colonial style

colonial style The word "colonial" is derived from the Latin word "colonus" - columns. This was the name of the ancient settlers and land tenants usually on the outskirts of the empire, in the province. Colonial style in the interior originated in the era of maritime expeditions of discovery and conquest of new lands, when […]


TV series The Colony Season 2 watch online See Colonia - American series in Russian all series free To watch the video disable Adblock. Start Flash Player Set it here Series series are added as the release of a series or transfer. Sign up, please, on the release of a new series of notices ( […]

Bell of paper with his own hands

How to make a bell made of paper Photo © Dmitry Ivantsov Bell has long been considered one of the symbols of Christmas and New Year. Since any festival in ancient times was marked by church bell ringing, over time, the bell has become one of the essential attributes when decorating the house for Christmas. […]

Bell made of paper

How to make paper bells? Christmas bell - one of the most charming Christmas tree decorations. However, these cute products are often used as an element of the festive decor. Made wonderful bells from a variety of materials, both in industrial environments and at home, in the course of New Year's creativity. This family-run process […]

wells photos

decorative wells Russian well can be as present (under it will be well with drinking water) as well as decorative (as garden sculptures). Decorative wells have proven themselves very well in the garden design. View of the well can be fully consistent with this construction, and may look like a miniature version of it. It […]

The wells in the country and a photo finish

Well as a unique issue in the country: decorative ethnic and Contempo An integral part of the Russian court since ancient times there was a well. Tradition was so strong that, despite the advances in modern technology, people continue to install them on private and suburban areas, in the courtyards of their homes. This is […]

Sewerage wells Plastic

Types and price of plastic manholes for sewerage Manholes are used for storing domestic waste. Such equipment should ensure free movement of fluid. For such purposes, the bottom of the tray is provided with special grooves. This design is considered to be an indispensable element of the storm, as well as domestic sewage. Using manholes […]

Sewerage wells of reinforced concrete

Reinforced concrete sewer manholes Every owner of a cottage or country house faced with the need to organize the local sewerage and drinking water supply. To solve this problem in several ways. Buy prefabricated septic tank, buy a high-tech polymer well or build it yourself, of brick or stone. When the water drain device farmhouse […]