How to make the lotus of the napkins with their hands

Master class on a flower made out of napkins. Bumagoplastika


I place in the topic to the New Year master class on making here such decorations on the holiday table of napkins.

I would be glad if you then hear from the guests compliments of "Lotus"))

I called this "lotus", "Gulistan".

On behalf of a remarkable woman Gulistan Talgatbekovny Khamzayeva, wife of the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the Republic of Italy. who taught me this ...

Gulistan Talgatbekovna, thank you very much! I think many people, thanks to you, or on New Year's festive table will be this beauty.

So ... for the production of flower you need wipes 3-layer (in any case, not soft and hard, as if starched. Girls dekupazhnitsy, those tissues that are difficult to disassemble the layers. If you look closely to the photos, you will see these wipes, as if punched holes over its entire area of ​​tissue. The holes give the napkin "rigidity", "starch". Here in Italy, the swipe of a series of "Regina". Do not buy in Russia, therefore, be guided by the photo. The size napkins, that I took a size 38 to 38, can also be Utilized size five napkins 35 to 35. That is, with regard napkins.

You will also need to work

- "Knife", which is used for paper, envelopes vskryvaniya. Well, it can hardly be called a knife, because it does not hurt ... I hope you understand what I mean. He pictured. Replace it with a pair of scissors is not necessary - will tear napkins ... you can take a narrow ticker, at worst.

- thick needle with a large eye,

- thread, such as "floss ... they better than using a thread in a few additions or harsh thread

- napkins 2-3-4 colors, it all depends on your imagination. Of these, 12 green, the rest depends on your imagination. All they have to the maximum 108. The last layer of the flower "close."

In each level 12 napkins!

So, we begin to work:

Learn how to fold a napkin. To take the base 12 green napkins. Napkin folding it is necessary to carefully corner to the little corner ... it affects the final outcome of the work.

Overturn bends and corners:

Now take the folded napkin, overturn it and form a petal. Like this.

Pierce it with an awl in a corner, weed out through the puncture with a needle thread. Sew have only the first layer (bottom). None the next level of thread with a needle does not come in handy! Do not be alarmed!

here it is - boat. It is folded napkin need for the whole flower.

Putting it on the thread of all 12 green napkins.

Now we turn over collected on the thread 12 napkins and pierce awl second corner napkins. Similarly collect them on a second thread

Now tighten TIGHT first the first thread, tying it. Also we proceed with the second.

This is the bottom of the basics - backing:

Turn the base ... it should be like this:

When you start up the two strings and carefully trim the thread ... they will not be seen. Will is such a basis for the flower. Thread with a needle and scissors can be removed - it is no longer useful.

Now take a cloth of another color and fold it in the same way that we have learned:

The more accurate. corner to the little corner you slozhitelepestok, the more accurate will be your flower.

Help yourself with a knife, will be careful.

Overturn - bends little corners and forming petal again:

Here it is "boat". Note: If at the base of the flower boat flipped, then the petals 2raskryta it up. "

See how to "refuel" tab in the base. Insert and postal knife plump its tamped (packed in petal base) thus, as shown in picture:

That's the first rose petal.

We collect the first level:

Collected, all trimmed with a knife, to middle, it was thick.

After you have spread the petals, we collect the second level:

The third and fourth. Do not forget to use a knife in order to flower middle, it was "hard" and the article "was held, and not crumbled in his hands.

That's how our product will look like from the top:

The design must get tough.

I managed to drop his even - not scattered))

I would be glad if you will. I am trying to paint in detail. Ask questions if you have any.

Decorate banquet tables))

The flower is not only an ornament. Napkins may be pulled out guests and used for other purposes))

I add after the New Year.

This year, my flower is not only served as the napkin on the table, but also a vase for fruits "worked"))

So multifunctional lotus turns out))

Author: Alain Gagarin

Source: Country Masters

Master class on a flower made out of napkins. Bumagoplastika

Lotus of paper napkins: simple and beautiful decoration of the festive table

Sometimes the most ordinary things can be done quite unusual decorations. It is always possible to use improvised items and materials and to surprise everyone with his ability to create beautiful objects without any frills. If there is a desire to learn it, you should read this article on how to make the lotus of paper napkins and view two different assembly scheme.

These paper flowers are perfect to decorate the holiday table, or just everyday household items. The great thing about this technique - wipes can be pulled from the flower and used for its intended purpose, they do not change their appearance.

  • Napkins green 12 pieces;
  • Napkins pink 98 pieces;
  • Needle;
  • thread;
  • Scissors;

Napkins should be the same size and texture.

Step by step instructions for the assembly of wipes

1. To start you need to prepare a working surface, all items must be completely dry, as even a drop of water can damage the workpiece. Everything has to be clean, it is also desirable to avoid drafts in the room, otherwise you'll have to collect napkins everywhere;

2.Pervaya detail - the base - is made of green cloth, it is necessary to lay down diagonally. Starting from the top corner of the scheduled midpoint, it is best to fold the napkin again to get a room. All sides are added to the crease.

Then the design is inverted and the projecting parts are bent backwards. After that, the product still needs to be folded in half;

3. Perform 12 parts necessary under this scheme;

  1. After twelve parts will need to be ready to sew using a needle and thread. Pieces are sewn by piercing the tip of first one side and then the other;

5. After crosslinking the product shrinks and tightly fixed;

6. After cooking basics you can start to flower. Flower petals will be fabricated on the same principle as the basis. This will require a lot of time and patience, as you need to make 98 pieces;

7. After preparing all the details you can proceed to the assembly of the lotus. You will need a small metal spoon. Pink petal overlaps the green and with a spoon deeper inside. It must be like to stay in between the edges of the green petal base;

Petals are inserted into each other in a circle before the end of the row. The next number is made the same way, with the only difference that now rose petals inserted in the pink, but not in green;

8.Vsego should get eight rows of rose petals;

9.Teper can make the middle of a lotus. Of yellow napkins to twist thin tube, roll in half and insert into the middle of a flower. Such stamens can be as much as you want.

Now the flower is ready, and they can be decorated with a festive table or to give to someone on March 8. Such ways of doing the flowers will be an excellent activity for labor lessons, as children will easily be able to make such a flower, and the process they will love.

Master class assembly lotus "Gulistan9raquo;

That's such an unusual lotus can do at home with their hands out of napkins. For flower need napkins larger and Bole tight. All they need is a maximum of 108 units. two or three colors, depending on the idea.

The first layer is comprised of twelve stacked petals thus:

Then all twelve petals sewn thread in the color of the napkins. To needle nice entrance and appearance are not affected, it is necessary to make a hole at the base by means of sewing. First, sew one side, then flip the product to flash on the other. The substrate should be well on their own, do not sink down and not prominaetsya.

The rest of the petals are performed on the same principle as the basis. When you're finished product can be collected. Now we should be very careful - if the basics petals are turned down, the petals have to look up!

Petal like dressed as a basis and tightly compacted with a spoon or knife. First, going the entire first row of the flower fully. Once it is ready, you can proceed to the third row. Petals again have to refuel in the previous series "lodochkoy9raquo; up.

Each subsequent row should be closer to the center. Pressed leaves should very carefully, because if the middle, will be weak, flower simply just fall apart during transportation.

All should have nine series. The flower itself has to be strong and tough so that even if dropped, then it must not crumble.

Lotus of wipes his hands. Master class with step by step photos

Author: pupil 3 "B" class MBOU "OCS №2» Gurleva Alena

Head: teacher technology MBOU "OCS №2» Olga Burov.

for primary school children (with adult assistance), older children, additional education, teachers of technology for those who love creativity.

- It can be used to decorate the holiday table and as a gift.

forming propensity for creativity and talents of students to the handmade works by expanding horizons and creating conditions for creative self-realization of the child's personality.

- forming cognitive interest in the arts and crafts;

- to develop individual abilities of students;

- develop artistic taste and focused on the quality of products.

- forming ability to use a variety of available materials;

- to develop children's imagination, artistic taste, perseverance.

-paper towels (three colors);

He, like a lamp, burning.

Ancient times sends greetings,

Secrets of the East stores.

It increases slowly up to the water surface, and continuously moves to light. As soon as the lotus leaves on the water surface, it begins to bloom, and turns into a beautiful flower. Therefore, the symbolic meaning of flowers - the appearance of beauty and celebration of life after a struggle.

The napkin is folded into halves (with corner angle).

Fold again.

Expand the triangle and fold line bends the first half.

Following a second bends.

Overturn module and bends resulting "ears".

Now the module to fold in half so that the "ears" were inside.

The unit is ready. These modules we need 12 pieces.

Each module needs to be done by two punctures. Very convenient to use an empty box, safe for the child will not be damaged, and desks.

All 12 modules are strung on a thread a needle. First, through one hole.

Tying thread, closing the circle.

Then collect the yarn through the second opening. We have consolidated our base using thread, it will give structural strength. You can collect a flower without using thread. The modules will be kept, but the flower is not so strong.

Basis lotus ready. For further work we need to do 24 the same pink color module. The module will be inserted into the slots basics, connecting the two lower module.

We continue to work around.

We finish the first series of pink.

Similarly, we carry out the following series of 12 modules.

For the midway we need yellow napkins. Napkin cut along the fold lines into four parts. Screw on the skewer or needle, resulting square.

Remove and folded in half.

Now you can draw from the stamens of the lotus. The resulting tube is inserted into the holes between the modules bases.

How many tubes, stamens decide to use.

Decoration for the holiday table ready. You can give her mother on March 8 and surprise guests)))

Thank you for attention!

Working with paper towels just fun))) is not an expensive material, but so rewarding))) Always get everything planned.

Thank you for the first voice))))

You must try if you like it, then the children are happy to follow your example.

You can do with the kids for a holiday gift, moms will be happy!

Gift-to-date and is not expensive. It only takes 40 napkins, that is, for 10 rubles, you can make a flower that will decorate the table. And it is not necessarily needed for this holiday))))

I am pleased to accept your voice)

Get praise from the master is very nice))) These flowers will decorate any table. Everything is done simply, the main desire! And then want to do more and more lotuses))))

Alena necessarily show all reviews of the work done)

Thank you for your vote.

Voice number 6 and I want to wish you victory in the competition!

Flower of a large enough napkins, placemats, we do not cut. Such flowers can delab blocks from paper (paper for notes). Obtained here are flowers)))

It is a pity that there was not a camera, when made from napkins))) We have a gorgeous lotus pond turned out)))

You can. Kids class perform 3-4 easy, but you really such a creative person, all you get.

Glad you liked it!

I wish you creative success.

I also love napkins. It is not expensive and very easy to use material. I have a blog yet work with napkins))))

Napkins great and useful thing, helping to build not only the flowers)))

I am pleased to accept your voice.

I'm glad that I gave voice)))

Thank you for your vote.

Thank you for your vote)))

I wish you every success. Thank you for your vote.

We tried and we all turned out)))

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