Room 15, how to arrange the squares

Interior bedroom 15 sq m - 70 beautiful layouts The bedroom is the place where we restore their mental and physical strength after working days. So it should be comfortable, not very big, but it contains all the necessary items for your holiday hosts. Room of 15 square meters is the best suited to settle […]

Room 14 square meters design photo

Design living room-bedroom area of ​​14-15 square meters. m Combine several functional areas in a small room typical apartment - is not only an everyday task for the designer, but also for the owner of the dwelling. Empty room area of ​​14 square meters. m does not seem small, but if you place the bed, […]

Room 13 square meters design photo

Ideas interior layout bedroom 13 square meters. m. It just so happened on the open spaces of our country, that the size of the apartments is not happy with its size. Residents of many cities are used to execute multi-functional designs small kitchen, combine in the living room, working and playing area, organize closets to […]

Room 12 square meters design photo

Design and interior of 12 sq.m. - tips and pictures of the room arrangement When you make a small space, many owners are faced with obvious difficulty. How to Put everything you need in a small room, where for that is too small? However, professional designers can give practical advice for the organization of functional […]

Room 10 square meters design photo

Bedroom design 10 sq.m. (65 photos) If you face the task of repairing the apartment, which was built in the last century, it is likely that there will be a modest-sized bedroom. Converting such a small space is quite real, though not easily distinguished. Yet designers find the optimal solution of the problem, the coating […]