The number of boards in Table 1 m3

Calculation of boards per cubic meter Any construction work begin with the project and cost estimates, implying the calculation of the amount of materials. Cutting board - this is one of the most popular materials in the range of enterprises Timber. The basic unit of measurement of any timber 3 is 1 m. However, the […]


What is kolirovka trees? Kolirovka - one way propagation of woody plants grafting. Trees are grafted in order to obtain good younger offspring with inherited maternal properties improve varietal characteristics adapt to the new soil and others. Besides kolirovki there are a number of ways to inoculate the plant. Grafting is called form of vegetative […]


How to write corridor § 34. In accordance with a common rule (see. § 33) in place of letters spelling unstressed vowels in the roots set by checking the words and shapes with the same root, in which vowel is being tested under stress, eg. Water (Wed water, water), gardens (the garden, the garden), swine […]

If sadit chasnik

If sadit chasnik pid winter: Folk prikmeti that mіsyachny calendar Chomu chasnik treba sadit voseni Hour visadki winter chasniku Vibіr konkretnoї dati for planting winter chasniku Folk prikmeti that mіsyachny calendar on Relief cottagers Chasnik mozhna Know on whether Money Does gorodі. Bagato vacationers namagayutsya visadzhuvati Harvest chasniku deposits od correctly obranogo hour Chomu chasnik […]

If obrіzati grapes

Spring pruning grapes for beginners All the most important thing going on at once. This is what happened with grapes. Once chewed his ass, but it turned out that he did a great favor. Harvest from these bushes has been better. Since then, the grapes began to be cut off. With the care of shrubs […]

Coleus in a garden photo

Planting and Caring for coleus home in the open field Tropical Coleus gave the world. Planting and care in an open ground for the plant is simple and amazing landscape created. During the season, the plant has time to create a bush of beautiful, iridescent multicolored ornaments, velvet leaf. Form a ribbed stem, toothed leaves, […]

Coleus flower

Growing Coleus: variety of colors and photos Coleus is a very undemanding plant, so now it can be successfully grown not only in the apartment, but in the open field. And the change of conditions does not affect the quality of growth and flowering. Coleus everywhere will enjoy spectacular views and a quick set of […]

Coleus flowers photo

Coleus flower room Coleus (Coleus) - genus of perennial evergreen herbs and dwarf shrubs yasnotkovyh family (Lamiaceae), living in the forests of tropical Africa belt, Asia, Indonesia and Australia. Many different kinds of bright decorative leaf color and is used in the culture room or garden annuals. Family: Lamiaceae. Homeland: tropics of the Eastern Hemisphere. […]