesive mortars fixed:

  • granite;
  • standard ceramic tiles;
  • mosaic;
  • slabs of natural stone.

It is well suited for such projects tiles. On the reverse side of such products factory way created recesses ( "Rump"). They establish special fasteners during installation. The finished design is obtained is extremely resistant to temperature changes.

Combined finishing 'brick-tiles "

Even experienced craftsmen create pre-laying scheme of the future taking into account the peculiarities of a particular room, the individual requirements of the customer. Typical plans ( "poryadovkoy") can be found easily on the Internet with the appropriate request. Correction in the professional structure is necessary to make carefully. If in doubt, it is recommended to contact specialized professionals.

This scheme of brick fireplace with an open furnace should be examined in more detail. There is a metal fitting member supporting brickwork. It should take into account the different thermal expansion coefficients of the materials. Such decisions are best avoided. Even firebricks should be separated from the main part of the fire interval of 2-3 mm. It will help to maintain structural integrity for a long service life.

Simple "poryadovkoy" without metal inserts

Several options chimneys

How to make fire with his own hands: step by step guide

To perform the work using the following algorithm:

  • If there is no reliable basis of a reinforced concrete slab will need a solid foundation. Dig a hole to a depth of 70-80 cm. Its width should get more contour fireplace 15-20 centimeters in all directions.
  • The height of the formwork walls do 50-70 mm below the upper layer of the floor covering. It is filled with sand and cement solution (ratio of 3 to 1, respectively). Closed polymer foam foundation dries za10-12 days.
  • It is closed with a double layer of roofing material. Next - start laying. In the first layer of bricks is placed vertically. The following parts provide in accordance with the selected "poryadovkoy".

To create sets of complex shapes using these templates. In addition to controlling dimensional accuracy, they are able to perform the functions of temporary supports

How to make the finish of the fireplace with his hands: photos of different designs

The following information is useful for laying tiles of the fireplace with his hands, step by step instructions to find is not difficult for other technologies. Under the scheme of mounting operation is performed:

  • The holes on the rear wall of the tile mounted metal rod
  • By this screwed steel wire element so that the free ends project outwardly.
  • They are inserted into the mortar, brick layers when assembled.

Below are examples of various finishing options. Each of them is carried out using the appropriate technology.

The tiles dial friezes, moldings, paintings, and other decorative items

Manufacturing of parts of natural stone can be ordered in a specialized workshop

High-quality wrought-iron grille to create not just for the fireplace with his hands. Easier and cheaper - to buy the finished product

Using the tree, part of the combustible material is mounted at a sufficient distance from the flame

Wood-burning fireplaces for the home. In a separate publication, we describe the modern functional fireplaces and their proper selection and razmeschenii.Chitayte!

Not too difficult to create a fireplace with his hands: step by step instructions, photos, and videos to help perform the necessary actions properly. Particular attention should be given to the preparatory phase. A careful study of the project will eliminate the error. It will help save time, financial and human resources.

To create a quality fireplace with his hands step by step directions and photos will be enough

Masonry fireplace with his hands (video)

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How to make a decorative fireplace with his hands for the interior, step by step instructions with photos and video

Photos exquisite interiors of apartments or houses, the main decoration of which is a decorative fireplace, conquered the hearts of many connoisseurs of comfort and beauty. Create the same interesting art object at home or at the cottage will not be difficult. Designers have come up with many ways to the original arrangement of the hearth, using inexpensive materials and possession of minimum skills.

Full hearth with chimney, firebox, real live fire - a luxury not available to all. Designers have suggested that imitation fireplace will be very advantageous to look in the home interior. This decorative object can be not only a simple decoration, but also a functional piece of furniture - a shelf for books, CDs, home photos.

Decorative fireplace with his hands

Dreaming of home, you can create an artificial fireplace with their own hands or buy ready-made product. Simple decorative solution - electric fireplace trim in the interior, it can be purchased at any store appliances. The electric heater is suitable for areas that require additional heating. Ekokamin looks interesting, it uses alcohol with the addition of ethanol to create a smooth flame without smoke, soot. Bio-fireplace in the interior is very popular, used not only outdoor but also table, wall eco pockets

Ready biological, electrical equipment and even look attractive, but not always suited to the interior, and the cost is not accessible to all. An interesting solution - decorative fireplaces made of plasterboard. Custom fake fireplace will allow to transform the living room without spending a lot of money. Another important benefit: to decorate the original building can be in any style, using stone, brick, wood, forging.

First is a drawing to prepare a full-size, to calculate the design size, the individual elements. Needed except gypsum boards, metal profiles, self-tapping for metal. Step by step guide to help implement the project:

  1. Frame attached to the wall of the metal profile, which will play the role of a support member of the frame profile is performed, screws are used.
  2. Frame is sheathed with plasterboard.
  3. The joints drywall screws fixing points are sealed putty, leveling is performed, polishing the surface.
  4. Fireplaces perform artificial stone, ceramic hob, it can be decorated with decorative elements made of polyurethane, a decorative grille.

When you want to create an inexpensive but spectacular scenery on the eve of New Year holidays, decorative fireplace cardboard perfectly fulfill this role, especially if you take care of the design: garlands, Christmas boots, candles. You need to prepare:

  • thick cardboard (you can use the packaging of household appliances);
  • Construction scotch tape;
  • PVA glue;
  • instruments.

Having estimated the size of the future project, prepare drawings, you can get to work:

  1. Using a sharp knife stationery, tape, white glue cardboard portal is created. It is more difficult to perform a corner fireplace. They sounded exactly the angle you need to calculate the size of the structure, so as not to form a large gap between the wall and the top of the worktop.
  2. The front portion of the decorative fireplace trim polyurethane moldings, including in and around the furnace.
  3. When all parts are secure by design shpaklyuyut, aligning all the errors, grind.
  4. Perform painting with latex paint.

If the repair of the materials were worth trying to make a decorative fireplace from foam. An inexpensive imitation fireplace in the apartment, if you do it right:

  1. The foam sheet cut bureaucratic knife: two pieces 60x40 cm in size, and two - 40h20 cm.
  2. The blanks are glued at right angles to the joints, lubricating PVA glue and fixing wooden toothpicks, tape on the inside.
  3. In front of the frame are cut with a knife furnace.
  4. The frame should be primed, clean with fine sandpaper, paint with latex paint.
  5. Operate smart inlay tape, paper finishing, polyurethane baseboards, moldings, decorative elements.

Durable and functional will trim fireplace wood. The exact figure will help to avoid mistakes and unnecessary expenditure of material. The frame is made of a wooden timber of 40x40 mm cross section, plywood is used for plating. With some experience in carpentry, such an object can make for a few nights:

  1. Bruce mark out, with self-tapping screws for wood fireplace carry basis. Uprights dowel-nails fixed to a wall.
  2. Veneer sheet having a thickness of 0.5-0.7 cm are cut and mark a jigsaw or hand hacksaw according dimensions. Sections were treated with sandpaper.
  3. Plywood fastened to a wooden frame with screws, sheathing base and firebox.
  4. Decor fireplace is performed by a finishing film, wallpaper, decorative panels, and baguettes polyurethane moldings.

Imitation of fire in the fireplace with his hands

What a fascinating fireplace without fire? Perform a simulation of fire in the fireplace with his hands a variety of ways. The simplest solution - to set the backlight using the lamp "Candle" or LED strip. An interesting effect you get when you perform the song, which requires:

The sequence of operation is as follows:

  1. Each branch wrapped foil is applied on top of adhesive layer and overlap wrapped lace.
  2. When pasted branches dried up, lace skin gently removed by cutting along a branch office knife. P
  3. The outbreak spread stones in a circle in the middle of which is set LED garland. Openwork threads put vertically angled to the bottom edges relied on the stones, and the upper contact with each other. You can make a more solid structure with glue, tape.
  4. Staying Connected garland and admire the twinkling lights.

Artificial fire fireplace

There are other ways to represent an artificial fire in the fireplace - both expensive and budget. For example, it is easy to perform a simulated fire to a hologram, which you need to buy a flame pattern, shown in three-dimensional format. Setting a pattern in the furnace, it is necessary to install lighting, using halogen or LED bulbs. 3D image artfully illuminated by the flickering light, enhance the feeling that lit the fire alive

Using an LED for illuminating the ribbon or garland, may be put in the furnace pictorial pyramid wood masking backlight therebetween. The online stores sell special artificial firewood made of plastic and ceramics. It is only necessary to connect such elements to the power supply, and they will be illuminated beautifully integrated lamp.

Rustic look in the interior trim fireplace with candles. With his arrangement is important to remember about fire safety. The firebox of the fireplace lined with non-combustible materials, install thick candles. Especially advantageous compositions of the candles look different heights. It's nice to light the lights on winter evenings, their flickering light creates a special atmosphere of warmth and love.

Video: How to make a decorative fireplace with his hands

Creating a false fireplace - an exciting experience, to realize such a project can even women. The main thing - to explore expert advice, well thought out design and take care of the fire, if you intend to use live fire. Video will help you understand the basic principles of construction of a decorative fireplace from different materials.

Fireplace with his hands: step by step instructions for assembly, preparation for construction, and finishing examples poryadovkoy

If the oven is in the house - a necessary heater, the fire - it is elegant and romantic delicacy.

Many people dream to have it at home or at the cottage and enjoy the winter evenings in the flames.

Professional potters take over the construction of the fireplace is much larger than the stove, so many such luxury can not afford.

However, it is really to make fire with his own hands in an apartment or house. Step by step instructions and subtleties of stove business to help cope with this task.

The location and views

The fireplace can be embedded in a brick wall, attached to a wall or separate stand. The heat from the fire a little - only 10-20%, and it is allocated mainly to the fuel chamber (think where to put the fireplace, it was convenient to stay in front of him).

Need to take into account more and the following:

  • The wall opposite the entrance - the perfect solution.
  • Unsuccessful option - in front of windows.
  • The fireplace can be inserted into a corner.
  • Chimney passed on the street, more suited to the mild climate.
  • Not a suitable place for the fireplace - in the way of drafts.
  • It is not advisable to put him near the stairs.

The fireplace in the rustic style in the interior of the living room

  • Rustic or Provencal. This is a fireplace in the style of the country, for example, decorated with natural stone.
  • Classic English. Different from the previous appearance rather than the interior. Externally - this square to the floor, all the rest - is hidden. Making elegant.
  • Alpine. This is more center around which you can sit down a big company. Build them only in the non-residential premises - ie dachas.
  • Dutch. It is rather a Dutch oven with an open hearth. It makes it difficult to others.
  • Modern. It fits in the room of modern style. It may even be a "hanging" without foundation.
  • Mini. A minimum of projecting parts. Once the box. Everything in the wall!
  • High tech. Smooth, shiny surface. Metal firebox and everything only to order.
  • Street. This is all kinds of barbecue and barbecue.

For cottages and houses the most suitable first or second option.

Before produce fireplaces with their hands, you need to calculate the size and perform the preliminary drawings. The width of the portal, the firebox depth, height and size of the pipe is usually dependent on the size of the room.

Scheme foundations for fireplaces of bricks

A sample chimney draft, designed for a room in a 20m 2 (width of the portal must be a multiple of the size of half a brick, and its height - height of a brick + multiple of 0.5 in a thickness of solution):

  • portal width - 62 cm;
  • portal height - 49 cm;
  • the depth of the firebox - 32cm;
  • section of the tube - see 26h26.

Materials needed:

  1. Clay (depending on the fat - on ½ m 3.
  2. Cement 200 or 300. (At the foundation - not more than 100 kg.).
  3. Sand. It needs to be washed and ignited. Or buy ready-made building. Career is not suitable. 0.5- 0.8 m 3.
  4. Crushed stone for the foundation. Stones to 6 cm. - 0.2 m 3.
  5. Fittings for the foundation. 15-20 pc. (70 cm. Length).
  6. Damper, grate.
  7. The pipe for the chimney.
  8. Finishing material - at the discretion of.

Tools and equipment:

  • two spades: shovels and bayonet;
  • hacksaw, hammer;
  • capacity for solution;
  • sieve for sieving sand and cement;
  • Trowel (trowel furnace);
  • level and a plumb;
  • tape measure, ruler, set square, a pencil;
  • bucket;
  • Mochalny brush for masonry joints;
  • generally;
  • pointing of masonry joints.

The clay is soaked for a few days.

You can add a little cement (eighth of the amount of sand).

The solution should turn consistency like thick cream.

Now quality control. Dip in solution and raise the trowel. The mixture should drain and on the blade to remain evenly about 2 mm. If adhered lumps - too greasy. Need to add a little sand and water. If the trowel on the contrary, in some places or completely blank - add clay and water.

At night, the trough is covered with a solution soaked burlap, and in the morning before work stirred.

Recommendations for the preparation of bricks

For fire your regular red brick. Facing little burned, so have a low heat resistance - they can be used for decoration only.

Not suitable and burnt through, bricks and expanded with deep cracks.

For the inside of the firebox need fireproof brick.

Project selected fireplace, perfect for your home, it will be possible to calculate the number of bricks up to pieces. In this case all the halves and quarters should be considered as a brick. On a normal fireplace, usually it takes about 250-300 pieces. (Excluding pipes).

The order of arrangement of the basement

The foundation of the fireplace and the house should not be shared.

  • Dimensions outlined foundation (5 cm. Each side is greater than the size of the fireplace). If there is a floor - there is cut out an appropriate hole.
  • Rummages hollow desired depth (in a building foundation depth - 50 cm, in uninhabited - 70 cm).
  • The bottom of the well compacted.
  • Poured layer of sand and a layer of gravel again compacted.
  • The first layer of grout: is filled with a layer of rubble, rubble is filled with the solution.
  • In the same way the next layer. And so on. D. Yes the desired level.
  • After reaching the level of the floor, made formwork and poured the last layer of foundation. To this special demands on the horizontal surface.

For greater energy saving is also recommended to supply heat accumulator for heating boilers for heat storage boiler using heating. Read carefully about how it works, evaluate the pros and cons.

The most popular models of gas boilers of domestic production can be found here.

Here you learn how to be a gas heater for the garage. Overview of industrial models and technology operational safety.

Building fire - step by step guide

Stoves fireplaces are made with their own hands with the help of drawings. Most of the preferred wood-burning fireplace with his hands.

To begin with, remember the general rules of the fireplace works.

  1. Each next row is laid first dry. All bricks are squared and adjusted to each other, and then a series going on a solution.
  2. In each row, the first stacked bricks corner, then on the perimeter and only then central. Every stage is verified level.
  3. Do not put dry brick. Each need dipping into water.
  4. The joints must be completely filled with a solution and be as thin as possible.

Elements of the fireplace and sizes depending on the area of ​​premises

Poryadovkoy fire with his own hands. Choose a model of the fireplace and it is printed poryadovkoy. It will guide, which should be carefully followed. For convenience, you can trace the pencil made every row.

Waterproofing. At the foundation is spread roofing felt or roofing material.

If the fireplace is a large control cord is pulled, and begin substantive work.

EXAMPLE poryadovkoy fireplace with arch

The first two rows are made blind. The first row can be laid on edge.

In the second series of integrated ash tray.

All designs of metal (door lattice) is set with the expectation of the thermal expansion. The clearance should be 5-10 mm and filled with asbestos.

Third row. At the bottom edge is laid fuel chamber made of refractory bricks. Here and below, firebrick not bound up with red. Set grate.

4-7-th row. Start building your camera. If, as here, the shape need a few bricks, it will be convenient to enumerate the bricks as long as they are laid out to dry. The walls inside the firebox can not plastered, so laying out several rows, each time the bricks cleaned with a damp cloth.

Poryadovkoy fireplace with arch

8th row. The inclination of the rear wall is required for the smoke free.

9-14-th row. Formation arch. The steeper the vault, the stronger it will withstand a greater load. In order to lay out a set, need to be made of chipboard special formwork - cradling. Two identical preform slipping along a distance of about 10 cm. Install the desired location and spread thereon arch symmetrically from both sides towards the middle.

15th. Apparatus "tooth". This protrusion inside the fuel chamber, designed so that ash and precipitation does not fall into the fireplace, and the thrust was good.

19-20-th row - narrowing of the chimney. The curved output surface brick overlap of about 6 cm.

23rd. Valve suitable size.

In place of the passage pipe is arranged through the ceiling fuzz.

Then the clay is not applied, and for masonry mortar (sand: cement 3: 1).

For protection against rain on top of the tube baffle is installed.

With the lack of central heating power, it makes sense to buy heaters for energy-saving houses. Oil, convector, infrared - which one to choose and whether they save energy?

About how to choose electrical heating boiler, see this article.

It all depends on your desire, imagination and purse. Classic fireplaces decorate the columns.

Material finishes - marble. Pompous additions are welcome.

Tiles and tiles are often used in Dutch fireplaces. But if they are consistent with the overall style of the interior, you can beat any fireplace.

Decorating of fireplace with his hands wood creates a sense of comfort. Natural stone fireplace makes a powerful, heavy, both from the decorations to the sagas of the Vikings.

It is possible to emphasize the joints and leave visible brickwork, all or in part. Brick is good for people's rooms, rustic style.

Decorative plaster - a basis for a variety of design ideas.

Marble can be wrapped in cellophane at the time of its installation, so as not to damage the surface.

Fireplace with marble finish

Specially sells a variety of decorative elements for fireplaces:

  • lattice;
  • Sculpture of iron;
  • forged elements;
  • Sets: panicle, shovel, tongs and gaff;
  • coasters and baskets of firewood.

All work behind. Now you need to be patient for a few days and allow the fireplace to dry properly. Sniffing thrust doing, burning crumpled newspaper. If the burning flat and the smoke went in the right direction, it is possible to heat with wood. Enjoy the cozy warmth.

The article is interesting, we want to build a fireplace in the house, well, could not be determined what and how to build it, thanks to your article, we learned how to do this, we will start to work.

By readers of the blog, I get a lot of questions associated with the construction and operation of fireplaces. On all matters within the blog is simply impossible to answer in detail, so I created a video tutorial Fireplaces own hands.

By readers of the blog, I get a lot of questions associated with the construction and operation of fireplaces. On all matters within the blog is simply impossible to answer in detail, so I created a video tutorial Fireplaces own hands.

Cool fireplace. We just need a fireplace in the country. Model is, how to do, too, now it is necessary to proceed. My husband is brilliant, master of all trades. Even fashioned it facing tile or stone wild.

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