How to make the backlight for the keyboard

How to make the backlight for the keyboard

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The keyboard is backlit with a normal cost 300 rubles more expensive than usual, and the brightness is adjusted. I took him a year ago, so as not to interfere with light sleep, satisfied.

I've wanted to make a miniature GLaDOS controlled from a computer. but I have not found a good solution with regard to the smooth rotation of the moving parts. Servo motors and step by step all the same "twitch".

But it is not certain that, in practice, it looks still nice analog with integrated factory illumination when illuminated not only the gap, but they themselves lettering on each key, from the inside.

I gave Claudia a backlight. Cho say. if it does not svetyatstsa characters - complete her.

Illuminated keypad

Illuminated keypad - is ease of production, low cost and easy availability of materials, practicality and invisibility. The backlight unit is fixed on the bottom of the tabletop, and being in an ON state, very good illuminates the keyboard and "okoloklaviaturnoe" space. B, because at that time, when you need to illuminate the keyboard, it is usually always included as a power source for the backlight unit will be the computer.

LED backlit keyboard with his hands

The backlight for the keyboard with the power from the computer port. First, some of the materials and parts that are used in the manufacture of construction. The light sources were used LEDs due to their reliability and low consumption. I used eight bright LEDs bluish glow 3.5 mm in diameter: just walked into a store selling radio parts, and buy those that I liked.

Elected the following principles: glow color (available in almost all colors of the rainbow), the smallest possible size and supply voltage (necessary LEDs are steadily illuminated at a voltage of approximately 3 volts, these, by the way, most, instances powered by 12 volts used in this design, I think , impractical). Brand LEDs, unfortunately, I can not name, because even vendors themselves do not know it, about the number (8 pcs) will be explained below.

Tests have shown that the selected LEDs very bright light when a voltage of 3 - 3.5 volts, the lower threshold for luminescence of the order of 1.8 volts. It is very important to buy the LEDs at once all in one place: it will give at least some some guarantee that they will all shine at the same brightness at the same current consumption.

Still need to purchase any switch (switch) on the two positions - "on" and "off" are chosen as the basis of the minimum dimensions. As the casing used for the backlight unit length of ducts for electrical wiring. It can be purchased from an electronics store for practically pennies. Size (height x width) box Select the lowest possible, look at several options and pick the one that will suit you.

By the way, here it is possible to include fantasy and to use the body as anything else, the right size. I stopped at the electrical box, due to its availability, to invent something special not want: he is still the backlight housing under the sink will be virtually unnoticeable.

On the keyboard LED backlight power

Scheme Led backlight for the keyboard, powered by IEEE1394 (FireWire)

As mentioned above, the lights will be fed from one of the peripheral ports of the computer. In principle, the options can be a little, but it is better to focus on two: USB or IEEE1394 (FireWire), these ports are in almost any computer. It all depends on which of them is less demand on your PC. I, for example, virtually all USB ports are busy, but there are a couple of free a FireWire, based on that for the power supply and has been selected IEEE1394 (see. Chart above).

The output voltage of computer FireWire port is 12 volts, this implies the number of LEDs used. In a series connection of 4 pieces (each at a voltage of about 3 volts) we get 12 volts cherished. For more uniform illumination "okoloklaviaturnogo" of space, it is desirable to increase the number of LEDs, and therefore get a figure 8 (connected in parallel to two successive groups of four LEDs in each group).

The circuit of each consecutive chain include a resistor (R1 and R2 of resistance circuit - in my case 510 ohms 0,125 watts) resistors limit current flowing through the LEDs (in my case, current is 5 mA for one serial chain of general structure consumption - 10 mA that, in terms of power, gives us 0.12 W), changing their resistance can pick up the necessary brightness.

Driving the backlight for the keyboard, powered from the USB port

The number of light-emitting diodes, in this case, can be any (important not to overload the USB port): It is important in the chain of each of them, to include current limiting resistor in series. By varying the resistance of the resistor, it is possible to obtain the necessary brightness. When the denominations of the data, the current through the LEDs, as in the former case, limited at 5 mA, resulting in the total consumption of 40 mA or equal to 0.2 W in terms of power.

Resistance ratings in the first and second circuits are roughly such turned to my existing LEDs with the brightness of the glow, comfort, again, for me, but you might have a slightly different meaning. Best of all, at the time of setup, connect the assembled circuit to external 5 V or 12 V respectively, to test performance and, if necessary, to select the brightness of the LEDs, and only then connect your device to your computer.

To connect to a PC using standard cables (in the first case of IEEE1394 6pin cable - 6pin, pictured above, in the second USB A - USB A. On the one hand the connectors are cut, wire cut into the desired length and are soldered to the desired point of the circuit Unused wires must be carefully. isolate relative to each other and from the shielding braid of the cable.

backlit keyboard made yourself ready. Basically, as you can see, nothing complicated in design and installation not, just be patient and careful. Once again I wish to remind: the first switch is required to produce from an external power source, check, adjust brightness, etc. The assembled structure fasten screws to the bottom of table top:.. For better light reflection surface at that location may be either masked with adhesive aluminum foil. After that connect the structure to the computer and having fun, enjoy.

Based on materials

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Backlit keyboard with his hands

A review of several variants of manufacturing the backlight keyboard with your hands with step by step description.

1. The backlight is on top of the keyboard LEDs

Purpose: Of course, it is suitable for those who like to work on the computer at night and can not turn on the light in the room. For most people, this situation is at least 50% of th fall of work efficiency due to the constant search for the right buttons.

The list of necessary materials and tools is shown in the photo below:

soldering iron, LED, heat shrink tubing, wire and enough hard keyboard.

Purpose: suitable modding enthusiasts and those who just wanted to upgrade the external keyboard look. In general, the benefits of this technology is not enough, but there is an interesting decorative effect.

Purpose: purely as a decoration. With the right approach effect will be more than interesting.

After dismantling the keyboard, find a place to connect power to the circuit board inside her. Multimeter measuring the current supplied to the keyboard, expect the connection to the network of LEDs. To learn how to do it correctly read this article.

Purpose: useful for fans to sit in the dark with a laptop on your lap. Also this lighting can be used to read in the dark e-books dedicated to the product.

It is obvious that to disassemble a laptop for the manufacture of LED lighting - it is not prudent, so below we look at Universal USB LED manufacturing method of the lamp for the keyboard backlight.

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