How to make a crate under the plastic panel

How to make your own crate under plastic panels?

Assemble a panel of plastic on the surface of the wall or ceiling is quite simple. We just need to know how to make a plastic crate panel. Crate - a construction of wooden slats, metal or plastic profiles. It is secured to the surface by means of dowels or nails. You can align the walls and fill the void of sound insulation material, insulation, installing crate.

Wooden crate on the balcony

For the installation of cladding and panels need to prepare specific tools and materials:

  • smooth wooden slats without knots;
  • instead of the rails can be used metal or plastic profiles;
  • antiseptic for processing slats;
  • roulette;
  • line;
  • drill with drill bits;
  • dowels or nails;
  • level;
  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw or jigsaw metal;
  • sharp knife;
  • square;
  • miter box;
  • stapler with staples;
  • a hammer;
  • pliers;
  • Stepladder.

First you need to install rails on the perimeter of the work surface. To control the horizontal and vertical bars use level. Middle rectangle fill other strips, placing them in 30-50 cm. As a result, should have a smooth and durable construction. The rack to a wall or ceiling mounted plugs.

Tools used for mounting battens

Likewise, you can make the supporting structure for mounting of plastic products using metal and plastic guides. On a crate attached panel. Construction of metal parts is much stronger than wood and plastic, but are expensive. Themselves facing plastic products can be purchased in any color. Their standard length - 270-300 cm They are well sawn and cut with conventional tools.. It allows you to create different profiles and coatings applications. Behind them, you can hide the sewer pipes and water supply, wires and other elements.

To work must be purchased trim and accessories to it. All items should soak in the room 2 days in winter and 12:00 in summer. If necessary, they can be cut. Trimmed panel should be 5-10 mm in sizes less necessary. Cut across the need with a portion having a bulge. Moldings better cut by a miter box.

Mounting of the panels can have a different scheme: vertically, horizontally, diagonally. From this it depends entirely on the location of the wall elements based on the design - crates. Begin decided to start the installation of molding in the corner between the wall and the ceiling, walls and floor, the adjacent walls. The panel is then inserted into the groove and is aligned with the standards. To align the required level. After aligning the stapler is secured free edge of the product. On the correctness of its installation depends on the further quality of installation. The last panel is not attached to the crate. It is simply fixed to the previous piece in the castle. In width it can be cut with a sharp knife.

PVC products are good that you can get great results, perform all installation work quickly and without too much dirt and dust. It remains only to establish a plinth and the resulting wipe the surface clean with a soft rag. The panels are not afraid of moisture, they can be oblitsevat walls and ceilings in the bathroom and toilet, a sauna and a boiler room.

In a room with absolutely smooth walls do not necessarily crate. The panels in this case are mounted directly to the wall with glue.

Lathing the ceiling must be spaced from the surface by some distance. This is due to the fact that all wiring must be hidden behind the fascia. Often lining inserted lamps of various designs. Then the distance between the elements and the ceiling batten is 10-15 cm. The plastic panels need to cut holes for the plinth lighting devices and insert them. Next, set the starting profiles and the panels themselves. During installation, adhere to certain rules.

The ceiling must always be absolutely horizontal. To achieve this, you need to:

  • Find the lowest corner of the room;
  • using a level to draw a line around the room;
  • the line set extreme elements battens, beams or profiles, with dowels;
  • between them to pull the line, which will assist in the installation of the following parts under the crates plastic panels.

On the smooth wall PVC panels can be installed without frame

The remaining rails are installed so that the panels located along the flow of light.

The distance between the rails leave 30 cm, so that later there was no sagging PVC.

  1. Recommended for drilling and cutting panels to turn them face up. Can be cut jigsaw, hacksaw, knife. When cutting is better to wear safety goggles.
  2. When operating without lathing adhesive is applied to the wall. Apply the grid with no gaps. Best for the job glue - liquid nails.
  3. If you score a panel nails, try not to hit the front.
  4. In the care of the tiled surface may be used without abrasive detergents and solvents.

Install furring under plastic panels - feasible activity even for beginners.

Lath for PVC panels - to create an aesthetic and durable frame

Plastic panels - a popular decoration material used to create the modern decor in the various rooms of an apartment or house. In most cases, these products are mounted to wall or ceiling surfaces using crates - easy to assemble frame.

Crate made of plastic and other materials - what to choose?

Frame for PVC panel enables qualitatively fix finishing material even on uneven surfaces. Furthermore, lathing enables mounting of plastic in all types of premises - unheated, with unstable temperature with high humidity. The frame is easy to install without the help of specialists. It is made of metal strips, plastic strips or of timber. Selecting one of these materials should be carried out taking into account:

  • altitude value drops on the treated surface;
  • moisture level in the housing;
  • Experience home craftsman with wood, plastic, metal.

Plastic profiles are rare

Plastic crate for various PVC panels can settle in any level of humidity environments. This design is created rather quickly, even very inexperienced masters, it has affordable price. PVC-frame cells are characterized by a small thickness. Therefore, they should be installed in rooms with low ceilings. In these cases, the height of the room after the installation of the skeleton under facing decrease slightly.

It should be noted that the plastic profiles for lathing in DIY stores are sold infrequently. Sometimes you have to work hard to get them. Have plastic products is one drawback. It lies in the fact that they may only be used in rooms with smooth walls and ceilings. Plastic frame mounted on a surface with minimal roughness and curvature. If the base of the defects will be more significant, to achieve high-quality finish you do not get.

Wooden and metal frames - guaranteed strength

If the treated surface has a noticeable elevation changes, for the better use of crates wooden blocks. They make it possible to build robust frameworks for the plastic panels. The cost of wood available, the installation process itself does not cause serious problems. In this case, it is important to only use well dried bars that do not have tangible bends.

Lathing wood settling exclusively in dry rooms. In rooms with high humidity to install such a construction is forbidden!

Metal profiles for maximum frame durability. They may be given in any of the temperature and humidity indoors. And most importantly, lath of metal under the PVC panels mounted to any ceiling and walls with a substantial distortion, and high-altitude drops. Another advantage of metal structures - can safely settle into their lighting built-in equipment.

Metal frame surest

The disadvantages of the metal profiles may include the following:

  1. 1. Definition of the complexity and the complexity of the frame assembly (handyman must have some skill in working with metals).
  2. 2. The high price of the products and hardware for attaching them.
  3. 3. A large amount of material to create a batten, which increases the overall cost of the work.

Lathing a modern plastic panel is selected taking into account all these facts. We hope you will not be difficult to select the optimal material.

How long should the material to form the basis for PVC panels?

Having defined the material that you will use for the construction of the skeleton under facing, it is necessary to understand how profiles and additional elements have to be purchased. It's simple enough. Lath, in fact, it is a flat surface made of wooden, plastic or metal parts, which are mounted on PVC panel. Therefore, to calculate the amount of materials required to create such a framework can be just a couple of minutes.

The distance between the individual slats frame taken within 45-60 cm (if scheduled facing wall surface) or 35-40 cm (ceiling trim). This is the main rule that you need to know when calculating the required material. Let's say you want to make a crate on the ceiling with dimensions of 170 by 250 cm of plastic or wooden planks. How to perform a calculation? Brainer.

The distance between the slats is generally 45-60 cm

For mounting the frame on such a surface, you will need a length of 170 cm strips (PVC panels professionals are advised to install along the long side of the ceiling). The amount of these elements is determined as follows. You need to take the length of the ceiling (250 cm) and divide it by the recommended distance between the individual slats (take the value of 40 cm). Then add to the result another bar. That is, the total number of racks should be: 250/40 + 1. Some simple mathematical calculations give us the required number of strips of wood or plastic - 7 pieces.

If there are used metal profiles additionally need to purchase two special hanger for each of the strips. For ceiling specified dimensions, thus require 14 additional elements. Suspensions are needed to keep the crates on the basis of the ceiling. Also require special metal parts - guide in the shape of P. They are placed on the perimeter of the ceiling. With his size 170h250 see the need to buy a 8.4 m guide. The latter have a standard length of 3 m. Hence, it is necessary to buy three pieces of guide.

The calculation of the number of boards for crates on the wall is similar. Only the distance between the rails does not take 40 cm and longer (up to 60 cm) and the length of slats is determined from the length of the base wall.

Making the skeleton of metal - hard, but securely

Crate ceiling using metal profiles under plastic panels - the most difficult option to create the frame.

Consider it step by step:

  1. 1. The wall, apply a horizontal line. It will be mounted on the frame. If you are planning to install outdoor lighting, marking is carried out below the ceiling of 3 cm, in the case of built-in lighting installation - 7 cm.
  2. 2. Strictly along line fix guides of metal. The wall normally fixed in their pre-drilled holes dowel-nails (hardware parameters - 6x40 mm).
  3. 3. You put the carcass in the fixed guide strips. Do not forget about the distance between them is 40 cm!
  4. 4. Mount the suspensions opposite profiles to the ceiling surface.
  5. 5. Connecting metal rack with hangers, constantly checking the accuracy of the installation of the horizontal using a builder's level.
  6. 6 is folded to the ceiling suspended portion superfluous elements.

The frame is ready. You can begin to install the PVC panels.

On the walls of the metal lath is mounted on the same principle. Experts advise to put the profiles on the level of the shoulder, waist, knee and ankle ordinary human growth. If you or someone from the guests accidentally lean against a wall, decorated with PVC panels, trim damage (for example, its deflection) will not happen. Metal profiles due to the described arrangement will sustain your weight and keep a plastic liner in its original form.

Other types of crates - everything is much easier!

Now let's see how you can make a frame made of wood. For these purposes it is desirable to use a strap section 3h3-5h5 see. They are compulsorily treated with antiseptic (simply apply it with a brush or spray gun on the rack) and left to dry for a day. Then you need to install the four prepared strips of wall or ceiling perimeter, creating a kind of foundation for the whole crate. This preliminary design must be perfectly aligned. Check the level of its location. If necessary, enclose additional wooden blocks under frame made.

Wooden frame mounted easiest

Next attach every 0.35-0.4 m to additional guides mounted basis. They should be attached to the ceiling (wall), self-tapping screws or screws. If this is not done, the frame through the operation a couple of years sag. Do not spare fasteners. In case of need to perform additional fastening elements crates using the extra rails and hardware. The frame is supposed to be the most durable and reliable.

With plastic skeletons for PVC-panel problems even smaller. Driving their installation is as follows:

  1. 1. to make a base markup.
  2. 2. sets the bar of plastic, attaching them to the wall plugs.
  3. 3. mount the panels on rails. Recent feature clips - special fasteners.

Note! All guides must be mounted with respect to the plastic panels is strictly perpendicular. If you do not follow this condition, make the lining of the wall (ceiling) will not work PVC products. Clips simply will not work. This feature of plastic skeletons discourages beginners master the use of PVC rails.

Choose the appropriate way to frame you everything under the plastic panel. Create an original interiors of the house, admire the perfectly smooth walls and ceilings in your home. Good luck.

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Making the crate a PVC panel

For a long time the plastic panels are very popular. Of course, the market there are also more modern materials, but each product always finds a buyer. In this case, the panel can be seen not only in living rooms, but also in a variety of commercial and office facilities. But this type of material requires compliance with certain methods of installation. To do this, the most frequently used crate under the PVC panels.

Even ten years ago, PVC panels can be found in virtually every home or apartment. Yes, the recent interest in them has decreased slightly, but they are still in need to ask. What is it explained? And the fact that they have many advantages.

PVC panel

The advantages of plastic sheeting:

  • Affordable price. This is undoubtedly a big plus in their favor. For finishing the interior do not require substantial financial costs.
  • Easy installation. No need to hire craftsmen, all the work is done on their own. Also, it does not require the use of special tools.
  • A variety of textures. Everyone will be able to choose the best option, which is suitable for the interior.
  • Environmentally friendly. Modern technologies allow to produce PVC panels, which meet all safety standards and fire resistance.
  • Light weight and more size options. This makes it possible to work quickly with this material - to close them more space.
  • Resistant to mold and moisture. It allows their use in bathrooms and shower rooms.

On a note! With a strong desire, you can order products, which will be caused to the selected image or photo.

The panel is very durable, but require careful attitude to itself. Any mechanical stress can damage them. It is necessary to consider exercising their transportation and installation. There are two main types of panels and the available mounting. Least likely to use frameless method. It is used only when the surface is quite smooth.

Frameless method of attaching plastic panels on the wall

The most commonly used is another way - a crate for PVC panels. Namely - to create a frame on which is mounted, and finishing material. There are the following varieties, which differ from the material used:

  1. The framework of wooden beams and rails. This method is perfect for rooms made of wood.
  2. The use of plastic profiles. This is a fairly easy way, which is suitable for almost all types of designs.
  3. Metallic profile. It uses the same design that occurs when working with sheets of drywall. It is very convenient when you want to carry out work on surfaces that have significant drawbacks.

The framework of metal profiles

This stage is present in all finishing work. Somewhere you want to spend a significant event or limited to small patches. In any case, it all starts with the preparation of the work plan, calculation of materials and their purchases.

Tip! When buying plastic panels is better to buy at once all the material to get products from the same batch. Otherwise, it is likely to run into raznoton. You should also take into account the necessary reserve, which is equal to 5-10%. This will help to replace the item in the event of injury or marriage.

For all works will need simple tools. They are better prepared in advance. Very unpleasant situation, when it turns out that everything is ready, but the work can not be carried out due to lack of drill size. As well as all consumables must be at least two copies.

Before work on the frame assembly for PVC panels should be reserved additional fasteners and consumables

  • drill (drill), screwdriver;
  • jigsaw;
  • Construction knife;
  • level and measuring tape;
  • hammer, mallet;
  • pencil;
  • consumables (drill bits);
  • screws, dowels and clips.

It all starts with the fact that thoroughly suited to the choice of racks. They must be intact, no damage. If you do not pay attention to this circumstance, it may happen that you have to carry out the replacement of worn-out parts of the crates and make it very difficult.

The most commonly for fastening PVC panels used wooden crate

Installation of a wooden frame under the plastic panel looks like this:

  • Prepared timber treated with antiseptic. The fact that this material is inferior to the properties of plastic and metal, that is, exposed to moisture and fungus.
  • Now begin to build the structure. First, fix the rack on the wall perimeter. That is, the beam forms a closed square or rectangle (depending on the type of room).
  • Next, start to fix the guides. Take into account that the distance should be no more than 30-45 cm between them.
  • Comes the turn of the jumpers.
  • It is possible to carry out the installation of the panels. For this purpose, self-tapping screws. Take into account a necessary step - 35-40 cm.
  1. Indoor humidity should be at the level of standards, timber moisture content should not exceed 15%.
  2. All rack mounted using a spirit level. If necessary, align the rail - do prolozhku between the wall.
  3. All areas of battens must be secured to the wall - in dowels, each other - directly or through corners.

This type of batten has several advantages:

  • it is not subject to deformation;
  • very resistant to mold and mildew;
  • It makes it possible to carry out the installation of rather quickly.

There are also disadvantages. Thus, this material is quite sensitive to any shortcomings of the surface. As well as its cost is higher than that of wood.

Plastic slats to create a PVC panel crates

Plastic crate mounted as follows:

  1. Generate markup. Immediately take into account, that step should be 35-40 cm.
  2. With dowels secure the plastic strips.
  3. Now you can install the panels. This is done by using special clips, which are inserted into a special connector strips.

It may seem that this is the easiest and fastest way. Perhaps it is, but it is only when the basic rule is observed - all plastic straps should be strictly perpendicular to panels PVC. Only then can we secure the clips.

This crate is performed when it is necessary to get a very solid construction and there is considerable surface imperfections. But there is one major flaw in the material - the high price. It can greatly exceed even the price of plastic panels.

Technology for creating crates for PVC panels of metal profile is as follows:

  • Immediately it should be noted that it is literally the same as the construction of the frame for plasterboard. It all starts with the installation of a U-shaped profile. It is checked using a spirit level. For fixing using dowels and screws.
  • The guides, they are fixed to the wall and to the already established profile.
  • Make a jumper.
  • Secure the panel.

The metal lath is typically used if the surface has significant differences and irregularities

On a note! Often, the metal frame is advantageous when being installed parallel plates GCR. Thus, one can save a lot of scraps and use profile, which will go to the cause.

  1. Regardless of the choice of crates - the distance between the bars should be from thirty to fifty centimeters.
  2. Reiki is attached perpendicularly to the panels.
  3. Around window and door openings structure must be strengthened.

Thus, it becomes clear that only correctly executed crate to create a robust and durable design.

  • trim
    • Ceiling
    • Walls
    • Floor
    • Doors, arches
    • Window
    • Oven, Fireplace
  • Finishing facilities
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom, toilet
    • Corridor, hall
    • Balcony, loggia
    • other rooms
  • finish buildings
    • Summer cottages and homes
    • Wooden houses
    • Saunas and steam baths
  • Decoration Materials
    • gypsum plasterboard
    • facing panel
    • Wallpaper, cork
    • Tile
    • Laminate, linoleum
    • Decorative plaster
  • Finishing work
    • Plaster
    • Primer
    • Caulking
    • Painting, whitewashing
  • Exterior finish
    • Facade

Many owners of the house, making cosmetic repairs on their own, the question arises: "Is is possible to hang wallpaper.

Work on the frame of metal profiles for gypsum board - is seen by many as a very simple exercise.

Gypsum boards - have become a favorite material for many who have decided to carry out repairs to your home.

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