Snowflake costume for girls in the New Year

How to sew original costume "SNEZhINKI9quot; child in kindergarten?

kate, a great question! we are "faced him" last year). Sewing kit Snowflake ours. I'll tell you my way. I must say that it is simple, but the results you like.

  • Choose fabrics - I took a plain white cloth Velor (moderately fluffy, very soft and warm). And, you can take a satin stretch crepe satin (but it is harder to have).
  • We decide on a style. I like the idea of ​​creating a costume. stitched skirt and top / T-shirt / jersey.
  • proceed.

To begin, take baby T-shirt, which on it sits well.

Now take a white cloth. Fabric my good stretches, so I simply pre-washed and dried.

Now onto the fabric shirt decompose well and draw out all the small can take a T-shirt).

You can take colored soap to outline it was clearer.

Cut. Do not forget that a little allowance to be added.

Treat the product on the bottom, sleeves and neck. You can just neat hem.

This fabric is soft and child in it will be very comfortable.

Now sew skirt.

Skirt - it's just a circle of fabric square.

Here in this way:

Further along the bottom of the skirts we need to sew a Christmas-tree tinsel. Sew on their hands, you can make frequent stitches. Cut a strip of fabric and sew in place of the girdle. Vdevaem gum.

Since the suit is not for every day, the band can be very simple.

In the same way can be to make a dress. This is the second option.

As a basis we can take an ordinary dress a pattern or a simple dress that you need to be folded in half and just move onto the fabric drawing. Please note that there are no complex lines, everything is simple. But the dress turned out very beautiful.

Sew just as easy - only two stitching details on a typewriter. Again decorate. You can arrange a dress to your taste.

And of course, We make a crown for our snowflakes.

I turned to kanzashi technology. Highly I recommend you try it. Especially, there is no big deal. Will need just a few colored satin ribbons, plastic crown of old glue.

If you would be interested, I invite to watch the video on our topic:

It seems to me that in any case, get a great costume. Good luck!

To get the original suit Snowflakes, I propose to make a skirt from Faina without sewing! On white wide belt tied identical pieces of white or blue tulle. The skirt is ready. Bluzochku any white embroidered rain, sparkles, and snowflakes. At the head cook hoop winding it rain or white fur. Gym shoes and white shoes can be decorated with fur pompon or again brilliant rain.

Akvagrimmom complement the image as desired.

Options for manufacturing clothes a lot, but mostly when there is no time, decorate the white dress to your taste and means.

Original will look or dress tutu dress tutu in common. How to do it, I wrote here, look, where all the details.

If you want to sew a dress from scratch and have little skill in this business, then here is offered to sew a dress of light translucent fabric in white or blue

To give a pattern on a full-size A4 sheet

Cut out back and shelf, sew the side and shoulder seams. Next, take a rectangle 2 times greater in length than the waist, fashionable more and height for what length you need

Decorate with paper cut outs dress embroidered snowflakes, crystals, tinsel and so on. Here is a decoration can be done on the head.

Suit snowflakes for kindergarten do simple. Perhaps, this is the easiest option for girls Christmas costumes. Well, if there is a white dress at home. Its easy enough to decorate a Christmas tinsel, shiny snowflakes and crystals. On the head, you can buy or make yourself crown.

You can also make the skirt tutu and put on a white blouse or top.

Here MC to create the tutu-skirt: it is necessary to cut a lot of tulle strips and tie them to a wide elastic band:

Can be glued or sewn sequins, snowflakes:

You can associate costume crochet snowflakes.

Sandals can be clad with a white cloth and decorate fur, sequins and others:

Here is a simpler version of how to sew a skirt suit for snowflakes, cut off a piece of white cloth and white tulle, sew elastic, sew tulle top layer:

Sewing costumes Snowflakes need to prepare all the necessary materials to us -

Clothes need white Gym shoes and white tights for girls size that we sew the costume.

White thread to the hook crochet, cutting off white tulle about three meters, laundry gum width not less than two centimeters (about one meter) the paint and starch. When choosing tulle, pay attention to its softness, the girl will be light and stiff tulle tights, from which will be made tutu-skirt can be pricked.

Strip of tulle fastened next to each other. We move them close to each other, and so we go around getting around the magnificent pack. And just do the cuff.

New Year's Eve be the most fantastic holiday of the year. This is a holiday that children zhlut look. After all, in front of the gifts, the Christmas tree and holidays. In order to go on the Christmas tree need to buy or make yourself beautiful and original costume. Milking girl podrydet suit Snowflakes. The easiest costume can be made of white tulle yuki and white t-shirt. T-shirt can be made with white tinsel sew snowflake. I get something like this:

Well, if you know how to sew, you sew kosyum Snowflakes can use this pattern:

In our garden girls each year are snezhinki.Trebovaniya to suit girls was minimal, quite elegant dress. But I wanted that time a snowflake, the snowflake.

Fully suit is not sewing. Dresses took ready.

The store bought tinsel, ornaments snowflakes, Christmas beads.

Dress sewed these ornaments. And I have not always been pure white snowflakes. If the dress was a shade or trim a different color, then the decorations were chosen to match.

On his head to make jewelry "Snezhinka9quot ;. It was either the crown or bezel.

This, like, a simple suit is always very beneficial, original and elegant watched and celebrated educators. Each year, I made a new decoration, not repeated.

For New Year's suit Snowflakes on children's party for girls of any age to kindergarten remarkably suitable skirt of tulle. The best part is that it is not necessary to sew anything. Enough tulle cut into ribbons and tie on a wide rezinochka corresponding to the size of the waist daughters.

The only thing that you have to buy in the final version of the t-shirt is the color of the skirts of tulle. At the very t-shirt can be drawn with special paints for fabric and decorate a few snowflakes of sequins or rhinestones, beads.

Now the crown. We will do it from the usual plastic bottles and rhinestones. Here is a detailed video master class.

Plans for a short children's dress is perfect for costume Snowflakes. Sew the skirt of organza and crepe bodice of satin. Additionally stitch petticoats, skirt-sun and flounces on the bottom, then the skirt is fluffy. And wear white leggings, then translucent organza only emphasize long legs girls. Sheathe the edge of the cut-out snowflakes and tinsel. And Snowflakes will suit like this

Snowflakes suit It is one of the most popular at children's parties in kindergartens and primary schools.

Sew it very simple.

You need a white body, which can embroider plastic snowflakes and sequins.

For suitable fabric skirt tulle or organza.

At the head can be put on the hoop of gum, steering a white cloth, also decorate the snowflakes.

Create a vivid image with snowflakes suit for the girls with their hands

During the Christmas holidays are particularly popular themed costumes for children, but in stores, as a rule, presented identical options, which do not always meet our expectations.

Snowflake - one of the most important Christmas images for girls, but to create it is not always easy, as a dress or a suit should be lush and airy. But a few options still there, and we are ready to share with you a modern costume ideas for snowflake girl with his hands.

Snowflakes suit for the girls with their hands, photos

Immediately it should decide which snowflake Christmas costume for girls you need. If you want to dress for a photo shoot, you can choose a long and fluffy dress. If you are preparing a suit snowflakes on a morning where the child will be dancing and participate in contests, dress should be more convenient.

Many prefer separate set of skirts and blouses, as then become possible different combinations of clothes.

Suit snowflakes for girls photo

So, make your choice - and soon look that can be used as a basis. It can be a dress or a skirt of white, light gray, blue and other "winter" colors.

If you have found a suitable option, will be sufficient to sew accessories and decorative parts on the fabric. If no suitable clothing, do not worry.

Here are some good ways to create a snowflake costume for girls in the New Year:

  • finery on the basis of tulle;

  • dress using a large number of white satin ribbons;

  • holiday dress from normal tissue with thematic lace inserts, etc.
  • One of the easiest ways to create a costume snowflakes in kindergarten or New Year's holiday involves the use of organza. To skirt or a dress made of this fabric turned lush, usually created the lower skirt of several layers.

    In addition to the white image of the girl prepare shoes or ballet flats and tights corresponding hue. AND Do not forget about accessories: Better to prefer shiny and shimmering under the lights decorations.

    Christmas dress of satin ribbons is longer than the traditional form of dress. To start, you need to recruit a large number of wide ribbons - and slightly raise each of them. Such tapes are sewn to each other or fixed on the textile backing. If done correctly, each "new" layer of satin succeed magnificently previous.

    Using pattern dresses or skirts can sew least stylish christmas outfit decorated rain or wool. It is better to use cotton balls, which are sewn to the dress so as to create an imitation of large snowflakes. If you use a large number of inserts you do not want to - look for pre-finished fabric with snow print.

    Long rain and cotton strips sewn along the lower edge of the skirt, at the ends of the sleeves dress and vest on the inner edge, if it is included. To dress or suit out even more unusual, sew them wrapped (turn-down) collar - and also decorate with cotton or a great decor.

    Assign a suit with the desired print will not be easy. But the traditional binding techniques for many will resemble the image of light and air of snowflakes, so you can use all your skills. On such a process may take longer than a regular sewing New Year's outfit, so start preparing a child for the holidays in advance.

    To create an imitation of lace snowflakes have to prepare "framework": It may be an ordinary dress, sewn by the standards your child has done with cuts in some places. Of course, a large number of "holes" can spoil the image, therefore it is advisable to limit light and cuffs inserted into the upper part of the dress.

    you can add something of my own, because this image does not imply absolutely no limits to the ideas proposed by New Year's snowflakes outfits. For example, it will look awesome dress with snowflakes, embroidered with beads and beads decorated by a glued stones that will sparkle under the light.

    Element of decor such attire could be even white feathers: they give the image of lightness and tenderness.

    As you can see, make the girl the princess in the New Year is very simple.

    If you are going to do for New Year's suit snowflakes girl with his hands, the master class will help you understand the basic nuances of the process.

    So, how to make a suit snowflakes step by step:

    • Prepare all necessary materials. To create dresses we need satin crepe (1 m), tulle (2 m), organza (1 m), artificial fur (0.5 m) and dublerin. It is desirable to stop at the approximate white or tint thereto;

  • organza cut into isosceles triangles with a base width of 15 cm and a height of 25 and 35 cm. advise process these fragments overlock stitch or a zigzag. Triangles collect from small to large - and also to sew a skirt. If organza will sparkle under the light, will suit more elegant;

  • start making dresses for top: the simplest option - on top of the straps with a zipper on the back side. Top stamp can be decorated with "accordion". When the top is decorated, you can sew it to the skirt. Use faux fur to complete the outfit.
  • Snowflakes suit for the girls with their hands out of tulle ready. It remains to add accessories and headgear, as appropriate.

    Accessories for New Year's dress

    Give themed image of children's suits snowflakes can use sewn details. Small snowflakes can be drawn from the dense snow-white cardboard painted plastic figures on the basis of beads, felt flat jewelry and other items.

    you can do one large snowflake in the center of the dress: Sew it tight threads, place a rain border, beads or ribbons.

    If the style of dress is to use the belt, add snowflakes on it. Depending on the material, decorative snowflakes, you can draw, sew or glue. By the way, and templates for handwritten crafts and ready snowflakes to decorate clothing can be found in stores.

    The costume snowflakes for girls with their hands in the New Year, add other decorations in the same style. For example, make your own hands bangles, pins, pendants with snowflakes. The original decoration of hair out, if we use the wrap: wrap it rain or ribbons - and secure stable large snowflake on top.

    Hair ornaments you can use Russian kokoshnik, cap decorated with a theme of New Year crown with bright stones, large air bow.

    Also, do not forget the stockings or socks: Choose pure white or decorated with snowflakes option.

    Below you can see the video suit snowflakes for the girl with his hands and a master class on creating an unusual crown under such an image.

    Original snowflakes are obtained using glue gun. It suffices to prepare a stencil, apply glue on top of the figure, the drying and wait white-coat paints acrylic type or special varnish. While still wet snowflake, strew its sequins and beads.

    Also Accessories in the form of snowflakes can be linked. Such parts are useful for decoration of the neck, hands, head, because through them you can skip beads, rope or tape. A two knitted snowflakes excellent handbag will larger sizes a holistic way.

    Very original will look Decoration of volume snowflakes. They made from plastic bottles: carefully cut them convex base - and start decorating. Dress and headgear can be treated with tinsel and rain for brightness.

    And if the girl wish to become a real magician in the night, make it magic wand of a pencil, decorated with ribbons, rain, beads and other materials. coli length should be 30 cm.

    In the absence of sleeves on a New Year's dress will not prevent further cloak or coat. Sew them out of the same or denser material - and do not forget to decorate to create a festive image.

    The elegance of the New Year together give gloves, who can sew and decorate your own or purchase along with other accessories.

    The image of snowflakes will always be the best for the New Year, and like any girl, because it looks soft and cozy. And you can not worry that someone will come in the same outfit: choose something from the set of photos of children's costumes snowflakes - and add their own creative ideas.

    One of them looking at the video master class snowflakes suit for the girls with their hands:

    Original ideas simple and beautiful Christmas cards with their hands: photo, video, MK

    Christmas snowflake patterns of paper cutting print out the best scheme for home decor

    We make carnival masks with his own hands: from paper templates for the best images

    Oh, now so much material for needlework, even giddy. The shops have everything, for every taste, color and budget! 🙂 Winning looks dress, the top of which is sewn lace ribbons and petticoats of lush tulle. To decorate, you can use sewn rhinestones, tinsel, glass beads, sequins and so on. Good ideas are described in the article and the video demonstrates how to implement them!

    Snowflakes make the costume for the girl with his hands

    Many mothers want to see their daughter for the first matinee in snowflake costume - it is the light and airy outfit! Let's look at and discuss, and which items must be taken into account when selecting or creating?

    Which option suits snowflakes for girls can make a mother yourself? What she needs to do, as well as photos and video on its creation instructions.

    What is in snowflakes costume for girls?

    It should be taken into account at the stage of thinking that in a tiny room of a kindergarten, which will come to see the matinee moms, dads, and grandparents are very few places. Just 10-15 minutes will be stifling, so the idea of ​​a fur cape or a warm cloth is best left for the party at the house of culture.

    1. White dress with full skirt or topom
    2. golfiki or tights;
    3. footwear;
    4. crown;
    5. and several accessories (earrings, beads and necklaces, magic wand, minetki or gloves).

    We sew for 1 night quickly and beautifully for step by step instructions

    You will need: 2 shades of white tulle in peas and blue, white taffeta for dresses, silver and white thread, elastic underwear white Velcro bandage to 2 cm bead for bandages for fastening zip.

    Home uniqueness of the dresses that she skirt of tulle, like sleeves, worn separately, sew them or not decide vy.Rukava - is an analogue of 2-layer skirts, gathered on the clothesline in the elastic layer 2, only lanterns, gum with 2 sides top and bottom.

    • Cut out and sew a dress for an existing or take a white tee shirt.
    • To carve out a skirt of tulle for this measure the volume of the abdomen and take the segment to 2 times longer to get the folds. The height of each layer is approximately 16 cm and 19 cm with the hem to leave a gum 3 cm thinner the fabric, the more it is necessary, for example, chiffon or tulle recommend choosing 1,5 -. 2 m.
    • Sew it as follows: stitch side seams. Put them on each other and fold 3 cm and 2 cm stitch departing from the fold to your gum without creases lay. The skirt is ready to try on.
    • Sleeves - flashlights sew similarly, except that gum paste with 2 sides. They have the same two-layer are obtained. In finished form their height of about 10 cm. The width of the sleeve is taken on the basis of the volume of the child's hands to the armpits.
    • For the dressing is recommended to take a ready-made white bandage or knitted weave, then the fit is particularly accurate not necessary, excellent fabric stretches. Measure the amount of the child's head, take into account the seam allowance of 1 cm, and on the clasp of 2-3 cm. If you are using a knitted fabric, the fastener is not needed.
    • Putting it all and put on a suit. The sleeves and skirt by request put directly on a morning or right.

    Author video Tatusya and ideas with a 2-layer skirt. If this option is extremely difficult for you, do not be upset, we will offer you many more options without a pattern and sewing in the article below.

    Video on making snowflakes suit for babies.

    You can buy it at the store or make a crown for the girl with his hands.

    Spectacular crown crocheted will focus and highlight in snowflake costume and detailed master classes with photos and videos are here.

    Pay attention to gentle and graceful crown, so emphasizing the children's spontaneity.

    A lot of ideas for Christmas tree costume for girls with their hands to help you find more ideas for your snowflake.

    Crown to suit snowflakes - an attribute that will emphasize the sophistication of the entire image.

    What is it you would? Discuss with your snowflake. Of course, it will be on the snowflakes and tinsel or rain, but the form itself and adjust the color of the baby's request.

    Complete the image of snowflakes invented new ideas. For example, decorate the snowflakes on blue stones crown and add a shiny silver snowflakes. Look in their distant boxes, suddenly there is a blue or gray torn beads or jewelry moonstone, all handy.

    In this case, your little girl is sure to be different from peers.

    Headdress snowflakes - is not only the crown but also a bandage or wrap. In the photo you can see the different options that are not difficult to create at home.

    Videos how to make dressing for the costume snowflakes own hands:

    Color white only?

    Outfit, it is desirable to perform in a range of white, but add details or accents better in blue, gray or brilliant variations. This will allow the entire suit is not to merge, and emphasize the border.

    Beautifully will look curvy dresses or skirts of tulle, resembling a ballerina costume. How to make such skirts and dresses look at next.

    Pros: Skirts: pick any blouse, easy to put on and remove, if necessary, repair it easier, less complicated care. Dress: no need to think, and what to put on the top, one-piece ensemble does not require no changes.

    Unusually looks dress, crocheted - in addition to the crown instead of a better link the cap. Decorating fur ruffles dress, you will make the image look like Snow White.

    Can not do without their images on the dress - decorate them just a skirt or top, make a beautiful decoration on the belt in the form of one large snowflake.

    Embroidered belt ready snowflakes, patterns in different colors sold in stores for sewing. These snowflakes embroidered the whole costume that will not use a large amount of glare and ease the process of working on the dress.

    Allow me to take part in the creation of their festive dresses and your future snowflake, let it weave from rezinochek snezhinki- decoration on a dress or with your hands to make a bracelet, earrings ready for photo and video.

    Do not worry that it's too complicated, detailed instructions to help cope, even a novice, and step by step photo clarify every move. Since a few snowflakes, you can choose a simple to complex to go after the creation is already simple.

    This will allow your daughter to create a set of earrings and ornaments on the neck, arm, and possibly on the belt, and the bandage dress. Click on the link or the picture and go to the instructions.

    Our beautiful Christmas Shoes

    Pick white sandals or Gym shoes. Girls 3-5 years do not buy shoes with heels, as if they may look beautiful.

    Sandals are usually already decorated, and add personality of Czech fur pompoms, silver snowflakes or rain striking.

    If you already have a silver shoes or just white, you can decorate them to your taste. More ideas how to decorate with photos Gym shoes for the new year with their hands on this link.

    Go and find out how to simply decorate their own hands using a minimum of time and money.

    Winter accessories for snowflakes

    To decorate the head fit not only the crown, but the cap or kokoshnik embroidered snowflakes. Use hair clips, rubber bands and bows.

    Do not do without the white tights, socks or socks.

    Ornaments on the neck, earrings, crown

    You can add decorations on the neck of beads or beads or bound or ready snowflakes. Offer to make snowflakes from: weight for modeling, which hardens, beads, crochet, make the technique kanzashi or from polymer clay, cut from a plastic bottle, and if you do not want to waste time, then buy in the store jewelry accessories in the form of snowflakes.

    Video how to tie a snowflake for decoration: beads, earrings

    After knitting, spread it on file and pin pins in an extended state, and then treat with white glue. This will give it rigidity and allow easy vdet hooks in themselves - the basis for the earrings.

    Large snowflakes are made with the help of glue gun.

    Master - class for creating snowflakes using glue gun:

    1. Prepare a tissue glue gun, olive oil, brush, ruler, pencil, oil cloth, PVA glue, glitter, paint brushes.

    If you have acrylic paint or luminescent varnish, then it will fit, so your snowflake will also glow in the dark.

    Video master class on creating snowflakes using a glue gun

    If snowflakes really not, just to link them, and they come to decorate on the neck, look at the first photo in the article, you will only make it harder to lay out a template and handle them with white glue, then when they are dry you can glue rhinestones.

    Snowflakes are available to draw on the bottoms of plastic bottles or the bottles themselves, so that they do not twist, put under the press.

    Magic Wand for snowflakes

    Your princess will be delighted "magic wand", which will complement the outfit - just paste strong snowflake on the wand up to 30 cm a good addition to the suit would silver tinsel -. It Trim Dress, crown, shoes and even a magic wand.

    If you have provided no arms, you take care of a bolero or a fur coat, which the baby can throw on a coat hanger. Decorate them, too, with the help of snowflakes, use the Sew rhinestones, sequins or rhinestones glue.

    These details give some elegance. Long gloves to replace bezpaltsevye decorated around the edges. In the shops there are whole sets of gloves, crown, wand and braid. Minetki crocheted from cotton thread suited to a gentle way.

    Video knitting minetok for snowflakes

    White fishnet minetki with ornaments made of beads

    If your snowflake is not the final version, we suggest you to find out about other Christmas costumes, detailed written about them here.

    For a detailed analysis of costume hedgehog, hare and squirrel offer this link to recommendations on its creation in different ways.

    More subdued look with hairstyles collected at the top and beautifully styled hair, and for a more festive and fit curls curled ringlets.

    Shoes and tights have to buy in the store, and if you do not want to buy a dress - you can quickly make it at home with their own hands. The easiest option - to make a skirt of tulle pack. To do this, do not necessarily know how to sew, and this procedure does not take more than an hour. Here is a detailed photo manual for moms.

    Step by step video to create a tutu without sewing

    Video on making the dress with a skirt a bundle

    Add to the top skirt, shirt or kombidress previously barks his beads and tinsel can be used and glued rhinestones. Sometimes right in the shops sold ready-made pictures in the form of snowflakes.

    The idea of ​​creating dresses without sewing or how to make a festive dress of tulle quickly?

    Flowers to replace snowflakes, like the color of the dresses and tulle choose from familiar colors snowflakes.

    We will need: 2 colors tulle, a topic with holes, scissors, beads, glue gun.

    Video tutorial with step-wise explanation of the choice of fabric to the finished dress.

    The crown can be replaced by a diadem - it often remains after her mother's wedding - and quickly produce it from the rim or wire. Crown manufacturing option is on our website, link at the top of the article.

    Makeup snowflakes or akvagrima Ideas

    Want to add an image make-up or akvagrimom? Look ideas in the photo, perhaps some of them you will look and feel. Snowflakes or Olaf Elsa and Anna? Select the one you like or one of your own.

    The most important thing that should be in your snowflakes - a fun nastroenie.Sozdayte for her festive atmosphere, and she was pleased to go to a meeting with Santa Claus get gifts.

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