How to hide the wires in the apartment


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How to hide cables and wires in the apartment

When I have to do everyday things such as wall-mounted TV installation, laying of computer network, installation Hi-Fi, installation of a satellite dish or cable routing for additional landline phone, I again and again pass through it. How to hide the wires?

wires contemplation is not very pleasing to the eye, and in some cases may even cause a breach of peace of mind - not to mention the safety of tenants. So what to do? Hide them if you can.

So, a few general plan tips that will help you hide the wires, including posting them on the wall and the floor, the use of additional materials and the transition to wireless connections.

One of the best available methods for concealing wiring in the house is laying them on the wall or under the floor. It is fair to warn you that there is a risk to hurt your wife, who may be alarmed when you see armed high-back drill aimed at her beautiful parquet. And, let's face it, if you have no experience of such work, this may be a bit more complicated than it seems at first glance. If you'll go along this path in the first place, first talk with experienced people, even better - with a specialist.

If you are in doubt about choosing a method of wiring inside the walls or floor (or if you want to avoid these extreme work, because they are pulled by a dust, noise and subsequent repair), remember that hope dies last. There is also the external ways to hide the wires. These techniques are aimed at to route cables neatly as possible with more modest means.

  • Classic disguise. Consider the option to hide the wires without much effort. Potted plants in front of cables hanging from the wall-TV, good enough for the job. High monstera, dracaena, trudging on a special rack ivy ... Just be careful during their watering. Another option - a bunch of beautiful high dry bamboo, which today is not difficult to find in stores - and water is not necessary.

  • Tricks with furniture. Strategically placed chairs, sofa, couch and chairs can help hide unsightly wires that connect the components of a home theater, computer networks, and other cables. This is especially works well furnished with low clearance, that is, with a small clearance from the floor.

  • We go around the door. To do less visible cables, route them around doors and along the casings. Also look like falling in these places shadows in your room and use the features of lighting. In general, this method works well if you want to hide a single cable. But it can also be easily vetoed hostess.

  • Under the carpet. Carpets can hide the wires, but beware: the need to lay wire along the outer perimeter, to avoid folds and unexpected stumbling over them.

  • Special solutions. Of course, the world has thought of everything, and trade has long been ready to provide you with everything you need. Only need to know what to look for. Pipes, ducts, cable trays intended for the salvation of men and promote their mission at home. When used properly, these solutions enable route cables so that it will look reasonable and professional, with good organizing cables while maintaining the security and cleaning of the field of view. These devices are often available in an assortment of colors, sizes, and if you try, you can find the perfect option in accordance with the overall design of the room. They also include special plinth with a groove for laying cables.

    A few additional tips to give a special aura of success for any wiring project.

  • Marking both ends of each cable to help you after a long time after installation to find the right cable. You can come up with something improvised, but sales there are some little things.

  • Wherever possible, data cables and signal cables (computer network, audio cables, video cables, etc.) route the cables away from the AC power supply. This will bring disturbance (noise in columns, ripples image data faults) to a minimum.

  • For audio and video cable length is critical: the shorter the length of the audio and video cable, the less signal loss and less interference of external fields on the signal. Is the HDMI cable too: the shorter, the better. The longer the audio-video cable, the greater should be its quality. The length of the optical cable, within reasonable limits, does not play a role and only affects its value, but it is necessary to take into account his poor flexibility and high fragility.

  • the length is not as important for the cable network "twisted pair", so it is better to make a small margin (one or two meters).

  • power cable (power cord) be risking excessive length peredavlennym leg of a chair, table, heel, to be a broken. Insulation can damage teeth pet or even a child. All this creates a risk of electrical shock and potential fire source. Optimally, the power cord should not be opened up to the outlet.

  • Avoid cables with an outer shell in the form of a fabric braid. It looks very decorative, but quickly loses its neat appearance.

  • Protect computer network cables from the fluorescent light.

  • Be careful in the field of cable bending. Inner braided cable may break, you'll notice it's unlikely, but it would create problems, the cause of which will be difficult to determine.

    The transition to a wireless network for maximum effect.

    To do the work for laying cables as much as possible light, developed and commercially available wireless solutions. If you talk about a computer network, here there are Wi-Fi routers and data communication system for household electrical network that uses some of the hidden power wires in the house. There is a wireless "extension cord" for a landline phone and a similar system for home theater. These are just a few examples of the use of wireless signals and data transmission technologies that can reduce the number of wires in your home.

    As for the power supply of household equipment, in this direction in recent years, there was also a significant shift. Already demonstrated the wireless model stands for TV and audio equipment, televisions, which may feed without wires. They were presented with mobile phones capable of charging the battery charger without using the same principles of wireless power transmission. Perhaps by the time you read this article, such a model would already be in the trade network. But even with this solution of the problem of hiding wires, wire lay still have - most likely, on the perimeter of each room. It is from this perimeter will be emission of energy for all electrical equipment inside the room.

    If you read articles on the Internet in relation to the harm of wireless (Wi-Fi) technology, worried for their own health and the health of their loved ones, take into account the fact that conventional AC wiring that surround you on all the walls and down, not It is much harmless as it may seem. In addition, regardless of whether you will install in the home wireless equipment or not, the amount of your environment already saturated with dense flow of electromagnetic fields of cellular networks, satellite systems, navigation systems, security systems, radio, television, microwaves neighbors, etc. .d. etc.


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    19 ways to hide the wires sticking out of the apartment (and other unsightly details)

    The apartment is usually quite a lot of useful things that do not decorate our interior - sockets, wires, in the end, even a refrigerator.

    If you are too tired, we picked up 19 ways to avoid this and to improve the visual perception of the apartment.

    1. The boxes, built-in ladder

    2. The boxes under the color of the interior, where you can hide modem and wi-fi-router

    3. Gvoz and photos of Bob Marley - and this wire is already looking like dreadlocks

    4. Feeder for dogs can be hidden in the bottom drawer of the dresser. At the same time, the floor will be less garbage

    5. Invisible bookshelves

    6. Eiffel Tower for storing wires

    7. Decorations can be hidden behind the picture

    8. Router, spryatpnny in the cover of the book under

    9. On top of the air conditioner can be hung a board-reminder

    10. A couple of small applications and the cord has not attracted as much attention

    11. The cords that run along the bottom can be hidden behind such a simple little plywood fence

    12. Great idea for a two-storey apartment or villa

    13. A couple of strokes tape to paint a washing machine

    14. The members of the family as a useful reminder of the need to use electricity wisely

    15. The curtain hides under the table "wire bouquets"

    16. The notion of a country house, which will help hide the pipes or manholes

    17. If you move an extension cord or plug into a box in the kitchen, get a comfortable place for zaryadok

    18. The pattern on the refrigerator, which is simply to apply and removed

    19. White bath surface can hide a suitable tile

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    How to clean the apartment after renovation

    Increase the space by means of light wallpaper

    White furniture in the interior of a bedroom

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    20 of the best ideas of masking wires in the apartment

    To hide from the eyes of the power cable and television wires on a room is not difficult. It is best to use a special electrical baseboard, which will go through the house to the bedroom or hall. If there is no desire to buy a new plinth, can be neatly disguise bunch of wires using special designer fashion on the fence type, as in the photo below:

    Not to pull internet cable from the front door to the bedroom, it is recommended to install Wi-fi router at the entrance to the apartment (in the corridor). In this case, the connection to the wireless network will not have to pull cables between rooms, through doorways and sills.

    Besides it is possible to hide the wires in the cable television channel, which is quite simply fixed to the wall with screws. Today, there are many types of cable channels, which are suitable for color not only in an ordinary apartment, but also in a wooden house.

    If the repair has been made, then the best solution is to use elements of decor - beautiful clips, which will decorate the wires from the TV attachment, walking on the floor and wall. An example of such a method to solve the problem, you can also see in the photo:

    If you want to hide the cords from the TV during the repair, we are sure to make them a special niche in the drywall or the other way around, collect box:

    Not to Stroebe walls can hide the TV and internet cable in the baseboard, if you make it so, as shown in this video:

    And the last way - proshtrobit for plasma groove in the wall, and on it put electrical wires. However, this is the most time-consuming option, which should be avoided. Imagine that your TV will need to hang on another wall, have also re-think how to hide the antenna cable.

    As for the rest of household appliances - air conditioning, hi-fi or home theater system, even with the help of the above mentioned ideas, you can mask hanging wires on the same methodology. The cable from the air conditioner often hidden in the cable channel and home theater wiring allowed on a plinth, fixing them with special clips.

    Computer wires greatly spoil the interior of the room, and if a little dream, you can hide them quite nicely.

    The first idea - to mask all the cords from the monitor, system unit and modem under the desk, fixing them with clips on the screws or double-sided tape. This idea is clearly shown in the photo example:

    Another easy way to hide all unnecessary under the table top, you can see in this video tutorial:

    You do not want to mess up the table? You can hide the wires from the computer equipment in a box from under the shoe, originally adorning it under the bedroom interior.

    How to make a box with your hands, you can learn by looking at the video:

    In addition, the original idea is considered to be the purchase of a special cover for the extension, which is quite simply attached to the lid of his desk.

    If you prevent the cord from the speaker, it can easily hide in the appropriate cover, which is attached to the back side of the table.

    All those extra cables, including charging, you can clear the table beautifully, using a common connection, as shown below:

    Another idea - to thread the whole bunch of wires through a hose. In this case, the chaos will hide under the table in a single shell, which is not so much spoil interior room or even office.

    Using these tips, you can mask the electric wires and make the workplace more orderly. Nothing is difficult is not to simply place the cords and cables in a box or mounted under the table! Besides the fact that you put things in such a way on the computer desk, so more and disguise to protect cords from cats and dogs that love to chew charging, headphones, etc.

    To date, gaining increasing popularity install spotlights in the house or apartment. Typically, the spots on the ceiling of more than 4 pieces, so the wires to connect them quite a lot. Hide extra eyes in several ways, depending on what the ceiling in the room. The easiest way if the ceiling stretch since in this case the mask wire can be very ceiling film. If the ceiling covering drywall, to hide the wiring can be only under the plasterboard sheets inside the carcass.

    If all wiring from the chandeliers are hiding in the lamp housing, the power cord to connect the lamps to hide a little harder. If the wall is bare, decorative hanging wire can hide, increased it and make a drawing on the wall. An example of such an idea you can see in the photo:

    If you are thinking about how to hide the wires from the lamps during repair, it is best to do Stroebe wall and connect the lamp from the junction box, and not through the outlet. In this case, all cables will hide under the plaster and wallpaper, and the interior will not be damaged. Shtrobleniya want to do without? Then hide all the extra channel in the cable running along the wall.

    Hide the power supply of LED strip can be a special box, which is mounted under the ceiling and leads to a hidden LED lighting in the kitchen or in the room.

    That's all that I wanted to talk about this issue. We hope that you have learned for myself the idea of ​​how to hide the wires from the TV, PC and other household appliances, that it was beautiful.

    Replace the disabled video.

    Cool), but not practical!

    Wipe the dust from electrical trees. Clearly wrote designer, only they are characterized by delusions.

    Box of shoes. ))). The apartment is in a classic style, this is the console box))).

    But where it is not set, the box has a box and place it in the closet!

    Beautiful pictures, but for life-nonsense!

    Can you suggest a better idea?

    Of course - for example, do not buy a computer in the standard assembly and put the candy bar

    Make plug the monitor

    Speaker to lay wiring for plinths

    Yes there is not enough ideas - but draw the wires of birds and trees - this is real idiocy

    Nonsense. Usually begins simply with the company. Wires - minimum. According novyu - neatly hide the wires, everything is beautiful. Then he went - the modem, router, charging for telephone, TV, speakers, etc. sabbufer etc .. As a snowball. The result - fast on-site installation companies - a lot of stuff. Therefore, in the box - the best option, renovated apartments. It is better box than a pile of wires in the dust on dust polu.V - because they once again and you can not touch that something is not turned off

    Yes normal ideas! With clips - especially pinned!

    Too lazy to regular stationary boxes, cable trays and organizers fence or removable hut spoil / to dignify - quite a Nitsche so the idea! And for the most intelligent - vector thought!

    And then divorced clever - you did tell me that on halyavochku, practical, fun, and beautiful! Accumulate grandmother, freeloader!

    the ugliness of some sort. The most common plastic cable channel mentioned in the article only briefly - the only decent solution to the problem of the entire proposed sodomy.

    Well, about the cable channels in concrete or drywall, is laid at the stage of repairs to say pointless - who had the opportunity to do it in such subjects do not go.

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