How to make a panel

Three-dimensional mural on the wall with his hands, step by step guide and photos

To decorate the house renovated recently, very often we started to use three-dimensional panels on the wall. Panel on the wall looks very nice, but it produces even more impressed when he made with his own hands.

With the panels can be decorated with virtually any room. It is ideal for the hall and kitchen.

Materials that are needed for panels

For panels can approach almost any material. The main thing to have - is even and clear presentation of the final picture. Paper, plaster, beads - all these materials, you can get a pretty good result, but the most three-dimensional panels obtained from the following materials:

All materials are ideal for beginners above in the manufacture of panels. For the more experienced you can recommend a decorative plaster and plaster putty. It is because they can get complex compositions. Using two of these materials it is not recommended for beginners, as this process is very complicated and lengthy. However, the master can do wonderful things.

Clay and dough are rather beautiful and aesthetic composition panels. Both materials are very well show themselves in this area. But the test has a number of advantages: it is easier and molded him far less dirt.

To prepare the dough, take a glass of flour, a glass of fine salt, a spoonful of vegetable oil and one hundred grams of water. All this must be carefully mixed to obtain a plastic consistency. Instead of water, you can use vinyl glue.

The essence of the production of panels made of clay or dough is to mount various shapes made of these materials on a special basis, which should be placed in the frame.

The compositions should be selected depending on the room, which will decorate the panels. Kitchen are ideal fruits or vegetables, and various utensils. well suited for conventional animal room.

The process of molding panels no more difficult than modeling clay. But do not think that things can turn out right the first time, you may have to practice a little, before you get a decent result.

After the figures will need to be fashioned bake in the oven and paint watercolors.

Make a mural of flowers and leaves

One very beautiful options panel is the one that can be made from scrap materials of natural origin: a variety of dried flowers, berries and leaves. Possible to make such a panel and easier than clay, but then you have to be very careful, because the materials used are very fragile.

First, on a dry paper collect the desired composition. So we can see the picture as accurate as possible, and if necessary we will correct it. After all adjustments are made, we can carry all the items onto the base fabric. When transferring memorable fix all the elements using an adhesive. When the glue dries, you can close the glass panels and put it in the frame.

Cereals and seeds you can get a very beautiful version of the panel. There are no restrictions in the form of used seeds and cereals - you can use any. Your only stop - it is your imagination.

Panels made of grains and seeds as follows. First, on white paper is drawn sketch future composition. Drawing should be as precise and crisp, try to make each line very visible. Carefully cover certain areas of glue and they plot the rump. Various small parts that could not be done with grains and seeds, you have to manually draw the watercolor.

Panels made of wool - a very original decoration for the house. With some diligence, you can get the exposure that will resemble a watercolor painting. To create such a picture, you need to srisovat chosen pattern on a separate sheet of white paper. After that, divide hair on the sites and sticking. Be sure to place a display in the frame.

We hope that this master class was useful for you. Now we invite you to watch some interesting videos in which describes the manufacture of a panel with your hands.


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Panels with their hands in a variety of styles. Ideas, options, materials, tips

Good day!

Creating a panel with your hands - it's not just a way to use all the accumulated ideas and provide an outlet for violent fantasies, it is also a great opportunity to create a truly unique design of the walls in his house, and as a gift for such a thing always will love! Sea ideas and incarnations, the most interesting options, the use of different, sometimes very unexpected materials, tips and advice - from the familiar to you Elena Immortal! Meet, learn, embody! Enjoy watching!

Fast, cheap and easy. Fourteen of ideas on how to make your home perfectly beautiful. The panel quickly. All ideas for NEHUDOZHNIKOV, that is very simple. And designed to help you to believe in themselves and make a panel with your hands.

What is the mural, you ask, and what you need? πŸ™‚ A lot of all sorts of differences fit the definition of "panno9raquo ;. We should proceed from the functionality. A feature of all panels alone, and homespun truth about it many years ago uttered Mom Uncle Fyodor from the famous cartoon "Prostokvashino9raquo ;. Remember, there was a dialogue. Dad asks, and which, they say, the benefits of this useless pictures on the wall? And my mother replied: "From this a very big favor. She closes the hole in the wall "rough, of course, it is said, but the fact is: a panel cover design flaws. This is far from the picture, but not a piece of the wall. This point, which seems useless, but at the same time get him, and you will understand how fragmented into fragments of the entire interior. Panels - is the final touch in the decoration of the house, giving the appearance of glamor and perfection. It's a few items, beautifully laid out and placed in the frame. That's all. The puzzle is, what and how to decompose.

Panels made of beads

Panels made of iron filings

Panels made of plastic and rhinestones micromosaic

Mural nobody has to be a masterpiece. It should be a good color spot, and placed in the right place. It must fit exactly to your home, it would be foolish to buy something more or less suitable. It is better to make a panel with his hands, using the fact that under these hands imeetcya and additional purchasing only what is necessary.

Let's look at several ways to manufacture panels. Completely different. When you potreniruetes and understand what is the principle, then any other is not a question! The only thing they have in common - it's frame. Frame and base-canvas as a painting. So.

We find a few zippers for clothes. Binded them in any order, with an emphasis on color. Sticking super-glue on the substrate. The panel is ready!

The idea β„–2. Of the most common rubber bands for hair

We buy a lot of them, bright and different. Or master, if there is anything else. Shuffle is attached to the substrate. I would not even glued, and is attached with pins. This work will sooner or later become a luxurious gift for the hundreds of little girls.

You have already understood that feature these panels - a variety of colors with the monotony of form. That is a lot of identical objects with different coloring. You can perfectly do your of buttons, belts, caps from bottles. The list goes on!

The central part of the composition - silicone spiders. Approximately such as in the photo. Then take the same three empty frames, painted white, black paint imitate the bark. Of thread type "iris9raquo; weave "pautinu9raquo ;: 6 strands crisscross in the middle, fasten the buttons to the sides of the frame. Then tying knots concentric shapes that form the web. Top sticking insects. Birch tree can be decorated with leaves, so you can leave. Voila!

β„–4 idea. Frames of different sizes

Not to be unfounded, they already take 13 frames, not too different in size. And Chinese ordinary alarm clock. In the 12th and making application of the principle of patchwork in a country style. That is such cheerful kartinochki primitive. In the thirteenth make a hole in the middle, insert clockwork, overturn, fasten arrow, and they can be anything, even a cocktail straws. Arrows through hole fastened to the mechanism. Do not screw down tightly, the clock should go!

If even such simple things you do laziness, attach ready clock on the wall and 12 frames a patchwork around. Very nice decoration on the kitchen wall.

My favorite theme for many of us. We need a frame of sisal. Buy or make yourself. And many brought from vacation nautical souvenirs. Nicely, glue superglue. It is important not only to shift the center of gravity. Hollow shell, round beads will be hard to stick a small amount of glue. But if you pour a lot, even the most transparent, untidiness work will just push away. For works of this kind only use glue gun. He holds the details of hot glue on the basis of silicone.

When fastened hollow parts Melt to put the hot silicone so that it is well coated edge and left vseredine parts, not outward.

Three sub-frame of the same size hooped fabric. Different patches communicating between either color or pattern. This variant is called textile decoration.

Or fabric with a large pattern divide into three parts. Subframes in this case, you can take different forms. Fasten fabric buttons. A very thin and transparent it is better not to take. But it is very interesting when this triptych is consistent with the curtains.

Panels made of scraps of fabric

Option three forms - one picture

Whatever you want, but black and white. The ideal solution for multi-color decoration of the interior.

Option of photos

The idea β„–8. Composition of artificial or dried flowers

For frame with or without the substrate material and floral. Flowers, even unreal, beautiful in themselves. So you need to work hard to spoil the composition. On the inspiration it will always be beautiful. Since the dry petals are fragile, easily cover the finished ikebana aerosol automotive lacquer type "Presto9raquo ;.

Very fashionable topic - dry and artificial fruits, berries and spices. This fit well even sisal (fiber palm), nuts and branches. The principles are the same as in the floral bouquet, but the focus is more on the precise contours of the lines than on color.

The idea β„–10. Panels of LED drive

To give a second life to vinyl CD. They are perfectly amenable to painting and decoupage (details in the article Decoupage master class), are perfectly round!

Embroider not necessarily cross or embroidery. Wonderful crazy style provides ample opportunities (more details about the technology crazy, see the article crazy technique in the interior). This means that we fasten what we want and how we want with the help of thread. Here you have embroidery. The main condition - the stunning beauty.

Beautifully designed character with a good sense attracts happiness in the house according to the Chinese sages. Looking at how quickly China is conquering the world, it may be worth a try? Bamboo stick sawed into 4 parts, tie a rope in a frame spanned by a frame piece of thick fabric, cardboard or leather. And make it a beautiful character - happiness, love, wealth, good luck!

Buy at the art salon of decorative mosaic, one set is worth about 20 USD. And spread simpatyushnuyu picture. Mosaic has always benefits from a host (for details about working with mosaic tiles in the article with your hands). It is also difficult to do badly, as is the case with flowers. Just do not rush to glue tightly, first a few times lay figure "vsuhuyu9raquo ;, play mosaics. When the math, it's better to have nowhere to go, and then take it on the glue.

The idea β„–14. Abstract speed painting

Draw all things bright and construction of building paints with brushes. The main thing - to repeat it several times and remember that color should emphasize an interior coloristic. Add emphasis to the volume in the form of buttons, glass, pebbles, etc. Is not it lovely!

As you yourself have realized a panel - it is something done in one go, without the painful preparations and effort. Dare, decorate your home!

Many thanks to Elena in a very interesting article!

Good luck to everyone and endless inspiration !!

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    Ceramic photo tiles - it is easy to transform the interior?

    To transform the interior of the kitchen or bathroom can help the original panels of photo tiles. In contrast to the classical, any image can be applied to it. What exactly - you decide. You can select a picture from our catalog, but you can send your own.

    There are several ways to create photo tiles:

    Its customers are advised to choose the photo tiles, made with hot Dekolirovanie. This method of manufacture is one of the highest quality and durability, since in the process of drawing the image on the tile, it is protected by a special layer of glaze.

    During hot Dekolirovanie image is applied to the ceramic at 860 degrees. At such a high temperature, the glaze becomes very soft and paint easily penetrates the tiles. Once the drawing has been transferred to the tile, will wait for the complete cooling.

    This tile has a guarantee of 30 years, while made in any other way, is a guarantee for 2 years.

    If you do repairs in the kitchen or in the bathroom, the most likely use as a finishing material is ceramic tile. To a room look stylish - it is important to supplement it with some vivid detail. Such a part may be a panel of photo tiles. Size panels you assert yourself, because tiles can be easily cut, and built it into panels of any size easy.

    Panels of photo tiles perfectly fit on the kitchen apron or to the bathroom - you can select an image and place it over the entire length or width. Such a design solution dramatically transform interior adds comfort and elegance.

    Surround panels on the wall - the original decoration with his own hands

    Make the repairs completed and to create an individual, a special atmosphere in the house help of interior, namely the original statues, interesting sculptures and installations, and, of course, three-dimensional panels on the wall. Especially original look installations created with his own hands, because they can be embedded not only thought, but also part of the soul.

    Creating a panel - choose materials

    In principle, the panels, as well as any other handmade-product, can be built from absolutely any means at hand. Basically, the cost to be guided in its creation - is a clear vision of the desired end result, the imagination, and of a sense of style. The simplest volumetric picture may be obtained from such materials:

    If you prefer a sophisticated and original versions, or your interior more than close to the classics, and will not tolerate distinct bright spots, there are options to create more complex structures, for which the material will serve as:

    The process of creating such a panel will be longer, but the result will exceed all expectations - like installations made with their own hands, look like works of art.

    As you can see, the options can be set. In this manufacturing technique will vary depending on the materials chosen and the type manufactured installation. Let us consider each of them in detail.

    Another interesting option to create bulk panels with their hands - it's the installation of clay or dough. Both materials look quite aesthetically pleasing, but on the test less dirt, and molded it easier.

    Let's start with the material - if cooking with modeling clay is clear - it should simply be diluted with water to the desired consistency, the dough for sculpting still need to be prepared. To this is taken glass flour, glass fine salt, spoon vegetable oil and 100 g of water. All thoroughly mix and knead the dough. Also, instead of water, may be used adhesives, e.g., vinyl wallpaper or bustilat.

    Create a unique surround panel begins with a simple dough

    The technique itself manufacture panels of clay or dough is to mount the various figures, cobbled together of these materials in particular a base, which is then placed in a frame.

    Selecting a track panels should be made according to the interior decoration for which it is intended. Particularly suited for the kitchen figures of vegetables, fruits and dishes, and for the room - flowers, animals, or scenes of everyday life. The very process of modeling is no different from working with clay, but if you lack even the slightest skills of modeling, then be prepared for what will have to practice a little before getting something more mene acceptable.

    Small sculpting skills and a little imagination will create a delicious three-dimensional picture with his own hands

    After the dough or clay figures are molded, they can be baked in the oven, as well as the usual dough. After firing, they should ordinary paint watercolors.

    The last stage of the creation of the panel will be to prepare the basics - for this purpose on the base frame must be attached suitable shade cloth, which is then glued to the figures.

    That's it - a piece of art, made with his own hands, ready, now it can be easily hung on the wall.

    Video: a picture of salt dough - a master class

    One of the most interesting and beautiful options panel, you can create your own hands are dried installation using the gifts of nature - flowers, berries and leaves. The basic principle of this material - very carefully, because it is very fragile.

    Panels made of dried natural materials bring to your interior a piece of the summer and would lift the mood on cold winter days

    First, you need to collect the desired composition on a dry paper, to see the big picture, and then move all the textile base, secure with glue. Once the glue is dry, the glass panel is closed and placed in the frame.

    Panels made of grains and seeds - this is an excellent option structures interesting and unusual installations with their own hands of the most that neither is at hand, and conventional means. In order to perform this type of work, you need to take all the seeds, all kinds of cereals, which are there in the house - it can be as large peas, beans and rice, buckwheat and even fine semolina.

    Panels made of grains and seeds is an excellent themed dΓ©cor for the kitchen, all the more so to create a masterpiece under the force of any owner

    On a sheet of thick white cardboard need to draw a sketch of the future products (figure should be clearly structured and divided into a line), and then carefully cover certain portions of the adhesive and the top cause croup. In this case, it is better to decide on the color scheme or to have on hand the original image projected image. Fine details and contours can be drawn watercolor paint. After the picture from cereals to be completed, and the glue is dry, cover it with a transparent varnish and paste it in a frame under glass.

    Panels made of wool - a rather original option to create the installation with their own hands, which is the skillful execution resembles a watercolor painting. In order to create such a picture, it is necessary to transfer a selected pattern on a white sheet of cardboard or draw its own. Further, the wool is split into thin fibers from which the drawing is laid. In addition, each shade looks like a paint stroke. Once the picture will be posted on the top of her glass tightly applied to drawing is not moved, and placed in the frame.

    Each of us is faced with interesting products from fabric - rag dolls, flowers, organza, semi-flat figures in the form of fruits, etc. Making these crafts do not require special skills of sewing - just pick up the pieces of tissue specific colors and blend them together using a needle and thread, but they can give rise to original and very readable volume panel. For the volume of textile figures put any filler - it may even be cereals. Then, they must be connected to a separate track. You can also add a variety of decorative elements made of other materials, and then glue it all to the base and place it in the frame.

    Panels made of plaster - a special type of panels, which rather refers to the sculptures. For its production, first of all, you need to prepare the base - in our case it will be a wall. Remove from it all the old coating to the core, and align plaster surface. Thereafter wall primed and coated basic background.

    If you want the panels looked harmoniously, his background should not be discordant with the rest of the walls.

    After preparing the base, ready to create the surround pattern by means of plaster. Less experienced craftsmen should take advantage of special stencils that can be done with his own hands, and to buy at the store. To create a three-dimensional picture stencil is applied to the wall and gently filled with plaster in places gaps. After the pattern is applied, the stencil is removed neatly.

    If you do not have the creativity, do not despair. Original surround panels of decorative plaster can be done independently, using a stencil

    If desired, after the complete drying of the plaster panels can be painted using the acrylic or water based paints, alkyd paints.

    Creating installation of gypsum plaster on technology seem to work with plaster. The difference is that the relief patterns and figures of plaster performed hands, using a spatula or a special syringe. For this purpose the wall is applied pre sketch future picture, over which the molding is performed. At the same time the preparation for the establishment of a panel is required is the same as in the case of the plaster.

    Interior design with their own hands - is not easy, but the results are really impressive. By creating your own three-dimensional panels, you do not just design your home according to your ideas, but also will bring him a piece of his own love, uniqueness and care.

    • trim
      • Ceiling
      • Walls
      • Floor
      • Doors, arches
      • Window
      • Oven, Fireplace
    • Finishing facilities
      • Kitchen
      • Bathroom, toilet
      • Corridor, hall
      • Balcony, loggia
      • other rooms
    • finish buildings
      • Summer cottages and homes
      • Wooden houses
      • Saunas and steam baths
    • Decoration Materials
      • gypsum plasterboard
      • facing panel
      • Wallpaper, cork
      • Tile
      • Laminate, linoleum
      • Decorative plaster
    • Finishing work
      • Plaster
      • Primer
      • Caulking
      • Painting, whitewashing
    • Exterior finish
      • Facade

    The final stage of any kind of repairs in the apartment or house - a finishing surface.

    In properly combining the materials and the use of suitable time interior space planning must take into account a lot of details.

    There are many types of putty. The most common blend of the most commonly used building materials. Less often.

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