How to make a computer desk with his hands

In the shop there are no suitable options? We make a computer desk with drawers with their hands

Almost every household today has a personal computer. And a special table for him, comfortable, equipped with the necessary shelves for each device, also for a long time is not uncommon. It would seem that the easiest way to buy a table in the store, the good choice is wide and allows you to find a suitable alternative.

But the store a table can cost a lot of money. In addition, the dimensions of the finished product that you like, can not coincide with the area and the room layout. Yes and color sometimes want to choose according to your taste, and not from the directory.

There is a good chance to make a computer desk with your own hands. In this article, we will tell you in detail about this process.

How to make computer desks drawing

Of course, as a computer desk, you can use the student's desk or a standard office desk, one of those that were in the offices even 15-20 years ago. But taking into account a variety of additional devices such as a printer, MFP, and a variety of gadgets that connect to the system unit or notebook, you'll quickly realize that it is very difficult to stay on such a space to complete the work. In addition, the child will need to do their homework for the same table, that is, draw, read, write.

We need to do a table that was on it as much as possible usable area not occupied by equipment. And all devices - monitor, system unit, etc. - will be in place, and at the same time does not hurt either.

We consider the case of a full-featured desktop computer, which you can make your own inexpensively.

First of all you need to create a drawing, which will take into account the size of the entire structure. Detailed drawing of computer desk you see in the picture:

As you can see, it's just the classic shape of the table. Straight lines, laconic, and at the same time full functionality. This table consists of a table top, the stand for the system unit, a sliding keyboard, pedestals and flanges.

Note: the dimensions shown on the drawing table to help you navigate the product space in the room. If you need a larger or smaller table, enough to keep the proportions in a suitable scale.

Once you have decided on the necessary size of your computer desk, using drawing, make a list of everything you need and start shopping.

Materials and tools that you will need in the

After studying computer table schema, which we offer you, you may have noticed that for the manufacture of such a piece of furniture will need a lot of components. The materials that will be needed, it is indicated in the drawing for dimensions:

  • Board size 120 x 12 mm - 6.2 m;
  • Abrasive paper of various grit;
  • ½ veneer size 6 X 1525 X 1525 mm;
  • Furniture panel 18 X 600 X 2000 mm, pine - 2.5 units;
  • Furniture panel 18 x 400 x 2000 mm - 3 pieces;
  • Furniture panel 18 X 200 X 2000 mm - 2 units;
  • Varnish matte or glossy.
  • 1 set guide for drawers, 400 mm length;
  • 50 screws 5 x 60 mm;
  • boring machine;
  • Handles for drawers.

Also, you need 3 sets of ball or roller guides for drawers, 500 mm in length. It is these details define the quality, durability and strength of the original design, so their choice should be taken responsibly.

Tip: The main advantage of the guide roller in front of ball - their cheapness. But other parameters are significantly lower: roller guides are not moved completely, they are fragile and they do not have a reliable stopper. The ball telescopic rails these drawbacks are absent.

In addition to materials, please be right all the necessary tools:

  • Meter ruler or measuring tape;
  • elbow;
  • Pencil;
  • Chisel;
  • Hacksaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • Drill and drill bits to it;
  • Sander;
  • Dust collector may need if you are going to work directly in the room.

Once you are stocked with everything you need to make a computer desk with your own hands, it is time to get to work.

We are making a preform for a computer table and collect bottom shell

At this stage, you need to pay special attention to the drawings, in which you are making this piece of furniture.

  1. The first mark on the surface of the part of the computer desktop: the vertical walls in the amount of 3 pieces, the bottom of the table, countertop, cover tables. Saw them in accordance with the scheme, following the dimensions.
  2. On vertical walls need to make sections of the upper front corners of about 2 x 2 cm. Clean place Spila using emery cloth.
  3. It is desirable that the table could move up to the wall closely. To do this, cut the lower rear corners of the walls so as to define the size of the connector sootretstvoval plinth. According to our scheme, the distance is 4.5 X 5.5 mm.
  4. On the rear side of the vertical wall, at the center, make a sample at a height of 265 mm above floor level. Its width is 200 mm and the depth - 18 mm. At this point you attach transverse panel cut from sheet measuring 18 x 200 mm, connecting the vertical side. Fasten it with screws to the side walls butt.
  5. The back wall of the table will replace the cross bar, which provide structure necessary stability and rigidity.
  6. Once all the parts are prepared, drill holes in the right places. This must be done in advance, or at the time of screwing the workpiece may crack. Assemble the frame and secure it with screws.

Now you need to make a niche in which is placed the system unit. If you are not enthusiastic gamer, programmer or system administrator, and you do not need regular access to accessories system unit, the best option would be a standard stable niche on the screws.

Saw minor lateral wall and a horizontal shelf. The front upper corner of the side wall cut away and strip sandpaper. The lower rear corner treat the size moldings. Minor sidewall screw the shelf and the rear panel connect to the large side wall. Close the plinth openings under the bedside table and a shelf. As the use of fasteners dowels without glue.

Manufacture of computer add-on table

In order to make a full-fledged multi-function computer desk, the instruction provides for not only countertops and shelves for additional devices, but also the superstructure, which will also perform a decorative function.

  1. Mark and drank lateral structural elements chamfer with sandpaper front upper edges. To the sidewall evenly fixed on the table top, make a pre-pattern, which thickness is 18 mm. At its ends drill. Attach the ends made to the table top and make markings for fastening.
  2. Spaced openings to be drilled on this scheme: the through - the worktop, blind - the lower ends of the side walls. At this stage, you will need to square, it will help you comply with the correct angles. Place on a countertop side parts using angle for alignment.
  3. Under worktop screw screws, aligning the holes in the cap with sockets at the ends of the sidewalls. Then, taking the shield 400 X 2000 mm, and cut along its width. Thus you get the top shelf 315 mm wide and secures the cross bar-ledge.
  4. High vertical wall of the shield need to saw a 200 X 2000 mm. Attach it to the table top as well as the major lateral walls by controlling connections using gon. Screw rear rim to the sides and place on the end of central wall of the top shelf. Align and tighten the screws.
  5. Now you need to make a left-hand shelf. For it will need a shield of 200 mm. This shelf is designed for the printer or MFP, therefore, it must be strong enough and bulk.

Boxes for computer desk and drawer for keyboard

Computer desk with drawers - a very handy piece of furniture and a functional element of the interior. This is the table we are masters. Consider how to make drawers.

  1. Saw plywood bottom crate, and the board of 12 x 120 mm - sidewalls. Twist screws workpiece 4 pieces and sew bottom. Width and adjust the depth of the drawer guide relative to the thickness and size of internal tables.
  2. The guides must be secured from below. Stand back from the front edges of the side members 18 mm and screw guides on the wall. At the same time observe the symmetry and the desired distance. The indentation will need to attach faceplates on the front wall of the box.
  3. Shelf keyboard need to cut, taking into account the thickness of the sliding guide mechanism.
  4. Now disassemble the structure of the table on the constituent elements oshlifuyte them and cover with varnish. After the coating is completely dry, reassemble the table again.

Tip: do not tighten the screws a few times. This greatly weaken the nests. If you think that the fixture is not stable enough, use a carpenter's glue to reinforce the connection.

Drawers and pull-out shelf for keyboard ready, computer table structure is assembled. I stayed finishing touch: front panel mounted on the boxes.

  1. Saw facial parts in the amount of three pieces, mark and drill holes for handles. The screws fixing the handle, secure boxes and wall lining.
  2. Facing panel set the aperture in the front of the cabinets. Use wedges to fix the gaps between the boxes. Drill holes for handles.
  3. Install the handles and secure them with screws, pulling the trim and the front wall. From inside the drawer, screw a few more screws, to provide additional reliability.

Your computer desk is ready.

Video about making computer desk with his hands

As you can see, making your own computer desk is not difficult. Not only do you get a comfortable place to work and rest, which will be beneficial to look at the room, but also will gain experience in carpentry work on the production of furniture. Perhaps someone from our readers have already had to deal with the design and construction of computer tables. Please share your experiences in the comments, ask questions, which were you at the time you read this article. We will be happy to discuss with you your workflow and learn something new.

We wish you an easy operation and comfort to your home!

Technology for creating a computer table with his hands, diagrams and drawings

Almost everyone today has a computer, which definitely need to be set so that it is convenient to operate. Necessarily requires a special computer table, which provided compartments for the system unit, monitor and keyboard. Buy this product can be in almost any furniture store, where they are represented in a wide range. But you can make a computer desk with his hands drawings scheme can be found in the collection.

Before proceeding to the manufacture of computer table with his hands photo is shown below, it is necessary to find out what design will be needed and for what purpose is planning to apply. To determine the size of the product will give the opportunity to leave the list of components in your computer. In addition to basic component elements may be additional - speakers, printer, scanner, various cords, the elements needed to complete the work.

Before you start to draw the drawing, select the table view of the future:

  • direct type;
  • corner type;
  • combined type.

Straight Angular Combined

Straight tables - classic furniture options. They are similar to conventional writing articles. Linear models of this type of approach when it is necessary to use a computer to perform a specific job. It can be placed along the wall or near a window.

Corner versions are suitable for people who sit out for a long time at the computer.

The advantages of these models are as follows:

  • a small amount of material to manufacture;
  • ready designs occupy a small space;
  • Rooms are set in place, which do not apply;
  • opportunity to place all the shelves nearby, which will provide additional convenience when working.

However, this option is not suitable for important work. This is due to the fact that it is not possible to place a lot of things.

Combined patterns are registration and the first section of the second embodiment. This model is considered to be the best option, but it takes a lot of space in the room. It has many additional features that allow you to store a lot of things, various accessories.

Before starting the production of the computer desk with your own hands, you need to make drawings and diagrams. They will help to build a computer table. They can be made by yourself or take the already prepared.

Necessary parameters for a future computer table should be as convenient as possible for the owner of this product. The length should not be too small, but at the same time, too much furniture length dimension will be uncomfortable.

length dimensions depend on important factors:

  • space area for the owner. Many experts advise to leave the place for this size 60-70 cm;
  • area for installation of the system unit. A suitable solution is its location in a niche, which will have a size of 22 to 25 cm If the constituent element will be installed along the table, then it will need space with dimensions not less than 26-30 cm.;
  • presence rotary countertop space for products with angulation. If you have no experience of the construction of structures of this type, it is best to focus on the recommended settings - 55-60 cm;
  • a space for installing cabinets. It is desirable to include this item in the structure, its presence will provide a convenient use of the furniture. This frees the subject from the purchase of additional furniture for storage of various accessories for your computer, everything will be put in the boxes cabinets. For tables will take about 30-40 cm, which will need to be added to the total length of the furniture.

The average overall length for the corner articles to be 160-170 cm, a compact model may be put in a 130 cm, can be done with a straight length of 100 cm.

The dimensions of the computer desk depend on the depth of the product. depth calculations are performed simply. When vyschityvanii parameter should take into account several important factors:

  • if there is no extension, the permitted minimum should be 45 cm;
  • if the table is equipped with hot-top, the depth should be at least 60-70 cm;
  • if there are drawers - not less than 65 cm;
  • corner-type model in which the bottom shelf there depth dimension of at least 85 cm.

Calculations height settings for the computer desktop is quick, in this case should not have any difficulties. The standard height is generally 75 cm above the floor.

If your height is small and the table will benefit you alone, then the height of the need to perform at their growth parameters. The main condition - the maximum convenience. In these cases, the height parameters are calculated according to the formula: growth parameters * 75/175 cm If the growth of 1.82 cm, then the calculation will be so 182 * 75/175 = 78 cm..

Stands can be of several forms:

  • rectangular elements - it's classic elements, they can be placed in the center of the table or put a little on the side. The arrangement of these elements can be selected only for its taste, as long as they provide the greatest ease of use of a computer. Suitable parameters for the supports: 120 mm height size, depth 300 mm, length 500 mm;
  • angle type - stand this kind of offer original designs all constructions, as well as space-saving tabletop. Importantly, in the construction element of this type it is necessary to provide maximum resistance to monitor unexpectedly slid off. The size and depth of the height of the corner supports must be 400 mm, the height should be 120-130 cm.

Special shelf for the keyboard, is an integral component part of the furniture. The presence of this element will provide a positive side-to-use design:

  • space for a mouse and keyboard arrangement;
  • additional free space on the worktop;
  • the keyboard will be set at the right level, so the work will not be a feeling of fatigue, discomfort;
  • permanent free access to the keyboard and mouse.

All these positive qualities can only be achieved at the expense of the right size. Computer tables have the following dimensions: Depth - 400 mm, length - 650 mm, the length of the guides - 350 mm.

Another important condition for the proper functioning of the computer is to provide a shelf for installation of the system unit. It should be created for this main constituent element of maximum conditions which will ensure the extension of the life of the computer.

The main conditions of proper placement of the system unit are the recommendations:

  • near should not be heating devices;
  • about the chassis should not be a source of moisture;
  • the obligatory presence of a special shelf or niche in which is placed the element.

Due to the supports are provided with the advantages of:

  • system unit practically does not accumulate dust;
  • the least influence of humidity;
  • reduced risk of damage to the system unit.

Requirements for a shelf system unit:

  • as supports must be used with guide rollers or bearings with an adjustable system;
  • shelf width dimension should be 280 cm;
  • height is 120 cm;
  • length - 50 mm.

How to make your own hands computer desk

When you create a computer desk to be done the following steps, following which you will understand how to make a computer desk with his hands easily.

Another important point - is the choice of material of which will be made computer table. It must be strong, to continue to the product served for a long time. Often used chipboard sheets. This is an inexpensive material, but at the same time it is strong and durable.

Tools and preparations

Of course, how to perform a table with his hands, you can see from the photo, but if you decide to do it yourself, then you should be aware of all the nuances.

The manufacturing process will require the necessary equipment:

  • Sawing - jigsaw or hacksaw;
  • drill, drill bits have to be;
  • necessary for bonding the presence of a screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • machine polished type;
  • the presence of a chisel;
  • pencil for taking notes;
  • roulette for measuring need training. Its size is not less than 1 meter.


Guide recommends that you cut out all the necessary parts for assembly. To assemble the table will require the necessary elements, which can be ordered in a furniture factory, or do it yourself:

  • a lateral strut type - the dimensions of these elements must be - 735h465 mm, two pieces;
  • Front central type with dimensions - 735h380 mm, 1 unit;
  • worktop - 1200h580 mm, 1 unit;
  • rear wall - 1090h290 mm, 1 unit;
  • stand for keyboard withdrawable type - 830h380 mm, 1 unit;
  • Internal shelf type, the dimensions of these components - 450h250 mm 2 pieces.

cut parts

When everything is ready, and the details will be cut, you are ready to assemble the entire structure. How to assemble a table of this kind? All the features of this process you will learn below.

Assembling a computer table consists of the steps:

  • to start in the lateral wall of the central-type and are made holes for the bottom shelf;
  • 50-70 mm, measure and draw a horizontal line with a simple pencil;
  • then in horizontal line 2 holes are made in parallel position;
  • resulting in a 2 hole in the side wall 2 in the central hole. Everything is held together with screws;
  • all well done to the upper member. But here the distance from the start level to a shelf board is to be from 100 mm or more;
  • run opening is attaching shelves;
  • screwed back wall - it is necessary to place smoothly with the upper end of the side and central walls. Outlines hole screwed wall;
  • further connects the second side wall from the rear. 2 holes are made in the rear panel is screwed all the screws;
  • anchoring the rail guide element. From the top of the side and central walls 50 mm is measured, are made straight lines. After that, they are fixed;
  • It is then fixing the keyboard shelf to place the guide elements;
  • set table top - in the side walls of the type made by the hole. They also need to make on the table;
  • dowels necessary to miss the mark with white glue, insert them into the ends of the frame;
  • set in place dowels countertop. Dowel must enter into the grooves;
  • if you require a top shelf, they are fixed shkantami.

You can then install the finished design in the appropriate place in the room. Do not forget all of the elements of the table should be covered with varnish. The result is a full-fledged computer table, which is made independently. Of course, the whole process is quite complex and without additional knowledge here can not do.

Assembling the cabinets under the system unit Stand the system unit Fasten the rear wall Clamps for sliding shelves fasten guide glue dowels Put countertop dowels to hit the slots Bonding tape Kromkova Ready table

Videos how to make your own computer desk

The video shows the manufacture of computer table technology independently.

Convenient computer desk with your own hands: drawings, diagrams, instructions

The computer has become part of modern life. Portable devices with small size does not require a separate space for use and storage. But the owners of stationary models have to deal with the question of where and how to make a computer table to comfortably organize a special place in the house. It is sometimes difficult to find a table with a handy add-on that would be ideal to satisfy all the requirements (design, functionality), was affordable. Therefore, a more rational becomes another formulation of the problem - how to make a computer desk with your own hands, using drawings and master classes.

The structure and size of the table for the computer

Plan a homemade computer table, taking into account all elements of the system that you use. Standard features include: system unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse. Add to the list, if necessary, a printer, scanner, sound system, etc.. Consider ready-made drawings and tables, diagrams, they will prompt where it is possible to arrange one or another subject. Essential to install additional seats with lockers, drawers, shelves for papers, textbooks, lecture notes, that everything is close at hand.

The table with the superstructure should be compact, but at the same time comfortable and not too small. Determine with design locations in the home, be sure to consider the possibility of access to power, natural light, sufficient distance from the parts of the heating system.

Computer table can be: straight, angled, combined, transformer. Direct construction are the most common. They can be installed in almost any room. Make a corner computer desk with your own hands - so the best use of the corner space, thus creating a comfortable place for the use of office equipment. Table-transformer occupies a special place. It can perfectly fit into any interior. The product may be a cupboard, a chest of drawers, a pencil case, in which the computer hides. There is even a table-transformer with small lockers, turning if necessary, in bed.

Universal computer table

If you do not have experience in the production of furniture, do not select the transformer, and a simple but comfortable classic design computer desk with a superstructure. It will provide enough room for the necessary equipment and materials. A new furniture to become organic in the finished interior, use furniture board or chipboard, in harmony with the color of other furnishings.

For the computer desk with the superstructure will need:

  • 2,5 pine furniture shield 2000h600h18 mm.
  • 3 furniture shield 2000h400h18 mm.
  • 2 furniture shield 2000h200h18 mm.
  • 6.2 m boards 120h12 mm.
  • Floor-veneer 1525h1525h6 mm.
  • Lac.
  • 3 sets of ball (or roller) of the guides for drawers - 500 mm.
  • Rail kit for sliding shelves - 400 mm.
  • Dowels.
  • 3 handles for drawers.

In this paper you will use:

  • Elektronozhovku.
  • Drill with drill bits.
  • 5h60 screws 50 mm.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Sander or sandpaper (different grain).
  • Square, tape measure, ruler, pencil.

  1. Carefully study the table drawing with the superstructure. According to the dimensional requirements needed to prepare constructive parts: worktop 3 strut, which will be placed vertically, the bottom, the lid tables.
  2. Choose the items to be placed vertically. Cut the front upper corners of 20x20 mm. Also remove the lower rear corners of the walls (4,5h5,5 mm) so that the table can be installed against a wall, in spite of the existing plinth. Thoroughly sand the place of the cut, and rounded front corners do.
  3. To set a transverse bar 200h18 mm at the rear end panels to a vertical center distance 265 mm from the floor surface do recess depth of 18 to 200 mm wide. This panel is needed to connect the uprights 3, it will be affixed to it with screws. In addition, the transverse panel will stiffener for the base of the entire computer table design as the rear wall in this product are not available.
  4. After preparing the parts advance with a drill bit to drill out the hole to avoid damage when fastening structure preforms. Assemble the frame on the screws.
  5. We proceed to create a niche for the stationary chassis. Saw parts (minor lateral wall and a horizontal ledge) at the specified size. Cut the front upper corner of the side parts (20x20), chamfer cut, abrade all parts ends. Connect the sides and shelf, then - the entire structure with the side wall of the table with screws. Gamers and advanced computer scientists, is frequently updated packaging system unit, prefer to place it on a separate stand with wheels. In this case, use the drawings and diagrams from the Internet.
  6. The openings under the shelf and tables drill holes for dowels. Fasten them plinth panel.

Getting started with the superstructure of the table:

  1. Cut the side panels add-ons, right round the front of the upper corners. Prepare template 18 mm to a side wall on the table top exactly anchored. Drill with a drill hole at the ends of the template. Then attach to the ends of the worktop, make a precise layout for fixing.
  2. Prepare through holes in the work surface, and the deaf - in the lower ends of side insertions. With gon monitor the correctness of the connection. From under the table screw in screws through the table top in the sidewall.
  3. Make markings on the shield 2000h400 mm so as to obtain shelf 2000h315 and crossbar-rim, which will be fixed at the top of the structure. Besides the basic functions of these components will increase the stiffness of the superstructure.
  4. Cut out the middle wall of 2000h200 shield, similar to large lateral parts connect it to the table top. Gon check the connection is correct.
  5. Install vertical central baffle. Screw the rear bar serving rim. Align on a square position shelves, fix on screws.
  6. Make a shelf with a jumper. Shelves dimensions arbitrarily select. Details of 2000h200h18 fabricate shield. Details fasten with screws. Computer desk with add-in - ready.

For more details, finish:

  1. For the manufacture of boxes, take whiteboard 120h12 mm. boxes, adjust the parameters to the dimensions of the side tables and pre-arranged guides. 4 boards connect the screws in the rear and front portions. To use the bottom plywood.
  2. Fasten the rails. It is better to start at the bottom, slowly making a mark for the following, control the symmetry of the paired rails. Note: roller guides should be installed not flush with the edge of the stone, and a little deeper. Indented by the width of the front part of the furniture board.
  3. Boards of the segments cut facial parts for boxes. Place the chips between the boxes to determine the size of each panel.
  4. From furniture board tabletop 400h18 cut by subtracting the width of the roller guides 2, on which it is moving.
  5. Disassemble the table accessories. Carefully crafted detail sander. Cover them with 2 layers of lacquer. Then assemble the frame again.
  6. In the center of each face of the box, attach the handle.

Compact computer table

Our self-made table-transformer will be hidden in the closet. A convenient superstructure serve as shelves in the upper part. design feature will be the turning worktop, with it will be more convenient to use the table-transformer.

To make the most table-transformer for the computer, you will need:

  • Ready cabinet size 1100h640h2080 mm.
  • Furniture board or chipboard sheet.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Screws.
  • Jigsaw.
  • Bolts and nuts.
  • Furniture polish.

  1. Cut out the parts for the table, examining the drawings carefully. Mark places for connection.
  2. Make holes for the connections.
  3. Sand the edges, remove all irregularities, jigsaw, cut the excess.
  4. As part of countertops that will move, make a blind hole 35 mm in diameter (center of rotation).
  5. Drill a through hole through both tabletops.
  6. Pound the fixing bolt in the pivotal hole, tighten the nut from below. Transformer ready.
  7. Cut and fasten the shelf Shelf.

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