How to make the pink color of paints

How to get the color pink? What colors to mix to get pink?

There are several options, and you can mix the two shades and three. Do decoupage long time and most importantly, this finding exactly the shade you want. The easiest option - a mix of white and red, white and red is added to the intensity of red you get exactly the shade you want. It is also still possible to white paint mixed with raspberry or cherry, or add a little peach. In each case, it will be your shade! Experiment!

sometimes under "rozovym9quot; mean light red, which is enough to produce diluted red paint to the desired color. But in order to make a truly beautiful, rich and delicate pink color, mix red and white. Thus it is better to take a fairly large amount of white paint, and gradually adding to the red paint to achieve the desired result.

Depending on what shade of the original red color, the final color pink can have a variety of shades.

Experiment also adding a little purple paint - it will add a pink color slightly cold hue.

For warm hue add "toplye9quot; color - yellow, orange.

For pink, there is one simple way is to simply pick up and mix together two colors: red and white. The result of this mix just give you the desired pink color.

It all depends on what type of paint you mix. Take, for example, water color, in this case you just need to add water, red dye, and intensity will depend on the amount of added water in it.

If you are working with gouache and want to get a pink, you will need to paint over red and white. Here, too, it depends on the intensity ratio. If the proportion of more red, the color will be more bright. And if the proportion of longer white, it is a lighter color.

white and "kraplak" mix for buttered paints. There is also a dependence on color proportions, it turns a different shade.

In order to get a pink color, you need to mix red and white paint. The more red paint, the more intense the color is.

If you want to get cold shades of pink, the mixture was added a drop of blue and purple paint better. And if you need a warm tone, then add pink yellow, orange or peach colors (again, only need a small droplet to not score pink).

The easiest way is to mix white and red drop. But to get a little color "mertvym9quot ;, "zefirnym9quot ;. If we add chuuut bit yellow, then come the warm pink color, which is used for drawing the skin at the cartoon characters.

In pink color palette is wide enough. And the perception of it is different for people of different climatic zones as well as in men and women. The simplest getting pink - dilution water watercolors. If we are talking about the more or gouache oil paint, to obtain pink will need white paint. And, to get warm pink can add a little orange or yellow. If you want a cool shade - purple or blue.

One of the most unpretentious of options is a mix of two colors: white and red. Take the white paint and gradually add to it the red color. Number of red paint depends on the desired intensity of pink. The brighter the pink color, the more it is necessary to red paint.

The formula for pink is very simple, in fact pink color is the same color red only much lighter. For pink take two colors white and red, but red is necessary to add a little, then you will get the desired result.

For pink color need to add red paint white, and the more white add, the more tender will shade.

And for the most vivid shades - eg raspberry - you just drop into the red purple.

How to get the pink color of the paint?

Chromatics - is a science. A color mixing between the process is quite fascinating. Just imagine that a small set of basic colors and optional white, you can get absolutely any color and enrich the color palette of your picture.

Each artist is faced with the fact that it is need of some particular shade, which can be composed of two or three colors. At a professional at the same time is no problem. He has a clear idea as to what mix to achieve the desired result. However, he can only use a few local colors.

Beginners always the same with these difficulties arise. And not everyone knows that green is obtained from yellow to blue, brown and red with green. As for the pink? How to get it on its own or its particular shade of pink because the palette is very extensive. In addition, to achieve pure color is not always possible.

Features that should be considered when mixing

The successful mix of colors will depend on the type of paint you are working with. They differ in chemical composition, respectively, can react with each other in the reaction. This is especially true of oil paints. If not taken into account the characteristics of some pigments, the color obtained when two or three bad fit together may darken, crack or acquire an inappropriate color. In order to help artists to figure it out, set up a special table that lists all the unwanted mixture of oil paints. There are auxiliary tables with shades that demonstrate that you get by mixing certain colors.

If you face the challenge - to get a pink color as close as possible to how you think he is, then you first need to determine what kind of color is considered to be pink? A more accurate to say which of the great variety of its colors, which vary not only in brightness but also warm-cold. It is interesting to know that everyone sees and perceives this color in their own way. This may depend not only on gender, but also on the environment in which man lives.

How to get the pink color of the decorative paints?

Its preparation will depend on the type of paint. Let us examine some of the most common options.

If you paint in watercolor and using a standard set of 24 colors, you'll find there carmine. Dilute it with water, you get pink. Saturation it regulates the amount of water added. If you are using a limited palette, then you can use any red that you have. Similarly, mix it with water.

Gouache is also water-based, but unlike watercolors, her white actively used. Red gouache with whitewash will give you pink. To make it paler, add more white paint, brighter - more red. Pay attention to the fact that the gouache becomes lighter when dry. Therefore, the color of diluted paint should be brighter than you need.

With oil paints is the case a little more complicated. It is also important to take into account while dealing with in order to get a pink, what colors will suit the composition, and which, after mixing, may fade with time. The ideal option would be if kraplak red rugged add titanium white. Flow chart is the same as with gouache. The more white paint, the lighter the color.

Before applying the picture try out the resulting color on a separate piece of paper or cardboard to make sure that it suits you.

In fact, what colors to mix to get pink, will affect not only the overall color scheme of your picture, but also the coverage on it. After all, in the shade of pink and light - two completely different hue.

There is another important thing that young artists are sometimes overlooked, and wonder why they did not go to the desired color when they are done correctly. The fact that the resulting shade of pink depends on what the tone of red is used as the basis. Accordingly, mixing cool red color with white, you do not get a warm pink. A receive warm tone by adding yellow to red, orange or brown in the right proportions.

If you want a cool pink, then mix red and white with a little blue or blue. If you also add a drop of black paint, the color will turn dimmed. By experimenting, you can achieve very interesting shades.

How to get the pink color by mixing architectural paints?

With regard to the construction and interior paints, then there are several options in addition to the purchase of the finished color, which may not always meet your expectations.

One option is to buy a jar of white base color and versatile pink color, which should be compatible with inks from any manufacturer. For mixing them you will need a separate container. Pour into it the white paint (it can be as vodoemulsionku and construction acrylic) and begin to gradually add color to it.

In the process you need to carefully stir the composition. Keep drip in his color and stir until then, until you feel that you will get the right tone. But do not rush immediately to paint their entire surface. First, paint them a small plot, and wait until it dries, to evaluate the result.

The second option on how to get a pink color is the blending of red and white paint. Shades of red is also very much among construction paints. If you need to paint a large plot and mixtures will have to do several times, then record proportions as closely as possible to the color of the result was uniform across the surface.

At the same gloss paint is bright and rich, matte same - more subdued.

Get the pink color, as you already understood, it is possible in many ways. It all depends on the set of tasks in front of you. And be sure to make a note on receipt of a successful shade, which you used color and in what proportions, so that on occasion you could do it again.

How to get pink?

If you decide to learn the skill of the artist, and bought a set of paints, you probably already noticed that there are only primary colors. And what if you need to get some other paint? For example, you decide to draw a still life with a bouquet. How to get pink ink for him? This can be done by mixing the primary colors.

Before you begin to mix color, prepare everything you need, namely:

  • brushes;
  • paints;
  • palette;
  • a sheet of paper or a piece of canvas similar to the one on which you will be to paint;
  • pure water.

First you need to decide what is considered pink. The standard of this color are the petals of Rosa canina - dog rose prevalent everywhere. It can be obtained when combined colors. The technology will be slightly different depending on the type of paint you are working with.

  • If you write in watercolor, then to obtain a pink color it is necessary to take red and diluted with water to the desired us - pink color. Depending on how intense you want a pink, add more or less water into the paint.
  • A way to get a pink, when working with gouache will be different. To do this, take the red and white, mix them on the palette. Before you pink! Add more red to bright pink, more than whitewash - light pink. Keep in mind that after drying gouache paints become lighter original.
  • For pink color when working with oil paints, mix color "kraplak" and white. Depending on the proportions of these two colors, the color is brighter or paler.

Before you apply the resulting color of the picture, try it on a small piece of paper to make sure that he goes exactly the way you want.

PS: If you add a little pink to blue, you get a soft lilac hue. And if you add a dark blue, the color is purple.

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