Coleus photo

Growing Coleus: variety of colors and photos Coleus is a very undemanding plant, so now it can be successfully grown not only in the apartment, but in the open field. And the change of conditions does not affect the quality of growth and flowering. Coleus everywhere will enjoy spectacular views and a quick set of […]

Coleus care at home photo

Coleus: care at home, photos Coleus plant has gained much popularity in the field of decorative flower largely thanks to its simplicity and undemanding maintenance. Flower growing rapidly, if it is warm and light enough. In just one season Coleus acquires cap lush colorful leaves. In this article we will share with you some recommendations […]

Coleus care at home

Coleus: particular care at home Coleus belongs to the genus of the family Labiatae, Lamiaceae or (Lamiaceae). It is an ornamental plant includes more than 150 kinds. It is characterized by its mottled coloring and easy to care for. Stems and leaves of coleus resemble nettles, so he called in "Krapivka" people. Leaf color - […]

Coleus care

Coleus - care at home Fill your home collection with new potted flowers, growers are increasingly looking for something different, something out of the ordinary, something that could brag to other gardeners ... Exquisite and unique Coleus is just part of the series of magical plants. Spectacularly colored leaves, a large variety of species, delightful […]

Coleus planting and care in the open field

Planting and Caring for coleus home in the open field Tropical Coleus gave the world. Planting and care in an open ground for the plant is simple and amazing landscape created. During the season, the plant has time to create a bush of beautiful, iridescent multicolored ornaments, velvet leaf. Form a ribbed stem, toothed leaves, […]

Wheels for trolleys shopping bags

Repair bags - trolley. Repair wheel trolley bag - a problem relevant to many. Quality business trolley bags made up of Q-material frame, axle with wheels and bags are attached to the frame. The most loaded part of a shopping bag in a trolley axle with wheels. Therefore, breakage and hence repair business trolley bags […]

tinting table

tinting systems We should agree that at the moment, facades and interior decoration are striking variety of colors and shades, matched by a single taste of a person. Is it possible to please everyone? Yes. Moreover, for you have all come up through tinting system. Pick up exquisite tone today is quite possible, if the […]

Tinting color table

Features mixing acrylic paints Acrylic paints are versatile: they can make an amazing stained glass, paint the walls of your home or simply draw a picture. They are easy to use, durable hold after drying, but if you want a wide variety of colors, the pattern is expensive because of their price. Optionally acquire all […]