Removing the drill chuck

How to remove the cartridge from the drill: the methods of mounting and dismounting

The instruments of any home master must exist drill. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove her patron. Typically, this problem occurs when the device is malfunction.

This task can any craftsman who understands even a little in the art. But for a person who has never faced this can become a big problem. To remove the item with a drill, you first need to study the principles of its attachment, and only then proceed to the replacement.

Exist several varieties of them:

  • Quick-types;
  • SDS-Collet device;
  • Cam types.

The quick-change elements of the drill bit, or turn in seconds without using any tools. They are divided into single and double box types.

In the latter case for attaching the drill with one hand has to hold the clutch, and the second - the other screws. The cartridge has odnomuftovyh shaft lock system, triggered when replacement tooling. Less similar products - low strength fixation drills. In addition, the use of plastic parts significantly increases the risk of damage to the cartridge.

On impact drills and rotary hammers better to put the jaw chuck. They are stronger, so they are often used for work in difficult conditions. In these articles do not set plastic parts, and snap-fastening is done with a special key.

Yet there SDS-collet chucks that were created in the 70s of the last century. In this construction, the shank has two grooves, the size of which is 10 mm.

In this system, part of the drill has to be screwed into the socket 40 mm. It is fixed detent balls. In addition, in the structure 4 has a groove, 2 of them are fixed and the rest are used for steering wedges. Spindle device equipped with this structure, automatically locked after installation.

In any drilling tool chuck shaft is fixed in two ways: on a cone and by means of a threaded fastening.

In the latter embodiment, on the inner channel and the drill shaft has inch or metric thread. In this situation, the repair of many often the question arises, how to change the cartridge to the drill. Learn the thread type and its characteristics can be on the body. For example, if the embossed 1-15M13h1,3, it means:

  • M13 - diameter of the metric thread;
  • 1.3 - her step;
  • 1 and 15 - the maximum and minimum size of the drill shank.

When using inch thread, marked designation UNF. Therefore, before you change the product, you must check whether the mounting dimensions of the label. Now almost all drills available inch thread.

For durability to the shaft the locking screw connections be mounted inside the device. It has a left-hand thread, in other words, it must be unscrewed in a clockwise direction.

Another embodiment of locking means application Morse cone. The end of the motor shaft is designed as a cone. The same part of the cone and has an inner channel. Install the cartridge in the shaft cone. The data elements are labeled as B 10, B 12, B 16 and B 18. More particularly such a method popular in the screwdriver.

To remove it need a screwdriver. She everted screw screwed in the tool spindle and mounted within the product. Then he twisted off the spindle. As mentioned above, the inner left screw thread differs, therefore, it is twisted clockwise. However, the cartridge is unscrewed anticlockwise as he, on the contrary, right hand thread.

If the screw does not want otkruchivatsya, tap it hammer a screwdriver through. Difficulties with the cartridge should arise, he gets out easily. Although the appearance of the difficulties you can use the open-end wrench and pipe wrench. The first is attached to the drill stem, and the last - to bow holder.

In addition, when the chuck jaws clamp function can be set thicker hexagon for its eversion. You also need to fix the spindle using the open-end wrench. On most modern drills operating on battery power, for attaching the drill additional devices are not required. However, to change the cartridge on them very hard.

When that does not work to remove it, disassembled tool body. Thus, it is possible to reach the spindle because it is hidden in the assembled state. Then, all going back, but without the use of keys.

What if in the process of replacing the spoiled inner screw? In this situation it is better to buy an adapter for chuck for cam-type punch, because with it comes bundled screw.

How to Replace an instance of a cone?

Difficulty in extracting the element unit built onto the shaft cone, should not appear. You can use a special device, which is used to replace the bearings.

But the easiest way to put the instrument vertically, with the drill bit will look down. Then you need to knock gently across the surface of the hammer until the cartridge is not beaten out of engagement. If necessary, it is carried out resurfacing. The new piece is inserted with light blows from above.

Often due to excessive loading or improper fastening of the drill bit is capable of jam chuck, the usual way to get it will not succeed. What to do in this case? First, try a cool detail. Quite often it is enough to relax the jaws, and pull out the drill bit.

You can go the other way. Release jammed snap will help tapping the cams. For this purpose, the grip should be secure free edge of the drill bit and attach the piece of wood to the cartridge. It is through her and tapping is performed. Vibration chuck loosened his grip, and easy to be able to remove the drill. Moreover, such a method would be suitable quick-owners and classic fixture.

But sometimes removed without the use of tools is not possible lubrication. In particularly difficult situations, to solve the problem can be achieved only after the cartridge immersion in oil or engine oil. Keep the product in the liquid must be about an hour. If you combine the methods that will remove the stuck drill much faster.

How do I change the cartridge in the drills? How to work with a drill

The drill is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of DIY or professional. This equipment allows to drill holes of different thicknesses. There are several varieties of such tools. Today, there are both manual and electric drills. Each artist must know how to properly use a similar tool.

During continuous operation the equipment may malfunction. How do I change the cartridge in the drills, you should know before you start. In this case, even a novice will be able to repair your instrument properly.

Working with a drill assumes that the master carefully read the instruction manual of the instrument. This will prevent a lot of damage. You should also consider the type of tool. On sale today includes hand and electric drills. They may differ in size, capacity and additional capabilities.

Before working with a drill should be examined for the presence of the wall hidden in her column communications. It may be electrical wires or pipes. The metal detector will detect these objects. The hole will always be a little larger than the diameter of the drill. This should be considered when selecting fasteners.

It should see to it that the drilling (especially metal) drill from sliding. This is to avoid breakage. For ceramic surfaces it is recommended in place of drilling apply the patch. The drill must be positioned perpendicular to the wall.

There are several types of ammunition. This should be considered prior to the repair tool. The electric drill keyless chuck often used. They allow you to easily change drills in operation. Such kind of cartridge, for example, a power drill "Makita9raquo ;," Bosh9raquo ;, "Hitachi9raquo; and so on. d. It is not necessary to purchase a cheap model with such a device. They are easily damaged.

For impact drills jaw chucks are used. They are stable even under the hardest conditions. Adjustment of the drill is carried out in such systems with a special key.

There is also a third category of ammunition. This SDS-collet chucks. These two shank grooves are arranged. In this drill it screwed and fixed stop ball. Also in this cartridge has a groove 4. Two of them are needed to guide the wedges. Other two grooves perform a secure fit tooling. In such a spindle chuck is locked automatically after installation.

Considering the types of drills for patrons, not to mention their mountings. There are two main methods. Fastening may be performed by means of a threaded connection or a cone.

In the first embodiment, the shaft and the internal bore is threaded. It can be either metric or inch (depending on the manufacturer). To compound was durable special screw mounted inside the shaft. It has a left-hand thread. It spun clockwise.

In the second embodiment, fixation is used Morse taper. The end of the shaft has a characteristic shape. It is designed as a cone. Such a form has the same internal channel. It is at the end of the shaft is installed cartridge. This variant is more common in fixing the screwdriver.

Repairing a drill, it is possible to determine the type of attachment of the cartridge labeling. If the system has a threaded connection, the information will be applied to the body. Metric thread indicated "M9raquo letter ;. Digital, which contains the following letters mean diameter compound. It also indicates the maximum diameter of the drill chuck shank and its minimum value (e.g., 1-15 mm range). The latter figure, which is indicated on the labeling indicates the thread pitch.

For the inch system is used on the labeling designation UNF. Before proceeding to repair the equipment, you must carefully check whether the fixing of a new part installed by the manufacturer options. Virtually all international instruments inch system is used.

Cone labeled compound "V9raquo letter; and the figure (the size of the shaft). At this rate, when choosing new parts should also be sure to pay attention.

Repairing drill "Makita9raquo ;," Hitachi9raquo ;, "Stenli9raquo ;," Bosh9raquo ;, you should first read the manufacturer's instructions. This will help get the job done well. Holder shall hold the drill tightly. This makes it possible to drill holes with a certain accuracy.

Over time, the clamping mechanism of wear. This also applies to the landing place on the chuck shaft. He begins to beat. The working area when the equipment starts to oscillate. In this case, the hole is obtained with variations in diameter, and by location.

Wear mechanism does not allow tightly clamped in the drill chuck. It will stop when the load increases. To resolve these problems, it is necessary to replace the clamping mechanism.

Replacing a cartridge in the drill should be performed in accordance with the design type. To remove the fitting, you should use a screwdriver. With it unscrews the screw spindle. It is located inside the drill. The screw should be completely unscrewed and removed from the spindle. This element has left hand threads. Therefore, it should be unscrewed clockwise.

Chuck, on the contrary, has a right-hand thread. To remove it, you will need to unscrew the structural element counterclockwise.

Sometimes the screw is screwed very hard. Manually dismantle it can be quite difficult. In this case, it suffices to knock the screwdriver hammer when it is installed in a groove on the fastening element. You can also use gas or open-end wrench. The first of these should embrace the cartridge, and the second - to fix the spindle.

Difficulties with threaded cartridge replacement

Sometimes even the key for drill chuck can not help dismantle the tool design. In this case, you can use several other approaches. If the chuck clamping jaws are working, you can use a larger hexagon. This will help to make more efforts. Spanner in this case it is necessary to fix the spindle.

The construction of modern electric drill chuck does not involve the use of additional equipment. However, this does not mean that change chuck them will be easier. The clamping mechanism in this case is quite difficult to dismantle.

Sometimes it is necessary to disassemble the tool body. This will allow the spindle to reach hidden inside it. In the assembled form, this element may be hidden deep in the body. After removal and replacement cartridge design is going in reverse. You do not need to use additional keys.

If for some reason the screw inside the damaged, it can be replaced. In this case, it is recommended to purchase a cartridge adapter. It is sold for cam-type tool. Included with the supplied adapter and screw.

When considering how to change the cartridge to the drill, you should consider such a kind as conical clamping mechanism. In this case, the procedure is quite simple. In this case, you can use a special device. It is used for the removal of the bearings.

To release the clamping mechanism cone type drill pose vertically. Its drill should be directed downwards. Across the cartridge with a hammer to knock the surface. In this case, the clamping mechanism will gradually get out of his seat.

Conical connection then needs to be cleaned and sanded with fine sandpaper. After that, a new cartridge is easy to fall into place. It is fixed by tapping lightly on top of the hammer.

The causes of the problems with the clamping mechanism

Drill, instructions for use which master should be studied before use requires proper operation. In this case, it is able to avoid many problems.

Today, most electric versions of such equipment are equipped with SDS chuck type. It was designed by "Bosh9raquo ;. This device is not highly accurate. However, this mechanism allows to drill holes even in hard materials. In this case the tool operation is carried out with a punch. In this case, the accuracy of the drilling will not achieve. This is done using a special adapter.

If you need to drill precise holes in wood, metal, plastic, a special nozzle is used. Her release for quick-and for the jaw chuck.

Keep in mind that the drill can not make milling. In this case, the cartridge will not be able to withstand side load. It is also required to pay attention to proper selection of drill bits, grinding it, as well as marking the drilling center (with the help of the core).

Periodically, the tool is required to serve, change the old parts, lubricate moving parts. In this case also need to learn how to change the cartridge to the drill. Conical nozzle holder must deploy upward. His draped wooden spacers and are clamped in a vise.

Pipe wrench unscrew the nut and the bearing is dismantled. Pulled the puck. Further, the cartridge can get out of the rut. Manually Turn the adjustment sleeve. Cams need to get out of the guide.

After the dismantling of all the parts of the clamping mechanism is necessary to examine, worn parts should be replaced. Next, the mechanism is going in reverse. All moving parts are lubricated with grease.

Sometimes in the process of dismantling and other problems appear. For example, if a jammed drill chuck, it is necessary to disassemble the mechanism and make it a complete cleaning, lubrication. Especially such troubles appear after drilling the ceiling. Pollution pouring into the cartridge. In this case, it may become jammed.

If the cartridge flies need to increase the tension in the conical connection. For this mechanism to be heated up to 110 ° C in an oven. After that it is mounted on the cold seat. After this procedure, the cartridge will not fly.

It can also appear at the beating tool. It occurs due to the aging of the conical base or fracture uneven surfaces of the cams. In this case, the need to replace the old system of elements.

Let us consider how to change the cartridge to the drill, almost every artist will be able to repair the tool to continue the repair or construction work.

Removing the threaded chuck drills, methods of attachment of cartridges

Remove the cartridge from an electric drill is necessary for cleaning or replacement. Sam dismantling process is simple, and the occasional difficulties are solved. Our guide demonstrates how to remove the chuck from the drill by hand.

The hand drill used two kinds of fixing the chuck:

  1. Morse taper - conical shaft shank and the corresponding hole in the cartridge.
  2. A threaded fastener - thread on the shaft on which the cartridge is screwed like a nut.

Consider carefully the metal rod between the housing and the cartridge. In the case of threaded slots landing usually visible under the spanner, and a tapered shaft always smooth.

About the method of attachment and said markings embossed on the cartridge:

  1. Morse taper abbreviated B10, B12 and so on.. (V - cone, the figure - the maximum size of the drill).
  2. The marking of the threaded chuck type designation is present and the thread diameter: M13 (metric 13 mm) or UNF-1/2 (a half inch inch).

In drills with reverse function additionally fixed chuck retaining screw, visible through the open jaws.

Locking screw threaded holder.

Slots on the screw head can be cross-shaped, hexagon or even a "star." Prepare the appropriate screwdriver, key or bit. Use the tool with the whole slots, just the right size.

Unscrew locking screw chuck.

Measure the shaft drills space size turnkey. Most likely, it will be 14 mm for the tool of the middle class, or 17 mm for a more powerful machine.

Pick up the key to the patron.

Prepare open-end wrench with thin lips. One can take the appropriate repair kit of a bicycle or grind off a conventional key faces on sandpaper.

Cooking spanner.

Hold the drill shaft key, try a screwdriver to unscrew the screw clockwise (left-hand thread).

Try not to disrupt the slots.

If the "no go" thread, attach electric drill chuck in a vise and hit several times on the head with a hammer screw through the steel rod.

Now thread becomes malleable and will turn away the screw.

The locking screw loosened.

Next, unscrew the cartridge itself counter-clockwise (right-hand thread) using two key - open-end and ammunition.

difficulties may arise. Try to increase the lever, hold the chuck Allen key.

In extreme cases, use a vise, placing them in a drill as in the photo below.

Slide the cartridge with the point of impact on the knob, fixed by means of four-sided die.

This method is possible to unscrew pretty much become attached cartridges.

Filmed with a threaded drill chuck.

After purification cartridge set in the reverse order, bearing in mind the different directions of thread.

Before tightening the locking screw drip a little paint on the threads.

In modern electric hand drill Morse taper rare. These models are equipped with special scrapers, and dismounting the process shown in the technical specification.

In the old Soviet drills gear design allows you to take the cartridge rather crude methods. You could try to separate the tapered cone surface of the object, slightly shoving it from different sides.

Another option - take a drill chuck down with one hand while the other was applied to the hammer easy blows to end. If it did not help lubricated landing place penetrating composition (kerosene or grease WD-40) was heated for several hours and again trying to bring down the cartridge.

To apply this method it is possible, if the shaft bearing is mounted inside the housing. For the most used nowadays drills this method is unacceptable, because it can cause damage to the bearings or gear.

In the selection of a new cartridge, pay attention to the kind of attachment, rim size and the ability to work in the hammer mode, if your drill is present this option.

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