How to make a raspberry color

What colors to mix to get the raspberry?

what colors should be mixed to get the raspberry?

what colors to mix to get crimson?

Get crimson color can be achieved by a combination of four types of colors, you need to become blue paint to add the following:

2) Red dye;

3) brown paint.

Also you can try to get crimson color using red and white paint.

Still, I recommend you watch this video that tells all how to mix colors to get different colors, it also will help you, as a practical guide:

Crimson color different from the red - it's a cross between red and violet. And it is indispensable - that's for sure!

You'd be surprised, but you need to mix red and blue for crimson color. Only blue need to take quite a bit.


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    VALUE crimson

    Raspberry - red is burning with passion chilled blue intelligence. Color calm, with the royal exposure.

    Raspberry commonly called color intermediate between red and pink. This peaceful, noble color associated with such magnificent historical styles as Baroque, Empire and the Renaissance.

    Do not forget, there are only three basic colors that can not be obtain. It's blue, red and yellow. Accordingly, to make the crimson color of the paint is possible.

    1. Mix a drop of red and blue. Thoroughly mix them until a crimson uniform consistency. By varying the amount of blue paint, you can get your required crimson intensity and brightness.

    2. If necessary, obtain crimson pastel colors, mix on the palette red paint with a small amount of white. Then gradually add the color blue.

    3. If you require subdued and somewhat darkened crimson color, add to red and blue ink droplet of black. Take care not to take the black color too much, otherwise you risk turning the paint on the palette in black.

    4. Add a drop of red paint purple, and you get a bright crimson color saturation.

    The combination of magenta:

    Crimson color blends well with the following colors:

    pear, brown and yellow-green (lime)

    it's more for the interior ..but for general information may be useful to someone.

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    Himself a painter: how to get the red color by mixing various shades of colors with their own hands

    ripe tomatoes there are red, because they contain the natural dye carotene. This natural form crystals of this material have a violet color, and in combination with various chemical elements different variants are obtained. If you connect with lycopene carotene turns red. Lycopene crystals usually orange-gold.

    From time immemorial, people have used natural Dyes and Pigments. For treating tissues colorants extracted from plants, minerals, insects, namely:

    that the image look realistic (This is important for painting, interior, clothing, construction) need tones that does not contain the basic palette.

    Sometimes manually create the desired colors can not be without specific knowledge.

    There is a special table, which you can navigate by mixing colors.

    How to prepare for the different shades of color

    The palette of beautiful colors

    A huge number of options. Consider the popular colors, learn how to get a particular desired hue saturation. D Amma is:

    Many people wonder how to make a mixture of red cherry, burgundy, pink. Technology for the production discussed below.

    First you need to prepare BASIC palette. Colors can be warm or cold. These colors are mainly attributed to the warm, but there are those who belong to the cold scale.

    How to get the claret:

    • To mix red with brown, blue and yellow in equal amounts;
    • Mix bright red and blue at 1: 4. Get cool shade.

    Interesting facts about Bordeaux:

    1. The name comes from the type of wine;
    2. Used clothing emperors;
    3. Magicians use it for cleansing of negative energy;
    4. In China, the bride wearing maroon wedding dresses.

    How to make a raspberry color:

    • Mix white, red and brown in equal amounts.
    • K. connect with white at 4: 1.
    • K. connect with a drop of blue.
    • K. connect with white, then add a little blue.
    • Obfuscated raspberry is obtained by: red, blue and black drops.

    How to get purple color:

    Many people are interested, how to mix colors so as to obtain a pure tone, without impurities. we tell:

    1. pure red mixed with pure blue in an amount of 4: 1. If the colors are not clean, and the teams, then turn purple to brownish. Check paint can in the following way: Add it white.
    2. Connect an equal number blue and red colors.
    3. Connect the base color, blue and white drip. A light purple.
    • Connect the red and white at 4: 2. We get a nice clean pink.
    • Brick red and white combine in excess of 4: 1. Get more dirty shade of pink, closer to peach.

    TO ak get dark red:

    • Dark red is close to claret. Therefore, the technology of manufacturing the same. If you take Karl and claret in the amount of 3: 1 and add a drop of ink, you get a deep red.
    • Connect the red and purple in the amount of 3: 1.
    • Connect the blue with red in equal proportions.
    • K. connect with the green in the amount of 3: 1.

    How to get a bright red:

    • Scarlet get when you combine yellow and K 2: 1.
    • To make the brightness can be connected to the pink and K in the amount of 3: 1.
    • K. Connect primary color and orange in an amount of 2: 1. Get sunny warm tide.

    Maybe someone will share his experience, how to make cherry red dye?

    The variety of colors is striking. This is often used by artists to more accurately display the fine details on the canvas.

    For dyeing fabric use pigments from plants.

    For painting and mixing colors used to make a more accurate range.

    What colors to mix to get red? 3 base - red, blue and yellow - are obtained by others.

    The typography used tone, which is obtained by mixing two colors.

    How to get the red color by mixing colors:

    • Print it is made of two colors: magenta and yellow;
    • to dye the fabric or yarn, it is possible to mix pigments inflorescences hypericum, safflower, Galium northern and madder roots;
    • red comes from the flowers bedstraw, for this they need to cook for half an hour and add alum;
    • to obtain a plurality of colors are mixed pigments: quinacridone violet, cadmium warm, Sienna Burnt or natural.

    How to make pink red? To mix pink and yellow, you get orange-red.

    The advantage of pure color It is that it can be mixed with a large number of colors and have many shades.

    How to make red in the production? For industrial purposes is produced paints of varying quality.

    The theory of the creation of tones based on the use of graphic models. Knowing it, you can create any kind of palette colors.

    The main tone is in the middle. First round him, following which mixed with the principal. Second round - the result of the mixture with the first. Third - the result of the addition of black and white circle + 2.

    Shades of red in a modern interior

    Red suits active, charismatic people. The interior of the gamma It looks quite catchy, associated with strength, passion, and power. However, there is a downside: it can have a negative impact on the mentally unstable people, lead to irritability, outbursts of anger. not recommended bedroom, kitchen or study room. Focus on the details of using the bright color schemes can be in the room for personal hygiene, hallway, living room.

    Warmer colors are suitable for the premises, where there is a bed. You should know that in small apartments Red visually reduces the space. At the same time it helps to create a sense of celebration, accents, fill the room with warmth and life. The combination of red yellow is suitable for processing gaming, fitness club, dining room. A red with gold and black is appropriate for the design of luxury establishments, hotels, museums.

    Subject to the stylistic rules of Red looks stylish. It is important not to be mistaken with a touch as well as a harmonious combination of it with others. Sometimes it is advisable not to experiment, and consult your stylist.

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