How to make a steam bath

How to make a steam bath in the bath properly and beautifully

Workmanship steam directly determines the usability bath, then how will be safe bathing procedures, as well as presentable steam, for the construction and future maintenance costs. In this article, with photo and video, we will try to elaborate on how to make a steam bath in the bath properly.

Benefits construction of steam with his own hands:

  1. There is no need to hire outside experts, additional expenses for their services, which significantly helps to save money.
  2. You will personally supervise all the work, so you can be fully confident in the effectiveness of its implementation.

In order to build a sauna with steam room with your hands, you should start to build a sequence of work and adhere to existing regulations and rules.

The first draft is prepared, at least the easiest to understand was a plan for future work. Important in the steam room - a stove, because of which there are a great many, and each one presents its own requirements for the dimensions of the steam room, the type of ventilation system, the installation site of the future shelves and so on.

Determine the size in the regeneration of steam with their own hands, should take into account the possible number of simultaneously attending a bath person. This is very important as it is necessary that all of them feel comfortable in a pair, and that the bath is not idle space, which also requires the cost of heating. Most often the steam room construct with dimensions 2400 × 2000 mm at a height of 2200 mm.

Construction of the steam room does not provide for the installation of the windows, as the artificial light will be enough. It should be noted that for each of the installed windows need to think of insulation, which entails additional costs. Allowed to install one blind box not more than 50 × 50 cm. In this case, to make a steam room as it should, you should pay attention to the highest quality double-glazed windows, which have maximum efficiency in terms of sound and heat insulation.

Before you make a steam bath, in the project, note the proper ventilation system. Without the normal circulation of air streams tree will quickly become worthless because of the constant excessive moisture - eventually will form the mold, and the climate will cease to be useful to humans.

After the completion of the project becomes clear how to make steam in the bath with your hands, and you can go directly to the implementation of the plan. At the preparatory stage, it is recommended to perform work on arrangement of insulation in the steam room.

Insulation should consider very carefully, because otherwise the warm-bath and maintaining the desired temperature will have to expend more fuel.

At the initial stage to the insulation prepared ceiling. It can simply be a foam sheathing boards, temporarily fixing them by any means available, and then make skin moisture-resistant plywood or other material similar in properties. Insulation is placed between the joists, wherein the minimum thickness of the plates should be of 10 cm. Slabs stacked on top vapor barrier, and even the ground under the plates are covered with plastic film need. See also: "How to make insulation paired right and what materials to use."

In the next step the wall insulation. First the frame of square wooden bar 50 × 50 cm, which is attached to the wall. Step is selected such that between the bars could easily go cloth insulation. Typically, the wall thickness is considered acceptable insulation 5 cm.

Adjacent joints between the boards are glued metallic tape. As the insulation for the walls, you can use mineral wool. Under the insulation in this case it is also attached to a polyethylene film or a moisture repellent material.

The floors in the paired heat insulation is not necessary, but if the desire is still there, it is possible to limit the fill expanded clay, followed by pouring the cement screed. And then put a tile or install flooring from wood.

Tips for finishing the interior of the steam

As interior trim steam is usually used wooden battens.

First mounted shelves and benches, and after it is transferred to the skin lining. The material is best suited breed of coniferous trees, because they emit a very pleasant smell, and can at the same time by heating to provide a healing effect on the body.

Attaching the lining is made on a pre-packed insulation and other materials to protect from moisture. Boards are installed close to each other, as well as attachments, you can use galvanized screws.

Construct bath with steam as possible qualitative possible if the correct exercise floor finish. The material used should not be afraid to frequent and sudden changes like temperature and humidity. Best from aspen wood suitable - she is inexpensive, and has a nice view, moreover, is easy to work and is very long. Benches in the bath is best secured to the wall, so that will save a little space.

In addition, there is an alternative way of flooring in the bath - is the use of ceramic tiles. This coating makes it possible to make a steam bath in the bath easier than ever to use.

First, the base is cleaned and a layer of the mixture is filled gravel and sand 15 cm thick. Backfill is compacted and then filled with cement mortar, a thickness of 5 cm and leveled. Finally, after drying the solution, lay tile.

Determine the furnace in a vast range of products, you can find the design of brick and metal, which can be powered either by electricity or burn solid or liquid fuels. And each species will have its pros and cons.

In metal furnaces such shortcomings can be identified:

  • their cooling after shutdown occurs fairly quickly;
  • touching the hot metal can be burned, which will require when it is installed to provide steam for all security measures.

In the furnace of bricks to a lack of need could be considered only in laying the foundation of an independent before its installation.

Excellent show themselves lately furnace working from the mains. They do not need to install the chimney and install fully able to implement itself. However, the operation of electrical appliances in the sauna requires a careful approach and following a number of precautionary rules, if neglected, may lead to developments that can be detrimental to the public steam room.

Separately noteworthy soapstone stoves. These are the newest units, which are remarkable for their ability to carry out a gradual and smooth heating steam. They emit a pleasant and gentle heat comparable to that produced by the sun.

Place the oven preferably in a corner near the door. It is considered to be the safest, and, besides, saves space.

At the final stage of construction of steam required to mount the door. This process should take into account that the door frame to be lower than usual, and the threshold - is higher than it is in the home. This approach makes it possible to reduce the amount of heat lost through the door, and will not form drafts. The normal height of the threshold is equal to 30 centimeters.

Door installation is done so that the people who will come into it, can not accidentally get burned from the heated material. Tree pretty good conductor of heat - in this connection, on both sides of the door trim is best to hold a special foil and insulation. Hide these protective materials may be, for example lining, which is not afraid of moisture.

To avoid such nuances, and not to resort to additional works better purchase and install glass doors. They apparently look perfect and be resistant to any conditions that may occur in the bath.

We hope everyone who reads the article, now knows how to make a steam bath in the bath with his hands. The main thing is to pay maximum attention to the arrangement of the bath, of its forces and finances to save only in special cases. As a result, you really Pitch quality, beautiful, safe and secure at the same time the steam room, able to work for many years, delighting you with its warmth.

Steam your own hands: step by step instructions, photos and video

Construction of facilities for the pair - it is only part of the full range of works on arrangement of the Russian bath. Properly erected Steam bath is a guarantee of safety procedures and quality rest. Steam your hands will allow express your personal identity and will give the opportunity to significantly save on construction.

How to make a steam bath in the bath with his hands: step by step instructions with photos and video

Construction of the steam room with your hands means carrying out a specific sequence of some works:

  • Creating a project.
  • Selection furnace for steam and its location.
  • Finishing facilities.
  • Making lighting.
  • Let us consider in more detail each of these stages.

Before you start on arrangement of work steam bath in your own hands, you need to develop a project that will include all the features of the specific areas with the realities of today's time and age-old traditions.

Design is obliged to make in view of the major factors: the number of people who are both in the room and the size of the furnace.

For a family that has three people is sufficient area of ​​approximately 200x200 cm with room height of 2200 cm. There is a misperception, that a positive torque in this case will be a certain margin space. This is not true because with an increase in the steam room area to reach the desired temperature will require large expenditures of time and energy.

Most often in the construction of the sauna windows are not provided therein. In case of need for this, window must be of very small features (no more than 50-50 cm). To create the necessary thermal insulation is best to make a window on modern technologies, which will enable to achieve the desired effect. Moreover, the window arrangement requires careful insulation of slots during installation.

Steam will certainly be obliged to It is equipped with a ventilation system. The ventilation system is required to maintain the output of the excess water bath. This requirement is due to the need to eliminate the favorable conditions for the emergence of pathogenic organisms in the form of mold and mildew.

Furthermore, the operation of finishing materials It depends directly on the level of humidity in the steam room, as the overwhelming majority of the whole room gets off by a tree. Humidity, which is in the permissible level, a positive effect on the human body health.

During arrangement of the steam room with your hands need to adhere to certain rules.

The main parameters on which It will depend on the furnace operation, are the number of stones and duration of heating furnace power consumption, the lattice material and the heat resistance of the housing assembly design. To provide heat in addition to the steam heating to their total area of ​​24 square meters enough power to 25 kW. The construction of the oven with his own hands will give an opportunity to save costs on the overall construction of the bath.

In the role of the material for floor coverings the best solution is to use a natural stone or the use of stoneware tiles. For safe movement laid the boardwalk. Insulated floor is entirely optional. Moreover, one of the requirements for the arrangement of the floor is to perform the water outlet openings. Wood as a material for the flooring - is not the best option because high humidity will lead to its distortion and rapid failure.

Ceiling height is enough for around 2,200 cm, it explained human physiology and the physical properties of steam. When the size of the ceiling, which exceed this value, the steam will go up and the effect of its action will simply be lost. The decrease in height will result in discomfort during the bath treatment, as there is the likelihood of head injury, and there are difficulties when working with a broom.

Installation of windows is not considered imperative. Glass or tree will be most optimum one for the material for the construction of doors.

  • Glass door - it's practicality.
  • Wooden door - it's a tradition.

Determination of the proper location of the furnace and the vapor source selection

Important factors when selecting the dimensions of the furnace are a steam room, a power source and a method for producing steam.

Kamenka - a traditional way of choosing the furnace for a bath. Inside this furnace stacked stones. Traditional fuel are wood, but it is possible to use gas or electricity. The furnaces may be of several types.

  • On the wood. The apparatus of this furnace in the bath can provide a unique environment. Even the fact that the stove will need to be periodically cleaned to remove soot from the stones, can not overshadow the pleasure from taking bath procedure. In order to reduce the occurrence of soot, it is necessary to use as fuel aspen wood. To maintain a stable temperature all the time you need to monitor the combustion process.
  • Gas. Using a gas furnace has a good maintenance of the required temperature in the steam room, the heating rate and excellent ease of use. A significant drawback of this device are the dimensions of the furnace and of its great demand for gas. Using this type of furnace is impractical when not connected to the central gas line.
  • Electric. Kamenka, which runs on electricity, is quite convenient to use. This appliance allows you to quickly achieve the desired temperature, has plenty of power and compactness. Its arrangement does not require a chimney organization. An electric heater to be safe for humans and the environment, due to the use of automation Maintenance is simplified as much as possible, design features do not allow the likelihood of injury. The main drawback of this device is the large consumption of electricity.

Kamenka is open and closed. If a few people at a time planning to visit a bath, the best choice is the open view of the heater. The firebox (where burnt fuel) is not equipped with refractory brickwork. It is the place where the stones are laid. This device enables the furnace become hot stones and all warm bath room. During the effect of water heaters with the device quickly lose temperature. This construct was used in electric furnaces.

Closed furnace It is a traditional one arrangement bath. At the same time in a special place of the furnace stack a large number of stones. In this case, the steam discharged through a special door, its level is opposite the stones in the front row. During this time, the door of combustion required to be in a closed state. For heating the steam in advance of its opening.

The main stages of steam finishing

What material is selected as a trim?

The choice of material - this is an important step in finishing a steam room.

At an affordable cost is a pine not the best material for steam. This type of timber in its composition has a resin which under the action of elevated temperature excrete. The most suitable material in this case is lime. The features of this type of wood burns rule and allow to preserve the appearance of the lining intact for a long time.

There is a possibility of using poplar, birch or aspen. Trees that are hardwood, dry quickly, thereby creating a specific microclimate in the steam room, as well as have good durability.

Strictly forbidden to use for finishing bath linoleum and wood plates. Besides the fact that these materials are flammable, they are at high humidity and temperature are hazardous for human health.

An important condition while everything steam It is the construction of a sealed room. For this problem, apply the thermal insulation of mineral-based, it is isolated from the vapor by means of aluminum foil. To connect the edges using a special adhesive tape. Higher temperatures make it impossible in this case to use the film as a result of its deformation. Exterior finish is obliged to involve the construction of closing the ventilation openings.

To apply the headlining planed plank thickness of 2-3 cm. K beams of fasteners made by means of nails which have to be long, 3 times the thickness of the board. Improve the ventilation system can, leaving a small gap between the planks and smooth their edges.

It must be said that the lining, as material for finishing bath Improvement, It gained the most popularity. The characteristics of this material allow to perform the necessary thermal insulation and oblitsevat wall surface, giving them an attractive appearance. Moreover, excellent air permeability material gives the conditions for the occurrence of molds and fungi, as well as condensation.

Before laying the lining in the steam room This material is left in it for a certain time, so that he can adapt to climate conditions. In the presence of significant defects wall surfaces, they must be corrected, the material does not lay down "waves". Fastening is carried out by means of screws or staples. Do not forget about the fact that to achieve a perfect surface of the walls without installing battens often fails.

During the selection of fastener elements is necessary to take into account the conditions of their operation. Their material is required to withstand the high temperature and humidity, as well as to prevent the likelihood of injuries soaring.

The procedure finishes steam produced with the organization of sex. It is advised to raise to 15-20 cm above the floor level in the rest of the premises. This will give the opportunity to preserve the heat in the sauna due to the absence of drafts. In the role of the material is better to apply edging or decking and tile. From this choice depends on the security level of movement in the room.

The flooring of boards carried on the joists, which are mounted on the posts of the brick. As the base for them is concrete or sand. For the installation of fasteners used in bronze, galvanized, brass or stainless steel.

Recommendations for lighting steam

specific steam conditions provide some of the requirements for the organization of lighting in it:

  • to create diffused light is best to use a matte ceiling;
  • cover must be made of moisture-resistant and heat-resistant material;
  • ceiling have to be reinforced;
  • Lights should not be placed on the ceiling;
  • maximum wattage required to be 50 watts.

Arrangement steam manifold is different and has a classical interior, which consists of different levels of shops and stove.

Shelf Location should meet different needs and meet personal preferences. If you are using zoning premises option can impose oven stone, and benches set in wood.

When finishing the pair popular solution it is to design a device window through which the landscape can be observed.

That's basically it, You Need to Know, if you make your hand assembly and design of steam in the sauna. The work is simple, at the same time to build for themselves - it's just fun. The most important thing to do everything correctly and do not miss any detail, and in this case, any bath procedure will bring health throughout the body and the indescribable pleasure.

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Building a steam room with your hands: the analysis of the subtleties of design and construction

Steam - it is the heart of Bath. It was from her everything depends enjoy the pleasure of bath procedures and safety, the most presentable baths and the high cost of its maintenance. And because more and more steam room bath attendants do on their own - without hiring any teams, especially since there is nothing complicated here: planning extremely primitive - yes oven shelves. And our step by step instructions will help you do everything correctly and professionally. So, how to make a steam room with your own hands - we understand the portal!

Before you build a steam room, it is necessary to make a project - even primitive. Push off in this case it is necessary from the notional center - namely, from the oven. Each bathhouse ovens its requirements to the dimensions of the room, ventilation and the remoteness of the location of the shelves. The general dimensions of the steam room are calculated depending on the number of people who will simultaneously soared.

And how to make the steam room, as if designed for a certain number of people? So that no one feels cramped, and, on the other hand, not to leave any excess space, which would have to be heated for nothing? That's why today recognized standard dimensioned steam: 2h2,4 area and 2.2 meters in height.

As for the windows in the steam room, then they are not needed - it will be enough, and artificial lighting. Otherwise it is necessary to reflect on the serious insulation. In an extreme case, if not without it - the hole must make a maximum of 50x50, deaf and completely. In this case, aides - modern windows that are still able to provide sound insulation.

In general, vented steam room should not be - and is clearly not a window, and the more modern systems - extracts, for example. Why ventilation is so important? This is because at high humidity tree - the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, which is his own undoing. And because a healthy climate in the steam room to maintain a must.

Now the question arises, how to sheathe the steam room - it depends on how much less fuel will go and how pleasant are the procedures themselves.

Well, first insulate the ceiling should be in the steam room - and only then the walls and floor. For the overlap between the first and second floor is best to use a new board of 40 cm, putting her butt. In order to avoid cracks, it is desirable to further fasten water-resistant plywood. Next - a good vapor barrier and insulation between the beams at least 10 cm and that he does not fall out during installation, will help the fishing line taut..

Walls of the heat insulation is necessary so: 5x5 cm are mounted embedded, then - steam, and 5 cm layer of insulation foil. All joints again still definitely need to glue the same aluminum tape. Insulation for walls can be as mineral wool in rolls and special mats.

As for sex, it is usually placed in the steam room or glazed ceramic tile, and on top - a special wooden.

How to strengthen the battens in the steam room? At first beaten mortgages under the bench or shelf fully built, and then nailed batten. As for the finish of the material, the better to choose a bunk softwood - while in the bath will be an unforgettable smell that everything else and healing. But deciduous provide more reliable vapor barrier and tightness - there's anyone what priorities.

And the walls of the sauna should be thick - much thicker than the other. Because of this tightness room for steam and heat will be provided, and the very walls of the temperature difference between inside and outside is not cracked.

Step IV. Installation furnace and regiments

The construction itself steam ends when it is already possible to go in and start enjoying the bath procedures. After the wall and the ceiling begins the most pleasant part of the work - interior fittings.

Shelves in the steam room do you need from a material which would not be singled out pitches and did not leave sweat marks on yourself. Perfect in this regard, aspen - it is not expensive and can be easily processed. That is only the bench should be fixed to the wall, not the floor - so save space. If the steam room in the Russian bath will absolutely tiny, the lower shelf can be mounted on runners and the top lift like a train - it will only need to equip it with a special locking mechanism.

As regards the choice for the steam oven, it is necessary to remember the following. The modern baths are used metal, brick and electric furnaces, each of which - its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the iron oven heats up faster, but just as quickly and cool down, and everything about them can be seriously burned. Brick, on the contrary, are heated for a long time, and as long cool down, forming a light and dry air - however, they require a solid foundation, and sometimes too liberally scatter radiation heat throughout the sauna.

But modern electric go without a chimney, easy to adjust, even at a distance, but not always safe, and require complex installation. In general, the greatest popularity is rapidly becoming today soapstone stoves - the so-called soapstone. Thanks to him, the steam room can be heated evenly and gradually, as the heat becomes so gentle and nice, that is a lot like the sun's rays.

Install the stove in the sauna is necessary in the near corner of the door - and more economical and safer.

And then, finally, behind all the questions - complete finishing, shelves and oven set, and it remains only to hang a door. There is one thing - the threshold necessary to deliberately inflate and door frame - underestimate. All this is necessary in order to reduce the loss of valuable heat and relieve resting people of bad draft.

After all, at the door to the steam room has a special mission - to let the person and not to produce heat and steam. That's why it has to be small - with a threshold of 30 cm and a sufficiently low ceiling. Further, even though the door is next to the stove, but still should not be allowed to become a part burned man. But in order that the door itself did not become a conductor of heat, it is desirable to decorate the board on both sides and on the inner side on the frame to fix the foil and special insulation. But as far as the door of the material, it is still today the most popular glass - the entrance to a steam room is a beautiful, and the view at her waiting room or rest room - a spectacular and Attractive.

That's the whole secret of how to make a steam bath in the bath - and if you were born all of the recommendations, heat and steam will entertain and reorganize. Resting human body will heat up slowly, and all bath procedures - bringing indescribable pleasure. A steam room itself already from the first hour will be kindling to warm quickly, but its heat - give long and economically.

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