How to make a wick lamp smoked

How to make a smokehouse smoked himself

When people think about how to make a smoke-house with their own hands? Of course, when they want to have a good rest on nature. Caught fish may acquire unusual taste, if it is a good prokoptit and meat with the smell of smoke will taste no worse kebabs. There are several types of smoking, and each of them has its own advantages, but the products of cold smoking persist longer than the others. The shops sell smokehouses different species, but in fact the smokehouse is not so hard to do yourself, if you approach it with skill.

Smoking - a processing of smoke products, in which process they vyalyatsya. It should be noted that in any smokehouse has a camera, where the meat is placed on gratings or hung, and the place of the hearth. Of course, there are many conditions to smokehouse worked well, and foods cooked in it, you can eat. So, how to make smoked smokehouse?

Preparing the camera for smoking

1. Prepare a metal or wooden container (barrel box). Dimensions choose to your taste - most importantly, that there was a place for product placement.

2. One of the bottom of the tank or knock out cut - it will be the bottom side.

3. Make the cover from the second bottoms, or make it independently of the planks. It should be well-sealed containers and skip the smoke (there must be a hole). If you find it difficult to make the cover, can be covered in the future barrel matting.

4. Place the container inside the bars, rod or more bars at the same height. Rod (rods) may be solder or paste into pre-cut holes. The grid can be placed at the corners, which also should be pre-soldered to the inner walls of the chamber.

5. The camera should be as airtight as possible to all the smoke coming into it, I rushed to the products in and out through the holes in the lid.

6. Put the camera on the platform (it must be positioned on a hill or just above the hearth layer).

Preparation of the hearth and trenches

1. The hearth must be below the level of the chamber and located at a distance of 2 to 10 meters away from it (the greater the distance, the better the traction). It is best to have the smokehouse Smoked on a hillside. It is desirable to arrange so that the wind blew from the source towards the smoking chamber (directing the smoke in the wrong direction).

2. Dig a small hole (e.g., a square with sides of 40 cm and a depth of 20 cm - for convenient access), and place its wall brick. There will be located a smoldering wood chips. You can also put it in the groove refractory metal container and cover chips there.

3. Half cover with slate hearth or sheet metal, so that the wind would blow and to provide thrust in the direction of sooting products.

4. Dig trench that will connect the center and the place where the camera (move under the chimney container for smoking) is located. The walls of the trench must be strengthened (to lay brick, slate, metal sheets, do not use lime brick - when heated it releases gases that are harmful to health). For this trench-chimney smoke from the hearth will flow into the smoking chamber. If you are too lazy to do it - just drag from the source to the camera's metal pipe.

The bottom line is smoked in cold smoke processing, so the main purpose of the trench - to cool the smoke.

5. Close the trench top metal sheets or slate, then cover with turf or sprinkle the ground (10 - 15 cm), so that the smoke is not fed out.

Now that you know how to make a smokehouse smoked, but there are factors that can affect the quality of manufactured products.

1. The temperature inside the smokehouse. It is important to monitor the temperature - cold smoked it should not exceed 35 degrees (use a temperature sensor). It is best to smoke the products in cold weather - it will be better to cool the smoke.

2. The quality and variety of wood. Before smoking, thoroughly dry the wood chips, which are going to use in smoking. The quality and variety of the tree depends on the quality of the smoke, and, consequently, of the finished product. When smoked it is best to use a variety of fruit trees - apple, pear, cherry. For smoked fish is best suited alder and aspen. But the aspen easily breaks, so the stability of corruption, so that chips are not inflamed, use oak and beech. Also popular shrubs such as juniper and hazel. It is advised to mix the type of wood and experiment.

Do not use resinous wood species, because they give foods a bitter taste. Tree bark is also better not to use. For smoking it is better to prepare the coals that will cause no fire, only smoldering.

3. Persistence of smoking. Cold smoking may last a long time - from a couple of days to a week. All this time, you need to ensure that the temperature did not rise above that mark, to wood chips is not inflamed and that focus is not extinguished. Smoked products look like raw, but can be stored for longer than hot smoked products, therefore, the efforts pay off.

4. Preparation of the product. When cold smoking requires a more careful preparation than when hot because the product is not subjected to heat treatment. Oil-rich fish and meat is suitable for this type of smoking (because the fat drips out is not).

The meat is smoked at a temperature of 15-20 degrees, and fish - at a temperature of from 20 to 40 (the temperature sensor is not put close to the hearth, and in the smoking chamber). Before smoking need to salt and dry products for better preservation. Salting will also kill the parasites and possible, but if you are not sure of the purity of the product, it is better to expose his handling of hot smoke, not cold.

To improve the taste of the product, you can add wood chips a variety of spices and herbs, such as sage, rosemary, basil.

If you want to learn how to make smoked smokehouse with its transfer, use the same principle. The main differences lie is this:

1. Oven. You will need a portable stove, where you can fill up the coals and wood chips. These are sold in tourist shops, or they can be made independently.

2. The tube with a cooler. In these portable pipe installation is not very long, so the coolers are installed in them.

3. A compound. You will need to cut a hole in the vessel and to provide a compound with an oven chamber through the tube.

4. Camera. It is best not to use the barrel, and the small size of the box, which is convenient to carry.

Bloating foods in his smokehouse very comfortable, and if the right to equip its quality meat and fish will be always on top.

See also the detailed video report, how to make smoked smokehouse itself:

How to make cold-smoked smokehouse

Taste the products of cold smoking, store bought, remembered by many. Treat household and close friends of the products prepared according to the same technology, will help smokehouse smoked their hands, gathered and launched into operation.

The essence of cooking food - processing chemicals timber at sublimation under conditions of oxygen deficiency. Colloquial name - smoking. It happens:

  • Hot. The food is exposed to the smoke at a temperature 70-150 ° C. The process is characterized in rapid cooking (40-180 minutes). Stored at room temperature of not more than 1-3 days.
  • It's cold. Processing performed cooled to 20-30 ° C with smoke. Cooking time from several hours to several days. The product becomes a subtle smoke flavor, delicious taste. Shelf life up to several weeks.
  • Mixed. Flue gas temperature 40-80 ° C. Processing for 4-10 hours. Validity 3-7 days.

After heat treatment, the products acquire a number of properties:

  • impregnated aromatic substances that give food a unique flavor and taste;
  • acquire a long shelf life due to the preservative properties of the flue gas (bacteriostatic effect).

The most tasty and stored for a long time - it is the products have undergone treatment at a makeshift oil lamp smoked.

Smokehouse smoked, the hands performed, may be the simplest construction, assembled from improvised. Or is a folk art devices that can compete with industrial models.

Scheme cold smoke treatment

The most important difference from other effects of smoke - gas temperature. Homemade smokehouse should be composed of a device that reduces the thermal component. Scheme of cold and hot smoked:

It is seen that in the construction of cold smoke enters an elongated channel (chimney). Moving along the tube, the gases lose part of their thermal energy. Accordingly, the temperature decreases. This effect is put in most homemade smokehouses smoked.

General device smokehouse:

It can be seen that the oil lamp smoked, with his own hands made, includes three main components:

  • a source of smoke (smoke generator);
  • flue duct (chimney);
  • a container under the food.

How to make a smokehouse smoked in a material limitation:

  • in the campaign;
  • sortie on the nature (forest, river, lake);
  • at the camp site;
  • garden plot, etc.

One option - it is a simple smokehouse smoked on the basis of twigs and plastic film. To build such a structure is not complicated. Importantly, provide gas temperature reduction from coal.

The construction is based on the principle of the tent, lodge, tents.

A frame structure made of poles. Thrown over top polyethylene film. Fish (meat, chicken, fowl) mounted on the twine. The heat source - carbon obtained from previously diluted fire. Smoke - raw twigs and branches with green leaves (but not grass).

Embers may be a bucket or hearth. Last performed in the ground in the form of pits in bulk. The advantages are obvious:

  • there is no need for a special building material. The only thing imported - polyethylene film;
  • extreme simplicity of design;
  • quick installation;
  • able to visually observe the machining process.

Disadvantage - the constant control over the hearth. Open flame is not allowed, otherwise burn the entire structure; the process of cold can turn into hot. The need for coal and green branches for the entire time of cooking food. However, the company is always people happy bestowal manufacturing process smokehouse for smoked their own hands.

Advanced embodiment - to make the chimney. This is possible if there is a slope. The length of the ditches of 1.5-2 meters. The depth of 30-50 cm. The trench overlaps twigs with leaves, pine or spruce branches spruce. Pounces on top of the ground and hiding film. Advantage - the release time of the reduction constant monitoring.

This design smoked very convenient for the preparation of fish caught in the nearest pond. Reduced cooking time, but not at the expense of taste and quality. The finished product can be stored for a few days.

More complex designs require the imported dimensional parts. It will be a home smokehouse.

Make smokehouse smoked with his hands near the house - it is an opportunity to diversify the household diet, entertain guests delicious delicacy and procure products for the future. Having our own farmstead with poultry and cattle meat breeds content - is the creation of Mini workshops for processing and further implementation on the collective farm market, a variety of smoked meats.

On the task - how to make the oil-lamp of certain sizes for food processing, depends on the design of future dymarni. This simple device could be assembled from prefabricated units and parts. Or a more complex unit using electric power, the electronic control unit. In any case, you will need the ability to:

  • shoot sizes;
  • be read or drawings;
  • own plumbing tools and welding equipment;
  • You need knowledge of electrical engineering.

The design is implemented in the circuit shown in the figure:

Most available details - 200-liter steel drum, an old refrigerator body iron box for tools or clothing. For flue used metal pipe with an inner diameter of at least 100mm:

  • sewer;
  • penstock;
  • vent tin;
  • Flexible corrugated pipe for the chimney of the fireplace or stove.

As the smoke generator is suitable for the hearth fire, arranged in a small pit. Top covered with a lid. More difficult - this is the application of the metal furnace with separate chambers. One serves as a heat source, and the other contains the sawdust to produce smoke.

Important aspects in the design and installation of:

  • positioning the cold smokehouse must be spaced apart from the wood or other inflammable materials;
  • take into account the wind rose; Air flow should not clog the fire in the hearth and directing the smoke toward residential or farm buildings with pets;
  • required to ensure the chimney inclination for propulsion;
  • location insulate the chimney and the furnace in order to avoid burns curious children or adults.

The length of pipe or a trench under the stovepipe is 2-5 meters. This size determines the intensity of the cooling and traction. In winter or autumn and spring period the problems with decreasing flue gas temperature does not arise because of the substantial differences between the environment and heat flux.

More difficult in hot weather. Recall smoked effect manifested at 20-30 ° C. Warm air to 30-35 ° C may completely mute traction. Flue gases do not acquire the necessary thermal background.

Production smokehouse their hands for cold smoking begins with performing preliminary design, the initial preform assemblies and parts. Furthermore, positioning must be at the site. Compound of units and parts is made, based on local conditions - welding, brazing, threaded fasteners or raschekanivaniem.

Examples of products created thought craftsmen, are presented:

Building products for smoking

smokehouse device's own station may be stationary economic construction of a metal, wood or brick. Hence, home smokehouse smoked, collected his own hands, should be located in a place where the smoke will not reach the housing and annoy pets.

Examples of folk art:

Except solidity and solid volumes, unlike designs from simple devices, the availability of the chronometer counts the time from loading to unloading of the finished product. A more advanced version is equipped with an electronic control unit:

  • made the countdown;
  • an audible signal the end of the process;
  • temperature control is carried out inside the appliance;
  • It carried out a general analysis of the gassing.

Built their own unit - is the possibility of implementing entrepreneurial spirit:

But for this it is necessary to solve several problems. Key - Flue gas cooling in hot weather and creating a permanent flux within the smokehouse.

temperature reduction idea is presented below:

The figure shows that the structure resembles a brewed apparatus. But not cool "pervach", and the flue gas. In practice the scheme is implemented in several ways.

  1. Cooling water. For this purpose the pipe (or part) is immersed in a bath filled with a liquid from a well or borehole.
  1. Cooling air. The flue gas is partly mixed with air from the compressor (the expansion temperature decreases).

In any case, you need mechanical ventilation. The scheme is represented:

In practice - a connection aquarium pump or fan from kitchen hood or ventilation for the bathroom:

Smokehouse to make your own hands can be based on industrial designs. But this would require knowledge of welding:

Such a structure can realize the principle of hot and cold smoking:

Additional (or main) function - cooking meat: kebabs, steaks, chicken, etc.

Unlike hot smoking, food undergoing cold smoke treated must first prepare:

  • to pickle;
  • to pickle;
  • hold it in a closed container with aromatic spices.

After salting the semifinished product is required to clean the salt, thoroughly rinsed in cold water. It is possible that such an operation will need to remove excess marinade (initially laid a lot of vinegar).

Operation salting, marinating has bacteriological processing function. During exposure to salt dewatering outer flesh. The bacteria in this environment cease to grow. But the meat can not overdo in brine. Otherwise, it will lose a lot of moisture, it will be tough.

Important! For cold-smoked (and hot) should choose healthy meat poultry or other animals. Fish only marine origin in the river are often found worms and other vermin. Freshwater fish must be subjected to strict quality control for the presence of parasites.

Complex products - sausages, and fish over a length of 30-40 cm should be staple twine based on natural materials (hemp, flax). This method will allow the sausage products to keep the form. Fish do not fall apart.

Smokehouse smoked, constructed with his own hands - it is a source of pride of the master. Double pleasure deliver properly cooked product.

Options for developing their creative ideas much. Even simple design can successfully give the food an unforgettable fine taste.

Diy talent in our country a lot. Our readers will become familiar with thanks to your ideas on making their own hands devices for cold smoking. Share your knowledge can flow through the "comments", presented on our site.

smoked products - one of the favorite in our family. The process of smoking has always seemed to me a difficult undertaking. And thanks to your site to learn that you can make yourself a mobile smokehouse and take it with you on vacation.

Very fond of smoked. But I had no idea what to do with your own hands can be a smokehouse, and it's so easy! Be sure to try the country. Especially I liked the idea of ​​smoke fruits and vegetables.

What a great idea with a molar Smokehouse, always such a thing will come in handy on a trip out of town. Be sure to tell her husband to cook such a huge thank you for the idea of ​​instructions on how to do it.

At long fishing helps us well simplest model smokehouse. Only instead of a film using a tarp. The catch is never lost.

Oil lamp smoked: the device, the operating principle. How to make the oil-lamp with your hands?

If you love the taste of smoked occasionally, you can visit the store in order to buy these delicacies there. However, you will be able to cook them, and yourself, with the help of the smokehouse. Before you start to build this structure, it is necessary to understand the varieties of smoking, which may be two, namely hot and cold.

The first type is a fairly quick way, which is most often used in the home. smoking period may last from 12 to 48 hours, while the temperature of the smoke is in the range of from 35 to 50 degrees. In this case, the products do not lose their moisture and fat are well impregnated. Keep these products can be quite long. Dimensions smokehouse sometimes do not have to choose, as the basis of these structures, as a rule, are tanks or refrigerators that are out of order. However, if you wish to make such equipment for commercial purposes, it is possible to use sheet metal or barrel, the volume of which can be quite impressive.

Cold smoking is a longer treatment. Products thus heat is not strong, since the smoke has a temperature of from 18 to 25 degrees. smoking period can last from 2 to 3 days. This type of treatment involves the removal of moisture from the product, which dries the surface. Keep these products can be quite long, especially when compared with hot-smoked. In confirmation of the above, it can be argued that the cold process is more laborious and time-consuming in comparison with hot-smoked. Let's look at them in more detail.

What is the smokehouse for cold working?

During the manufacturing process the oil lamp smoked, you will need to provide a device in which a cold smoke will be sent on the product side. The smoke should be continuous and smooth throughout the entire treatment period. Its temperature is over 25 degrees. In order to ensure such conditions, smokehouse should be divided into two separate parts. One of them is the furnace, while the other - capacity. The first part is to be removed from each other by 2 meters, and the chimney must be positioned therebetween.

Principle and smokehouse processing apparatus for cold

If you are interested in a device the oil lamp smoked, you should know that it consists of several elements, among them there is a chimney, smoke generator and the smoking chamber. The construction works on the following principle. Wood shavings are placed in the smoke generator, fuel starts to smolder and forms smoke. In this process occurs rod, through which it enters the chimney, is cooled in it, penetrating into the smoking chamber, where the products are located, that are designed to handle. The main function in the present smoke generator performs a processing, which provides a continuous inflow of smoke into the smoke chamber. This element is automated, the owner will be required only to observe the amount of sawdust.

Oil lamp smoked have to work on certain varieties of sawdust. In no event should not be used softwood chips, namely, pine, fir and the like. D. Typically this is caused by the fact that the fuel is composed of resin. As a best practice for smoking act sawdust fruit trees. A better option would be cherry, apple and pear. In the absence of this breed sawdust can replace them shavings alder, willow or oak. To smoked after the completion of the process look very attractive, in the last step of the process to put in a smokehouse branch of juniper. For processing of products cold-smoked, you can use tape and briquettes, which are sold in stores.

Manufacturing technology of oil lamps in the home

If you decide to manufacture the oil lamp smoked, then you need not possess certain skills and abilities. Before you start, you should prepare a specific set of tools and some materials. At the bottom of the furnace to be put iron plates, through which the embers will smolder uniformly. Now master digs chimney, the depth of which should be equal to the bayonet shovel, while the width - is equivalent to the shovel width. Then you need to use the slate or iron sheet to close the chimney and covered it with earth. This is done in order to avoid smoke exit.

Before starting work, you need to familiarize yourself with what are smokehouses design. This knowledge can help you in the process of manipulation. Next, you need to prepare a conventional barrel, the bottom of which strengthened grille. This is necessary for stacking filter which protects the product from soot and tar. In burlap can act as a filter. The upper part of the steel pipe is fixed, it will be attached to the smoking products. Very good material for such a pipe perform stainless steel. Choosing hook, should be guided by the size of which shall not be less than 10 millimeters. Top wick lamp must be covered with an iron sheet.

If you will be manufactured home smokehouse smoked, you can use the barrel or crate. Once the item will be able to find to it should be fixed smoke generator. On this we can assume that the product is ready, it will be quite convenient to use and can be moved to another location, if necessary. When using smoke smoker must act uniformly, so you should especially take care of the proper manufacture of the chimney.

Be sure to choose the most suitable place for the oil lamp, should not be near flammable objects. The master should take into account the distance from the neighbors who may not like the smoke. During chimney arrangement is necessary to use the cords and pegs. Initially, it will be necessary to carry out the layout on which the excavated trench. On the walls of the latter need to install the bricks, put them on edge. During the work, use a solution that is made from sand and clay.

When a home smokehouse smoked, it may be necessary to cool the smoke. To resolve this issue, use one of several ways, as one of them acts as the elongation of the hose, through which the smoke is fed into the design. The length of this member should be such that the smoke is cooled gradually, passing through it. Some experts advise to use tap water. To do this will need to gather the most simple water cooler on the basis of which is made of copper and brass tubes. If the smoking process applied cleaved, it is possible to use a pipe bend to cool the smoke.

If you purchased or made industrial smokehouse design your own, you should always ensure that the temperature inside was within acceptable limits. It is best to start this process in the morning. In bad weather from smoking is to give. It is not necessary often to look into the camera, and the device it is necessary to set the tray that will collect fat.

Production of the gas cylinder smokehouse

Smokehouse at home can be carried out using the gas cylinder. For work will need a sander, a drill, welding machine, two canopy door, a metal rod whose diameter is 10 mm, and tubes that form the basis of the legs. Among other things, prepare metal corner, forged handle in an amount of 1 piece, electrodes for welding, carob clues electric drill and, of course, old gas cylinder. If you will run smokehouse from the gas cylinder, it is important to think about whether the size of the future design approach. To carry out these works can be necessary to prepare the product dimensions, take care of it in advance.

Recommendations for the work

In the first phase, the master must inspect the tank from all sides, if it has rusted, then use it for work can not be. If inside has a certain amount of gas, it indicates that the product is in working order and suitable for the manufacture of the smokehouse. Smokehouse at home from a gas cylinder can be made only after careful preparation of the product.

To do this, you must get rid of the residual gas, turning the product by unscrewing the valve. This will avoid possible fire gas. Even after such a procedure the propane residues remain in the form of condensate. It's worth noting that moment, that they are dangerous. From the oil liquid that has settled on the walls, it will be difficult to get rid of. For this purpose, water is used most frequently.

Once the remnants of the gas will be able to get rid of, you will need to draw on the body chalk line on which will be cut. The container shall be divided into two parts, which are connected by hinges upon. In the next step you need to install the handle, welded legs and place the rack inside. On this we can assume that the structure is ready. According to this principle can be collected from the gas cylinder smokehouse, which when necessary is easy to move from one place to another.

If you decide to make a fixed installation, it is necessary to start working with, from the edge you need to pull back a certain distance. Once a line is drawn to three centimeters below the weld. This will get two circles. Straight lines should be divided in the middle of the cylinder. After this capacity is filled with water that does not need to merge with the implementation of the first incision. Water, which will follow will be able to extinguish the spark, to prevent the occurrence of fire. Once able to make holes, it will be possible to drain the water, continuing to make cuts. After one half circle has been received, you can perform such work with the other hand. Semicircles must connect to each other. This will give the finished cover in a closed form, which will help to provide cover for the flame from the wind.

If you will be cold smoking at home, you can make design for this on any of the above technologies. After completion of the above manipulation is necessary to check the stability of the product. If it has long legs, it will be difficult to achieve reliability. Therefore it is necessary to install additional corners, which will be located in the lower part of the legs. Upon completion of the production of the feet can be drilled in the wall a few holes. Through them will wake up the coals, to penetrate into the air, which will contribute to better combustion. Once able to complete the basic steps, you can start painting the design. However, quite often handyman eliminate this stage.

Particularly of manufacturing the oil lamp from an old refrigerator

At home, you can be made from the refrigerator smokehouse. For this it is necessary to remove all of the elements which are located inside the domestic appliance, leaving only the steel box with a door. After the inner chamber with thermal insulation will be deleted, old welds need to get rid of a special sealant, which can take quite a long time. On the back side, where the heat exchanger is located, it will be formed sufficiently large hole. Close it can be a metal plate, which must be cut out of portions removed previously. If you have an available oven-stove, which is usually made of water-pipe segments, it can be used by setting the inside. It is important to ensure that the pipe outlet, with which the master may be some difficulties.

When a smoke box of a refrigerator, it will be necessary to depict a compass circle whose diameter is somewhat smaller than the diameter of the pipe. After should nasverlit openings on the circumference using the drill five. Bring to a desired size this item can be a semi-circular file. Stepping back from the top of the box 20 centimeters, install two brackets, which will act as holders for the grid. On this shelf will just be food for smoking. Stepping back 10 centimeters lower, it is necessary to fix two more corners, which are necessary for the installation of the pallet. It will accumulate fat. Shelf can be used from the same refrigerator and pan - to borrow from the plate.

Purchasing additional elements smokehouse

If your industrial smokehouse will be acquired, will not have to worry about its structural features, as this device is all there is. Whereas if you decide to perform their own such equipment, you can equip it with additional elements. As one of them acts as a thermometer, bimetallic plate which is provided in the form of a spiral. It needs to be extracted from the same old plate. You are free to decide at what point to set the thermometer, however experts advise to place it in close proximity to the product that is supposed to smoke. Such a smokehouse, reviews of which only often enough positive on the side wall should have small holes for fixing the thermometer. The indicator must be placed outside. On the refrigerator door after the dismantling will only handle and label with the name. You can rid yourself of manipulation on the door lock in the closed position, it may be due to an ordinary hook.

Such smokehouse home smoked after the completion of the work should be tested for this camera is to be calcined to eliminate extraneous odors. The furnace can be to heat for a few hours, from time to time podkidyvaya cleaved. Wherein optionally door closing fully. The appearance of the refrigerator body after such use may be modified slightly: depart paint or yellow. If you are not afraid of the metamorphosis of the data, the smokehouse is no need to decorate.

Of course, smokehouse smoked, the price of which is equal to about 20 000 rubles., It can be purchased in a specialized department. However, many domestic masters prefer to make such designs themselves. During the operation you will receive by using this product a lot of fun, and the manufacture will spend a minimum amount of money. Some experts dispense altogether without shopping.

Oil lamp, it must be admitted, is a fairly simple structure. It can even produce an inexperienced master using scrap materials and tools. If there is a need for welding work, you can always go to a specialist, the amount of work which is not too large. So you do not have to pay that indicates the possibility of saving. But the meat and fish can be prepared as much as your heart desires. Some artists even use similar designs not only for their own needs, but also for cooking meat, which will go on sale. You can make sure that the design had a size to suit your needs. This is necessary to think more in the time of device design.

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