How to make a birdhouse from a tree with his hands

How to make a birdhouse from scrap materials

Love of birds or a simple desire to get rid of pests in their area, forcing many truckers think about making a birdhouse. Not everyone knows that in the birdhouse can live not only starlings, but also many other birds. For example, in the birdhouse may inhabit small owls, which will hunt for small rodents, and if you manage to settle at his dacha singing of birds, the whole warm season, you can enjoy their beautiful trills. In addition to the practical and aesthetic benefits, making a birdhouse together with your children, help them develop a love of nature and labor.

How to make a birdhouse his own hands, and what are the kinds of birdhouses, you can learn by reading our article.

How to make a simple birdhouse

Materials and tools for manufacturing

Professional ornithologists advise to use for building a birdhouse board hardwood:

Boards softwood use is not recommended, since they secrete resin which can damage the birds. Also, you do not need to make a birdhouse made of plywood, because it has poor thermal insulation properties, and the birds will be cold in this house. In addition, plywood sounds bad passes, and this has a negative impact on the birds react at the appearance of predators. Strongly nesting box should be constructed from chipboard or fibreboard, especially a cabin for birds fall apart after the first heavy rain, second particle boards manufactured using toxic substances that can damage health of the birds.

Boards of larch

Besides hardwood planks you will also need:

  • Manual electric hacksaw or jigsaw.
  • A hammer.
  • Drill.
  • Chisel.
  • Measuring tape and a ruler.
  • Pencil.
  • Nails.
  • Joiner's glue.
  • Latex paint (if you want to paint a birdhouse).

Consider another important point, as if you do not want to build the most beautiful birdhouse in no cases do not treat the surface of the boards a plane! Boards should not be planed, it is necessary to be able to climb over the walls of the birdhouse chicks.

Referring to the drawing below, perform the following procedure:

  • Make the layout, the size of transferring parts of the drawing on the board.
  • Jigsaw or hacksaw, cut part of the markup.
  • Using a drill or chisel, perform the nest box in the front wall aperture diameter of 40 millimeters.
  • Put the side walls in the upright position and attach them to the front wall made Lethke. It is very important to avoid gaps when bonding.
  • After drying the adhesive, connections reinforce the side and front walls of the nails.
  • Promazhte adhesive bottom ends connected walls and glue them to the bottom of the birdhouse. After drying glue, nail and bottom to the walls.
  • In the same way, attach the back wall.
  • Make a birdhouse roof, connecting the retaining spike and cover.
  • Put a roof on a birdhouse. Nailed or glued roof is not necessary, as it must be removable in order to nesting box can be cleaned.
  • Additionally, for the convenience of the birds can be set before opening the bar or hearth.
  • Simple birdhouse made of boards ready! It left it properly hung on a tree or a pole.

    simple birdhouse

    How to make a simple birdhouse also see in the video:

    In order not to harm the trees should not be nailed to the trunk of a birdhouse or a branch - nails. Many birdhouses are hung on a metal wire, but this method is also harmful to the trees, because over time, the wire damage the bark and the wood begins to rot. Best hang nesting box on a thick rope of an organic material or a wooden bar, which is gripped between the branches.

    Methods for installing birdhouse

    Placing nesting box, consider the height, if it is hung very low (less than two meters), the wild and domestic carnivores easily get to the masonry or chicks.

    Hanging bird house, take care of their convenience, give a little birdhouse tilted forward position, it will feathered easily move from the bottom to the tap hole.

    When choosing a place for the birdhouse, do not place it near the thick branches, which in windy weather can damage the house structure.

    Place the birdhouse with a partner

    Since work on the mount birdhouse are a fairly high altitude, be sure to work with a partner who will help you to insure and on the ground. It is also desirable that you have a mounting belt tied to a tree.

    Birdhouses from scrap materials

    To produce an original birdhouse can be not only wood. There are many things from which violent human imagination is able to create a house for the birds, let's look at some of them:

    Nesting box from a plastic bottle

    From plastic bottles can be made as large or small birdhouse, everything depends on the engine capacity. As the permanent home for the birds, plastic nesting box is not suitable, but as a winter feeder is quite amiss.

    To make a birdhouse:

    1. Take a plastic bottle volume of five liters.
    2. Cut out the bottom of the bottle opening diameter of 3-4 centimeters.
    3. Obkleyte edge of the hole with tape or adhesive plaster to the birds do not hurt yourself on the sharp edges.
    4. Fixing birdhouse bottles can be made in the form loops protruding from the neck and clamped the lid.
    5. Additionally, you can insulate the birdhouse, wind it felt and tape.
    6. In conclusion it can be placed on the bottom of the birdhouse dry straw or simply pour food for birds.

    If you are a creative person, you can also paint or decorate her bottle decorations.

    There are lots of options feeders and birdhouses made of plastic bottles, but the principle of manufacturing the same for everyone, it is cut tap hole, fastening device and your imagination for design.

    Instructions on making a birdhouse from a plastic bottle is also in the video:

    Despite the absolutely cardboard water resistance, make it a birdhouse that will last at least a year, is quite real. Below are the drawing and instructions, which you can make a birdhouse made of cardboard.

    To make a cardboard birdhouse:

    1. Take a sheet of cardboard or disassemble one or more cardboard boxes. The denser and thicker the board, the longer the birdhouse.
    2. Draw on a piece of the pattern you see in the picture.
    3. Cut drawn piece.
    4. Bend parts of fold lines.
    5. Take a tape and obkleyte their inner and outer sides of parts. Also, in place of tape, you can use any waterproof material and glue. On the inner side of the front wall, below the opening, glue a piece of coarse fabric, to a bird easily climb from the socket to the taphole.
    6. Glue the seat gluing purpose adhesive.
    7. Reinforce corners glued, pasted on them adhesive tape strips.
    8. Scissors cut a hole for the tap hole.
    9. Obkleyte inside of the tap hole with tape.
    10. Make a hole and insert the hearth.
    11. Razrisuy birdhouse paint or decorate decoration.

    It is worth noting that the roof in a birdhouse better sticking with adhesive tape and where necessary to clean, cut the tape with a knife and remove the roof.

    Birdhouse made of cardboard

    Birdhouse - made of paper, has a very light weight, so the looseness of its wind can blow.

    How to make a birdhouse made of cardboard you can also learn from the video:

    Birdhouse out of a shoe box is on the same principle as a birdhouse made of cardboard. The main objective is to give details of the birdhouse absolute impermeability. This can be achieved - or applying waterproof film or water-repellent paint coating parts.

    This type of nesting boxes, most close to the natural habitat in birds living tree holes. For its production, you will need:

    • Scrap timber 20-3- centimeters in diameter and a length of 40-50 centimeters.
    • Chainsaw or two-man saw.
    • Powerful drill with wide drill.
    • Big slick.
    • A hammer.
    • Clamps (for clamping the log during sawing and drilling).
    • Nails.

    Leave the walls of 3-4 centimeters.

    Manufacturing technology birdhouse out of a log is quite labor-intensive, so it is advisable to make this work with a partner.

    1. Hold the log clamps.
    2. Spila in logs two dice, 4-5 cm thick, they will serve as the roof and the bottom of the birdhouse.
    3. Take the drill and start to drill a log inside. Producing drilling, leave the edges of the log wall thickness of 3-4 centimeters.
    4. If the length of the drill is not enough for through holes, manufactures drilling from both sides.
    5. Using a chisel and hammer Give inner walls birdhouse final circular shape.
    6. Drill a hole for the tap hole, and set it under the hearth or the bar.
    7. Nail the bottom of the birdhouse.
    8. Roof birdhouse can simply profiting from a few nails, so that when necessary, it is easy to remove.

    Birdhouse from logs

    In any case were not made birdhouse from wet wood, or after drying, it can crack and fall apart. Also, it is desirable to treat the water-repellent paint - floor, the roof and unprotected areas of bark birdhouse.

    With another embodiment of the manufacturing birdhouse from a log, you can view in the video:

    The name of the birdhouse is not entirely true, as wine stoppers are the only decoration. Correct name would sound: birdhouse decorated wine stoppers. Furthermore decorative properties, tartaric cork possesses good insulating properties, however, starling house decorated in such an unusual way the birds will be warm.

    Birdhouse decorated with wine corks

    If you decide to refine your birdhouse wine stoppers, the following tools and materials:

    There are three ways to decorate wine stoppers:

    • The first method - involves cutting the cork into several circular plates. After that, the plates are glued to the roof and walls of the birdhouse.
    • The second method - is longitudinally cutting the tube into two semicircular parts and subsequent finishing of walls nest box.
    • The third way - eliminates cutting. The plug is glued in the form of a whole.

    Apartment birdhouse decorated stoppers

    Choose to decorate any one way does not make sense, birdhouse will look nicer if it decorate all three ways. For example: a roof - rams, side walls - the longitudinal cut, and a front wall - intact corks.

    Options, design and decor elements birdhouses

    There are many options birdhouses unusual shapes and designs, we offer you pictures of some of them:

  • Birdhouse - "barrel". It is made of bent round billets and rods glued together. Used as decoration imitating plastic elements vine and hemp rope. This birdhouse is complicated to manufacture, and is not recommended for the production of people who have no experience in carpentry.

  • "Three-room" nesting box is made of three sections of different shapes, interconnected. Feature nest box is used as a detachable element of the front wall, and the roof is not as in conventional models.

  • Birdhouse - "shoe". Budget option birdhouse from an old shoe. As a protection against rain and boards used galvanized iron.

  • Birdhouse from the old disk phone body. Not secure ecologically birdhouse because of the plastic case when heated in solonetz, may release hazardous substances to birds.

  • Birdhouses decorated stones. Beautiful version of birdhouses, but significant drawback may be the weight of the product, especially when set to high.

  • Birdhouse - "hut" made of glued bars stacked rustic log cabins. Beautiful birdhouse, but it is very difficult to manufacture.
  • Due to the human imagination, the home for the birds will always be updated with new versions, it may well seem that one of the authors of the new design you will become a birdhouse!

    Instructions for creating a connecting arch made of plasterboard. Partitioning of the door opening, creating metal frame and paneling plasterboard.

    RemBoo »FAQ» How to make a birdhouse from scrap materials

    How to make a birdhouse his own hands

    An indispensable tool in the fight against all sorts of pests of green space are always birds. In order to attract them to the croft house should be done for them. If you give feathered comfortable home, then worry about the safety of the crop will not be necessary. Although commonly called bird house birdhouse in it can live not only starlings, but other birds. In these apartments settle sparrows, flycatchers, chickadees, black cumin and swifts.

    Location and size of the house for the birds should be selected according to the characteristics of different birds. For example, the titmouse is more convenient, when the height of the birdhouse is about 30 cm, and the bottom - 12 cm, the diameter of the tap hole -. 3-3.5 cm Regarding the wagtails, these birds do not have the required tenacity paws, so the entrance should be set small ladder. This house is hung under the roof of the building, at a height of 3 to 5 m. Pika bird feels comfortable in the house with two through-holes, located on the right and the left. The presence of additional notches enables the bird to hide from predators.


    When considering how to make avian house previously should take care of the workpiece material required for construction.

    Coniferous trees are not suitable for building a birdhouse, because they secrete resin, whereby the interior space it will become sticky.


    Releasing toxins materials is also acceptable for the construction of a bird house, among them material fiberboard and particleboard. Plywood is also not an option, because it almost does not transmit sounds and feathered friends need a very good audibility, to avoid the danger. In addition, plywood bad retains heat, so the birds will be difficult to leave the brood. The best material for the birdhouse larch tree. The inner surface of the boards to remain rough. Thus, the birds will be easier to get out. On a smooth surface, you can make a horizontal incision with a chisel.

    Drawing and dimensions of structures made of wood

    process of manufacturing

    Design drawing can be done directly on the boards. They need to be spread out on the table. For marking need a pencil and square. With special care should raschertit boards to the front and rear wall, as well as side surfaces. For these purposes, the board needs different widths. At the end it should turn 7 of blanks with predetermined parameters:

    • Two side parts 15 cm wide, made of cut boards;
    • 3 parts of the facade the rear wall and the cover, with a sample size of 30 × 20 cm;
    • 2 parts of 15 × 15 cm, used for the bottom and roof bottom nest box.

    To simplify the assembly of parts, they need to cut it out as carefully as possible, and then sign in pencil.

    Typical size of the bird house is 20 cm wide, 15-20 cm deep and 30 cm in height. Spacious apartment for birds - this is not always the best idea. Of course, in a large house shelters more than chicks, but to bring up a brood consisting of many individuals is not always a virtue feathered parents! If the chicks will not receive the necessary care and will be bad to eat, they will not be able to make long flights and grow painful. Conversely, in a small house there is a possibility to shelter just 3 chicks, but they grow up healthy and able to support the power of the population of the species.

    With a ramp to the rear of the drawing

    Drawing with pent roof

    Instructions on making a birdhouse

    With a gable roof drawing

    Initially, the front wall is connected to the side. Nails should be scored at the edges and center of the board. It should get a U-shaped design. Before further connection, it is important to check the reliability and the rigidity of the elements that are already connected. To harden, you can score a few more nails between those who were slaughtered earlier.

    In order not to drive into the thorn skin, it is better to work with wood with gloves.

    By the same method going back wall and bottom of the structure. To round off the inner corners, it is possible to beat the bottom of a wooden bead. All the elements are fixed with nails. Optionally, additional structure to harden the nails. Now we need to prepare the roof, which must be removable. This will allow the birds to clean the house if necessary. The edges of the roof should protrude beyond the dimensions of the birdhouse. This is especially important to do from the front. So you protect the bird house from rainwater and other precipitation.

    Drawing and assembly

    The roof should consist of two parts - the sleeve and the core. The roof is held in place by the second part. It needs to fit the size and connect two parts with nails. Now set a board or perch on which the bird will sit down at the entrance to their comfortable home.

    When coloring the finished birdhouse better use of dull colors. Perfectly suited dirty-green and brownish tones. Predators in this case will be harder to find a bird house.

    In some cases, you can make a temporary home for birds, using available materials, such as cardboard. Although this type of construction does not go to any comparison with wooden its counterpart, it may well become a haven for birds for the season. As the starting material used is corrugated tight. For operation the following materials are needed: cardboard, starch, self-adhesive paper, having a laminated coating and twine. Tools: scissors, a ruler, a knife for cutting cardboard, pencil, square, compass.

    Initially, you can label all work, they all have to be duplicated. From starch must be cooked paste. Finished parts need to stick together in pairs. All walls are double, which increases their strength. The front wall is cut by the hole notches. The back wall is done 4 small holes used for twine, through which a house can be tied to a tree. Birdhouse wall glued butt at right angles. As a result, should get a box. At the time of drying, it should wrap the threads.

    of cardboard

    The roof should consist of two parts glued together. The outer part is to be made with the allowances. Such a product will be more durable if the paste over it on the outside with laminated paper.

    Out of the box, or a plastic bottle

    If there is nowhere to get timber, then make a bird house can be finished out of the box, for example, of juice or milk with a capacity greater than 1 liter. It needs to be pre-washed and dried. After that, cut notches. In order to strengthen the bottom, you can use thick cardboard. Top boxes to make small holes to be able to thread the wires through them, which will be assigned to the birdhouse. Outside the product, you can paste over the decorative laminated paper.

    From a plastic bottle

    For the manufacture of one more option is used quite a bit of material: plastic bottle, paint to paint the bottle or laminated paper, wire and a knife. At the top of the 5-liter bottle is cut hole for the notches. In the roof, drill two holes for the wire, which will be mounted design. Birds feel uncomfortable in a transparent house. Therefore, to create comfort, the bottle can be painted or paste over with laminated paper.

    As can be seen, make a simple version of the birdhouse is a snap. However, in order to birdhouse perform its tasks fully, it is important to properly install.

    Birdhouse on a tree

    Comply with certain installation rules must be mandatory. I decided to read that mount houses for birds need the beginning of April, but the nesting boxes can be installed at any time of the year. installation height is an average of 3-5 m, it concerns houses and villages. In cities such constructions are mounted at a height of 8-10 m.

    The inlet must be on the side with a minimum number of winds. Nesting box should be installed in the shade or partial shade, it is impossible that it is exposed to direct sunlight. Suspended structures need a certain distance from the branches. This will protect the birds from domestic cats and other predators.

    Regulation nest box should be strictly vertical. Assume a slight tilt forward, but can not be doing back bend. If the design is made of durable materials, it is necessary to provide access to the interior for the annual cleaning.

    Subject to simple guidelines, you can build a cozy and comfortable home for the birds! If you have any questions, ask them in the comments to this article.

    Guys, when you write an article, at least ask whether larch pine tree! Is an.

    That's super. Now my husband will have something to do with the little boy)))) Birdhouse is a miracle!

    How to make a birdhouse: of planks and logs for different birds

    To attract birds to the area and helpful and pleasant. Useful because they destroy pests, nice - listening to their singing and watch the behavior of birds. Because many came up with the idea - to build a birdhouse with your hands. People over 40 years, thus can recall school years: the labor lessons the boys made houses for birds. But not only the site owners make birdhouses. Often, residents of apartment buildings hang them on the trees near the house, on the balconies and loggias.

    birds singing and wants to be implanted in the proud

    The answer is simple - wood, and hardwood: pine tar too. The resin may stain plumage, leading to the death of the birds. You should not use plywood, particle board or OSB. In such birdhouse rarely someone settles: glue and binding deter birds. By the same token we collect and seal the workpiece only nails or screws, do not use glue.

    Most often, birdhouses made of planks. The thickness of the boards - not less than 20 mm. This thickness is sufficient to maintain a stable temperature inside, which is important when deriving chicks. And unplaned boards need anyway to be rough inner surface. The front part of a taphole also especially scratch: to these incisions chicks and poultry are raised to the notch.

    The wall further scratched under taphole

    To when assembling boards are not cracked under the screws pre-drilled holes. Diameter - slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw.

    Dimensions nesting boxes for different species of birds

    In order to attract different species of birds the size of a house should be changed. Changes in the basic proportions of the "body" and notches. The task - to create a more usual for this type of nesting conditions.

    As you can see from the table, only the height varies largely. The width remains more or less stable. More birdhouses do not worth it. They will encourage a greater number of eggs to delay and to fully bring up a large number of bird chicks will not be able, as a result of the offspring will be weak and will likely die.

    What birds to settle any birdhouse

    If you want to attract wagtails, make a birdhouse laid on its side: its height is 10-12 cm, and width - 35-40 cm, with the same slight tap-hole, located approximately in the middle. Wagtails have weak legs, and climb the high wall of a notch, they can not. And because such a choice of nesting. in tryasoguhochnitse it is also desirable to make the entrance trapik about 10 cm wide - so that they can go "on foot".

    Birdhouse for wagtails

    It requires some explanation poluduplyanka. Some birds are accustomed to nest not in the hollows, and in the hollows between the branches. The completely enclosed artificial nests, they rarely settle. If you want to attract, for example, gray flycatcher, give her a small box in which the notches are in the whole width of the front wall.

    Poluduplyanka for the gray flycatcher

    Just keep in mind that in these houses still like to settle and some protein.

    There is another nesting place, which is often the birds prefer - nest boxes. This birdhouse vdolblennye piece of timber. Often cut to the appropriate size block of wood dead tree, turning it into an apartment for the birds. The height and diameter are selected based on the dimensions that were specified for conventional nest box. The bottom and roof in nest boxes are made of a piece of board.

    Bird houses - birdhouse from a log

    If the birdhouse entrance is a small, removable cover makes. This is necessary in order to be able to process the insides of parasites. Sometimes it happens: live birds in a row a few years and then cease to settle. Just inside the parasites multiply. After removing the cover and throw out the old nesting, birdhouse scalded with boiling water. This is enough. It can also be treated in a weak solution of potassium permanganate (slightly pink).

    It's a shame and a pity, when birds nest ruin. They are doing it mostly cats, but still - woodpeckers. Therefore, when making a birdhouse his own hands, increase the overhang of the roof. Almost all of the figures he painted a length of 5 cm. In order to protect the nesting box by the cat, you need to make sure that he could not reach the tap hole. To this end, the roof must extend no less than 7 cm, and it is better to add a couple more - for large specimens. This projection will also be protected against driving rain: the likelihood that the chicks get wet becomes even smaller.

    Another option - to fill the nails in the lid. Côte hardly get hurt, but freely accommodate not work - will not allow nails.

    Make a roof overhang more to cat paw could not reach the chicks

    To protect the chicks from woodpeckers there are several ways:

    • obbit notches tin:
    • drive a few nails around the tap hole;
    • nail patch to the area of ​​the taphole wood fibers which run horizontally.

    All this will prevent woodpecker expand notches and get to the eggs or chicks. Last trick - an overlay - also complicate the task of the cat: to reach out through the long entrance is difficult to chicks.

    Measures against the enemies of: 1 - from woodpeckers, 2.3 - from cats

    From cats and potential occupiers still escape with the help of protective zones. Or make them out of tin strips or "brooms". You will understand by looking at the picture. Please note that the distances needed to withstand up to 3-4 cm. Then the animals will not be able to jump the protective belt. You should not be between them and the starling house is knots, feeders and other possible support.

    Where to hang the birdhouse - the same science. If you put up together in a tree at a height of not less than 2.5-3 meters. Close to the selected tree should not in the path, or lively meta - well, bench, etc.

    Choose a place must also be correctly

    Choosing a place in the tree, note that before the tap-hole should be large branches: the approach must be free. In this case, you need to expand it so that looked "window" to the south. All this increases the chances that your birdhouse settle tenants.

    Another point: the need to tie or nail so that the "house" is tilted slightly forward. And the chicks will be easier to get out, and less rain will score.

    How to make a birdhouse his own hands: photo

    Will do the easiest option - with a flat roof. As already mentioned, the rough-take hardwood boards of 20 mm thickness. To avoid splinters, work best when wearing gloves. According to the drawing cut into the workpiece. Try to saw cut were flat and at right angles: slots should not be. Immediately after hatching chicks without feathers, and the slightest draft could destroy them. Because all faces should be smooth.

    Birdhouse drawing with dimensions

    Take long thin nails - diameter of 1.5-2 mm, length of 4-5 cm and a hammer. We begin to build. To the front of the right angle nailed sidewall. On each - three or four nails.

    We begin to build a birdhouse

    Turning preform taphole down, take bottom insert it aligned. Nailed to the sidewalls. Top cover with the back wall, also nailed. Do not forget the rear wall connecting to the sidewalls.

    Insert bottom and rear wall nailed

    Turning taphole upward nailed bottom also from this side. Still needed roof. Take the rest of the square - a double bed, nailed it so that the protruding front apron was at least 5 cm (preferably 7-10 cm, as discussed earlier). If the nails are sticking out, bends them.

    Collect and set the roof

    The roof just has to be inserted tightly. If something interferes, moonlighting as a chisel. That's all a birdhouse with your hands ready.

    Birds adapt and without perches

    Often under Lethke set perch. I need it or not? If there is enough branches - it is better not to do. If net-branches must either make a perch or a small shelf, though you can get by without them. Why? Because cats also rely on them and reach out to the chicks to support them easier.

    How do sinichnik See the video

    Do nest boxes - a birdhouse from a log

    If the feathered people will have a choice - to live in the nest boxes or birdhouse made of boards - choose nest boxes. It is more similar to the familiar "housing" - a hollow, there are no gaps at the sides and, because - warmer. They are less visible in the tree, which means more chances to raise offspring. This - pros from the point of view of birds. Now about the advantages in terms of "producers": the work is a fallen tree, and it is - free. If you have found a suitable - it will suffice for a large number of birdhouses. On the cons - to make nest boxes longer and harder: you have to manually pick out the core, leaving the wall intact.

    Of nest boxes in flight

    Now, how to find a suitable Dereviny. Best aspen she vygnivaet usually from the inside and on the outer edge remains solid. Because we go on a quest in the aspen grove, and there among the fallen trees looking for the right: to saw a few trunks. It is important to find the edge and with a rotten mid - work will go faster.

    It is desirable to find an aspen - a core rotten out, but strong margins

    Often, these trees have decayed bark, from which they look unsightly. The bark of the stripping, pull the log to the cottage or the house. There block of wood cut to the appropriate size. Dimensions are determined diameter. To nest box internal diameter of nest boxes should be 22-30 cm, respectively, the outer - 27-36 cm segments closer to the top suitable for sinichnika -. Inner diameter of 15-22 cm, the outer - 19-26 cm.

    The height of the block of wood also depends on the type of cabin - sinichnik height of 20-40 cm (but more likely to settle in the lowest), starling -. 30 to 45 cm sawing try to make the taper that would be below, equal, and above - at a slight incline - to rain dripping from the roof. For the manufacture of roofs and bottoms needed trim boards can be used edging and croaker.

    Take churbachok cut and start a chisel to dig core. Task - dig up through-hole. After that, even tough wood is easier to shear. To process went faster, you can drill holes nasverlit, then break the chisel jumper.

    Task - dig up the through hole

    Usually ends with a rotten core quickly, then we have to cut away pieces of wood with a chisel and a hammer or mallet. But with a hole in the center of it is a lot easier - cleave longitudinal pieces, the work is at a normal rate.

    We work with a chisel and hammer

    The walls must remain the order of 1.5-3 cm. The middle of trying to earn more or less smoothly, without large chips. When walls are selected, making notches. If there is a bitch - you can gouge it. Or take the crusts and drill, drill at a suitable location. If the crown is not, we take an ordinary drill bit, drill holes in a circle, then, by the same chisel to cut through the remaining bridges.

    Birdhouse with his own hands from the logs is almost ready

    At the bottom there is a piece of board thickness of 2-2.5 cm. Its nailed or screwed on the screws. Protruding parts are cut as close to the walls.

    It remains to nail the roof. Fit the same board or slab. Before fastening the screw, drill holes, otherwise the board may crack.

    Actually, a birdhouse with your hands you have done, it is necessary to protect it from attacks woodpeckers. If the walls have knots, it is desirable to lubricate plasticine (usually children). They can also seal the gap that remained between the bottom and the roof and walls: rarely get fit everything clearly. If you do not want to gloss over the clay, you can caulk hemp rope. It is applied to the gap, and is driven into it, flat-blade screwdriver (for all the caulking has special blades, but they are great - this time, for "single use" them to buy ...). If "is" bad, you can tap the handle of a hammer.

    Konopatka "seams" hemp rope

    While new birdhouse, it looks relatively well, but after a couple of months it will darken. For birds is good - it will be less noticeable, and from this they will benefit. But not all homeowners like to look at is icky "decoration." To improve the appearance, the nesting box can be painted, so only need to choose the color "natural" - brown, gray, shades of green. You want your bird survive? So it is necessary to mask their nest, not to paint all the colors of the rainbow, attracting all possible predators.

    It looks like wood in a few months

    Interestingly decorated nest boxes

    Creative also be safe for the birds))

    Variants of creative hollow nests

    If this house hang on the birch tree, it will not be visible

    And this - just an ideal - no gaps in the floor))

    Beautiful decoration and masking

    Hopefully now you can not only make a birdhouse his own hands, but also wisely (in terms of birds) to decorate it.

    Some birdhouses have drawings in the text, some more spread in this section. Correct size for the planned "tenants" certainly not a problem. Also note that for a given layout board 2 cm thick. By increasing or decreasing the thickness necessary adjustments.

    Skvorechnik triangular roof: drawing dimensions

    Birdhouse with a triangular roof: the layout is in the details

    Starling with an inclined roof (front wall above)

    Grateful, it's time to make small houses for birds in the spring.

    Not so easy to find a board width of 190 mm, or can be made from furniture board, as one of your photos?

    Can be of the shield can be from a few boards, a tight fit them. You can use the decking (with tenon and groove).

    Do I need to do another perch, climbed to the chicks inside the birdhouse if deep

    On a perch they have not come out. And the entrance is made high so that they went there when it was a little grow and get stronger.

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