The room of a teenage girl 14 years

How to design the interior of the room for a teenage girl 14 years? All children ever grow. From charming little babies who liked teddy bears and little naked dolls, girls turn into teenagers that need their own space, arranged in accordance with their taste preferences and concepts of comfort and coziness. They no longer […]

Youth room loft-style

Vrianty design teen room in the loft Youth room - it is not just room for a temporary stay of the child, and his own corner - a space that he can call his own. The task of designers together with their parents - to arrange the room of a teenager in a way that […]

The room under the roof

attic design, or how to equip the attic (8 ideas) Hello, dear readers! In recent years, designers of private houses often lay in the draft of the future residential construction - attic. In the context of saving land area, reception with mansard very relevant, because if the family still need one or two rooms, they […]

Room feng shui

Making room for Feng Shui The ideal room - this is not just a large area, a new design repair and clean windows. First of all - this is the situation and atmosphere. Ideally the room the person feels comfortable in any part thereof. Sleep brings him complete rest, the work is extremely productive, and […]

Lounge in the sauna

design of the room relaxing in the bath Bath - a place designed for Spas. Steam treatments are very useful for the entire body, they relieve him of many diseases, enhance immunity and conglomerates destroy bacteria, toxins from the body. In addition, the bath can always be good to relax and unwind. Beautiful and warm […]

Lounge in the bath interior design

Lounge in the bath: Interior design, decoration, furniture Very condusive to relaxation place - lounge in the bath. Interior design should be particularly well-designed, visually pleasing and soothe the eye and functional to allow you to truly relax. Required attributes changing room Bath draft lounge includes conventional components, and the first - rest position. Once […]

Lounge in the bath design

dayroom in the bath - Design When the room undeveloped, all the dirty work made, it remains only to fix the recreation room to match the overall style of the room and it was nice and easy to spend time here. The main requirement to all that there is - resistance to moisture and high […]

Room in the attic under the roof Photo

Design loft in a private house Often, cottages - a one-storey building with attic. Usually, the attic in the country is used for storage of unnecessary or old things, supplies, tools, and which throw a pity, and the use of them has not yet been invented. But as soon as the owners have equipped the […]