Equips fireplace at the cottage: garden hearth with his hands

A fire in the country - it is a special pleasure, which is not available to us in a city apartment. Making garden hearth with your hands, you can often enjoy the game of fire, cook something delicious on the grill by the fire, simply soak up the heat in the cool evenings.

To fire looked to the garden in harmony, it is better to arrange a permanent place for him, which would provide adequate fire protection standards and provide comfort.

And, although, outside center in the photo may look quite luxurious for its construction does not need costly neither the time nor the materials.

You may well choose an option that can be realized in a couple of days.

How to make a garden hearth stone.

To make the garden hearth with natural stone finishes, mark up the first focus of the kennel and fill a small concrete pad under the brickwork.

Masonry will consist of two layers. Domestic - brick layer and the outer layer - made of natural stone.

The upper part of the hearth and can be finished with stone.

To use the fireplace as a grill, grid assigned to it in accordance with the hearth dimensions.

Such a beautiful place for a fire can be placed on the terrace in front of the house where you can spend really unforgettable evening at the cottage.

In fact, the easiest garden hearth can be folded out of the ordinary concrete blocks.

In order to maximally protect the soil from the fire and for easier cleaning of the hearth, it is better to put concrete blocks on a brick platform.

If the top of the fireplace decorated with natural stone, it will look quite respectable.

Placing the fireplace next to the summer kitchen and a pergola, you will receive another wonderful sitting area in the garden.

The hearth of the semicircular borodyura and paving slabs.

Concrete blocks are produced not only in the form of rectangles, - semicircular concrete curbs trees normally used for fences.

These concrete blocks are ideal for the creation of a small street fire.

If the semi-circular blocks is found, note the paving slabs. It turns out that using it as a brick, too, can make a fireplace to give.

For those who are not in favor of excessive creativity, it is easiest to use to create the bricks of the hearth.

Put the desired size of the brick fireplace, mark up the contours and dig a hole to the height of a brick. Obkladyvayut contours hearth podsypaya to the bottom gravel. Tip: if the wall near the pit to make a little inclined to the outside, the design get more stable.

Minimally adorned the upper part of the hearth, you will get a cozy fireplace and beautiful in the country. In the center you can put a metal tripod and cook gruel. For meat lovers, you can set up a simple skewer and prepare the bird entirely on a spit.

How to make space for a fire in the country.

To enter the fireplace in the overall design of the garden, it can be a special area for him.

Such a place for a fire to be more comfortable and convenient because curb stone can be used as a bench, and a smooth shape pad adds an elegant touch to the landscape design of the entire garden.

Garden hearth from scrap materials.

For lovers to use the materials at hand and there is a beautiful garden hearth options.

For example, it is possible to make such a beautiful old hearth of the pelvis and stone and metal residues.

In fact, for the inside of the hearth can use any strong metal.

This metal can become a tank of a washing machine.

For its functioning enough to weld to it feet.

And you can add a minimum brickwork. Work a little, and the difference is palpable.

Sometimes a fireplace located in the recess on the site - this method is used for windy or noisy area, thus creating a more relaxed and quiet atmosphere at the campfire.

Not necessarily be used for the fire bowl remains of household appliances.

You can simply buy a galvanized metal sheet and cook from it artless design for the hearth.

The only drawback of this design that it is seriously hot wall and it is necessary to isolate the focus from flammable surfaces.

Garden hearth of automotive disc.

Therefore it is better focus on the outside of the metal lined with brick or decorative stone.

As a basis for this focus drive from the tractor wheels was taken.

How to make the center of the concrete with their hands.

For outdoor hearth of concrete formwork must be done in accordance with the size you select campfire. For further structural strength put into the shuttering metal fittings.

After the concrete hardens, remove the formwork and trim the outer side of the hearth.

Pour gravel into the fire, set fire to a metal bowl and add on top of pebbles or gravel larger.

Concrete can be decorated with stone hearth or just leave in this way, what it is - it will have a more modern sleek look.

Garden hearth conveniently located in the outdoor gazebo - a place can become a center of attraction for the whole country life.

If you're not a big fan of evenings around the campfire and meals on an open fire, you can not even fit a small mobile bowl for bonfire.

Its like and hearth can be used for decorative purposes and for cooking on the grill or tripod.

Round or square, stone or concrete blocks, regardless of the selected style you can always find garden hearth, which is suitable for your garden. Small or large - almost everyone, this center is a budget option that is able to add a touch of real luxury to your garden!

Bonfire of stones in the country with their own hands

Farmland can be used not only for the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and beautiful flowers, but also for get-togethers with friends and family. Open hearth stone remarkably decorate any country site. This landscape will appeal to everyone. bonfire can be made of stone with their hands to create an atmosphere of comfort.

To make a bonfire of stones in the country with their own hands, take a little time. Such a focus on its core is a hole in the ground, surrounded by stones. They help give the fireplace a form to protect the fire from wind and keep warm.

First we need to find the optimal location for everything bonfire with their own hands. It is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

  • Campfire place should be away from trees, buildings, parking lots for cars and other objects that can easily ignite.
  • A platform for a fire should be separated from other areas by any non-combustible materials: iron, stone, brick, concrete. Such a stone fence, by the way, well accumulate heat from the blazing fire, and then cools down slowly.
  • The location should be level and be clearly visible.
  • Pit for a bonfire usually make a round with a diameter of 100 cm. This will allow the gathering around the campfire people at a safe distance from the fire, and at the same time close to each other.

In addition, the regeneration of the hearth to take into account the size of the territory. If a small area, the large fireplace will look ridiculous. Also, on the contrary, a small center in a large area will be completely invisible.

Tools and materials needed

After it had been to find a suitable place for the fire, start creating the hearth of stone with their hands. To do this, you need the following Tools and materials:

  • Cement.
  • Sandstone.
  • Mortar.
  • Geotextiles.
  • Armature segments.
  • Firebrick.
  • Shovel.
  • Flat stone.
  • Rope.
  • Pebbles or gravel.
  • Peg.
  • Trowels.

Making bonfire made of stone with their hands

To create a bonfire made of stone, in the center of the selected space and stick a peg by means of spray paint outline the contour of the future source. Observing fire safety measures, making a circle of 20 cm more than the estimated size of the fire. At the site, marked with paint, begin to dig a small ditch in the form of a circle. Its depth depends on the region of residence, and can range from 20 to 100 cm.

Then preparing a solution of the cement strictly according to instructions. The resulting solution was filled ditch, but not completely, before reaching the top of about 3 cm. The solution was carefully leveled. Until it solidifies, it lay lengths of reinforcement, which should be prepared in advance. They subsequently become fasteners. The solution is allowed to cool.

Until the cement hardens, begin to sort out the stones, putting the biggest and flat. Spread first row of stones smooth rounded shape so as to obtain a circle. It is necessary to use trowels, by which the solution was applied in a thin layer on top of a number of stones. it must dent in all the cracks. Thereafter, to be distributed between the stones solution. With wet sponge wipe stones, removing excess solution is that it does not spoil their appearance.

Then begin to lay out the second row. To create it using the stones of medium size. They must be combined with each other, because it depends on how it will look in the final result fireplace. By means of trowels solution is uniformly applied on the lower row and start to spread it on the second layer of stones, filling the gap by cement, and then the sponge was removed and its surplus.

On the surface of the second row of thin layer solution was again spread on top and the next row of the smallest stones. The slots are also filled with a solution.

To fireplace was an attractive appearance, the surface should be put a layer of flat stones. You should remember that acquiring material for building campfires, to do it with a stock of stones to be able to choose the most suitable.

To focus not flooded after rain, the roof can be made of sheet metal for it.

After the bonfire built by their own hands, sprinkled with gravel ground inside and around the hearth. And in these places in advance eliminate all vegetation. This will prevent a fire that may start within this hole.

To protect the stones from the effects of various precipitation on them you can apply sealant Cement with a brush. It will also allow the cement does not crack and does not fall apart.

You can equip the surrounding area. Use of the ink cartridge circle is drawn around the hearth, and then start to dig thereon a groove depth of 8 cm. Then it is covered with geotextile. After that, it is sprinkled with gravel. Many people do not like when the gravel gets into shoes, so you can use other material.

Around the campfire can be planted ornamental grasses and flowers, and on the perimeter set plastic chairs and tables, wicker chairs, wrought iron benches. It is wonderful to decorate the local landscape. Also to the site, you can lay out a path of gravel.

By the way, the focus can be not only in the form of a circle. Remarkably will look bonfire, if give it a look:

  • Lunar crater.
  • Fireplace with a painted cricket guardian.
  • Sun rays with improvised.

Made with their own hands hearth stone is no longer just a stove, a true work of art. Thanks to him garden transformed beyond recognition, especially if you combine this structure with the general concept of the house. Relatives and friends will be shocked by this masterpiece, made with his own hands.


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